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Trip's Serperior
English Trip's Serperior
Japanese シューティーのジャローダ
Japanese (Romanized) Shootie no Jalorda
Trip's Serperior was first revealed in the Japanese opening for Pocket Monsters Best Wishes Season 2. Trip's Servine evolved into Trip's Serperior some time just before the Pokémon Junior World Cup Tournament after some hard training.

Battle Against Alder's Bouffalant at the Junior World Cup

For winning the Pokémon Junior World Cup Tournament, Trip was given the opportunity to challenge Alder. Trip's Serperior was paired up with Alder's Bouffalant. Trip purposely used SolarBeam against Alder's Bouffalant despite knowing that its Ability is Sap Sipper. Trip wanted to defeat Buffron while it's at the peak of its potential but things didn't work out as planned. Trip's Serperior tried to hit it at its weak spot underneath its body but Alder's Bouffalant was able to endure the attack and land on its hooves fine. Alder's Bouffalant one hit K.O'd Trip's Serperior with Head Charge.

Battle Against Pikachu at the Isshu League

Trip's Serperior participated in the Isshu League in the preliminary match where it was matched up against Pikachu. Cilan noted that Trip's Serperior speed and its attack power had leveled up quite a bit too since the last time they saw it. The match was pretty one sided for a long time as Pikachu wasn't able to counter its speed and ended up getting wrapped up. After using Iron Tail on the ground to get loose, Pikachu used a combination attack of Iron Tail and Electro Ball to one hit KO Trip's Serperior. As a result, Trip was eliminated from the Isshu League and Ash advanced to the next round.
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
Leaf Tornado Grass BW 1 Learned as a Snivy
Tackle Normal BW 1 Learned as a Snivy
Cut Normal BW 10 Learned as a Servine
Leer Normal BWS2 6 First used against Burgundy in the Junior Cup.
Solar Beam Grass BWS2 6 First used against Burgundy in the Junior Cup.
Frenzy Plant Grass BWS2 7 Finished of Dent's Iwapalace with the move
Dragon Tail Dragon BWS2 8 Revealed in the battle against Satoshi's Chaoboo at the World Junior Cup
Wrap Normal BWS2 20 Wrapped up Pikachu
Energy Ball Grass BWS2 20 Used in battle against Pikachu
Episodes (6)

Jostling for the Junior Cup!ジュニアカップ開幕!カイリューVSツンベアー!!The Junior Cup Begins! Kairyu VS Tunbear!!
Battling Authority Once Again!パワーバトル!アイリスVSヒカリ!!Power Battle! Iris VS Hikari!!
Ash, Iris and Trip: Then There Were Three!サトシ、アイリス、シューティー! 最後のバトル!!Satoshi, Iris and Shootie! The Final Battles!!
Goodbye, Junior Cup - Hello Adventure!別れと出会いのジュニアカップ!The Junior Cup, Site of Partings and Encounters!
Curtain Up, Unova League!開幕 イッシュリーグ・ヒガキ大会!サトシ対シューティー!!The Isshu League Higaki Tournament Begins! Satoshi VS Shootie!!
Mission: Defeat Your Rival!熱闘! ライバルバトルを勝ちぬけ!!Fierce Fighting! Win Your Way Through the Rival Battles!!

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