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Character Names
  • English / United States: Bianca
  • Japanese / Japan: ベル
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Bel
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Bel
  • French / France: Bianca
Voice Actors
Bianca only recently started traveling as her father just wouldn't allow her to start a journey when she wanted to. She is fully motivated for battling and getting gym badges but considers herself quite lazy when it comes to cleaning chores. She is also very eccentric and clumsy. Her purse contains many items that she carries around with her but the inside of it is quite dusty. When she originally met Iris and Cilan, she told them she had two badges at that time.

While on route to Shippo City, Ash Ketchum and friends bumped into Bianca. She had been looking for Ash Ketchum to deliver a badge case to him from Professor Juniper. Before she could deliver it to him a Chillarmy took the badge case because it was dirty. She instantly fell in love with the Chillarmy and decided she wanted to get it. She attempted to capture it by setting traps but it wasn't until she took out the monster ball to catch it that Chillarmy noticed was dirty and ended up capturing itself.

Bianca and Ash Ketchum had battle after they got their Pokémon healed at the Pokémon Center. Ash's Pikachu battled Bianca's Pignite but Pikachu proved to be a superior opponent with its Volt Tackle and Bianca was defeated.

Bianca is also a main character in the 5th generation games Black and White. Players encounter and battle her throughout the game.

Link Trade Machine and Tag Battle Against Ash and Cilan

Professor Juniper brought her link trade device to investigate the influence the Electric Stones have on evolutions. She setup the device at her base camp outside the caves. She agreed to trade her Karrablast for Bianca's Shelmet using the machine after they figured out what was causing the electric abnormality that was affecting the machine.

After Bianca's Shelmet and Professor Juniper's Karrablast evolved via link trade, Professor Juniper suggested to Bianca that they team up and have a tag battle against Ash Ketchum and Cilan. Ash's Boldore and Cilan's Crustle had recently evolved so they decided to use them against Bianca's Escavalier and Professor Juniper's Accelgor. After Professor Juniper's Accelgor did a quick Recover, Professor Juniper's Accelgor and Bianca's Escavalier started working together and they combined their Hyper Beam attacks which knocked out Ash's Boldore. Cilan's Crustle fought back with its powerful Rock Wrecker to knock out both Bianca's Escavalier and Professor Juniper's Accelgor and give Ash Ketchum and Cilan the tag battle win.

After the battle, Professor Juniper checked both Bianca's Escavalier and her Accelgor's data to notice that their power has increased by a whole lot. She also noted that they fought really well even though their opponent Cilan was Gym Leader.

Isshu League Tournament

Bianca managed to get the 8 necessary badges in order to participate in the Isshu League. In the preliminary round of the Isshu League, Bianca's Emboar was matched up against Mikael's Watchog and easily defeated it. As a result Mikael was eliminated from the competition and Bianca advanced to the first main round of the Isshu League Higaki Tournament.

In the first round, Bianca was matched up against Cameron. It was a two-on-two battle and Bianca's Escavalier battled Cameron's Samurott in the first matchup. It ended up being a defensive battle as Bianca's Escavalier kept using Iron Defense but Cameron's Samurott was able to counter it by using a double Razor Shell which caused percussive damage inside its body and knocked it out. Bianca's Emboar was then sent out to battle against Cameron's Samurott despite the obvious type advantage to Cameron. Bianca's Emboar got baptized with Water type moves right as it was switched in and made Enbuoh lose a lot of its energy. Bianca has a secret move to help her win the match and Bianca's Emboar used Attract to make Cameron's Samurott infatuated with it and was then able to let off a ton of attacks unchallenged to knock it out.

The final match up was between Cameron's Riolu and Bianca's Emboar. It was pretty one sided as Bianca's Emboar was already pretty tired and it couldn't land any hits. It was able to grab its foot at one point and throw it hard but Cameron's Riolu landed on the ground upright. Cameron's Riolu defeated Bianca's Emboar and as a result Bianca was eliminated from the Isshu League tournament while Cameron advanced to the second round.
Owned Pokémon
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Bianca's Emboar
  • Japan ベルのエンブオー
  • Japan Bel no Enbuoh
  • Japan Bel's Enbuoh
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Bianca's Escavalier
  • Japan ベルのシュバルゴ
  • Japan Bel no Chevargo
  • Japan Bel's Chevargo
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Bianca's Minccino
  • Japan ベルのチラーミィ
  • Japan Bel no Chillarmy
  • Japan Bel's Chillarmy
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Bianca's Pignite
  • Japan ベルのチャオブー
  • Japan Bel no Chaoboo
  • Japan Bel's Chaoboo
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Bianca's Shelmet
  • Japan ベルのチョボマキ
  • Japan Bel no Chobomaki
  • Japan Bel's Chobomaki
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