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Burgundy's Dewott


Character Names / Voice Actors:
Known As:
  • Flag Burgundy's Dewott
  • Flag カベルネのフタチマル
  • Flag Cabernet no Futachimaru
  • Flag Cabernet's Futachimaru
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Burgundy's Dewott was the first Pokémon that Burgundy sent out to battle Cilan with in her first revenge battle near the Friendly Shop just outside of Hiun City. Burgundy's Dewott faced Cilan's Dwebble but its Water attacks proved useless against it. It didn't last too long against Cilan's Dwebble as Burgundy was unable to adjust her battle strategy to counter Cilan's Dwebble good defenses.

Donamite Tournament

Burgundy's Dewott entered the Donamite tournament and faced Iris's Excadrill in the first round. Iris's Excadrill was able to defend Burgundy's Dewott new move Ice Beam with its claws but when Iris's Excadrill dug a hole, Burgundy's Dewott used Water Pulse in the hole to deal some significant damage and get it back above ground. Iris's Excadrill fought back with another violent Metal Claw attack which struck its mark and looked like it had defeated Burgundy's Dewott. Burgundy's Dewott had another new move up its sleeve and it got up off the ground and used Revenge. Iris's Excadrill managed to withstand Revenge and counterattack with Dig while Burgundy's Dewott was still recovering. Iris's Excadrill won the match and eliminated Burgundy from the tournament.
Known Moveset
Move Type First Ep Notes
Water Gun Type BW 19 The generic water attack
Fury Cutter Type BW 19 It kept using it and ended up getting too tired when battling Dwebble.
Water Pulse Type BW 19 Cabernet was surprised that Dwebble endured it
Razor Shell Type BW 19 Dual bladed shell attack
Ice Beam Type BW 73 Satoshi was surprised when it saw it use the move in the battle against Iris
Revenge Type BW 73 Iris thought she had defeated Burgundy's Dewott but it countered with a strong Revenge