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Claire & Kain's Spinda
English Claire & Kain's Spinda
Japanese クレアとケインのパッチール
Japanese (Romanized) Kurea to Cane no Patcheel
While heading to Petalburg City, Ash and his friends met Claire who was searching for her lost Spinda. May then noticed it on the road as it has a heart shaped mark on its forehead. Claire explained that since the first time that she met that Spinda with the heart shape on its forehead, she has had good luck. That's why she has called it her "Lucky Spinda". Claire continued by saying that she first met it and its owner in a flower garden. Spinda wasn't trying to get away from Claire as it was actually attempting to get up the mountain where its favorite flower garden was located. Team Rocket tried to capture the Spinda twice unsuccessfully after they overheard that it was lucky. Claire returned Kain's Spinda back to Kain as he left his Spinda with Claire while he was out traveling as a Pokémon Adventurer.
Episodes (1)

Lots of Patcheel! Searching for Happiness Over the Mountain!?
Going for a Spinda!

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