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Title: Re: SL 33: Honō Pokémon Dai Race!/The Flame Pokemon-athon/ほのおのポケモンだいレース!
Quote From: Sunain
This has always been one of my most favorite episodes of the entire series and I'm glad to see that for the most part the English dub was fairly accurate with their dialog and didn't stray too far from what the Japanese original had.

Rapidash is just so slow compared to Gallop though and Takeshi can't wait for Fuko to get to a legal age!

Link to edits:

I like this episode too. But don't you think tha there would be some amumblance people around to help the trainers who got hurt? There wasn't anyone helping most of them (the boy with the Voltorb, the guy with the rock Pokemon who jumped on a rock and sunk). I still wonder why they didn't help them out and take them to the hospital.
Title: Re: Pokémon: BW Rival Destinies Announced
Quote From: ForumBot
The first three episode titles for the series were also announce: Enter Elesa, Electrifying Gym Leader!, Battle-Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym! and Lost at the Stamp Rally!. The trailer for the season is posted below.

Does anyone think the first episode title for this show sounds a bit Engrish-y? It's missing the ''the''.
Title: Re: Nintendo Zone Adds Pokémon Episodes and Game Demos
Quote From: captfalcon

Isn't that certain episode banned?

To Sunain: Maybe they will put the new episodes on there. But what about older Kanto and Johto episodes? Will they be included?
Title: Re: Best Wishes Anime Language
Quote From: Sunain

Starting in Pocket Monsters Best Wishes, the anime began using another new made up language to obviously reduce the costs of paint editing the show in the various different languages that it is now distributed in. Originally the series had Japanese text and it was painted out by the English dub. Later, a made up language debuted in the Orange Islands but it did not show signs of it being a distinct interpretable language.

This new language that is used in Best Wishes is actually a simple substitution cipher where one basic modern Latin alphabet letter is replaced with a symbol from the made up language.

Link to Chart:

We are also looking to find all instances of the Language as seen in the anime. If you know of episodes that have the language, please post the episode number, the time index and a high quality picture on our imageboard so we can add all the instances to our edit pages for the episodes.

Thanks to all the people in chat that helped out deciphering the symbols.

Link to Imageboard thread:

It looks more like Japanese than the older Pokemon language.
Title: Re: Dragon Eggs Event, New Game to be Announced
Quote From: Chance
One thing's sure, it won't be a brand new game (aka: new generation), as they're far from being done with the V one so far (as far as the anime/movies are concerned, and we all know they 'work' together).
It may be the infamous Pokémon Grey, though I'm not sure whether it'd be on DS and/or 3DS.
Or maybe a 3D game, like Stadium/Revolution or Colosseum.

It's probably gonna be for the 3DS.
I'm surprised that they didn't edit it out.
Did he really say that?
What episodes did these pictures come from?
Thanks for the feedback, GoggleMaster. Anyways, this was my first image I posted on here.
What's next? The animators inserting Dawn into the episodes, and removing Misty?