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Dario's Dodrio
English Dario's Dodrio
Japanese ドリオのドードリオ
Japanese (Romanized) Dorio no Dodrio
Dario's Dodrio competed in the Pokémon race and it was known for its immense speed as it's better at running than at flying. Its three heads express joy, sorrow, and anger. Like Dario, Dodrio has quite a nefarious nature as it was willing to go along with Dario's plan to knock out other competitors in the Pokémon race. While deciding on different foods to eat during the Pokémon race, Dario's Dodrio's three heads quarreled to which Dario told it that he always gives it better food. Dario's Dodrio attacked Lara Laramie's Ponyta on the home stretch of the race causing it to fall back but Lara Laramie's Ponyta evolved into Lara Laramie's Rapidash which was faster than Dario's Dodrio. Dario's Dodrio ended up loosing the Pokémon race to Lara Laramie's Rapidash but Dario was a poor sport and a bad looser and he tried to get his Dodrio to attack Ash and Lara Laramie's Rapidash but Lara Laramie's Rapidash ended up kicking Dario and Dario's Dodrio off into the distance.

None of its moves are known but it seems to know Peck but it wasn't confirmed in the episode.
Episodes (1)

The Flame Pokemon-athon
The Blazing Pokémon Race!

Pokemon Valhalla
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