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Officer Jenny (Unova)

Character Names
  • English / United States: Officer Jenny (Unova)
  • Japanese / Japan: ジュンサー (イッシュ地方)
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Junsa (Isshu-chihō)
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Junsa (Isshu Region)
  • French / France: Agent Jenny (Isshu)
Voice Actors
Officer Jenny is the local law enforcement leader in the Isshu region. Each city and area has a Jenny who looks exactly the same as she does elsewhere in the Isshu region though they do look different compared to their Jenny counterparts elsewhere in the Pokémon World.

The most noticeable different between Isshu region Jenny and those from elsewhere in the Pokémon World is their haircut. They have a butch looking haircut that is popular with many lesbians.

Psychic type Investigator

While Ash Ketchum and his friends were sleeping in a dream world hotel, Officer Jenny (Unova) came in through their window to investigate. She explained to them that she was a Psychic type Investigator and was not there to arrest them. Jenny's Duosion is Psychic type Investigator Jenny's main Pokémon that she uses it to help her investigate instances and crimes when Psychic Pokémon are involved. Officer Jenny (Unova) and her Jenny's Duosion helped rescue Ash's Pikachu, Meowth and Iris' Axew from Leon and arrested him.

Gigaiath and Champion Master Adeku

In BW54, Alder was seen sitting in the sidecar with Officer Jenny's Herdier. The two seemed to get along quite well despite Officer Jenny (Unova) instance that Alder carry on with his business. Alder noted to Officer Jenny (Unova) that her Herdier looked happy to get his attention. Officer Jenny (Unova) was not impressed with his attempts to go on a date with her and she threatened to arrest him if he didn't leave her alone. She couldn't believe that he was actually the Unova region Elite Four Champion.

Later on in the day, the two met up again as a raging Gigaiath threatened Raimon City. Alder came to the rescue and taught Officer Jenny (Unova) a lesson in humility and observation as he was able to stop the raging Gigaiath despite her attempt to intervene and stop it herself by force. Officer Jenny (Unova) wanted to guard and supervise the Gigaiath but after it saved her from being crushed by a falling pillar, she realized that the nail that was removed from its foot was the true reason that the Gigaiath was raging and Alder had recognized that. Her opinion of Gigaiath and Alder seemed to change after those events.
Owned Pokémon
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Officer Jenny's Duosion
  • Japan ジュンサーのダブラン
  • Japan Junsa-san no Doublan
  • Japan Junsa's Doublan
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Officer Jenny's Ferrothorn
  • Japan ジュンサーのナットレイ
  • Japan Junsa no Nutrey
  • Japan Junsa's Nutrey
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Officer Jenny's Herdier
  • Japan ジュンサーのハーデリア
  • Japan Junsa no Herderrier
  • Japan Junsa's Herderrier
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Officer Jenny's Swanna
  • Japan ジュンサーのスワンナ
  • Japan Junsa no Swanna
  • Japan Junsa's Swanna
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