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Falkner's Pidgeot

Character Names
  • English / United States: Falkner's Pidgeot
  • Japanese / Japan: ハヤトのピジョット
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Hayato no Pigeot
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Hayato's Pigeot
Voice Actors
Falkner's Pidgeot first appeared to help retrieve Ash's Pikachu from Team Rocket. After Falkner and Falkner's Hoothoot took Pikachu back from Jessie, she retaliated by sending out Jessie's Arbok to attack. Falkner countered with his Pidgeot, who flew through Team Rocket's air balloon and ripped it to shreds. Ash Ketchum notices that Falkner's Pidgeot is much bigger than Ash's Pidgeot, which triggers his memory and makes him think of his battles with his old partner.

Falkner used Pidgeot as his final Pokémon in the Violet City Gym Battle against Ash Ketchum. Pidgeot was able to easily finish off Ash's Pikachu, who had just won consecutive battles against Falkner's Hoothoot and Falkner's Dodrio. Next, Pidgeot went up against Ash Ketchum's final Pokémon, Ash's Charizard. Pidgeot was able to counter consecutive Flamethrower attacks and then used Agility. Ash's Charizard tried for a Flamethrower, but Pidgeot countered with a Whirlwind attack and sent the flames backwards, knocking down Ash's Charizard. Ash's Charizard tried to get up and fly off, but Pidgeot was able to sneak in a Wing Attack before it could move. Pidgeot tried to finish Ash's Charizard off with a Quick Attack, but Charizard was able to get up and fly away this time. Pidgeot used Agility follwed by Quick Attack to weaken Ash's Charizard, but Ash Ketchum was able to predict Pidgeot's attack pattern and trap it with Fire Spin before finishing it off with a Seismic Toss.
Known Moveset
Wing Attack Type
First Seen: GS 15
Whirlwind Type
First Seen: GS 15
Agility Type
First Seen: GS 15
Quick Attack Type
First Seen: GS 15