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Bianca's Minccino

Character Names
  • English / United States: Bianca's Minccino
  • Japanese / Japan: ベルのチラーミィ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Bel no Chillarmy
  • Japanese (Trans) / Japan: Bel's Chillarmy
Voice Actors
Chillarmy took the badge case that Bianca was delivering to Ash Ketchum because it was dirty. He is a very tidy and smart Pokémon. Bianca instantly fell in love with the Chillarmy and decided she wanted to get it. She attempted to capture it by setting traps but it wasn't until she took out the monster ball to catch it that Chillarmy noticed was dirty and ended up capturing itself.

Gym Battle against Elesa's Zebstrika

Elesa's Zebstrika is a very powerful, fast and strong Pokémon and it proved this during the gym battle against Bianca's Minccino, Bianca's Pignite and Bianca's Shelmet by defeating all of them. It didn't seem to even battle with much effort as it swiftly defeated all of Bianca's Pokémon.
Known Moveset
Double Slap Type
First Seen: BW 13
Not just once, twice or more!
Attract Type
First Seen: BW 13
Used to get opponent infatuated
Hyper Voice Type
First Seen: BW 13
Deafeningly loud
Tickle Type
First Seen: BW 13
Get's opponents to drop their guard
Swift Type
First Seen: BW 51
Used in Gym battle against Kamitsure
Thunderbolt Type
First Seen: BW 64
Satoshi noted that it had learned Thunderbolt sometime in between their last encounter