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Character Names
  • English / United States: Iris' Emolga
  • Japanese / Japan: アイリスのエモンガ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Iris no Emonga
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Iris' Emonga
Voice Actors
Iris' Emolga is a very sly and sneak Pokémon who likes to think things through before it decides upon taking any action. It uses its Attract move to its advantage as it's a good way to convince other Pokémon to agree with it once they have fallen under the influence of the attack.

Iris and friends first encountered it when Iris' Axew lost one of the apples it was eating and chased it down the hill. Iris ran after get Kibago only to come across the Emonga who had picked up the apple Iris' Axew was chasing after. Iris' Emolga noticed that Iris was carrying a lot more apples and realized that if it returned the one apple to Iris' Axew that Iris might reward it by giving it a lot more of the apples she was carrying.

Bianca who was with Iris and friends at the time, quickly fell in love with the Emonga and wanted to catch it but after an uncomfortable hug, Emonga quickly learned that it didn't want to be caught by Bianca and it shocked her. Still determined to capture it, Bianca followed it for a while until Emonga finally made its intentions clear that it wanted to be caught by Iris. Iris' Emolga jumped into Iris's arms and then allowed itself to be caught by her Poké Ball.

Don George Tournament - Raimon Town

Stephan's Sawk battled against Iris' Emolga in the second round of the Don George Battle Tournament in Raimon Town but Emonga's Static ability proved to be the deciding factor in the match. The Static ability ended up paralyzing Stephan's Sawk and it was then a sitting target for Iris' Emolga's Volt Switch which knocked it out. Iris' Emolga's win eliminated Stephan from the tournament.
Known Moveset
Attract Type
First Seen: BW 27
Revealed its gender as it wouldn't work against females
Hidden Power Type
First Seen: BW 27
Played with Kibago near the lake
Discharge Type
First Seen: BW 27
Iris in the Japanese original called it Paralyzing!
Volt Switch Type
First Seen: BW 27
First used on Bel's Chillarmy
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Movie 14
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