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Ash's Pidgeot
English Ash's Pidgeot
Japanese サトシのピジョット
Japanese (Romanized) Satoshi no Pigeot
In a forest near Pallet Town, a bunch of Pidgey and Pidgeotto were being terrorized by a Fearow and Spearow. Realizing that the Pidgey and Pidgeotto were in trouble, Ash's Pidgeotto evolved into a Pidgeot. Ash and Pikachu climbed on Pidgeot and were able to battle with it to scare off the Fearow and Spearow. Pidgeot was released so that it could watch over the Pidgey and Pidgeotto so that the Fearow didn't try to attack them again. Ash told Pidgeot that he would be back as soon as he got the Poke Ball for Professor Oak but they have yet to reunite.
Episodes (2)

Masara Town! Setting off on a New Trip!
Pallet Party Panic
Kikyo Gym! Battle in the High Skies!!
Fighting Flyer with Fire!

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