Nonomi is a beginner Pokémon Trainer who got her first Pokémon from Professor Juniper the day Ash and his friends went to visit Professor Juniper after the Isshu League Tournament. She is a very over-concerned person compared to others and she tends to over think situations too much as she tries to come up with a solution to her problem. Often many of those ideas are negative and don't really help her to properly assess the situation. While attempting to cross a stone bridge near Professor Juniper's laboratory, she met Ash and his friends who helped her across the bridge by showing her that it wasn't really that big of an issue. Ash gave her some advice that being careful is good, but here are things she won't know until she's tried them. He told her that once she'd tried something, it tends to work out pretty well. Nonomi finally arrived at Professor Juniper's laboratory a while after Ash and his friends had arrived but they didn't know she was also going to the lab. When Nonomi got there, she thought that the lab was empty now and there was a Dentula's nest inside and that the Dentula would capture her and paralyze her with electric shocks. Professor Juniper invited her in and allowed her to choose a starter Pokémon for free like she always does for Trainers. Nonomi thought that because she was getting something for free, she'd have to work for free for Professor Juniper for the rest of her life. Professor Juniper reassured her that that wasn't the case and finally Nonomi chose Pokabu as her starter Pokémon. After an encounter with Rocket Gang, Nonomi was beginning to experience things for herself and get more comfortable with situations. She helped stop Rocket Gang from capturing Pikachu and after getting her Pokabu returned to her she learned that a lot of unexpected things can happen during her journey. She also realized that being worried all the time is useless and she decided to live totally fearlessly from that point on. She was then seen leaving Professor Juniper's laboratory to start her journey.
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Nonomi's Tepig was a starter Pokémon that Professor Juniper had selected for Nonomi to choose from.Nonomi selected it as her first Pokémon.Cilan suggested that since Nonomi was the careful type, a marriage with an energetic Pokabu on the contrary would be a good idea. [View More]
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New Places... Familiar Faces!アララギ研究所!新たなる旅立ち!!The Araragi Laboratories! Setting Off on a New Journey!!

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