Main Picture
Charles' Accelgor
English Charles' Accelgor
Japanese チャールズのアギルダー
Japanese (Romanized) Charles no Agilder
Charles' Accelgor is often seen out of its Poké Ball riding on the front of Charles motorcycle. He is Swift Hero A☆Gilder's trusty sidekick but he also has similar traits to Charles at its seems to be a bit clumsy. While attempting to stop a thief in the market, it was assisted by Linda's Timburr and the two combined were able to stop the thief. It personality seems to be a quiet and timid Pokémon and only participates when called upon. It proved it was a strong and powerful Pokémon on its own though when it had to face Doctor Ferrara (Cryogonal Man)'s Vanillish in a battle and it was able to defeat it. In combination with Charles, the two of them did their finishing move 'A-Gilder kick' and were able to subdue Doctor Ferrara (Cryogonal Man).
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
Struggle Bug Bug BW 59 Was followed up with a large explosion
Agility Psychic BW 59 Ash and his friends noted it was really fast
Double Team Normal BW 59 Confused the thief with multiple versions of itself
Swift Normal BW 59 A fast attack left Mr. Freege stunned
Episodes (2)

The Mighty Accelguard to the Rescue!快傑ア☆ギルダー VS フリージ男!Swift Hero A-Gilder VS Mr. Freege!
Stopping the Rage of Legends! (Part 1)トルネロスVSボルトロスVSランドロス!(前編)Tornelos VS Voltolos VS Landlos! (Part 1)

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