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Lara Laramie's Rapidash

Character Names
  • English / United States: Lara Laramie's Rapidash
  • Japanese / Japan: フウコ・ララミーのギャロップ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Fūko Laramie no Gallop
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Fuko Laramie's Gallop
Lara Laramie's Ponyta helps Lara Laramie get around the Pokémon reserve quickly and the two of them had been training for an upcoming Pokémon race. When Ash Ketchum first tried to pet it, his hand ended up getting burned and Lara Laramie explained to him that Ponyta isn't hot to humans who conveyed their feelings to it through their hearts.

Lara Laramie asked Ash Ketchum to race with her Ponyta because if he won with it, it would be the highest honor for her as a Trainer as it would show that her Pokémon could do well in the race with a different Trainer and that her training skills were sound. Lara Laramie recognized how hard Ash Ketchum worked to calm Ponyta down for her after it was spooked and Ash Ketchum was able to gain Lara Laramie's Ponyta's trust enough to be able to ride it without getting burned.

Throughout the race, Lara Laramie's Ponyta continued to build its trust towards Ash Ketchum and on the final straight, Lara Laramie's Ponyta evolved into Lara Laramie's Rapidash. The race announcer noted that Rapidash are the best sprinter in the Pokémon world and can run over 140 km/h. Lara Laramie's Rapidash ended up winning the Pokémon race with Ash Ketchum and it managed to kick Dario and Dario's Dodrio into the distance after they tried to attack.

None of Lara Laramie's Rapidash moves are known as they were never commanded by Lara Laramie or Ash Ketchum.