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Character Names
  • English / United States: Alder
  • Japanese / Japan: アデク
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Adeku
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Adeku
Voice Actors
Alder is the Elite Four Champion of the Unova region. When Trip was little, he went to watch Alder battle against a Trainer's Herdier. During Ash Ketchum and Trip's Three-on-Three battle, Trip was annoyed that he wasn't going to be strong enough to face the champion. Ash Ketchum had never heard of Alder and Iris was quick to tell him that everyone in the Unova region longs to battle him including Trip. Trip then remembered his experience with Alder. Alder gave Trip some Pokémon food to feed his Buffron when he noticed Trip was a bit hesitant around it. Alder asked Trip what his dream was to which Trip replied that he wanted to become the champion. Alder promised Trip to defend the title of Champion until the day that he challenged him.

Infatuation with Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy

Just like Brock, Alder cannot help but flirt with every Officer Jenny (Unova) and Nurse Joy (Unova) that he comes in contact with. In BW54, Alder was seen sitting in the sidecar with Officer Jenny's Herdier. The two seemed to get along quite well despite Officer Jenny (Unova) instance that Alder carry on with his business. Alder noted to Officer Jenny (Unova) that her Herdier looked happy to get his attention. Officer Jenny (Unova) was not impressed with his attempts to go on a date with her and she threatened to arrest him if he didn't leave her alone. She couldn't believe that he was actually the Unova region Elite Four Champion.

Later on in the day, the two met up again as a raging Gigaiath threatened Raimon City. Alder came to the rescue and taught Officer Jenny (Unova) a lesson in humility and observation as he was able to stop the raging Gigaiath despite her attempt to intervene and stop it herself by force. Officer Jenny (Unova) wanted to guard and supervise the Gigaiath but after it saved her from being crushed by a falling pillar, she realized that the nail that was removed from its foot was the true reason that the Gigaiath was raging and Alder had recognized that. Her opinion of Gigaiath and Alder seemed to change after those events.

Alder also tried to flirt with the Raimon City Nurse Joy (Unova) just after Officer Jenny (Unova) had turned him down flat. He told her she looked beautiful but she acted shy despite his advances. He then told her that Trainers of the world seem to be divided into a Nurse Joy (Unova) faction and a Officer Jenny (Unova) faction and that he definitely belonged to the Nurse Joy (Unova) faction. She still tried to shake off his advances though. Later when Nurse Joy (Unova) came to get him to inform him of the raging Gigaiath, he called her honey but she quickly shook off his advance once again and got to the point and told him of the problem.
Owned Pokémon
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Alder's Bouffalant
  • Japan アデクのバッフロン
  • Japan Adeku no Buffron
  • Japan Adeku's Buffron
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Alder's Volcarona
  • Japan アデクのウルガモス
  • Japan Adeku no Ulgamoth
  • Japan Adeku's Ulgamoth