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27 Sep 2010 10:20 AM
Polifem Administrator
Joined: 24 Aug 2008
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BGM from DP002 added to the database for the sake of awesomeness.

Some tracks were not added as I didn't know them/don't remember them.
These are: 11:50; 13:04; 17:18 and 21:13.
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26 Sep 2010 02:54 PM
Polifem Administrator
Joined: 24 Aug 2008
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BGM for the first episode of DP series has been added to the database.

Tracks not added:

Various instrumental versions of Kimi no Soba de: 01:30, 10:30, 15:30, 24:05, as well as the title screen of Okido's Encyclopedia on 23:04.
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26 Sep 2010 10:06 AM
Polifem Administrator
Joined: 24 Aug 2008
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I'm planning to do a complete rewatch of Diamond & Pearl starting Tuesday or Wednesday. Will try to catch all the tracks and add them as I go through episodes.
24 Sep 2010 12:47 PM
Polifem Administrator
Joined: 24 Aug 2008
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Best Wishes! series have finally begun and I feel that I have a lot to say about the first two episodes :)

Actually I have mixed feelings about them. On the one hand, I liked them very much, but on the other, there were some huge frustrations for me.

The Opening
The idea behind the opening is very stylish and fresh, but it is spoiled by totally-out-of-place 3D Pikachu. Heads up, I will probably not like the opening when all the Pokemon are revealed and colored.
I expected drive and energy from a song by Rika Matsumoto, but there were less than I expected. Still, the song is very catchy and I'll likely listen to it countless times. I give the opening a mark of 4/5

The pace
The pace of storytelling is freaking fast, and it is better than otherwise. Still, the first episode seemed very rushed. I guess the short summary will be something like this: "This is the world of Pokemon, this boy is Satoshi, he's already leaving for a trip, these guys are Rocket Gang, now we will briefly show Zekrom, new professor, new pokemon and the lab. Oh, here's new trainer arrived! Choose your pokemon quickly! Did you choose them? Good, now you will battle Satoshi and get the hell out, we still have Iris to spend time on." As I said, it is probably better for the show, but I still desperately wanted to see Satoshi saying goodbye to his Pokemon and meeting a couple of old characters. In fact, we haven't seen any transition from DP to BW. At the end of DP, Satoshi was rushing home, and at the start of BW he's already packed and good to go to Isshu.

The new rival
I didn't like him at all. As a character, he doesn't stand a chance in comparison to Shinji, who is the most developed and interesting character of the whole anime in my opinion. Shootie is not like a new trainer in any way and seem to be very arrogant. Not to mention that I hate his appearance.

It is probably a syndrome of "high budget of the first episodes" which now manifests itself in the majority of different anime series, but I hope it is not, because the animation in the first two BW episodes is AMAZING. Finally, the CG-effects look like they should. I still feel creepy when recall the DP6 episode and those stones on the cliff. -_- The animation itself is smooth and very professionally done. Eyecatches are amazing. Well, nothing bad to say here.

It's a huge advantage for me that the music in both the episodes was new and there were a whole lot of tracks. This is a step forward in comparison with DP, as it seemed like DP music had less tracks and was using the music from older series in the second episode already. It feels more like a PM -> AG transition, as I remember AG sounded very fresh when launched. FINALLY, I've heard an evolution theme in the anime, why the hell did it take them 13 years to realize that anime needed this track?

I liked very much the fact that the beginning of these series differs from those of PM, AG, and DP. Yes, we still have a bird and problems with Pikachu, but similarities end after these two matches. No new girls with bicycles and no Takeshi, finally.

I did not like at all that Satoshi looks like a complete newb. Well, since we don't have any beginning girls, that role is for Satoshi now *facepalm*. It is VERY different from the AG and DP series, because in those two arcs authors actually stressed the fact that Satoshi is an experienced trainer. Here, not only do they ignore his experience, but they lower it. Why the hell did he still lose to Shootie who had the VERY FIRST battle of his life (and it's after Pikachu KO'ed Latios with Iron Tail, lol) and suddenly forgot how to catch Pokemon? This noobishness of him is total bs.

I don't like good old Rocket Gang more and more with every new series. I don't like the black outfit, I don't like the motto, I don't like the new glamour logo. Well, practically everything. They should be thrown out as Takeshi was.

I really liked Iris. She's an interesting character with great seiyuu, wonder how the plot with 8th gym will be developed later in the anime.

Phew, that's about all :D
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11 Sep 2010 05:54 AM
Polifem Administrator
Joined: 24 Aug 2008
Posts: 10
I can't believe the show made it through another epoch of 4 years. IMHO, DP is the best out of three series we've had so far. It had interesting plots, amusing fillers and badass (incredibly rushed though) league. The amount of boring episodes was like 5 times lower compared to Johto or Hoenn, which is quite a step forward for the Pokémon anime as a whole. Shinji and Team Galactic made the show far more interesting than it used to be during earlier PM and AG days, which had no properly developed evil teams and rivals storywise.

The last episode itself was good but I expected it to be somewhat better for the last episode of the 4 years long series. The ending and after-ending parts were cool though.

I hope that Best Wishes! will be up to our expectation, especially after DP. Looking forward to Isshu!