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  • United States A Home for Dwebble!
  • Japan イシズマイ!自分の家をとりもどせ!!
  • Japan Ishizumai! Jibun no ie wo torimodose!!
  • Japan Ishizumai! Take Back your Home!!
  • Germany Ein Zuhause für Lithomith!
  • France Une maison pour Crabicoque !
  • Spain ¡Una casa para Dwebble!
  • Sweden Ett hem åt Dwebble!
  • Italy Una casa per Dwebble!
  • Mexico ¡Un hogar para Dwebble!
  • Finland Oma kivi kullan kallis!
  • Taiwan 石居蟹!去奪回自己的房子吧!
  • Poland Domek dla Dwebble'a!
  • Netherlands Een huis voor Dwebble!
  • Brazil Um Lar para Dweeble!
  • Norway Et hjem for Dweeble!
  • Denmark Et hjem til Dwebble!
  • South Korea 돌살이! 내 집은 내가 찾겠다!!
  • Portugal Uma Casa Para o Dwebble!
  • Russia Дом для Двебла!


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Best Wishes!
心のファンファーレ (バージョン1)
Kokoro no Fanfare (Variant 1)
Best Wishes!
함께 걸어가는 길
Walking Together Along a Road
Pokémon Roll Call
Open your Hand
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Animation Director
Aiming to enter the Unova League, Satoshi and his friends continued their journey to Nacrene City where the next Gym is located. Our heroes stop for a short break as they prepare for lunch. Cilan begins preparations for potato salad, explaining that by adding coarse pepper, it will add flavor and produce a truly spicy taste. After completing his masterpiece, Cilan spreads the potato salad on a thin slice of bread and introduces berry slices in between, finishing by adding the top to the sandwich. Cilan begins to explain the delicious mixture created between the two differing textures; however Iris interrupts Cilan’s explanation, biting down into his freshly made sandwich. Cilan suggests that Iris should let him finish his explanation before tasting his food. Iris compliments Cilan on his creation, stating that it is delicious. Cilan questions Iris if she would like to cut the sandwich. Iris responds that it is best uncut, and continues to devour the sandwich. Cilan presents another sandwich to Ash, who quickly snatches and begins eating Cilan’s creation. Ash compliments Cilan on his cooking as well, stating that the sandwiches he makes are the best. Ash questions Pikachu if Cilan’s special Pokémon food is good as well. Pikachu and Axew respond cheerfully, confirming they are also enjoying Cilan’s dish. After a few moments, Axew beings to look off into the distance; staring at a nearby mountainous terrain. Afterwards, Axew descends from the table and escapes into the rocky area. Ash, Iris, and Dent manage to successfully catch up to Axew, and are greeted by a lone Pokémon who is pounding away at a boulder. Cilan identifies the Pokémon as Dwebble, however suggests that it is unusual to see a Dwebble without a rock on its back. Ash ponders to himself about the thought of a Dwebble without a rock on its back, and queries his Zukan for Dwebble’s entry: “Dwebble, the Stone Lodge Pokémon. When it finds a handy rock, it carves out the bottom of the rock and uses it as a substitute for a shell protecting its body.” Iris suggests that Dwebble is in the middle of carving its rock. Cilan confirms that she is correct, stating that they are lucky to be able to witness such a rare event.

Dwebble lifts up the boulder and begins furiously pounding away at the edge in an attempt to craft a work of perfection. Ash stands up to catch a better glimpse, however Iris drags him back down; suggesting that if Dwebble were to notice him, it will run away. Cilan explains that the boulder will also serve as its dwelling in addition to a form of protection. Dwebble begins to secrete a white fluid onto the underside of the stone. Ash queries his Zukan which explains that Dwebble secretes a unique fluid from its mouth to make rocks easier to carve. Dwebble continues to pound away at the stone, carving a sphere from the bottom in which it will use as its dwelling. After countless hours, Dwebble ceases its hard work and begins to walk backwards into the rock’s opening, examining it for any flaws. A few moments later, Dwebble exits the stone and uses its sharp claw to pound away an imperfection it noticed inside of the dwelling. Afterwards, Dwebble re-enters its newly built dwelling and beings moving its rear in an attempt to identify any additional imperfections. Unable to identify any additional flaws, Dwebble lifts the rock atop its body and begins twirling around, excited from having finally completed its masterpiece. Iris suggests that the way Dwebble moves the rock on its back in such a “fluffy” manner is somewhat cute. Seconds later, the terrain begins to shake and three rogue Dwebble confront the wild Dwebble who has just completed its dwelling. Two of the rogue Dwebble dash forward and smash into the defenseless Dwebble who has just completed its home.

The duo continue their onslaught by launching a pair of Slash attacks, however Dwebble uses its newly built rock to encase itself in Protect, successfully reflecting the attacks. The wild Dwebble retaliates with Slash, however the two rouge Dwebble use their dwellings to create a strong barrier which easily deflects Dwebble’s attack. The duo takes advantage of the situation and lunge backwards while Dwebble is airborne; using their rocks to smash into Dwebble. Dwebble smashes into the ground which forces its newly built dwelling to be thrusted from its backside. A larger Dwebble who serves as the two rouge Dwebbles’ leader, retrieves the newly built dwelling and places atop his own. Afterwards, the leader uses its unique fluid to bind the dwelling to the top of its own. Ash shouts out towards the three rogue Dwebble; however they ignore his shouting and burrow deep into the ground. The wild Dwebble begins to dig into the ground in an attempt to catch the escaping trio. Cilan extends his arm launching a Monster Ball, calling upon Pansage. Pansage utilizes its Dig ability to follow after the fleeing Dwebble. After a few moments, Pansage breaks through the hard terrain, returning to Cilan. Cilan questions Pansage how the pursuit turned out; however Pansage sighs, suggesting he was unable to track the fleeing Pokémon. The wild Dwebble interrupts the two, smashing through the surface without a rock on its back, suggesting it also failed to track the rogue Dwebble. Cilan walks over towards the Dwebble, extending his hand in a gesture of friendship and questions if Dwebble was able to get its house back. The wild Dwebble shrieks at the sight of Cilan and begins dashing away in an effort to escape. Our heroes follow closely behind the fleeing Dwebble. Iris utilizes her acrobatic abilities to intercept the Dwebble’s path, suggesting that they mean no harm to it. Dwebble begins fleeing in the opposite direction, however is met by Iris and Ash whom also attempt to extend a hand of friendship. In a frightened state, Dwebble responds with Slash, destroying a nearby boulder which fragments into multiple pieces. One of the fragments smashes into Pansage, knocking him unconscious. Cilan dashes over to Pansage, questioning if he is alright. The wild Dwebble rushes over to Cilan, apologizing for injuring Pansage. Afterwards, Dent applies a Potion to Pansage’s injury. Iris suggests that Pansage doesn’t seem to be seriously hurt. After Cilan successfully applies the Potion, Dwebble steps over towards Pansage and apologizes for injuring him. Ash states that they are aware that Dwebble did not injure Pansage out of malice. Cilan questions if Dwebble was upset because it was unable to reclaim its home. Iris suggests that Dwebble should simply build a new home. Dwebble shakes its head, rejecting Iris’s thoughts of building a new dwelling. Iris questions if Dwebble would like to have the house it built instead. Dwebble bows his head, confirming Iris’s inquiry. Cilan states that after all, Dwebble labored in order to build its dwelling and wants to take it back at all costs. Ash extends his hand of friendship, shouting that they will aid Dwebble in reclaiming its home. Dwebble rejects Ash’s offer, and burrows deep into the terrain. Cilan suggests that they should look for the group of Dwebble that stole its house.

Meanwhile, Flint is adorned in an overcoat, awaiting rendezvous with Jessie and James in a nearby city. Jessie and James arrive at the scene shortly after, and the group escapes into an abandoned area. Jessie questions Flint what the location had been previously used for. Flint explains that it is a platform of a subway station that’s not in use any more. James states that they will be able to trade information without having to worry about their surroundings. Flint presents new data to Jessie and James, stating that their new mission is to gather data concerning the Meteonite; as the data holds the key necessary for the newest project of Team Rocket. Flint reveals his right hand, which contains a miniature projector that is utilized to display the mission data. An image of a strange location is displayed as Flint explains that the objective is located at Antimony Laboratory. Meowth questions if their objective is to sneak in. Flint confirms Meowth’s suggestion, stating that their mission is to steal the data contained within the server computer. Jessie suggests that it sounds like a fun mission. Flint states that it will be used to test their skills.

Our heroes continue their search for the rogue Dwebble, searching the nearby area for any clues. Ash utilizes Pidove to examine the nearby area, however Pidove returns with no results. While PIdove completed her search above ground, Pansage continues to search underground with its Dig ability, however returns to Cilan shortly after, also unable to produce any results. The wild Dwebble breaks through the terrain, sighing at its inability to successfully locate the rogue Dwebble. Cilan suggests that they should have supper and continue their search tomorrow. Cilan extends an invitation to Dwebble to attend supper, who obliges and joins the group. Afterwards, Cilan prepares dishes of Pokémon Food for Pansage, Pikachu, and Dwebble. Ash questions Dwebble how Cilan’s Pokémon food tastes. Dwebble raises its claws in an excited state, suggesting that Cilan’s food is delicious. Moments later, Pansage collapses to the ground, unable to finish his dish. Cilan rushes to Pansage’s aid, questioning what is wrong. Cilan identifies that Pansage has a high fever. Ash questions if it is because Pansage was hit by a stone in the afternoon. Cilan responds that he has no medicine to heal Pansage’s state. Iris suggests that he should leave it to her, as she is knowledgeable about medicinal plants. Iris explains that she had identified several plants that might work as an antipyretic. Iris and Axew escape into the distance and being to gather batches of medicinal plants in preparation for Pansage’s treatment. Afterwards, Iris uses a small bowl to prepare the medicinal plants. Shouting out that she has completed the task, Iris rushes over and administers the treatment to Pansage. Iris explains that Pansage should recover from the fever after a good night’s sleep. Cilan thanks Iris for her actions to heal Pansage. Ash compliments Iris on her abilities, stating that she is amazing.

After successfully administering Pansage’s treatment, our heroes prepare themselves for sleep and fall into a deep slumber. Throughout the night, Dwebble keeps watch over Pansage, concerned about his recovery. Later that night, Cilan awakes to find Dwebble has been watching over Pansage during its slumber. Cilan suggests to Dwebble that since Pansage drank the medicine that Iris had created, Pansage would recover by tomorrow. Cilan states that Dwebble should get some sleep, as he has the task of reclaiming his house in the morning. Dwebble manages to take Cilan’s advice, and curls up beside Pansage, slipping into a deep slumber.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket has successfully reached the research laboratory. Jessie launches a hook over the outer perimeter wall, which secures to the outside, allowing the trio to scale the barrier. Jessie places a set of goggles over her face, which actively analyzes the security features of the structure which includes laser assisted sensors contained at both the front and back entrances. James states that if they were to be caught by the sensors, the alarm would be set off immediately. Jessie states that the amount of security simply shows how important the data they are about to obtain is. Team Rocket descends down from the perimeter wall and successfully infiltrates the facility, avoiding all sensors and gain access to the server room through a maintenance shaft. Jessie examines the server room, suggesting that it is also full of sensors. James reveals a small device featuring a propeller, which descends into the server room and establishes a remote link to the hardware. James utilizes a mobile workstation to access the server’s data, copying the research data to the laptop’s hard drive.

Morning has broken within Unova and Pansage is as exuberant as ever, jumping up and down in an excited state as it has managed to recover from its fever. Cilan states that Pansage’s recovery is to be credited to Iris’s medicinal herbs. Ash responds that there is no longer any need to worry about Pansage’s condition. Axew begins jumping up and down, also excited from Pansage’s recovery. Cilan states that Dwebble had been watching over Pansage throughout the entire night as well. Cilan suggests that it is now Dwebble’s chance to claim back his house. Our heroes return back to the rocky terrain, and are greeted by the three rouge Dwebble. The three Dwebble dash away into the distance in an attempt to escape from their challenger. Axew dashes towards the three Dwebble in pursuit, however is unable to notice the three Dwebble who have successfully camouflaged themselves into the nearby terrain. The three Dwebble finally reveal themselves, as Ash demands for the rouge Dwebble to return the stolen house. Dwebble launches skyward towards the group of Dwebble, however one of the Dwebble utilize their rock housing to smash into Dwebble and thrust him backwards. Iris states that Dwebble is outnumbered three to one. Ash shouts for Pikachu’s aid, however is stopped by Dwebble, who wishes to reclaim the house with its own abilities. Dwebble dashes forward launching Slash, however is struck by a rouge Dwebble’s Slash attack, slamming into a nearby boulder. Ash and Cilan state that since Dwebble does not possess a rock on its back, it is defenseless. Dwebble retaliates with Slash; however a rouge Dwebble shields itself in Protect, successfully thwarting Dwebble’s attack. As Dwebble is thrusted backwards from its failed attempt, another Dwebble successfully utilizes the rock on its back to strike Dwebble, knocking him unconscious. After successfully defeating Dwebble, the three rouge Dwebble burrow into the soft terrain, escaping from the battlefield. Shortly after, Ash lectures Dwebble on its battle strategy, stating that it cannot possibly take on three opponents at the same time. Ash suggests that they will have to split the three rouge Dwebble up in order to grant Dwebble an opportunity to reclaim its home. Cilan states that they will utilize his Pokémon food to split up the three Dwebble.

Afterwards, Cilan prepares three dishes of Pokémon Food, which each are attached via a rope to Pikachu, Axew, and Dwebble. Moments later, the three rouge Dwebble reveal themselves in order to devour the Pokémon Food. Axew, Pikachu, and Dwebble dash away in opposite directions, forcing the rouge Dwebble to split up in order to catch their fleeing meal. After successfully splitting up the three Dwebble, Dwebble uses the opportunity to take the Pokémon by surprise. Dwebble explodes forward with Slash; however the enemy Dwebble overpowers Dwebble with its own Slash. Dwebble begins retreating into the rocky terrain, using it to his advantage. Nearby, a boulder is ledged atop a mountaintop, wedged into place between the mountainside. The enemy Dwebble launches X-Scissor, smashing into the mountainside. Moments later, the energy from Dwebble’s attack forces the boulder to careen down the cliff, which slams into the enemy Dwebble launching it skyward. Dwebble retaliates with an onslaught of X-Scissor and Slash, successfully knocking the enemy Dwebble unconscious. Cilan suggests that X-Scissor and Slash is a spicy move combination. Dwebble successfully locates the 2nd enemy Dwebble, who has been pursing Axew. Dwebble dashes forward with Slash, smashing into the terrain, however the enemy Dwebble thrusts itself backward, attempting to use its rock structure to strike Dwebble. Dwebble successfully avoids the attack, causing the enemy Dwebble to wedge itself between two cliffs. Dwebble takes advantage of the enemy Dwebble’s immobility, striking forward with X-Scissor and knocking the 2nd enemy Dwebble unconscious.

Successfully defeating two foes, Dwebble confronts the boss Dwebble, who is busily devouring Dent’s Pokémon Food. The enemy Dwebble turns around, looking back and forth, realizing that its two comrades are nowhere to be found. After realizing its allies have been defeated, the enemy prepares for battle, turning in a 180-degree motion. The rouge Dwebble thrusts itself backward, using its rock structure as a weapon. Dwebble retaliates with Slash; however the enemy Dwebble rotates its back, using Dwebble’s stolen rock structure as a shield. Dwebble stops the attack midair, preventing itself from striking its own house. Ash questions why Dwebble had stopped the attack. Cilan responds that Dwebble cannot use attacks on the house it built on its own. The rouge Dwebble retaliates with Smack Down, successful striking Dwebble and thrusting him backwards into the hard terrain. Dwebble recovers from the attack and escapes into the rocky terrain. The enemy Dwebble follows after, however is unable to traverse the terrain and becomes wedged between a nearby rock structure. Dwebble takes advantage of the opportunity and successfully strikes the enemy with X-Scissor. The rouge retaliates with Slash, striking Dwebble and knocking him backwards. After a few moments, Dwebble’s outer armor glimmers in a bright light and shatters. Cilan identifies the ability as Shell Smash, stating that it is a move that discards the defense and raises one’s attack power. Dwebble utilizes its raises attack power to smash through the enemy’s rock structure, releasing its stolen house the enemy’s grasp. Now defenseless, the enemy Dwebble burrows into the terrain, escaping from the battlefield. After successfully defeating its foe, Dwebble walks over and recovers its home.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket returns to the abandoned subway station, rendezvousing with Flint. Jessie presents the stolen data to Flint, stating they successfully recovered the data on the Meteonite that Giovanni had requested. Flint responds that he had expected nothing less of the advance unit which promptly infiltrated the Unova Region. Flint states that Team Rocket shout wait for their next orders.

Afterwards, our heroes wish the wild Dwebble success on its travels and prepare for departure. As Ash, Iris, and Cilan begin walking away, Dwebble follows afterwards, shouting for Cilan’s attention. Iris suggests that Dwebble could possibly want to travel with Cilan. Cilan questions Dwebble if Iris is correct, who responds by shaking its head up and down. Cilan ponders on the thought, stating that the kind of flavor that Dwebble exhibited by taking care of Pansage and reclaiming its own home are perfect traits in a Pokémon. Cilan thrusts an empty Monster Ball skyward, which successfully captures Dwebble’s essence.

With that, Cilan has obtained a new friend, Dwebble. Aiming for the Unova League, Ash and his friends continue their journey.

English Official Summary

During a lunch break, Ash and friends spot a most unusual Dwebble—one that doesn’t have a stone on its back to protect itself from its enemies. They watch as it finds a rock it likes and carefully carves it into the perfect shape. But as soon as the work is finished, three other Dwebble appear and steal the stone away! Our heroes offer to help Dwebble get its home back from the thieving trio. Dwebble is quite independent and wants to take care of things by itself, but Ash convinces it to let him and his friends even the odds a bit by splitting up the three bullies. Cilan’s delicious Pokémon food is the perfect distraction, and Dwebble uses its wits and strength to defeat the villains one by one and reclaim its rock home! After celebrating with the happy Dwebble, our heroes are ready to say farewell and move on…but soon discover that Dwebble is following them. It seems Dwebble bonded with Cilan and Pansage during their adventure and now wants to join the team—and Cilan is delighted to have such a clever Pokémon on his side! Meanwhile, Team Rocket has successfully completed its newest mission—breaking into the Antimony Research Lab and stealing all the data concerning a mysterious object called the Meteonite...

French Official Summary

Tandis que nos Héros s’accordent un déjeuner sur le chemin de l’Arène de Maillard, ils remarquent un Pokémon très étrange : un Crabicoque... Ce qui le rend étrange, c’est qu'il n'a pas encore de rocher sur son dos pour le protéger de ses ennemis. En regardant Crabicoque travailler pour s'en fabriquer un, Rachid explique à Sacha et à Iris que cette pierre lui servira aussi de maison. Soudain, alors qu'il a enfin trouvé un rocher convenable, trois autres Crabicoque apparaissent et le lui volent ! Nos Héros tentent de fraterniser avec le pauvre Crabicoque, mais cela s'avère une tâche difficile. Cependant, après les avoir attaqués et avoir accidentellement blessé Feuillajou, Crabicoque a de terribles remords et accepte l'amitié que leur offrent nos Héros. Ceux-ci décident que Crabicoque doit retrouver les trois autres Crabicoque et récupérer sa maison. Mais ce n’est pas non plus une tâche facile, car il s'agit d'un combat à trois contre un ! Heureusement, nos héros aident Crabicoque à diviser les trois Crabicoque voleurs de maison, et leur nouvel ami s'avère être un Pokémon puissant et courageux qui arrive à vaincre ses trois ennemis. Nos héros disent adieu à un Crabicoque tout joyeux à nouveau et portant sa maison sur son dos. Soudain, Crabicoque fait comprendre à Rachid qu’il veut venir avec lui ! Et l'épisode se termine alors que nos héros accueillent un tout nouveau membre dans la famille et reprennent leur voyage vers l'Arène de Maillard. Pendant ce temps, la Team Rocket a réussi sa toute nouvelle mission : cambrioler le Laboratoire de recherches d’Antimoine et voler toutes les données concernant la Météonite...

German Official Summary

Während unsere Helden auf dem Weg nach Septerna City eine kleine Pause machen um einen Happen zu essen, entdecken sie ein ungewöhnliches Pokémon, Lithomith, - ungewöhnlich, weil es keinen Stein auf dem Rücken trägt, der es vor seinen Feinden schützen soll - noch nicht. Benny erzählt Lilia und Ash, dass der Stein von Lithomith auch als Zuhause genutzt wird. Inzwischen beobachten unsere Helden Lithomith bei seiner harten Arbeit. Als diese schließlich beendet ist, und Lithomith sich ein passenedes Zuhause geschaffen hat, tauchen plötzlich drei weitere Lithomith auf, und klauen dieses. Unsere Helden versuchen, dem schikanierten Lithomith zu helfen, was zunächst keine leichte Aufgabe ist. Das Lithomith, das sich gegen seine Angreifer wehrt, trifft und verletzt versehentlich Vegimak. Darüber ist Lithomith sehr betrübt und nimmt schließlich das freundschaftliche Angebot unserer Helden an. Nachdem entschieden war, dass Lithomith sich kein neues Zuhause bauen, sondern die drei anderen Lithomith aufspüren und sein Haus zurückerobern will, steht unsere Freunde vor dem Problem, dass es für Lithomith ein aussichtsloser Kampf eins gegen drei ist. Erst als sie es schaffen, die drei Übeltäter zu trennen, erweist sich Lithomith als stark und tapfer und schafft es die drei Diebe nacheinander zu besiegen. Glücklich, dass Lithomith sein Zuhause wieder hat, wollen sich unsere Helden verabschieden und Ihre Reise fortsetzen. Doch Lithomith macht Benny deutlich, dass es mit unseren Helden mitkommen möchte. Und so verlassen wir unsere Helden, als sie zusammen mit einem neuen "Familienmitglied" ihre Reise zur Septerna-City-Arena fortsetzen. Inzwischen hat Team Rocket seine neue Mission erfolgreich durchgeführt, den Einbruch in das Antimon Forschungs-Labor, wo sie alle Daten über den Meteonit gestohlen haben.

Italian Official Summary

Mentre i nostri eroi, in viaggio verso la Palestra Zefiropoli, si fermano per il pranzo, avvistano Dwebble davvero inusuale perché ancora privo di pietra sul dorso per proteggersi dai nemici. Mentre osservano Dwebble alla ricerca di una pietra adatta, Spighetto spiega ad Ash e a Iris che la pietra serve anche da casa. Non appena Dwebble trova la sua pietra, compaiono improvvisamente altri tre Dwebble che gliela sottraggono. Nonostante i tentativi dei nostri eroi, non è facile fare amicizia con il povero Dwebble. Ma quando, durante un attacco, Dwebble ferisce per sbaglio Pansage, si sente in colpa e accetta l’offerta di amicizia dei nostri eroi. Dwebble decide di trovare i tre ladri e riprendersi la casa, ma non è facile, dato che si tratta di una Lotta Tre Contro Uno. Ma con l’aiuto dei nostri eroi, Dwebble separa i tre ladri e si dimostra forte e coraggioso, sconfiggendo il trio. Dwebble è finalmente felice con la sua casa sul dorso e i nostri eroi stanno per salutarlo e rimettersi in viaggio, quando Dwebble fa capire a Spighetto che vuole unirsi a loro. E così, i nostri eroi continuano il loro viaggio verso la Palestra Zefiropoli con un nuovo compagno. Nel frattempo, il Team Rocket completa con successo la sua ultima missione: irrompere nel laboratorio di ricerca di Antimonio e rubare tutti i dati riguardanti il Meteonite.

Portuguese Official Summary

Enquanto nossos heróis param para almoçar a caminho do Ginásio da Cidade de Nacrene, eles se deparam com um Pokémon incomum, Dwebble, incomum porque ele não tem uma pedra nas costas para se proteger dos inimigos... ainda. Observando como Dwebble trabalha para fazer aquilo, Cilan diz a Ash e Iris que a pedra também será usada para ser sua casa. De repente, depois de encontrar, com sucesso, uma pedra apropriada, 3 outros Dwebble aparecem e a roubam dele! Embora nossos heróis tentem ajudar o Dwebble vitimizado, o que prova não ser uma tarefa fácil. Mas quando Dwebble os ataca de volta e acidentalmente derruba e machuca Pansage, Dwebble sente-se mal pelo o que aconteceu e oferece uma bela amizade a eles. Decidindo que Dwebble vai encontrar os outros 3 Dwebble e pegar sua casa de volta, ele também nota que não será uma tarefa fácil, vendo que são 3 contra 1! Mas quando nossos heróis ajudam Dweble a separar as 3 casas dos ladrões, o Dwebble vitimizado prova ser forte e bravo e derrota o trio de Pokémon ladrão. Felizmente com sua casa de volta, nossos heróis despedem-se afetuosamente de Dwebble, mas Dwebble deixa Cilan saber que ele quer ir com eles! E então, nós deixamos nossos heróis com um novo membro na jornada para o Ginásio da Cidade de Nacrene. Enquanto isso... enquanto tudo isso acontece, a Equipe Rocket completou com sucesso sua mais recente missão, invadir o Laboratório de Pesquisa Antimônio e roubar todos os dados com relação ao meteonita...

Finnish Official Summary

Sankareidemme pitäessä ruokataukoa matkallaan Nacrene Cityn salille he huomaavat hyvin epätavallisen Pokémonin, Dwebblen – epätavallisen siksi, koska sillä ei ole selässään kiveä, jonka avulla se voisi suojautua vihollisiltaan… vielä. Ystävysten katsellessa Dwebblen touhuiluja Cilan kertoo Ashille ja Irikselle, että Dwebble valmistelee juuri sopivaa kiveä kodikseen. Yllättäen, kun sopiva kivi on löytynyt ja viimeistelty, kolme muuta Dwebbleä ilmestyvät paikalle ja varastavat kiven! Ja vaikka sankarimme yrittävät ystävystyä kiusatun Dwebblen kanssa, se ei tunnu olevan helppoa. Dwebble hyökkääkin heidän kimppuunsa ja vahingossa satuttaa Pansagea. Dwebblelle tulee tästä huono omatunto ja se hyväksyy anteeksipyytäen sankareidemme ystävyydentarjouksen. Dwebble päättää etsiä ne kolme ilkeää Dwebbleä ja hankkia kivensä takaisin. Mutta siitäkään ei tule helppoa, sillä niitähän on kolme yhtä vastaan! Mutta kun sankarimme auttavat Dwebbleä erottamaan kolme kivivarasta toisistaan, se osoittautuu vahvasi ja urheaksi ja päihittääkin varastelevan Pokémon-kolmikon. Kun Dwebble saa onnellisesti kotinsa takaisin, sankarimme hyvästelevät sen. Dwebble kuitenkin tekee Cilanille selväksi haluavansa tulla mukaan! Niinpä sankarimme lähtevät jatkamaan matkaansa kohti Nacrene Cityn salia mukanaan aivan uusi perheenjäsen. Toisaalla... tällä välin Rakettiryhmä on suorittanut onnistuneesti uusimman tehtävänsä – murtautua Antimonyn tutkimuslaboratorioon varastamaan Meteoniittia koskevia tietoja...

Spanish Latin America Official Summary

Mientras nuestros héroes toman un descanso para almorzar en su camino hacia el Gimnasio de Ciudad Nacrene, se topan con un Pokémon raro, Dwebble, es inusual, porque aún no tiene una piedra en la espalda para protegerse de sus enemigos. Viendo como Dwebble trabaja en exactamente lo que le hace falta, Cilan les dice a Ash e Iris que la piedra también la utiliza como hogar. De pronto, tras lograr encontrar una piedra adecuada, ¡otros tres Dwebble aparecen y se la roban! A pesar del intento de nuestros héroes de hacerse amigos del Dwebble víctima, queda claro que no es una tarea fácil. Pero cuando Dwebble los ataca y accidentalmente golpea y hiere a Pansage, se siente mal por lo ocurrido, y ofrece a nuestros héroes su amistad. Se decide que Dwebble buscará a los otros tres Dwebble para recuperar su casa, lo cual tampoco resulta ser una tarea fácil, ¡ya que es una batalla de tres contra uno! Pero cuando nuestros héroes ayudan a Dwebble a separar los tres Dwebble ladrones, el Dwebble víctima demuestra ser fuerte y valiente, y derrota al trío de Pokémon ladrones. Feliz con su casa en la espalda, nuestros héroes se despiden de Dwebble, pero este hace saber a Cilan que quiere ir con ellos. Y así, dejamos a nuestros héroes con un nuevo integrante, mientras continúan su viaje hacia el Gimnasio de Ciudad Nacrene. Mientras todo esto ocurre, el Equipo Rocket completa con éxito su nueva misión, irrumpir en el Centro de Investigación Antimony y robar toda la información relativa al Meteonito…

Spanish Official Summary

Mientras nuestros héroes se detienen a almorzar en su camino hacia el Gimnasio de Ciudad Esmalte, divisan a un Dwebble de lo más insólito. Este no lleva la piedra en la espalda para protegerse de sus enemigos… todavía. Al observar a Dwebble, Millo les dice a Ash y a Iris que la piedra también la usa como casa. De pronto, tras encontrar una piedra adecuada, tres otros Dwebble aparecen y se la roban. Y aunque nuestros héroes intentan hacerse amigos del injustamente tratado Dwebble, resulta no ser una tarea fácil. Pero cuando Dwebble los contraataca y, por accidente, golpea y lesiona a Pansage, Dwebble se siente fatal por lo que ha pasado y acepta la oferta de amistad de nuestros héroes. Dwebble decide que va a buscar a los otros tres Dwebble y a recuperar su casa, pero esto tampoco resulta ser una tarea fácil, ya que es un combate de tres contra uno. Pero cuando nuestros héroes ayudan a separar a los tres Dwebble ladrones, el Dwebble tratado injustamente resulta ser fuerte y valiente, y derrota uno tras otro al trío de Pokémon ladrones. Dejándolo muy contento con su casa en su espalda, nuestros héroes se despiden cariñosamente del feliz Dwebble, pero este hace saber a Millo que quiere ir con ellos. Nuestros héroes consiguen así un nuevo miembro en la familia, mientras continúan su viaje hacia el Gimnasio de Ciudad Esmalte. Mientras tanto, el Team Rocket ha completado con éxito su misión más reciente: irrumpir en el Laboratorio de Investigación Meteonica y robar todos los datos relacionados con la Meteonita.

English Great Britain Official Summary

During a lunch break, Ash and friends spot a most unusual Dwebble—one that doesn’t have a stone on its back to protect itself from its enemies. They watch as it finds a rock it likes and carefully carves it into the perfect shape. But as soon as the work is finished, three other Dwebble appear and steal the stone away! Our heroes offer to help Dwebble get its home back from the thieving trio. Dwebble is quite independent and wants to take care of things by itself, but Ash convinces it to let him and his friends even the odds a bit by splitting up the three bullies. Cilan’s delicious Pokémon food is the perfect distraction, and Dwebble uses its wits and strength to defeat the villains one by one and reclaim its rock home! After celebrating with the happy Dwebble, our heroes are ready to say farewell and move on…but soon discover that Dwebble is following them. It seems Dwebble bonded with Cilan and Pansage during their adventure and now wants to join the team—and Cilan is delighted to have such a clever Pokémon on his side! Meanwhile, Team Rocket has successfully completed its newest mission—breaking into the Antimony Research Lab and stealing all the data concerning a mysterious object called the Meteonite...

Russian Official Summary

Наши герои решили остановиться и перекусить по пути в Накрин Сити. Тут-то они и встречают необычного покемона, Двебла. Он необычен тем, что у него на спине нет каменного панциря, которым он защищался бы от хищников. Наши герои наблюдают за тем, как Двебл ищет себе новый панцирь. А Сайлан рассказывает Эшу и Ирис о том, что панцирь будет для Двебла еще и домом. Внезапно появляются еще три Двебла и крадут только что найденный дом. Наши герои пытаются подружиться с несчастным Двеблом, но это не так-то просто. Он даже нечаянно ранит Пансейджа во время одной из атак. Но после этого приносит свои извинения. После этого наши герои решают помочь Двеблу вернуть свой дом. Но это непросто. Начинается битва три на одного. Герои разделяют соперников Двебла, и он героически побеждает каждого из них по отдельности. Герои прощаются с Двеблом, но он обращается к Сайлану и дает понять, что хочет идти с ними. Итак, теперь у героев есть новый друг! Тем временем, Команда Р удачно выполняет свою миссию. Ее члены проникают в лабораторию и крадут данные о загадочном веществе, метеоните.

Dutch Official Summary

Als onze helden een lunchpauze houden onderweg naar de Nacrene City Gym, zien ze een uiterst ongewone Pokémon, Dwebble. Ongewoon, omdat hij nog geen steen op zijn rug heeft om zichzelf te beschermen tegen vijanden. Terwijl ze kijken hoe Dwebble aan de slag gaat om een steen uit te zoeken, vertelt Cilan Ash en Iris dat de steen ook gebruikt zal worden als huisje. Plotseling, nadat hij een geschikte steen heeft gevonden, verschijnen er drie andere Dwebble en stelen de steen! En hoewel onze helden proberen vrienden te worden met de getroffen Dwebble, blijkt dit geen makkelijke opgave te zijn! Maar als Dwebble een tegenaanval begint en per ongeluk Pansage raakt en verwondt, voelt Dwebble zich slecht om wat er is gebeurd en neemt het aanbod om vrienden te worden met onze helden aan. Dwebble wil de andere drie Dwebble vinden en zijn huisje terughalen, wat ook geen makkelijke opgave blijkt te zijn, aangezien het drie tegen een wordt. Maar als onze helden Dwebble helpen om de drie Dwebble huizendieven van elkaar te scheiden, blijkt de getroffen Dwebble sterk en dapper te zijn en het stelende Pokémon trio te verslaan. Dwebble is tevreden, met zijn huis op zijn rug, en onze helden nemen afscheid van hem, maar Dwebble laat Cilan weten dat hij met ze mee wil gaan. En dus verlaten wij onze helden met een gloednieuw lid van de familie, terwijl zij hun reis naar de Nacrene City Gym vervolgen. Ondertussen heeft Team Rocket tijdens al deze gebeurtenissen de nieuwste missie volbracht; inbreken in het Antimony Research Lab en de data stelen die betrekking hebben op de Meteoniet…

Norwegian Official Summary

Mens våre helter tar en lunsjpause på vei til Nacrene City-gym, ser de en svært uvanlig Pokémon, Dwebble – uvanlig fordi den ikke har en stein på ryggen som beskytter den mot fiender – enda. Mens de ser på at Dwebble skaffer seg en slik stein, forteller Cilan Ash og Iris at den steinen også vil bli brukt som hjemmet dens. Plutselig, etter at den har funnet en passende stein, dukker tre andre Dwebble opp og stjeler den! Og selv om våre helter prøver å bli venner med den stakkars Dwebble, viser det seg å være vanskelig. Men når Dwebble angriper våre helter og ved et uhell treffer og skader Pansage, får Dwebble dårlig samvittighet og tar imot våre helters tilbud om vennskap. De bestemmer seg for at Dwebble skal finne de andre tre Dwebble og få tilbake huset sitt, og det er heller ingen lett jobb, siden det er en tre mot en kamp! Men når våre helter hjelper Dwebble å skille de tre Dwebble-hustyvene, viser den husløse Dwebble seg å være modig og sterk, og slå trioen av tyvaktige Pokémon. Fornøyd med å ha fått hjemmet sitt tilbake, sier Dwebble og våre helter adjø, men Dwebble forteller Cilan at den vil bli med dem! Så vi forlater våre helter med et nytt medlem av familien, når de fortsetter mot Nacrene City-gym. I mellomtiden... mens alt dette har foregått, har Team Rocket fullført sitt siste oppdrag, å bryte seg inn i Antimony forskningslab og stjele all data om meteonitt...

Swedish Official Summary

Medan våra hjältar tar lunchpaus på sin väg mot Nacrene City-gym, ser de en högst ovanlig Pokémon, Dwebble. Ovanlig för att den inte har en sten på sin rygg för att skydda sig själv från fiender... än. Medan de tittar på när Dwebble jobbar för att skaffa sig just det, berättar Cilan för Ash och Iris att stenen även kommer att användas som dess hem. När den framgångsrikt har hittat en passande sten, dyker det plötsligt upp tre andra Dwebble som stjäler den! Och även om våra hjältar försöker bli vän med den drabbade Dwebble, visar det sig vara en svår uppgift. Men när Dwebble attackerar dem tillbaka och av misstag råkar träffa och skada Pansage, mår Dwebble dåligt över det som hänt och nappar på våra hjältars erbjudande om vänskap. Det beslutas att Dwebble ska hitta de andra tre Dwebble och ta tillbaka sitt hus, men även det visar sig bli en svår uppgift, eftersom det blir en tre-mot-en-strid. Men när våra hjältar hjälper Dwebble att dela på de tre Dwebble-hustjuvarna, visar sig den drabbade Dwebble vara stark och modig och besegrar trion av stjälande Pokémon. Med sitt hem glatt på ryggen bjuder våra hjältar Dwebble ett ömt farväl, men Dwebble låter Cilan veta att han gärna följer med dem! Och så lämnar vi våra hjältar med en helt ny medlem i familjen, medan de fortsätter sin resa mot Nacrene City-gym. Medan allt detta har pågått har Team Rocket framgångsrikt fullföljt sitt senaste uppdrag – att bryta sin in i Antimon forskningslabb och stjäla all information om meteoniten...

Danish Official Summary

Da vores helte holder frokostpause på vej mod Nacrene City-salen, får de øje på en højst usædvanlig Pokémon, Dwebble – usædvanlig, fordi den ikke har en sten på ryggen til at beskytte sig mod fjender med – endnu. De ser til, da Dwebble går i gang med at finde én, mens Cilan fortæller Ash og Iris, at stenen også skal fungere som dens bolig. Dwebble har netop været heldig at finde en passende sten, da tre andre Dwebble pludselig dukker op og stjæler den! Vores helte forsøger at blive gode venner med den bestjålede Dwebble, men det er ikke så let. Men da Dwebble går til angreb og ved et tilfælde kommer til at ramme og såre Pansage, bliver Dwebble ked af det, der er sket, og tager alligevel imod tilbuddet om venskab. Da den ene Dwebble beslutter at finde de tre andre Dwebble og få sit hus tilbage, viser det sig heller ikke at være en let opgave, da de jo er tre mod en! Men da vores helte hjælper Dwebble med at skille de tre tyvagtige Dwebble ad, viser den bestjålede Dwebble sig at være stærk og tapper, og snart har den besejret de tre forbryderiske Pokémon. Den er lykkelig for nu at have sit hjem på ryggen, og vores helte skal lige til at tage hjertelig afsked med den glade Dwebble, da den lader Cilan forstå, at den gerne vil rejse med dem! Så da vi forlader vores helte har de fået et helt nyt medlem af familien med på deres videre færd mod Nacrene City-salen. Samtidig med disse begivenheder, har Team Rocket med held fuldført deres seneste opgave: at bryde ind i Antimony forskningslaboratoium og stjæle alle data vedrørende meteoniten..!


Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash Ketchum
  • Japan サトシ
  • Japan Satoshi
  • Japan Satoshi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Pikachu
  • Japan サトシのピカチュウ
  • Japan Satoshi no Pikachu
  • Japan Satoshi's Pikachu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Meowth
  • Japan ニャース
  • Japan Nyarth
  • Japan Nyarth
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Jessie
  • Japan ムサシ
  • Japan Musashi
  • Japan Musashi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States James
  • Japan コジロウ
  • Japan Kojirō
  • Japan Kojiro
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Iris
  • Japan アイリス
  • Japan Iris
  • Japan Iris
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Iris' Axew
  • Japan アイリスのキバゴ
  • Japan Iris no Kibago
  • Japan Iris' Kibago
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Pidove
  • Japan サトシのマメパト
  • Japan Satoshi no Mamepato
  • Japan Satoshi's Mamepato
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Cilan
  • Japan デント
  • Japan Dent
  • Japan Dent
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Cilan's Pansage
  • Japan デントのヤナップ
  • Japan Dent no Yanappu
  • Japan Dent's Yanappu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Pierce
  • Japan フリント (ロケット団)
  • Japan Flint (Rocket-dan)
  • Japan Flint (Rocket Gang)
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Cilan's Dwebble
  • Japan デントのイシズマイ
  • Japan Dent no Ishizumai
  • Japan Dent's Ishizumai
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Unova Pokédex
  • Japan サトシのイッシュのポケモン図鑑
  • Japan Satoshi no Isshu no Pokémon Zukan
  • Japan Satoshi's Isshu Pokémon Zukan

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Dwebble
  • Japan イシズマイ
  • Japan Ishizumai

Script Error

The Japanese narrator says nothing about lunch or a treat like the English dub narrator does.

Narrator: As the Unova League journey to Nacrene City continues, a riverside lunch provides our heroes with a delectable gourmet treat.
Narrator Japanese Translation: Aiming to enter the Isshu League, Satoshi and his friends continue their journey to Shippo City where the next Gym is located.
(ナレーター): イッシュリーグ出場を目指すサトシたちは次のジムがある シッポウシティに向け旅を続けていた

Script Error

Satoshi in the Japanese original asks Pikachu about the 'Pokémon food' (ポケモンフーズ) whereas Ash just calls it 'Cilan's cooking', completely ignoring the fact that it was food specifically made for the Pokémon.

Ash: Hey, Pikachu, so what do you think of Cilan's cooking anyway?
Satoshi: Pikachu, is Dent's special Pokémon food good?
(サトシ): デント特製ポケモンフーズは うまいか?

Script Error

Iris in the Japanese original calls the movements that Ishizumai's rock makes 'fluffy'. Iris in the English dub doesn't say anything about Dwebble's rock and says it looks like a moving cream puff?!

Iris English Dub: Looks like a little moving cream puff! It's so cute!
Iris Japanese Translation: The way the rock on its back moves in such a fluffy manner is somewhat cute!
(アイリス): 背中の岩が モコモコ動いてなんか かわいい!

Paint Edit

Sign next to Flint says 'Coffee'. Anime Language transcriptions:

Anime Language Decrypted
[bwtext]COFFE[/bwtext] COFFE


Paint Edit

The computer screen before the password is entered. Anime Language transcriptions:

Anime Language Decrypted
[bwtext]PASSWORD[/bwtext] PASSWORD


Paint Edit

The computer screen as it cracks the password. Anime Language transcriptions:

Anime Language Decrypted
[bwtext]CRACK CHECK[/bwtext] CRACK CHECK
[bwtext]METEONT[/bwtext] METEONT
[bwtext]STATUS[/bwtext] STATUS


Who's that Pokémon Black and White


Eyecatch Zekrom and Reshiram Updated Eyecatch

Zekrom Commercial Intro Eyecatch with Satoshi, Pikachu, Iris and Dent.

Reshiram Commercial Return Eyecatch with Satoshi, Pikachu, Iris and Dent.

Special First-Airing Segment Movie Preview

The initial airing of this episode didn't contain a Live Caster segment. Instead of that a special preview of the upcoming movie, Victini and the Dark Hero - Zekrom was aired. Nothing was known about the other version of the movie, Victini and the Light Hero - Reshiram, at that point.

Okido Segment Pokémon Live Caster

This Okido segment did not air in the initial airing of the episode but only in subsequent repeats on channels like Kids Station and on the DVDs.

Pokémon Live Caster & Senryu
Pokémon Mamepato (マメパト)
Japanese マメパトが マメにそらとぶ パトロール
Romaji Mamepato ga mame ni soratobu patorooru
Translated Mamepato diligently patrol the skies

Episode Music Regions
Music Player

Japanese Music:

Time Track Notes
Japan 00:00 ベストウイッシュTV BGM-M04 (ボーナストラック)
Japanese (Romanized): Best Wishes TV BGM-M04 (Bonus Track)
Japanese (TL): Best Wishes TV BGM-M04 (Bonus Track)
Dent prepares food for the lunch.
Japan 01:15 BW M14C Today's Isshu Curiosity Kibago and Pikachu watch as an Ishizumai taps onto its shell.
Japan 02:12 ベストウイッシュ!
Japanese (Romanized): Best Wishes!
Japanese (TL): Best Wishes!
Opening Theme for Japanese Version
Japan 03:40 BW M07 なみのり
Japanese (TL): Surf
Best Wishes Title Card
Japan 03:49 旅~心のアンテナ~
Japanese (Romanized): Tabi ~Kokoro no Antenna~
Japanese (TL): Travel ~Antenna of the Heart~
Movie 12 BGM - Ishizumai keeps building its shell.
Japan 04:49 BW M28A ポケモンリーグ
Japanese (TL): The Pokémon League
A trio of Ishizumai attacks the lone one.
Japan 05:47 BW M16 Rivals In Isshu Dent sends out Yanappu to follow the Ishizumai.
Japan 06:22 ギザみみピチューにつづけ!
Japanese (Romanized): Giza mimi Pichū ni tsuzuke
Japanese (TL): Jagged-eared Pichu Carries On
Movie 12 BGM - Ishizumai runs away scared from Dent.
Japan 07:04 守り人シーナ
Japanese (Romanized): Mamorito Sheena
Japanese (TL): Sheena the Protector
Movie 12 BGM - The group tries to "talk" with Ishizumai about its problem.
Japan 07:54 BW M05 Rocket Gang's Plan The Rocket Gang trio and Flint meet again.
Japan 09:26 BW M31 Dent's Theme The group lets Ishizumai stay with them for the night.
Japan 09:50 BW M32A リュウラセンの塔
Japanese (TL): Dragonspiral Tower
Dent notices that Yanappy has a fever.
Japan 10:51 ベストウイッシュTV BGM-M03 (ボーナストラック)
Japanese (Romanized): Best Wishes TV BGM-M03 (Bonus Track)
Japanese (TL): Best Wishes TV BGM-M03 (Bonus Track)
Eyecatch Break
Japan 10:57 BW M06A World of Pokémon Sponsor Message
Japan 11:07 BW M16 Rivals In Isshu Eyecatch Return
Japan 11:13 BW M30 A Story Ishizumai is awake at night, so Dent advises him to sleep.
Japan 11:55 BW M10 Rocket Gang's Operation Rocket Gang infiltrates through the research building's security system.
Japan 13:25 BW M15 4番道路
Japanese (TL): Route 4
Yanappu jumps happily the nexy day, after he's been healed.
Japan 15:47 BW M38A Let's Give It A Try The group begins its plan to separate the Ishizumai.
Japan 19:47 BW M22C トレーナーに勝利!
Japanese (TL): Victory over a Trainer!
The group congratulates Ishizumai for recovering its shell.
Japan 20:01 BW M05 Rocket Gang's Plan Musashi hands the Meteonite data to Flint.
Japan 20:40 BW M18B ユナイテッドタワー
Japanese (TL): United Tower
Ishizumai lets itself be wilfully caught by Dent's Poké Ball.
Japan 21:54 心のファンファーレ
Japanese (Romanized): Kokoro no Fanfare
Japanese (TL): Fanfare of the Heart
Ending Theme for Japanese Version
Japan 23:16 BW M15 4番道路
Japanese (TL): Route 4
Best Wishes Episode 12 Preview
Japan 23:45 ベストウイッシュ! (オリジナルカラオケ)
Japanese (Romanized): Best Wishes! (Original Karaoke)
Japanese (TL): Best Wishes! (Original Karaoke)
Sponsor Message

Dub Music:

Time Track Notes
United States 00:00 ベストウイッシュTV BGM-M04 (ボーナストラック)
Japanese (Romanized): Best Wishes TV BGM-M04 (Bonus Track)
Japanese (TL): Best Wishes TV BGM-M04 (Bonus Track)
Cilan prepares some food.
United States 01:16 BW M14C Today's Isshu Curiosity Pikachu and Axew watch a dwebble carve its home.
United States 02:12 Black & White English opening
United States 02:43 BW M07 なみのり
Japanese (TL): Surf
Title card
United States 03:51 BW M28A ポケモンリーグ
Japanese (TL): The Pokémon League
Three dwebble appear and start attacking the smaller dwebble.
United States 04:49 BW M16 Rivals In Isshu Cilan sends out pansage to help dwebble.
United States 06:07 守り人シーナ
Japanese (Romanized): Mamorito Sheena
Japanese (TL): Sheena the Protector
Movie 12 BGM-The group talk with Dwebble
United States 06:57 BW M05 Rocket Gang's Plan Team rocket meet with Pierce.
United States 08:29 BW M31 Dent's Theme Dwebble eats with the group
United States 08:53 BW M32A リュウラセンの塔
Japanese (TL): Dragonspiral Tower
Pansage has a fever.
United States 10:07 BW M30 A Story Cilan tells Dwebble to stop worrying.
United States 10:49 BW M10 Rocket Gang's Operation Team rocket use a rope to climb into the building
United States 12:19 BW M15 4番道路
Japanese (TL): Route 4
Pansage is better, so the group find the three dwebble.
United States 14:41 BW M38A Let's Give It A Try Cilan lures the dwebble out with pokemon food.
United States 16:45 BW M19A 進化
Japanese (TL): Evolution
Dwebble finds the last one for it to battle to claim its home back.
United States 17:51 BW M19A 進化
Japanese (TL): Evolution
Ishizumai turns on the leader Ishizumai
United States 18:41 BW M22C トレーナーに勝利!
Japanese (TL): Victory over a Trainer!
Dwebble gets its home back.
United States 18:55 BW M05 Rocket Gang's Plan Team rocket hands over the meteroite data to Pierce.
United States 19:34 BW M18B ユナイテッドタワー
Japanese (TL): United Tower
Dwebble wants to go with Cilan.
United States 20:50 Black & White English ending

Music Statistics:

Number of Assigned Tracks to the Japanese Original: 25
Number of Assigned Tracks to the English Dub: 20
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This episode was pretty interesting but it felt really short. It was pretty cool that the group of Ishizumai was all bigger than the one being bullied since usually they would be shown as the same size. Shell smash was an interesting attack but I don't know how Ishizumai did it seeing as it didn't have a shell in the first place.
The techniques the Ishizumai used to defeat the others were creative as well. The way it utilized the surrounding terrain to its advantage reminded me of Ash.
It was also pretty cool that Dent caught a Pokémon. That leaves only Iris who has yet to catch a Pokémon. I hope that we can see Ishizumai battle again sometime.
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Written Biographies for Characters in Episode: All Written

Pokemon in Episode: Current Episode Guide Info Correct? [Yes]

Characters Pokemon Attacks used in Episode:
- Dent's Ishizumai - Dig, Protect, X-Scissor, Slash, Shell Break (5th Gen)
- Dent's Yanappu - Dig
- Ishizumai - Dig, Protect, X-Scissor, Knock Down

Episode Location: Enroute to Shippo City

Episode Highlights:
- 3 mean Ishizumai steal a weaker Ishizumai's home right after it finishes constructing it.
- Rocket Gang steals the Meteonite data from the Antimony Laboratory after receiving the instructions to do so from Flint in an abandoned Subway Station.
- Dent helps Ishizumai regain its confidence and defeat the mean Ishizumai that stole its home.
- Dent captures Ishizumai after they become friends.

Number of Times Team Rocket Blasted off in the episode: 0

Team Rocket Balloon Enhancements: None
Did Team Rocket use a Mecha in the episode?: No

Episode Extras:
- Original airing in Japan had the second public showing of the Movie 14 teaser trailer. The teaser trailer premiered earlier in the day on Oha Suta.
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The episode started off rough with a few glaring edits but overall the rest of the episode was pretty much the same as the Japanese original. There really wasn't anything in this episode though that would really have any significant changes though as its a straight forward episode.

English dub edits: http://www.pocketmonsters.net/episodes/1198#Edits