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Alder's Bouffalant
English Alder's Bouffalant
Japanese アデクのバッフロン
Japanese (Romanized) Adeku no Buffron
Trip as a child saw Alder's Bouffalant battle against a Trainer's Herdier. Alder's Bouffalant was able to defeat the Trainer's Herdier quite easily. Trip was impressed with the battle and went up to pet Alder's Bouffalant but he was a bit afraid of it. Alder gave Trip some Pokémon food to give to it and then Trip became more comfortable around Alder's Bouffalant.

Battle against Ash's Pikachu

Ash challenged Alder to a battle and he accepted though he had been walking all night and was actually quite tired. He sent out his Buffron to battle Pikachu but just as the battle started, Alder fell asleep standing up and didn't give any orders to his Buffron. Alder's Bouffalant stood still as Pikachu began hitting it with attack after attack until it Alder's Bouffalant finally got mad at Alder and charged at him and set him flying into a tree. After that, Alder's Bouffalant no longer wished to battle and Alder conceded the battle.

Battle Against Trip's Serperior at the Junior World Cup

For winning the Pokémon Junior World Cup Tournament, Trip was given the opportunity to challenge Alder. Trip's Serperior was paired up with Alder's Bouffalant. Trip purposely used SolarBeam against Alder's Bouffalant despite knowing that its Ability is Sap Sipper. Trip wanted to defeat Buffron while it's at the peak of its potential but things didn't work out as planned. Trip's Serperior tried to hit it at its weak spot underneath its body but Alder's Bouffalant was able to endure the attack and land on its hooves fine. Alder's Bouffalant one hit K.O'd Trip's Serperior with Head Charge.
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
Head Charge Normal BW 34 Shootie saw the move at a festival
Episodes (5)

Ash and Trip's Third Battle
Rival Battle! Vanipeti and Dokkorer Participate!!
Ash Versus The Champion!サトシVSチャンピオン・アデク!Satoshi VS Champion Adeku!
Climbing the Tower of Success!難関突破!天空の塔を登れ!!Overcoming Obstacles! Climb The Tower of the Sky!!
Ash, Iris and Trip: Then There Were Three!サトシ、アイリス、シューティー! 最後のバトル!!Satoshi, Iris and Shootie! The Final Battles!!
Goodbye, Junior Cup - Hello Adventure!別れと出会いのジュニアカップ!The Junior Cup, Site of Partings and Encounters!

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