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Ricky's Elgyem
English Ricky's Elgyem
Japanese レイジのリグレー (イッシュ地方)
Japanese (Romanized) Reiji no Ligray (Isshu-chihō)
Ricky and Ricky's Elgyem were paired up together for the Fukiyose Tower Bell of Wishes Festival tournament. As part of Ricky 'Psychic' persona, he oftened used Ligray to change or read the minds of others to help benefit him. Ricky's Elgyem seems to have a bit of a shy, yet mischievous nature so it goes along with the routine. Ricky interjected during the trivia quiz when Cilan and his friends where trying to figure out which girl Miles liked the best as it really was a very subjectional question. Ricky 'proofed' his psionic powers to Cilan and his friends by getting his Ligray to change the mind of Miles to Officer Jenny (Isshu) so that they would get the question right. Miles was a bit confused after that round of the trivia quiz and Cilan seemed to notice Ricky's Elgyem use its abilities to affect Miles. In the scavenger hunt portion of the festival tournament, Ricky made a TwistedSpoon from an ordinary spoon using Ricky's Elgyem powers. In the tub race, Ricky's Elgyem used Psychic and lifted the boat above the water and they won that race. In the imitation portion of the tournament, Ricky was supposed to dress-up like Officer Jenny (Isshu) while Ricky's Elgyem was supposed to dress-up like Officer Jenny's Herdier but neither of the got dressed and they just walked out on stage in their normal clothes. Ricky's Elgyem once again used its psionic powers on Miles to make it seem like they were dressed up. Miles accepted their dress-up and passed them onto the next round despite Iris' protests. Ricky and Ricky's Elgyem also won the forest of trials obstacle course and were entered into the finals. In the candle race, Ricky and Ricky's Elgyem made it to the top first where they faced the flock of Pidove. Ricky thought he was smart by getting his Ligray to use Light Screen. It worked well against Gust but once they switched to Air Slash, it broke through and put out the candles flame and eliminated Ricky from the tournament.
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
Psychic Psychic BW 71 Dent noted that it used Psychic during the tub race
Light Screen Psychic BW 71 Protected the candle fro the Pidove Gust
Episodes (1)

Climbing the Tower of Success!難関突破!天空の塔を登れ!!Overcoming Obstacles! Climb The Tower of the Sky!!

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