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Subway Boss Ingo's Chandelure
English Subway Boss Ingo's Chandelure
Japanese サブウェイマスターノボリのシャンデラ
Japanese (Romanized) Subway Master Nobori no Chandela
Subway Boss Ingo's Chandelure used Psychic to send Ash, Iris and Cilan from the railway cart traveling parallel with the train car with all the Pokémon on it. It then attacked and destroyed the Team Rocket locomotive by using Will-O-Wisp.

2-on-2 Battle against Satoshi and Dent

As Cilan completed the stamp rally, he got the opportunity to battle the Subway Masters. Subway Boss Ingo sent out his Chandelure to battle against Cilan's Pansage and Ash's Tepig. The battle started off slowly for the Subway Masters as Cilan's Pansage and Ash's Tepig worked well together. Subway Boss Emmet's Eelektross and Subway Boss Ingo's Chandelure fought back though as Subway Boss Ingo's Chandelure used Smog to make it harder for Cilan and Ash's Pokémon to hit them accurately. Subway Boss Emmet's Eelektross then used Thunderbolt on the handrail in order to paralyze Cilan's Pansage who then fell on Ash's Tepig. Subway Boss Ingo's Chandelure then used Psychic to help finish them off and give the Subway Masters the win in the 2-on-2 battle.
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
Will-O-Wisp Fire BW 50 Destroyed the Team Rocket locomotive
Psychic Psychic BW 50 Transported Satoshi, Iris and Dent to the train car with all the Pokémon on it
Smog Poison BW 53 Used on Yanappu so that its Solarbeam attack against Shibirudon would miss.
Episodes (4)

激走!! バトルサブウェイ!! (後編)
Battle For The Underground!
A Mad Run!! The Battle Subway!! (Part Two)
Lost at the Stamp Rally!サトシ、デントVSサブウェイマスター!Satoshi and Dent VS the Subway Masters!
A Surface to Air Tag Battle Team!大空と大地のタッグバトル!A Sky and Land Tag Battle!
Survival of the Striaton Gym!デントVS氷の挑戦者! サンヨウジムの危機!!Dent VS the Ice Challenger! Crisis at the Sanyo Gym!!

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