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Aya's Venonat

Character Names
  • English / United States: Aya's Venonat
  • Japanese / Japan: アヤのコンパン
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Aya no Kongpang
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Aya's Kongpang
Voice Actors
Aya's Venonat had been leading Ash and his friends through the large old Japanese styled mansion until they finally encountered Aya. Aya explained that her Venonat had informed her that three fools where in the building.

Battle against Ash's Bulbasaur at the Fuchsia City Gym

The battle was a 1-on-1 battle and Aya's Venonat was sent out to battle against Ash's Bulbasaur. Aya's Venonat tried to use Stun Spore on Ash's Bulbasaur to get an advantage in the battle but Ash's Bulbasaur was able to blow it away from itself. Ash's Bulbasaur then used Leech Seed on Aya's Venonat which ended up being too much for it as it sucked out all of Aya's Venonat power and forced her to recall it.

Koga and Aya were both impressed with Misty's Psyduck and Aya wanted to trade her Kongpang for it. Misty though realized her Psyduck was more powerful than she had initially thought and decided that she wouldn't trade with either of them.
Known Moveset
Psybeam Type
First Seen: SL 32
Stun Spore Type
First Seen: SL 32