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Nonomi's Tepig
English Nonomi's Tepig
Japanese ノノミのポカブ
Japanese (Romanized) Nonomi no Pokabu
Nonomi's Tepig was a starter Pokémon that Professor Juniper had selected for Nonomi to choose from. Nonomi selected it as her first Pokémon. Cilan suggested that since Nonomi was the careful type, a marriage with an energetic Pokabu on the contrary would be a good idea.

Tag Battle Between Iris's Emolga and Cilan's Stunfisk

Ash wanted to battle with Nonomi but she was afraid that her Pokabu wouldn't listen to any of her commands during the battle so she teamed up with Ash and his Pikachu. Nonomi tried to get her Pokabu to use Thunderbolt as she had just seen Pikachu but Nonomi's Tepig turned around to look at her in a surprised way as it couldn't learn that move. The battle didn't last very long as the Rocket Gang interrupted it. When Rocket Gang was attempting to get Pikachu, Nonomi's Tepig used Ember on Jessie's Frillish to distract it. It was then captured by the Rocket Gang but with the help of Pikachu and Ash's Unfezant, they were able to rescue it and return it to Nonomi's care.
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
Tackle Normal BWS2N 1 Tried to hit Jessie's Frillish but went right through it
Ember Fire BWS2N 1 Initially tried to use Thunderbolt but Nonomi checked her zukan to find this move
Episodes (1)

New Places... Familiar Faces!アララギ研究所!新たなる旅立ち!!The Araragi Laboratories! Setting Off on a New Journey!!

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