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Lenora's Watchog
English Lenora's Watchog
Japanese アロエのミルホッグ
Japanese (Romanized) Aloe no Miruhog
Lenora's Watchog was revealed at the Shippo City Museum when it was sent out to battle against the poltergeist. It was able to help get the mask off of Cilan and help discover that the poltergeist was a Desumasu that dropped its mask when it was sleeping. Hawes stated that Miruhog is an amazing Pokémon that is very obedient to Lenora and helps guards the museum. During the first gym battle against Ash's Oshawott, it used Mean Look so Ash's Oshawott couldn't be switched out. Since Ash's Oshawott wasn't expecting to battle Lenora's Watchog at that time, it was at a disadvantage and it was in a bad mood. Cilan stated during the battle that Lenora's Watchog was brilliant at making use of stillness and motion. After Ash's Oshawott lost its shell during the battle, Lenora's Watchog was able to use its Thunderbolt effectively to knock Ash's Oshawott out of the match. During the rematch battle against Ash's Oshawott, Ash's Oshawott had learned Aqua Jet during the time between the two battle and but its accuracy make it easy for Lenora's Watchog to avoid it. Though through sheer luck, Ash's Oshawott Aqua Jet managed to hit Lenora's Watchog and both ended up getting knocked out at the same time as Lenora's Watchog used Thunderbolt just before it got hit.
Episodes (4)

Shippo City! The Great Museum Adventure!!
A Night in the Nacrene City Museum!
Shippo Gym Match! VS Gym Leader Aloe!!
The Battle According to Lenora
Rematch at Shippo Gym! New Move Explosion!!
Rematch at the Nacrene Gym
Crowning the Scalchop King!さらばミジュマル!? ホタチキングへの道Farewell, Mijumaru!? The Path to Becoming Scallsword King

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