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Cilan's Crustle
English Cilan's Crustle
Japanese デントのイワパレス
Japanese (Romanized) Dent no Iwapalace
Cilan's Crustle was revealed in A Seven-colored Arch (七色アーチ), the 5th overall Japanese ending for Best Wishes which first aired at the end of BW63. Cilan's Dwebble evolved into Cilan's Crustle during a conflict with Rocket Gang at the Electric Stone Cave in BW64.

Tag Battle VS Bianca and Professor Juniper

After Bianca's Shelmet and Professor Juniper's Karrablast evolved via link trade, Professor Juniper suggested to Bianca that they team up and have a tag battle against Ash and Cilan. Ash's Boldore and Cilan's Crustle had recently evolved so they decided to use them against Bianca's Escavalier and Professor Juniper's Accelgor. The beginning of the battle went well for Bianca and Professor Juniper as Bianca's Escavalier's Fury Attack was excellent but Bianca hadn't commanded it to use it. Realizing that Bianca's Escavalier wasn't following commands, Ash and Cilan decided to focus their attacks on it. Professor Juniper's Accelgor managed to protect Bianca's Escavalier as Professor Juniper explained that tag battles were all about teamwork. Professor Juniper's Accelgor lost a lot of stamina defending Bianca's Escavalier after it used Substitute and Bianca's Escavalier finally realized that it needed to listen to Bianca otherwise it would loose the battle. After Professor Juniper's Accelgor did a quick Recover, Professor Juniper's Accelgor and Bianca's Escavalier started working together and they combined their Hyper Beam attacks which knocked out Ash's Boldore. Cilan's Crustle fought back with its powerful Rock Wrecker to knock out both Bianca's Escavalier and Professor Juniper's Accelgor and give Ash and Cilan the tag battle win.

Battle against Skyla

Skyla's Swanna was matched up against Cilan's Crustle in Skyla's air battle and she believed that her Swanna would be victorious. In the actual gym battle, Cilan's Pansage was replaced by Cilan's Crustle after it was knocked out and Skyla's Swoobat was one hit knocked out by Cilan's Crustle's Rock Wrecker. Skyla's Swoobat was then replaced by Skyla's Unfezant. It didn't fare too well against Cilan's Crustle as Rock Wrecker hit its mark once again. Skyla's Unfezant's Air Slash then proved to be ineffective against Cilan's Crustle rock. Skyla's Unfezant was then knocked out by a combination of Cilan's Crustle's Shell Smash and X-Scissor to give Cilan the lead in the battle. Skyla's Unfezant was then replaced by Skyla's Swanna and the match-up from Skyla's air battle would actually take place. Despite Skyla believing that she could defeat Cilan's Crustle by using BubbleBeam in her air battle, it didn't prove too effective in the actual battle as Cilan's Crustle tried to protect itself by hiding in its rock shell. Cilan's Crustle then went on the offensive and jumped out of its shell to do another Shell Smash/X-Scissor combo, but Skyla saw it coming this time and Skyla's Swanna countered it with a Brave Bird and knocked it out.

Battle against Pinot Noir's Purrloin

Hattori suggested the two have a Pokémon battle to determine which A-class Pokémon Sommelier would get to choose the Pokémon for Momotchi. The battle was a 1-on-1 affair and Pinot Noir's Purrloin was sent out to face Cilan's Crustle. Pinot Noir said his Choroneko's speed and power even surpasses its evolved form Lepardas. It showed its speed early on in the battle and Cilan's Crustle had a hard time hitting it. During the battle, Pinot Noir noted that Cilan's Crustle was a good choice for Cilan in that it's faithful to the basics but that alone was nothing but an ordinary and boring tasting. He expanded by saying that selecting Iwapalace, who is both a Rock and a Bug type, against Choroneko, a Dark type, is a standard reaction. He suggested to Cilan that an A-class Sommelier needed to have more unpredictability which Cilan's Crustle showed by coming out of its shell and using Rock Wrecker to defeat Pinot Noir's Purrloin. Pinot Noir admitted that Cilan's Crustle hid an unexpected flavor.
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
X-Scissor Bug BW 11 Learned as a Dwebble
Slash Normal BW 11 Learned as a Dwebble
Protect Normal BW 11 Learned as a Dwebble
Shell Smash Normal BW 11 Learned as a Dwebble
Rock Slide Rock BW 42 Learned as a Dwebble
Rock Wrecker Rock BW 64 Learned just after it evolved into a Crustle
Sandstorm Rock Short 15 Nyarth tried to sharpen its claws on its top
Episodes (16)

Crisis at Chargestone Cave!バチュル、デンチュラ!電気石の洞穴!!Bachuru and Dentula! The Electric Stone Cave!!
Evolution Exchange Excitement!通信交換進化!シュバルゴとアギルダー!!Link Trade Evolution! Chevargo and Agilder!!
Cilan Takes Flight!フキヨセジムのエアバトル!挑戦者デント!?Fukiyose Gym Air Battle! Challenger Dent!?
A Restoration Confrontation! (Part 2)ネジ山の激闘!アバゴーラの奇跡!! (後編)A Fierce Fight at Twist Mountain! The Abagoura Miracle!! (Part 2)
Clash of the Connoisseurs!ポケモンソムリエ対決!テイスティングバトル!!Pokémon Sommelier Showdown! A Tasting Battle!!
An Epic Defense Force!映画対決!出撃イッシュ防衛隊!!Movie Showdown! The Isshu Defense Force Goes into Action!!
Piplup, Pansage and a Meeting of the Times!ポッチャマVSヤナップ!華麗なるバトル!!Pochama VS Yanappu! A Battle of Splendor!!
Unrest at the Nursery!ポケモン保育園は大騒ぎ! ワシボンとバルチャイ!Uproar at the Pokémon Nursery School! Washibon and Valchai!
Team Plasma's Pokemon Manipulation!プラズマ団の野望!操られたポケモンたち!!The Plasma Gang's Ambitions! The Manipulated Pokémon!!
Meowth, Colress and Team Rivalry!ロケット団VSプラズマ団!ニャースとアクロマ!!The Rocket Gang VS the Plasma Gang! Nyarth and Achroma!!
Ash and N: A Clash of Ideals!白の遺跡!サトシ対N!!The White Ruins! Satoshi VS N!!
Team Plasma and the Awakening Ceremony!プラスマ団襲撃!復活の儀式!!The Plasma Gang Strikes! The Resurrection Ritual!!
What Lies Beyond Truth and Ideals! レシラム対N!理想と真実の彼方へ!!Reshiram VS N! Beyond Ideals and Truth!!
The Path that Leads to Goodbye!サトシとアイリスが絶交!?別れの1本道!!Satoshi and Iris Break It Off!? Highway to Separation!!
Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice キュレムVS聖剣士ケルディオ Kyurem VS the Sacred Swordsman Keldeo
Meloetta's Moonlight SerenadeメロエッタのキラキラリサイタルMeloetta's Sparkling Recital

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