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Title: Re: IRC Chat Channel Moving To Discord
Quote From: Sunain
#PocketMonsters chat, which has been on IRC since 2002, is now going to be transitioning over to Discord. Discord is a free proprietary chat and VoIP application designed for gaming communities but it's available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux and in all modern web browsers. It has many advantages to the aging IRC system including offline chat logs, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, VoIP and website integration and much more that makes it superior to IRC.

We hope that using Discord will be a lot more user friendly and inviting for our community visitors.

If you wish to join the #PocketMonsters community chat, visit us on Discord using the following link.

Cool, I've been using Discord for another project as well. Guess you're about to see me there.
Title: Re: Weekly Episode Music
A fill... nope, Satoshi catches a Luchabull.
Title: Re: Weekly Episode Music
Comes a week late, but here's the end of the Corni arc.
Title: Re: Weekly Episode Music
The arc continues...
Title: Re: Weekly Episode Music
32nd episode here, which was quite emotional.
Title: Portugal's translated season title
File: 13793558520024.png (848px x 480px - 458.74 KiB)
For the first time in the country's Pokémon dub's history, the season title is fully translated onscreen.