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07 Sep 2010 08:17 AM
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New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: アイリスとキバゴ!/Iris to Kibago!. Please comment below! Thanks, your friendly PM.Net AnimeBot
24 Sep 2010 12:47 PM
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Best Wishes! series have finally begun and I feel that I have a lot to say about the first two episodes :)

Actually I have mixed feelings about them. On the one hand, I liked them very much, but on the other, there were some huge frustrations for me.

The Opening
The idea behind the opening is very stylish and fresh, but it is spoiled by totally-out-of-place 3D Pikachu. Heads up, I will probably not like the opening when all the Pokemon are revealed and colored.
I expected drive and energy from a song by Rika Matsumoto, but there were less than I expected. Still, the song is very catchy and I'll likely listen to it countless times. I give the opening a mark of 4/5

The pace
The pace of storytelling is freaking fast, and it is better than otherwise. Still, the first episode seemed very rushed. I guess the short summary will be something like this: "This is the world of Pokemon, this boy is Satoshi, he's already leaving for a trip, these guys are Rocket Gang, now we will briefly show Zekrom, new professor, new pokemon and the lab. Oh, here's new trainer arrived! Choose your pokemon quickly! Did you choose them? Good, now you will battle Satoshi and get the hell out, we still have Iris to spend time on." As I said, it is probably better for the show, but I still desperately wanted to see Satoshi saying goodbye to his Pokemon and meeting a couple of old characters. In fact, we haven't seen any transition from DP to BW. At the end of DP, Satoshi was rushing home, and at the start of BW he's already packed and good to go to Isshu.

The new rival
I didn't like him at all. As a character, he doesn't stand a chance in comparison to Shinji, who is the most developed and interesting character of the whole anime in my opinion. Shootie is not like a new trainer in any way and seem to be very arrogant. Not to mention that I hate his appearance.

It is probably a syndrome of "high budget of the first episodes" which now manifests itself in the majority of different anime series, but I hope it is not, because the animation in the first two BW episodes is AMAZING. Finally, the CG-effects look like they should. I still feel creepy when recall the DP6 episode and those stones on the cliff. -_- The animation itself is smooth and very professionally done. Eyecatches are amazing. Well, nothing bad to say here.

It's a huge advantage for me that the music in both the episodes was new and there were a whole lot of tracks. This is a step forward in comparison with DP, as it seemed like DP music had less tracks and was using the music from older series in the second episode already. It feels more like a PM -> AG transition, as I remember AG sounded very fresh when launched. FINALLY, I've heard an evolution theme in the anime, why the hell did it take them 13 years to realize that anime needed this track?

I liked very much the fact that the beginning of these series differs from those of PM, AG, and DP. Yes, we still have a bird and problems with Pikachu, but similarities end after these two matches. No new girls with bicycles and no Takeshi, finally.

I did not like at all that Satoshi looks like a complete newb. Well, since we don't have any beginning girls, that role is for Satoshi now *facepalm*. It is VERY different from the AG and DP series, because in those two arcs authors actually stressed the fact that Satoshi is an experienced trainer. Here, not only do they ignore his experience, but they lower it. Why the hell did he still lose to Shootie who had the VERY FIRST battle of his life (and it's after Pikachu KO'ed Latios with Iron Tail, lol) and suddenly forgot how to catch Pokemon? This noobishness of him is total bs.

I don't like good old Rocket Gang more and more with every new series. I don't like the black outfit, I don't like the motto, I don't like the new glamour logo. Well, practically everything. They should be thrown out as Takeshi was.

I really liked Iris. She's an interesting character with great seiyuu, wonder how the plot with 8th gym will be developed later in the anime.

Phew, that's about all :D
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25 Sep 2010 06:52 AM
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I'm glad that Pikachu isn't 'leveled down' for this series as that would have really ticked me off a lot. Shootie seems too confident and winning against Satoshi just bolstered that quite a bit. I'm sure there will be an episode upcoming where Satoshi's Pikachu gets a rematch and will *hopefully* annihilate him.

Did anyone else notice the TOS bridge sounds during the lab scene just as Pikachu starts recovering? I found that quite amusing.

Diamond and Pearl used the Tricorder scan sound effect as well when Rocket Gang went into Denji's control room.
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27 Sep 2010 07:03 AM
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talking about the new rival, I guess they thought that, since paul was a big hit, that they could do that over again with shooti. . . . not working so well. :(
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07 Oct 2010 05:45 AM
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The second episode was great as well. Animation still great, new main character met, etc. Satoshi's noobishness was kinda disappointing however.. seems they really completely restarted the story.. And why the hell was the first caught Pokemon a little weak bird again? ._. ...i think it could much better be a Shikijika... no comment :D
Anyway great episode :)
03 Nov 2010 12:52 AM
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Quote From: Polifem

The new rival
I didn't like him at all. As a character, he doesn't stand a chance in comparison to Shinji, who is the most developed and interesting character of the whole anime in my opinion. Shootie is not like a new trainer in any way and seem to be very arrogant. Not to mention that I hate his appearance.

I completely agree. He looks like a newb and I hate his hair. At least Shinji was an experienced trainer like Ash. Shootie doesn't even have a justification for being arrogant.
I thought it was rather funny how Ash met Iris. But it is rather ridiculous how Kibago can fit in Iris' hair, as well as how Iris can move around so briskly even with that much hair. I wish Ash hadn't caught Mamepato as his first Pokémon; a Mamanbo would have been much cooler. I also wished that they showed how Jessie caught her first Pokémon.
Again, I think the Zekrom "following" Ash around was rather exaggerated, although I like how its electricity is blue.
23 Feb 2011 12:43 PM
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Once again Black and White is quite accurate to the Japanese original. Hopefully this keeps up for the entire series. There were some very interesting 'edits' that appeared in the English closed captions of the episode though. The one Oak line is very odd as the closed captions were actually more accurate than what he actually said which is very strange indeed.

The Kanoko Town in the closed captions is also unexplainable. Did they forget to do a search and replace? Did they get the closed captions done before they actually decided on a dub name for the town?

Edits: http://www.pocketmonsters.net/episodes/1178#Edits
07 Apr 2011 08:59 PM
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Inside of Juniper's Laboratory, a massive electrical force surrounds Pikachu. Ash and the laboratory staff cross their arms in an attempt to shield themselves from the harmful energy. Oak and Juniper begin working on a nearby control panel in an attempt to gain control over Pikachu’s uncontrollable electrical energy. After a few moments, Juniper realizes that Pikachu's electrical energy is overloading the system and if it continues at the current rate, will destroy the entire laboratory system.

Outside, Zekrom continues to unleash a devas ting thunderstorm which continues to bring ill affects to Pikachu. Oak questions Juniper if a legendary Pokémon caused all of the recent events. Zekrom shrieks and soars into the sky creating a larger disturbance in Pikachu's body. Ash rushes over and grabs Pikachu's body and is soon enveloped in Pikachu's electrical energy; screaming out in pain. A moment later, the storm dissipates and Ash is thrown backwards by Pikachu's energy. Delia rushes over to Ash as Pikachu begins to decrease its electrical output. Once Zekrom manages to exit the region, the laboratory systems are restored. Juniper glares at the screen, surprised that the system managed to recover without any adverse affects shortly after taking on such a huge electrical load from Pikachu. Delia questions Ash if it he is alright and Ash states that he is fine. The wild Oshawott, which was unchosen by Ash, steps over greeting him with a short "Osha". Ash jumps to his feet to check on his Pikachu. Pikachu begins electrically charging his tail in an attempt to affirm to Ash that he has regained his ability over Electric-type attacks. Ash shouts out if anything else is troubling Pikachu. Pikachu confirms with a "Pikachu!” Ash, in a fired up state, commands for Pikachu to use Thunderbolt on him. Pikachu begins building electrical current within its body and soon launches an astounding Thunderbolt attack directly at Ash. Ash manages to recover from the attack and commands for Pikachu to use Volt Tackle. Pikachu begins thundering forward building an electrical aura around its body, smashing into Ash and knocking him into a nearby laboratory wall. Ash manages to recover from the attack and shouts that he is glad that Pikachu has recovered. Juniper and Oak exit the laboratory to attempt to search for the nearby Zekrom. Juniper questions if the legendary Pokémon, Zekrom, really caused the electrical disturbance. Oak states that it should be worth extra investigation. Ash exits the laboratory, with Pikachu perched on his shoulder, staring at a gorgeous horizon scattered with luscious forest and a brilliant setting sun. Ash states that there are a lot of Pokémon and mysteries that he doesn't know about in the Unova Region.

Night has befallen Nuvema Town and Ash, Pikachu, Oak, Delia, and Juniper sits down to enjoy dinner. As enthusiastic as ever, Ash states that he has decided he will start a journey to meet the Pokémon of the Unova region. Pikachu raises his arm and confirms with a "Pika!” Delia states that she had already known it. Oak questions if Ash will be visiting Pokémon Gyms while in Unova. Ash responds stating that he will win against the Gym Leaders, obtain eight victory badges, and enter the Unova League. Oak states that he will make sure to look after Ash's Pokémon that are at the laboratory. Delia asks for Pikachu to take care of Ash on his Journey. Pikachu responds with an ever so cute; "Pika Pika". Oak states that Ash should contact him from time to time because he is looking forward to reports on unusual or rare Pokémon.

Afterwards, Juniper presents Ash with a Pokémon Zukan and five Monster Balls. Ash snatches the Zukan and Monster Balls and thanks Juniper. Juniper states that the closest Pokémon Gym is located in Striaton City and that it might be suitable for his first challenge. Juniper suggests that Ash may also run into Trip on his adventure. The mentioning of Trip brings Ash into a fiery rage and shouting: "The next time I battle him, I definitely won't lose!”

Daylight shatters through the sky as Ash, Delia, Oak, and Juniper stand outside on a small access road to the laboratory. Delia questions Ash if he has a handkerchief, pack of clothes, or if he has forgotten anything before he begins his journey. Ash responds stating that he hasn't forgotten anything and isn't a child after all. Juniper states that once he traverses the forest, he will find a Pokémon Center.

After a few moments, Ash turns and begins dashing down the road as his mother, Delia, waves in the background wishing him to have a safe trip. Oak states in a proud sense that Ash is finally gone. Delia ponders about looking forward to seeing how much stronger he'll be the next time they meet. Meanwhile, Ash continues rushing down the road and through a small forest thinking if he'll encounter a Bug type first; or possibly a Water or Grass type.

The trees begin rustling which brings Ash to a halt as Pikachu points overhead. The top of Iris's hair can be seen as she rustles through a bush. Unknown to Ash, he grasps his Pokémon Zukan in an attempt to identify the unknown "Pokémon". The Pokémon Zukan manages to detect Iris's Akew and chimes in a robotic voice delivering its Pokedex entry on Akew. Akew, the Tusk Pokémon. It claims its territory by marking trees with its tusks. If its tusks fall out, new ones will grow. Ash stares at Iris's lush purple hair in a surprised state; stating that it looks different than what his Zukan shows as an Akew.

Ash launches a Monster Ball towards the nearby bush, which smashes into Iris's head. Iris shouts out "Ouch!" in pain as Ash stares in a confused state. Iris stands up shouting at Ash questioning what Ash thinks he is doing. Ash attempts to explain that he was just attempting to get a Pokémon. Iris responds stating, "Oh, do you want to say that I'm a Pokémon?” misinterpreting that Ash was inferring that she was the actual Pokémon. Iris smiles in a sarcastic manner; questioning if there is a Pokémon with a face like hers in his Zukan. Ash apologizes for his actions and Iris states that only an apology is needed. Iris suggests that if he mistook her for a Pokémon, he still has a very long way to go as a trainer. Iris reaches a piece of fruit towards her hair and a small Akew exposes his head, jumping to the ground to hastily eat the fruit.

Iris recognizes Ash's Pikachu and rushes down to her knees and grasps Pikachu in her arms rubbing his cheeks against her face in a cute manner. Iris begins flicking Pikachu's cheeks stating that his soft cheeks are something that someone doesn't get to feel in Unova. Pikachu continues to struggle to exit Iris's grasp, however she continues to keep him close to her bosom. Iris questions Ash why there is a Pikachu in Unova. Ash responds stating that they have come from Pallet Town in Kanto. Ash introduces himself as Ash and announces that he is traveling to aim for the Unova League. Iris extends her arm for a handshake introducing herself to Ash as Iris. Pikachu, unable to escape, begins to shock Iris in an attempt to escape.

Afterwards, Iris apologizes to Pikachu and questions if Nuvema Town was struck by a huge bolt of lightning the day before. Ash states that Zekrom caused the disturbance. Iris steps towards Ash shouting towards Ash; questioning if it really was Zekrom, the Pokémon called legendary. After hearing Zekrom's name mentioned, Iris begs for Ash to tell her more about the incident. Nearby, a Deerling jumps through a group of nearby trees interrupting the conversation. Pikachu notices the wild Pokémon and Ash begins rushing down a nearby trail in an attempt to catch up to the wild Deerling. Iris shouts for Ash to wait for her and starts to follow behind.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket hosts a conversation with Giovanni in a remove cavern. Giovanni questions if they have arrived within the Unova Region. James states that they have infiltrated the Unova region as planned. Meowth contributes that they will make sure to succeed at the mission and gain total control of the region without failure. Jessie states that they will capture Pikachu and the legendary Pokémon of Unova, and send them to the headquarters. Giovanni inquires about Jessie's reference to a legendary Pokémon. James requests that they would like to have their Pokémon they had left at the headquarters prior to arriving in the Unova Region. Giovanni's assistant denies the request stating that using Pokémon that do not reside in the Unova region would make them extremely conspicuous. She then continues stating that in order to protect the secret of their organization, the Pokémon used for the mission will all be raised on location. Meowth ponders if he will be fine, due to the fact that he is not a native species to Unova. Giovanni terminates the communication stating that he has great expectations for the trio. James states that the boss, Giovanni, was really eager. Meowth suggests that they cannot allow themselves to fail expectations of Giovanni. Jessie shouts that they will carve their names into the glorious history of Team Rocket. Giovanni's secretary questions Giovanni if the trio will do well while in the region. Giovanni, in an uncertain manner, states that it is unknown, however their actions should incite Team Plasma of the Unova region, and cause them to eventually start moving as well.

Meowth suggests that they should double-check their equipment for the mission. James states that he expected nothing less from a mission starter kit they had received from Giovanni. A small case is located behind James and the cave floor is littered with a few Monster Balls and other devices used by Team Rocket. Jessie grasps a Monster Ball stating they can begin capturing Pokémon.

Ash and Iris manage to track the wild Deerling to a nearby clearing in the forest that has a small pond and multiple wild Deerling. Ash, hidden behind a nearby tree and brush, queries his Zukan on Deerling. The Zukan chirps out in a robotic voice stating: "Deerling, the Season Pokémon. Because it has fur that changes colors depending on temperature and humidity, it changes its appearance every season". Ash launches an empty Monster Ball towards a wild Deerling, however, the Deerling uses it's head to deflect his attack. Iris lectures Ash stating that before he captures a Pokémon, he must battle it first. Pikachu rushes up beside Ash and prepares to battle Deerling. After a few moments, the wild Deerling flee as a stampede of Patrat rush across the field knocking Ash and Pikachu unconscious. After recovering from the attack, Ash reaches up and grasps a ripe apple from a nearby tree, pondering to himself if they are edible. After a few seconds, Iris jumps down from the tree causing an avalanche of apples to fall upon Ash. Iris announces that supper is finished however doesn't realize that Ash is underneath the pile of apples.

Night falls upon the forest and Ash and Iris discuss the event with Zekrom. Ash states that both the storage as well as the exhaustion of Pikachu's electric energy was caused by Zekrom's influence. Iris stands up and begins shouting out that she also wants to be able to meet Zekrom, the Pokémon called legendary. Ash inquiries if there are other legendary Pokémon other than Zekrom in Unova, however Iris manages to fall asleep during his question. Ash and Pikachu look up towards the brilliant night sky realizing that this is the first time he is seeing the stars in Unova. Ash states that they will be walking under this sky from now on. Pikachu points up and notices a shooting star blazing across the sky. Ash looks towards Pikachu and states that something good with happen because of it.

Daylight has broken and Ash begins traveling further through the forest. Iris managed to escape while Ash was asleep. Ash shouts out to Pikachu that they should do their best. Soon after, a Pidove's chirp interrupts their conversation. Ash looks upward and manages to catch a glimpse of Pidove, querying his Zukan for data. The Zukan chirps: "Pidove, the little Pigeon Pokémon. Since they gather in groups, their cries are extremely loud. It dislikes glittering objects.” Once the Zukan finishes delivering its data, Ash begins rushing towards the Pidove and escapes into a forest clearing containing a group of Pidove. Ash points towards a stray Pidove and directs for Pikachu to battle it. Pikachu launches a devas ting thunderbolt knocking the wild Pidove unconscious. However, Pikachu's loud attack manages to alert the other Pidove. Ash reaches to launch an empty Monster Ball however the massive group of Pidove gather and begin an array of attacks in order to allow their ally to recover. The wild Pidove manages to recover from the attack and the entire group takes flight.

Ash sighs stating that it is hard after all. A stray Pidove manages to walk into Ash and Pikachu's path, granting them an excellent opportunity to capture it without any outside influences. Pikachu flashes forward with a Quick Attack smashing into Pidove. Pidove's body slides against the ground however it manages to recover from the attack. PIkachu flips forward incasing its tail in a layer of Iron in preparation for Iron Tail. After reaching his peak height, Pikachu flips down hitting Pidove with the disastrous Iron Tail attack. Ash launches an empty Monster Ball, which flips open absorbing Pidove's energy. The Monster Ball moves back and forth illuminating with a red indicator as Pidove attempts to fight for its release. Pidove manages to escape the Monster Ball's influence and explodes from the Monster Ball. Pidove launches a Gust attack and follows up with Quick Attack hitting Pikachu directly. Pidove follows up with an Air Cutter that smashes into the ground nearby PIkachu. Pidove launches forward in preparation for another Quick Attack however Pikachu manages to dodge forcing Pidove to crash into a nearby tree. Pikachu finishes with a devas ting Thunderbolt which knocks Pidove unconscious. Ash takes advantage of the opportunity and launches an empty Monster Ball towards the injured Pidove. The Monster Ball explodes open and attempts to recapture the Pidove's energy. The two forces clash however the Monster Ball soon prevails. Ash rushes over and grabs the Monster Ball, shouting that he finally captured a Pidove. Iris interrupts the celebration stating that Ash is such a child for celebrating over the capture of such a common Pokémon as Pidove. Ash responds that it is something to celebrate because he has a new companion and Pidove will be his first friend of the Unova region. Iris sarcastically suggests that Ash and the Pidove of the forest is a good match for each other.

In a flash, two mechanical arms thrust forward and grasp Akew and Pikachu. Ash shouts out "You again?!", recognizing the individuals as Team Rocket. Jessie and James state when Ash suggests "You Again?!", the answer he will receive is for the sake of tomorrow. Team Rocket enters into their introduction: "Future! The white future wears the color of evil! Universe! The black world receives the iron hammer of justice! We write our names onto this earth! The passionate destroyer, Jessie! The pure heart of darkness, James! The infinite intelligence, Meowth! Now, gather in the name of Team Rocket!” Iris questions whom Team Rocket is. Ash states they are bad guys who want to take Pokémon from others! Jessie confirms that Ash is correct and states that they steal Pokémon from others and exhaust the limits of evil to hold the world in their clutches. Iris demands for Jessie to return her Akew. Meowth states that they will commence the subjection of the Unova Region by taking Akew in addition to Pikachu. Iris questions why Meowth is in Unova Region, because it is not native, however soon realizes that Meowth can actually speak. Meowth states that he can speak because he is a genius and is quite different from other Meowth. Team Rocket throws Akew and Pikachu into a glass container and demand for Ash and Iris to give up. In a fit of rage, Ash launches a Monster Ball into the sky releasing Pidove. Jessie commands for Meowth to show them the prowess of a Kanto Pokémon. Meowth launches into the air in preparation for a Fury Swipes attack however is thrown backwards by Pidove's Gust. In response to Pidove's attack, Jessie releases her newly captured Woobat. Woobat responds with an Air Cutter attack however Pidove manages to dodge the attack and retaliates with Quick Attack.

Woobat anticipates the attack and launches an astounding Gust attack, slamming Pidove into the ground and knocking her unconscious. Jessie recalls Woobat into it's Monster Ball and states that she expected nothing less of a Pokémon that she chose. James announces that their first mission in Unova is complete; opening a container releasing a small hot air balloon. Ash and Iris begin climbing a nearby tree in an attempt to catch-up to the escaping vehicle. Ash launches into the air propelling himself towards the balloon however manages to barely miss the balloon's trajectory and smashes into the ground.

A wild Oshawott rushes to Ash's aid and launches its shell towards Team Rocket's balloon, which acts as a boomerang rupturing the balloon and forcing the glass case towards the ground. The glass case housing Akew and Pikachu smashes open. Ash and Iris jump forward catching PIkachu and Akew. Oshawott begins jumping up and down in celebration of its victory. Team Rocket manages to escape from the damaged balloon and jump down towards the ground. Jessie shouts that they have really done it now. Ash states that the Pokémon are his friends and he will not hand them over. Pikachu begins preparing a Thunderbolt attack however Woobat anticipates the attack and launches an Air Cutter attack, which directly hits both Pikachu and Akew. Oshawott intervenes and launches a stream of water, which smashes into Woobat as it prepares for an Air Slash attack. Pikachu recovers from the prior attack and rushes forward, preparing for a Volt Tackle. Just moments before Pikachu reaches Team Rocket, James launches a Smoke ball and the manage to escape before Pikachu finishes his attack.

After a few moments, Pikachu and Akew collapse to the ground from exhaustion. Iris suggests that they need to take them to the Pokémon Center. Ash and Iris rush down the forest path towards the nearby Pokémon Center and thank Oshawott for his assistance. Iris and Ash manage to successfully reach the Pokémon Center. Joy successfully heals the duo's Pokémon of their injuries. Joy states that it is rare to see someone with a Pikachu in Unova. Ash states that they have come from Pallet Town and it is their first time they have visited a Pokémon Center in the Unova region. Iris thanks Ash for saving Akew and suggests that she has changed her opinion of Ash. Ash responds stating that it is actually Oshawott whom should be thanked. Outside the center's doors, Oshawott is seen peering inside.

With the addition of a new friend, Pidove, Satoshi and Pikachu's journey through the Unova region has finally begun. Now, what kinds of adventures await them in the future?
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