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Pokémon Season 1-21 Mega Collection

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Audio Tracks:   English
Publisher:  Beyond Home Entertainment
Catalog #:  9318500082732
Release Date:  2019-11-20
Aspect Ratio:  4:3
Region Code:  
Video Format:  PAL
Storage Medium:  DVD9
Closed Captions?:  No
Rental Only?:  No


Relive Ash and Pikachu's adventures in this ultimate Pokémon animated collection! Comprising of the complete seasons 1-20, join our intrepid friends as they journey across Kanto, the Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos and now Alola! Watch again as our eager Pokémon Trainer, Ash Ketchum, together with his new friend Pikachu, sets out to challenge Pokémon Gyms and win a spot in the Indigo League tournament, an epic journey that takes him through bustling towns, mysterious wildernesses, and everything between. Then, Ash turns from the heights of Kantos Indigo Plateau to the tropical Orange Islands, as a simple errand turns into his next big adventure: a quest to beat the top Trainers of the Orange Crew!A land where myths and legends are still very much alive: with his old friends Brock and Misty along for the ride, Ash encounters Johtos special sights and unique Pokémon, including a few Legendary ones, culminating in a Silver Conference showdown with his old nemesis, Gary Oak! Then journey to Hoenn for another adventure! From the volcanic Mt. Chimney to the wealth of islands that dot the regions shores, Hoenn is the region where elements of land and sea meet. Its more than just this that makes this place special, though Hoenn is home to scores of unique Pokémon species that inhabit the land, sea, and every place between. Ash might not be able to see them all, but he's ready to try!

There's no place like Sinnoh, the next stop on Ash Ketchum's quest to become a Pokémon Master! For Ash, there's no time to waste as he battles his way through Sinnoh, joined by his old buddy Brock and new friend Dawn, an aspiring Pokémon Coordinator. What new Pokémon will they meet, and which ones will they catch? These young Trainers cant wait to find out! In the distant Unova region, Ash and Pikachu find new rivals, new challenges, and all-new Pokémon! With the help of his new friends Iris and Cilan, Ash must face some of his toughest Gym battles yet in order to qualify for the Unova League!

Ash and Pikachu set off on their adventures in the Kalos region! Along the way, they're joined by a new group of companions on the journey: Clemont, his little sister Bonnie, and Serena. In between Gym battles, Ash and friends explore this unique region, meeting all kinds of new Pokémon and looking into a fascinating new Pokémon mystery: Mega Evolution! What starts as a summer vacation in the tropical Alola region turns into the next exciting chapter in Ash Ketchum's quest to become a Pokémon Master! There's plenty for Ash and Pikachu to explore in this sunny new region, with exciting new Pokémon to discover and interesting people to learn from along the way including the cool Professor Kukui and the fun-loving Samson Oak. There'll be new Trainers, too Kiawe, Lana, Mallow, and Sophocles and don't forget those always-vexing foes: Team Rocket!

With 124 discs and approximately 375 hours of content, this ultimate collectors set is the ultimate gift for the ultimate Pokémon fan!


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Episode List
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  •   ポケモン!きみにきめた!
  •   Pokémon! I Choose You!
  •   Pokémon - I Choose You!
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  •   たいけつ!ポケモンセンター!
  •   Confrontation! Pokemon Center!
  •   Pokémon Emergency
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  •   ポケモン ゲットだぜ!
  •   Get Pokémon!
  •   Ash Catches a Pokémon
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  •   サムライしょうねんのちょうせん!
  •   Challenge of the Samurai Boy!
  •   Challenge of the Samurai
Main Image
  •   ニビジムのたたかい!
  •   The Fight at Nibi Gym!
  •   Showdown in Pewter City
Main Image
  •   ピッピとつきのいし
  •   Pippi and the Moon Stone
  •   Clefairy and the Moon Stone
Main Image
  •   ハナダシティのすいちゅうか
  •   The Water Flowers of Hanada City
  •   The Water Flowers of Cerulean City
Main Image
  •   ポケモンリーグへのみち
  •   Road to the Pokémon League
  •   The Path to the Pokémon League
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  •   ポケモンひっしょうマニュアル
  •   Pokémon Victory Manual
  •   The School of Hard Knocks
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  •   かくれざとのフシギダネ
  •   Fushigidane of the Hidden Village
  •   Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village
Main Image
  •   はぐれポケモン・ヒトカゲ
  •   Stray Pokémon Hitokage
  •   Charmander-The Stray Pokémon
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  •   ゼニガメぐんだんとうじょう!
  •   Enter the Zenigame Squad!
  •   Here Comes the Squirtle Squad
Main Image
  •   マサキのとうだい
  •   Masaki's Lighthouse
  •   Mystery at the Lighthouse
Main Image
  •   でんげきたいけつ!クチバジム
  •   Electric Shock Showdown! Kuchiba Gym
  •   Electric Shock Showdown
Main Image
  •   サントアンヌごうのたたかい!
  •   Battle Aboard the St. Anne!
  •   Battle Aboard the St. Anne
Main Image
  •   ポケモンひょうりゅうき
  •   A Pokémon Robinsonade
  •   Pokémon Shipwreck
Main Image
  •   きょだいポケモンのしま!?
  •   Island of the Giant Pokémon!?
  •   Island of the Giant Pokémon
Main Image
  •   メノクラゲドククラゲ
  •   Menokurage and Dokukurage
  •   Tentacool & Tentacruel
Main Image
  •   ゆうれいポケモンとなつまつり
  •   Pokémon Ghosts and the Summer Festival
  •   The Ghost of Maiden's Peak
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  •   バイバイバタフリー
  •   Bye Bye Butterfree
  •   Bye Bye Butterfree
Main Image
  •   ケーシィ!ちょうのうりょくたいけつ!
  •   Casey! Psionic Confrontation!
  •   Abra and the Psychic Showdown
Main Image
  •   ポケモンタワーでゲットだぜ!
  •   Getting one in the Pokémon Tower!
  •   The Tower of Terror
Main Image
  •   ゴーストVSエスパー!
  •   Ghost VS Psychic!
  •   Haunter vs. Kadabra
Main Image
  •   おこらないでねオコリザル!
  •   Don't Get Mad, Okorizaru!
  •   Primeape Goes Bananas
Main Image
  •   エリカとクサイハナ
  •   Erika and Kusaihana
  •   Pokémon Scent-sation!
Main Image
  •   スリーパーとポケモンがえり!?
  •   Sleeper and Pokémon Regression!?
  •   Hypno's Naptime
Main Image
  •   ロコン!ブリーダーたいけつ!
  •   Rokon! Breeder Showdown!
  •   Pokémon Fashion Flash
Main Image
  •   かくとうポケモン!だいバトル!
  •   Fighting Pokémon! The Big Battle!
  •   The Punchy Pokémon
Main Image
  •   コイルはでんきネズミのユメをみるか!?
  •   Do Coil Dream of Electric Mice!?
  •   Sparks Fly for Magnemite
Main Image
  •   ディグダがいっぱい!
  •   Lots of Digda!
  •   Dig Those Diglett!
Main Image
  •   セキチクにんじゃたいけつ!
  •   Sekichiku Ninja Showdown!
  •   The Ninja Poké-Showdown
Main Image
  •   ほのおのポケモンだいレース!
  •   The Blazing Pokémon Race!
  •   The Flame Pokémon-athon!
Main Image
  •   ガルーラのこもりうた
  •   Garura's Lullaby
  •   The Kangaskhan Kid
Main Image
  •   あらしのサイクリングロード
  •   The Stormy Cycling Road
  •   Pikachu's Goodbye
Main Image
  •   メタモンとモノマネむすめ
  •   Metamon and the Copycat Girl
  •   Ditto's Mysterious Mansion
Main Image
  •   ピカチュウのもり
  •   The Pikachu Forest
  •   Pikachu's Good-Bye
Main Image
  •   イーブイ4きょうだい
  •   The Four Eievui Brothers
  •   The Battling Eevee Brothers
Main Image
  •   おきろ!カビゴン!
  •   Wake up! Kabigon!
  •   Wake Up Snorlax!
Main Image
  •   たいけつ!ポケモンジム!
  •   Showdown! Pokémon Gyms!
  •   Showdown at Dark City
Main Image
  •   ナッシーぐんだんだいこうしん!
  •   March of the Nassy Squad!
  •   The March of the Exeggutor Squad
Main Image
  •   パラスとパラセクト
  •   Paras and Parasect
  •   The Problem with Paras
Main Image
  •   うたって!プリン!
  •   Sing! Purin!
  •   The Song of Jigglypuff
Main Image
  •   ふっかつ!?かせきポケモン!
  •   Revival!? Fossil Pokémon!
  •   Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon
Main Image
  •   ラッキーのカルテ
  •   Lucky's Clinical Records
  •   A Chansey Operation
Main Image
  •   ガーディとコジロウ
  •   Gardie and Kojiro
  •   Holy Matrimony!
Main Image
  •   カモネギのカモ
  •   A Sitting Duck for Kamonegi
  •   So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd
Main Image
  •   トゲピーはだれのもの!?
  •   Whose is Togepi!?
  •   Who Gets To Keep Togepi?
Main Image
  •   フシギダネのふしぎのはなぞの
  •   Fushigidane's Mysterious Flower Garden
  •   Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden
Main Image
  •   げきとう!ポケモンひなまつり
  •   Fierce Fighting! Pokémon Doll Festival
  •   Princess vs. Princess
Main Image
  •   こどものひだよぜんいんしゅうごう
  •   It's Children's Day, Everyone Gathers
  •   The Purr-fect Hero
Main Image
  •   けいさつけんガーディ
  •   Police Dog Gardie!
  •   The Case of the K-9 Caper!
Main Image
  •   シャッターチャンスはピカチュウ
  •   Pikachu in Focus
  •   Pokémon Paparazzi
Main Image
  •   ポケモンけんていしけん!?
  •   Pokemon Certification Test!?
  •   The Ultimate Test
Main Image
  •   そだてやのひみつ!
  •   The Day Care Secret!
  •   The Breeding Center Secret
Main Image
  •   もえろ!グレンジム!
  •   The Heat is on! Guren Gym!
  •   Riddle Me This
Main Image
  •   けっせん!グレンジム!
  •   Decisive Battle! Guren Gym!
  •   Volcanic Panic
Main Image
  •   カメックスのしま
  •   Island of Kamex
  •   Beach Blank-out Blastoise
Main Image
  •   ハナダジム!すいちゅうのたたかい!
  •   Hanada Gym! Underwater Battle!
  •   The Misty Mermaid
Main Image
  •   ピッピVSプリン
  •   Pippi VS Purin
  •   Clefairy Tales
Main Image
  •   トキワジム!さいごのバッジ!
  •   Tokiwa Gym! The Final Badge!
  •   The Battle of the Badge
Main Image
  •   ポケモンサーカスのバリヤード
  •   The Barrierd of the Pokémon Circus
  •   It's Mr. Mime Time
Main Image
  •   イワークでビバーク
  •   An Iwark Bivouac
  •   Snow Way Out!
Main Image
  •   ライバルたいけつ!オーキドけんきゅうじょ
  •   Rival Showdown! The Okido Laboratories
  •   Showdown at the Po-ké Corral
Main Image
  •   ヤドンがヤドランになるとき
  •   When Yadon Becomes Yadoran
  •   The Evolution Solution
Main Image
  •   なみのりピカチュウのでんせつ
  •   Legend of the Surfing Pikachu
  •   The Pi-Kahuna
Main Image
  •   しょくぶつえんのクサイハナ
  •   The Kusaihana of the Botanical Garden
  •   Make Room for Gloom!
Main Image
  •   ポケモン・ザ・ムービー!
  •   Pokémon the Movie!
  •   Lights, Camera, Quack-tion!
Main Image
  •   ニャースのあいうえお
  •   Nyarth's ABCs
  •   Go West Young Meowth
Main Image
  •   してんのうシバとうじょう!
  •   Enter Elite Four Shiba!
  •   To Master the Onixpected
Main Image
  •   げきとつ!ちょうこだいポケモン
  •   Fierce Battle! Pokémon of Yore
  •   The Ancient Puzzle of Pokémopolis
Main Image
  •   ガラガラのホネこんぼう
  •   Garagara's Bone Club
  •   Bad to the Bone
Main Image
  •   ファイヤー!ポケモンリーグかいかいしき!
  •   Fire! Pokémon League Opening Ceremony!
  •   All Fired Up!
Main Image
  •   ポケモンリーグかいまく!みずのフィールド!
  •   The Pokémon League Begins! The Water Field!
  •   Round One—Begin!
Main Image
  •   こおりのフィールド!ほのおのたたかい!
  •   The Ice Field! Flame Battle!
  •   Fire and Ice
Main Image
  •   くさのフィールド!いがいなきょうてき!
  •   The Grass Field! A Surprisingly Strong Opponent!
  •   The Fourth Round Rumble
Main Image
  •   ライバルとうじょう!
  •   The Arrival of a Rival!
  •   A Friend in Deed
Main Image
  •   セキエイスタジアム!VSヒロシ!
  •   Sekiei Stadium! VS Hiroshi!
  •   Friend and Foe Alike
Main Image
  •   ポケモンリーグ!さいごのたたかい!
  •   Pokémon League! Final Battle!
  •   Friends to the End
Main Image
  •   マサラタウン!あらたなるたびだち
  •   Masara Town! Setting off on a New Trip!
  •   Pallet Party Panic
Main Image
  •   ひこうせんはふこうせん!?
  •   Airship Hardship!?
  •   A Scare in the Air
Main Image
  •   なんごくポケモンとGSボール
  •   Pokémon of the South and the GS Ball
  •   Pokéball Peril
Main Image
  •   ラプラスをたすけろ!
  •   Save Laplace!
  •   The Lost Lapras
Main Image
  •   オレンジリーグ!ナツカンジム!
  •   Orange League! Natsukan Gym!
  •   Fit to Be Tide!
Main Image
  •   きえたポケモンたちのナゾ!
  •   Mystery of the Missing Pokemon!
  •   Pikachu Re-Volts
Main Image
  •   クリスタルのイワーク
  •   The Crystal Iwark
  •   The Crystal Onix
Main Image
  •   ピンクのポケモンじま
  •   Island of the Pink Pokemon
  •   In the Pink
Main Image
  •   カブトのかせきのひみつ!
  •   The Secret of Kabuto's Fossil!
  •   Shell Shock!
Main Image
  •   おどる!ポケモンショーボート!
  •   Dance! Pokemon Showboat!
  •   Stage Fight
Main Image
  •   さよならコダック!またきてゴルダック?
  •   Goodbye Koduck! Return Again Golduck?
  •   Bye Bye Psyduck
Main Image
  •   セイリングジョーイ!あらなみをこえて!
  •   Sailing Joy! Cross the Stormy Sea!
  •   The Joy of Pokémon
Main Image
  •   ネーブルジム!ゆきやまのたたかい!
  •   Navel Gym! Snow Mountain Battle!
  •   Navel Maneuvers
Main Image
  •   おおぐいカビゴン!だいパニック!
  •   Big Eater Kabigon! Big Panic!
  •   Snack Attack
Main Image
  •   ゆうれいせんとゆうれいポケモン!
  •   The Ghost Ship and the Ghost Pokemon!
  •   A Shipful of Shivers
Main Image
  •   おニャースさまのしま!?
  •   The Great Nyarth's Island!?
  •   Meowth Rules!
Main Image
  •   ストライクせんしのほこり
  •   Strike - A Warrior's Pride
  •   Tracey Gets Bugged
Main Image
  •   みなみのしまだよぜんいんしゅうごう!
  •   It's the Southern Islands, Everyone Gathers!
  •   A Way Off Day Off
Main Image
  •   してんのうカンナ!こおりのたたかい!!
  •   Elite Four Kanna! Ice Battle!!
  •   The Mandarin Island Miss Match
Main Image
  •   ニドランのこいものがたり
  •   Nidoran's Love Story
  •   Wherefore Art Thou, Pokémon?
Main Image
  •   だいへいげんのコイルたち!
  •   The Little Coil on the Prairie!
  •   Git Along, Little Pokémon
Main Image
  •   ちかどうのかいぶつ!?
  •   The Monster in the Underground Tunnel!?
  •   The Mystery Menace
Main Image
  •   ユズジム!タイプバトル3VS3!!
  •   Yuzu Gym! Type Battle 3 VS 3!!
  •   Misty Meets Her Match
Main Image
  •   ピカチュウVSニャース!?
  •   Pikachu VS Nyarth!?
  •   Bound for Trouble
Main Image
  •   リザードン!きみにきめた!!
  •   Lizardon! I Choose You!!
  •   Charizard Chills
Main Image
  •   ひけしたいけつ!ゼニガメVSカメール
  •   Fire-Extinguishing Showdown! Zenigame VS Kameil
  •   The Pokémon Water War
Main Image
  •   もえよ!カビゴン!!
  •   Enter the Kabigon!
  •   Pokémon Food Fight
Main Image
  •   タッグバトル!さいごのジム!!
  •   Tag Battle! The Final Gym!!
  •   Pokémon Double Trouble
Main Image
  •   コイキング!しんかのひみつ!!
  •   Koiking! The Secret of Evolution!!
  •   The Wacky Watcher
Main Image
  •   ニョロモとカスミ
  •   Nyoromo and Kasumi
  •   The Stun Spore Detour
Main Image
  •   ウィナーズカップ!フルバトル6VS6!!
  •   Winners' Cup! Full Battle 6 VS 6!!
  •   Hello Pummelo
Main Image
  •   ファイナルバトル!カイリューとうじょう!!
  •   The Final Battle! Enter Kairyu!!
  •   Enter the Dragonite
Main Image
  •   さよならラプラス!
  •   Goodbye, Laplace!
  •   Viva Las Lapras
Main Image
  •   マルマインだいばくは!?
  •   Marumine's Big Explosion!?
  •   The Underground Round Up
Main Image
  •   かえってきたマサラタウン!
  •   Masara Town to Which We've Returned!
  •   A Tent Situation
Main Image
  •   ライバルたいけつ!サトシVSシゲル!!
  •   Rival Showdown! Satoshi VS Shigeru!!
  •   A Rivalry Revival
Main Image
  •   ワカバタウン!はじまりをつげるかぜのふくまち!
  •   Wakaba Town! The Town Where Winds of New Beginnings Blow!
  •   Don't Touch That 'dile
Main Image
  •   ルーキーのチコリータ!
  •   The Rookie's Chicorita!
  •   A Sappy Ending
Main Image
  •   げきとつ!へラクロスVSカイロス!!
  •   Clash! Heracros VS Kailios!!
  •   A Sappy Ending
Main Image
  •   ドンファンのたに!
  •   The Valley of Donfan!
  •   Roll On, Pokémon!
Main Image
  •   ホーホーとあやしいもり!
  •   Hoho and the Ominous Forest!
  •   Illusion Confusion
Main Image
  •   キレイハナのバトルダンシング!
  •   Kireihana's Battle Dancing!
  •   Flower Power
Main Image
  •   イトマル!だいそうさせん!!
  •   Itomaru! The Great Investigation!!
  •   Spinarak Attack
Main Image
  •   ブルーのかれいなせいかつ!?
  •   Bulu's Magnificent Life!?
  •   Snubbull Snobbery
Main Image
  •   オドシシ!まぼろしのもり!?
  •   Odoshishi! Forest of Illusions!?
  •   The Little Big Horn
Main Image
  •   いじっぱりのチコリータ!!
  •   The Obstinate Chikorita!!
  •   Chikorita Rescue
Main Image
  •   ヌオーとGSボール!?
  •   Nuoh and the GS Ball!?
  •   Once in a Blue Moon
Main Image
  •   レディバのふえ!
  •   The Ledyba Flute!
  •   The Whistle Stop
Main Image
  •   ハピナスのハッピーナース!
  •   Happinas' Happy Nurse!
  •   Ignorance Is Blissey
Main Image
  •   だいピンチ!マダツボミのとう!
  •   Huge Pinch! The Madatsubomi Tower!
  •   A Bout With Sprout
Main Image
  •   キキョウジム!おおぞらのたたかい!!
  •   Kikyo Gym! Battle in the High Skies!!
  •   Fighting Flyer with Fire
Main Image
  •   なきむしマリル!
  •   Crybaby Maril!
  •   For Crying Out Loud
Main Image
  •   ばくそう!オタチ&トゲピー!!
  •   Roaring About! Otachi and Togepi!!
  •   Tanks A Lot!
Main Image
  •   リザードンのたに!またあうひまで!!
  •   The Lizardon Valley! Till the Day we Meet Again!
  •   Charizard's Burning Ambition
Main Image
  •   だいパニック!キマワリコンテスト!!
  •   Full Panic! Kimawari Contest!!
  •   Grin to Win!
Main Image
  •   チコリータはごきげんななめ!?
  •   Chikorita is in a Bad Temper!?
  •   Chikorita's Big Upset
Main Image
  •   ハネッコはねた!だいそうげんのたたかい!!
  •   Hanecco Jumped! The Fight in the Big Meadows!!
  •   Foul Weather Friends
Main Image
  •   なぞのスーパーヒーロー!グライガーマンとうじょう!!
  •   A Mysterious Superhero! Enter Gliger-man!!
  •   The Superhero Secret
Main Image
  •   メリープとまきばのしょうじょ
  •   Merriep and the Girl of the Meadows
  •   Mild 'N Wooly
Main Image
  •   バトルしようぜ!ハッサムVSへラクロス!!
  •   Let's Battle! Hassam VS Heracros!!
  •   Wired For Battle
Main Image
  •   ヒノアラシ!ゲットだぜ!!
  •   Hinoarashi! Get it!!
  •   Good 'Quil Hunting
Main Image
  •   ヒワダタウン!ヤドンのいど!!
  •   Hiwada Town! Yadon's Well!!
  •   A Shadow of a Drought
Main Image
  •   クヌギダマとボングリのみ!うらやまのたたかい!!
  •   Kunugidama and Bonguri Fruit! Fight on the Mountain in Back!!
  •   Going Apricorn
Main Image
  •   ヒワダジム!もりのバトルフィールド!!
  •   Hiwada Gym! Forest Battlefield!!
  •   Gettin' the Bugs Out
Main Image
  •   ウバメのもり!カモネギをさがせ!!
  •   Ubame Forest! Search for Kamonegi!!
  •   A Farfetch'd Tale
Main Image
  •   ソーナンスとポケモンこうかんかい!!
  •   Sonansu and the Pokémon Trade Meet!!
  •   Tricks of the Trade
Main Image
  •   もえろゼニガメだん!ほのおのように!!
  •   Burn on, Zenigame Gang! Like a Flame!!
  •   The Fire-ing Squad!
Main Image
  •   ウパーがいっぱい!
  •   Lots of Upah!
  •   No Big Woop!
Main Image
  •   プリンVSブルー!
  •   Purin VS Bulu!
  •   Tunnel Vision
Main Image
  •   ダークポケモン・デルビル
  •   Dark Pokémon - Delvil
  •   Hour of the Houndour
Main Image
  •   ワニノコはだれのもの!?サトシVSカスミ!
  •   Waninoko Belongs to Whom!? Satoshi VS Kasumi!
  •   The Totodile Duel
Main Image
  •   エアームドVSヒノアラシ!はがねのつばさ!!
  •   Airmd VS Hinoarashi! Steel Wing!!
  •   Hot Matches
Main Image
  •   おどれワニノコ!あいのステップを!!
  •   Dance, Waninoko! Do the Step of Love!!
  •   Love, Totodile Style
Main Image
  •   いろちがいのヨルノズク!ゲットだぜ!!
  •   An Alternate-colored Yorunozuku! Get It!!
  •   Fowl Play
Main Image
  •   リングマでドッキリ!!
  •   Startled by Ringuma!!
  •   Forest Grumps
Main Image
  •   キリンリキ!エスパーポケモンのむら!
  •   Kirinriki! Village of the Psychic Pokemon!
  •   The Psychic Sidekicks
Main Image
  •   ポケモンうらない!?だいらんせん!
  •   Pokemon Fortune Telling!? Big Melee!
  •   The Fortune Hunters
Main Image
  •   コガネジム!スピード&パワー!?
  •   Kogane Gym! Speed & Power!?
  •   A Goldenrod Opportunity
Main Image
  •   ミルタンク!リベンジバトル!!
  •   Miltank! Revenge Battle!!
  •   A Dairy Tale Ending
Main Image
  •   ラジオとうのたたかい!じくうをこえて!!
  •   Battle at the Radio Tower! Surpass Time and Space!!
  •   Air Time
Main Image
  •   むしとりたいかい!しぜんこうえんでゲットだぜ!!
  •   Bug-Catching Contest! Get them at the National Park!!
  •   The Bug Stops Here
Main Image
  •   ウソッキーはどこにいる!?
  •   Where is Usokkie!?
  •   Type Casting!
Main Image
  •   こだいポケモンパーク!アルフのいせき!!
  •   Fossil Pokemon Park! Ruins of Alph!!
  •   Fossil Fools
Main Image
  •   ポッポやのでんしょポッポ!
  •   The Poppo Man and his Carrier Poppo!
  •   Carrying On
Main Image
  •   ズバットのやかた!きけんなめいろ!!
  •   The Zubat Castle! A Dangerous Maze!!
  •   Hassle in the Castle
Main Image
  •   カポエラーVSフシギダネ!かくとうたいけつ!!
  •   Kapoerer VS Fushigidane! Fighting Showdown!!
  •   Two Hits and a Miss
Main Image
  •   ジャングルのさんびき!おんせんバトル!!
  •   The Jungle Trio! Hot Spring Battle!!
  •   A Hot Water Battle
Main Image
  •   アズマオウ!フィッシングバトル!!
  •   Azumao! Fishing Battle!!
  •   Hook, Line and Stinker
Main Image
  •   さよならロコン!ポケモンビューティーコンテスト!!
  •   Goodbye, Rokon! Pokémon Beauty Contest!!
  •   Beauty and the Breeder
Main Image
  •   ツボツボVSマダツボミ
  •   Tsubotsubo VS Madatsubomi
  •   A Better Pill to Swallow
Main Image
  •   ブラッキー!やみよのたたかい!!
  •   Blacky! Dark Night Battle!!
  •   Power Play
Main Image
  •   レディアン!かぜのたにをこえて!!
  •   Redian! Cross the Valley of Wind!!
  •   Mountain Time
Main Image
  •   ソーナンスのむら!?
  •   Village of the Sonansu!?
  •   Wobbu-Palooza
Main Image
  •   めざせメタモンマスター!イミテふたたび!!
  •   Aim to Become a Metamon Master! Imite Returns!!
  •   Imitation Confrontation
Main Image
  •   ニャースとブルーとグランブル!?
  •   Nyarth, Bulu and Granbull!?
  •   The Trouble With Snubbull
Main Image
  •   アリアドス!にんぽうバトル!!
  •   Ariados! Ninja Arts Battle!!
  •   Ariados, Amigos
Main Image
  •   はばたけヤンヤンマ!あしたのそらへ!!
  •   Flap Your Wings, Yanma! To the Sky of Tomorrow!!
  •   Wings 'n' Things
Main Image
  •   ポポッコ!くさポケモンバトル!!
  •   Popocco! Grass Pokemon Battle!!
  •   The Grass Route
Main Image
  •   ピカチュウとピチュー!
  •   Pikachu and Pichu!
  •   The Apple Corp!
Main Image
  •   ヘルガーとトゲピー!
  •   Hellgar and Togepi!
  •   Houndoom's Special Delivery
Main Image
  •   やけたとう!マツバとうじょう!!
  •   The Burned Tower! Enter Matsuba!!
  •   A Ghost of a Chance
Main Image
  •   エンジュジム!ゴーストバトル!!
  •   Enju Gym! Ghost Battle!!
  •   From Ghost to Ghost
Main Image
  •   イーブイ5しまい!おちゃかいでバトル!!
  •   The 5 Eievui Sisters! Battle at the Tea Ceremony!!
  •   Trouble's Brewing
Main Image
  •   ヤミカラス!うばわれたバッジ!!
  •   Yamikarasu! The Stolen Badges!
  •   All That Glitters!
Main Image
  •   テッポウオのそら!
  •   Teppouo's Sky!
  •   The Light Fantastic
Main Image
  •   ヒメグマのひみつ!
  •   Himeguma's Secret!
  •   UnBEARable
Main Image
  •   こおったヒマナッツのなぞ!!
  •   Mystery of the Frozen Himanuts!!
  •   Moving Pictures
Main Image
  •   ここほれウリムー!おんせんをさがせ!!
  •   Dig here, Urimoo! Search for a Hot Spring!!
  •   Spring Fever
Main Image
  •   フリーザーVSプリン!ふぶきのなかで!
  •   Freezer VS Purin! Within the Blizzard!!
  •   Freeze Frame
Main Image
  •   ウインディとほのおのいし!
  •   Windie and the Fire Stones!
  •   The Stolen Stones
Main Image
  •   ノコッチはのこっちない!?
  •   A Nokocchi 'nok'-off!?
  •   The Dunsparce Deception
Main Image
  •   ソーナンス!そうなんす?
  •   Sonansu! That's Right?
  •   The Wayward Wobbuffet
Main Image
  •   タケシたおれる!あぶないキャンプ!!
  •   Takeshi Collapses! Dangerous Camp!!
  •   Sick Daze
Main Image
  •   オーダイルVSカメックス!すもうバトル!!
  •   Ordile VS Kamex! Sumo Battle!!
  •   Ring Masters
Main Image
  •   ポケモンとはなせます!?ポケモンのことばポケモンのきもち!
  •   He Can Talk To Pokémon!? Pokémon's Words, Pokémon's Feelings!
  •   The Poké Spokesman
Main Image
  •   ゴルバットVSかめんのじょおうムサシ!いせきのたたかい!!
  •   Golbat VS Masked Queen Musashi! Battle in the Ruins!!
  •   Control Freak!
Main Image
  •   ドーブルのきせき!!あさひのなかでかがやいて!
  •   The Miracle of Doble!! Shine in the Morning Light!
  •   The Art of Pokémon
Main Image
  •   ニドリーノニドリーナ!タケシのバラいろのひび!?
  •   Nidorino Nidorina! Takeshi's Rose-Colored Days!?
  •   The Heartbreak of Brock
Main Image
  •   さよならチコリータ!?でんきのラビリンス!
  •   Farewell, Chicorita!? The Electric Labyrinth!
  •   Current Events
Main Image
  •   ベイリーフはどこへいった!?ハーブばたけでつかまえて!
  •   Where has Bayleaf Gone!? The Catcher in the Herbs!
  •   Turning Over A New Bayleef
Main Image
  •   ネイティうらない!みらいよちのしんぴ!!
  •   Naty's Divination! Marvel of Future Sight!!
  •   Doin' What Comes Natu-rally
Main Image
  •   ポケモンききゅうだいレース!あらしをこえて!!
  •   The Big Pokémon Balloon Race! Crossing a Storm!!
  •   The Big Balloon Blow-Up
Main Image
  •   ムチュールにもうむちゅう!!スーパースターはポケモンがおすき?
  •   Much Ado About Muchul!! Do Superstars Love Pokémon?
  •   The Screen Actor's Guilt
Main Image
  •   なみのりサイドンをおえ!?みずうみのたたかい!
  •   Follow the Wave-Riding Sidon!? Battle of the Lake!
  •   Right On, Rhydon
Main Image
  •   カクレオンはどこにいる!?みえないポケモンにだいこんらん!
  •   Where is Kakureon!? Great Confusion over the Invisible Pokemon!
  •   The Kecleon Caper
Main Image
  •   みずポケモンぎらいのジョーイさん!?カスミのいかり!
  •   A Joy-san who hates Water Pokemon!? Kasumi's Anger!
  •   The Joy of Water Pokémon
Main Image
  •   せいぼミルタンク!さばくのひみつ!
  •   True Mother Miltank! The Secret of the Desert!
  •   Got Miltank?
Main Image
  •   かがやきのとうだい!アサギシティのたたかい!!
  •   Lighthouse of Radiance! Battle of Asagi City!!
  •   Fight for the Light
Main Image
  •   タンバジム!まっこうしょうぶかくとうたいけつ!!
  •   Tanba Gym! Frontal Fighting Showdown!!
  •   Machoke, Machoke Man
Main Image
  •   うずまきれっとう!あらたなるちょうせん!!
  •   Whirlpool Archipelago! A New Challenge!!
  •   Around the Whirlpool
Main Image
  •   ポッポとデカポッポ!まだみぬそらへ!!
  •   Poppo and the Large Poppo! To the as of yet Unseen Sky!!
  •   Fly Me to the Moon
Main Image
  •   たびだてうみへ!チョンチーぎょうれつ!!
  •   Set off towards the Ocean! A Parade of Chonchie!!
  •   Takin' It on the Chinchou
Main Image
  •   サニーゴでアミーゴ!おうがんとうのたいけつ!!
  •   Sunnygo the Amigo! Showdown on Yellow Rock Island!!
  •   A Corsola Caper
Main Image
  •   マンタインとちんぼつせん!!なぞのポケモンのひみつ!
  •   Mantain and the Sunken Ship!! The Mystery of the Secret Pokémon!
  •   Mantine Overboard
Main Image
  •   オクタンとテッポウオ!うずまきカップよせん!!!
  •   Okutank and Teppouo! The Whirlpool Cup Preliminary Matches!!!
  •   Octillery the Outcast
Main Image
  •   うずまきカップ!みずのコロシアムでだいバトル!!
  •   Whirlpool Cup! The Big Battle at the Water Colosseum!!
  •   Dueling Heroes
Main Image
  •   サトシVSカスミ!うずまきカップさいごのたたかい!!
  •   Satoshi VS Kasumi! The Final Battle of the Whirlpool Cup!!
  •   The Perfect Match
Main Image
  •   ディグダのむらをまもれ!おとしあなだいさくせん!?
  •   Protect the Group of Digda! The Great Pitfall Strategy?
  •   Plant It Now... Diglett Later
Main Image
  •   ぎんいろのはねのでんせつ!ぎんがんとうのたたかい!!
  •   The Legend of the Silver Wing! The Fight on Silver Rock Island!!
  •   Hi Ho Silver... Away
Main Image
  •   なぞのポケモンX!!
  •   Mysterious Pokémon X!!
  •   The Mystery is History
Main Image
  •   とらわれのルギア!
  •   The Imprisoned Lugia!
  •   A Parent Trapped
Main Image
  •   ルギアとのやくそく!
  •   The Promise to Lugia!
  •   A Promise Is a Promise
Main Image
  •   とべホーホーごう!アサギをめざし!!
  •   Fly, Hoho! Aim for Asagi!!
  •   Throwing in the Noctowl!
Main Image
  •   アサギジム!VSハガネール!!
  •   Asagi Gym! VS Haganeil!!
  •   Nerves of Steelix!
Main Image
  •   さよならフシギダネ!オーキドていのぼうけん!!
  •   Goodbye, Fushigidane! Adventure in Okido's Garden!!
  •   Bulbasaur...the Ambassador!
Main Image
  •   エーフィとサクラ!エンジュシティふたたび!!
  •   Eifie and Sakura! Enju City Again!!
  •   Espeon, Not Included
Main Image
  •   スイクンとミナキ!ホウオウのでんせつ!!
  •   Suicune and Minaki! Legend of Houou!!
  •   For Ho-Oh the Bells Toll
Main Image
  •   ポケモンライドでつっぱしれ!!
  •   Dash at the Pokémon Ride!!
  •   Extreme Pokémon
Main Image
  •   めいたんていジュンサー!きえたタマゴのなぞ!!
  •   Great Detective Junsa! The Riddle of the Disappearing Egg!!
  •   An Egg-Sighting Adventure
Main Image
  •   タマゴ、かえる
  •   Egg, Hatch
  •   Hatching a Plan
Main Image
  •   ロケットだんとデリバード!
  •   The Rocket Gang and Delibird!
  •   Dues and Don'ts
Main Image
  •   きりのなかのキュウコン!
  •   The Kyukon in the Mist!
  •   Just Waiting on a Friend
Main Image
  •   バルキーとからておうノブヒコ!
  •   Balkie and the Karate King Nobuhiko!
  •   A Tyrogue Full of Trouble
Main Image
  •   ネイティオのだいよげん!
  •   Natio's Big Prediction!
  •   Xatu the Future
Main Image
  •   ワタルとあかいギャラドス!
  •   Wataru and the Red Gyarados!
  •   Talkin' 'bout an Evolution
Main Image
  •   あかいギャラドスのいかり!
  •   The Rage of the Red Gyarados!
  •   The Rage of Innocence
Main Image
  •   イノムーとふゆのヤナギ!
  •   Inomoo and the Wintry Yanagi!
  •   As Cold as Pryce
Main Image
  •   チョウジジム!こおりのバトル!
  •   Chouji Gym! Ice Battle!
  •   Nice Pryce, Baby
Main Image
  •   キレイハナとラフレシア!そうげんのへいわ!
  •   Kireihana and Rafflesia! Peace of the Meadows!
  •   Whichever Way the Wind Blows
Main Image
  •   マグカルゴ!あついこころでゲットだぜ!!
  •   Magcargot! Get it with a Hot Heart!!
  •   Some Like It Hot
Main Image
  •   ポケモンまほうでだいへんしん!?
  •   A Great Transformation by Pokémon Magic!?
  •   Hocus Pokémon
Main Image
  •   サンダーとクリスタル!みずうみのひみつ!
  •   Thunder and Crystal! The Lake's Secret!
  •   As Clear as Crystal
Main Image
  •   ふたごのププリンVSプリン!うたうポケモンコンサート!
  •   Pupurin Twins VS Purin! Singing Pokemon Concert!
  •   Same Old Song and Dance
Main Image
  •   ヤドンのさとり!サトシのさとり!
  •   Yadon's Enlightenment! Satoshi's Enlightenment!
  •   Enlighten Up
Main Image
  •   にせオーキド!?ポケモンせんりゅうたいけつ!!
  •   An Impostor Okido!? Pokémon Senryu Showdown!!
  •   Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up?
Main Image
  •   ピィとピッピとながれぼし!
  •   Py and Pippi and the Shooting Star!
  •   Wish Upon a Star Shape
Main Image
  •   ニョロゾのしんか!
  •   Nyorozo's Evolution!
  •   Outrageous Fortunes
Main Image
  •   バトルパーク!VSカメックス・リザードン・フシギバナ!
  •   Battle Park! VS Kamex - Lizardon - Fushigibana!
  •   One Trick Phony
Main Image
  •   ニョロトノのチアリーディング!
  •   Nyorotono's Cheerleading!
  •   I Politoed Ya So
Main Image
  •   イブキとミニリュウ!
  •   Ibuki and Miniryu!
  •   Beauty is Skin Deep
Main Image
  •   フスベジムのりゅうのきば!
  •   The Dragon Fang of the Fusube Gym!
  •   Fangs For Nothing
Main Image
  •   カイリュー!げきりんはつどう!
  •   Kairyu! Outrage Activates!!
  •   Great Bowls of Fire
Main Image
  •   フスベジム!さいごのバッジ!!
  •   Fusube Gym! The Final Badge!!
  •   Better Eight Than Never
Main Image
  •   ソーナノ!?ジムバッジとソーナンス!!
  •   Sohnano!? Gym Badges and Sonansu!!
  •   Why? Wynaut
Main Image
  •   リュウグウジム!みずのなかでバトルだぜ!
  •   Dragon King Palace Gym! A Battle in the Water!
  •   Just Add Water
Main Image
  •   ラプラスのうた!
  •   Laplace's Song!
  •   Lapras of Luxury
Main Image
  •   タマゴをまもれ!あらしのなかでうまれたいのち!
  •   Protect the Egg! The Life that was Born in a Storm!
  •   Hatch Me If You Can
Main Image
  •   エンテイとおんせんのなかまたち!
  •   Entei and the Hot Springs Friends!
  •   Entei at Your Own Risk
Main Image
  •   ヤドキング!おうじゃのしるし!
  •   Yadoking! The King's Symbol!
  •   A Crowning Achievement
Main Image
  •   ナナコとエレキッド!
  •   Nanako and Elekid!
  •   Here's Lookin' at You, Elekid
Main Image
  •   ヨーギラスがんばる!
  •   Yogiras does its best!
  •   You're a Star, Larvitar
Main Image
  •   ふしぎのくにのアンノーン!
  •   Unknown in Wonderland!
  •   Address Unown!
Main Image
  •   バンギラスとヨーギラス!
  •   Bangiras and Yogiras!
  •   Mother of All Battles
Main Image
  •   ニューラとせいなるほのお!
  •   Nyula and the Sacred Flame!
  •   Pop Goes the Sneasel
Main Image
  •   シロガネリーグかいまく!シゲルふたたび!
  •   The Shirogane League Begins! Shigeru Returns!
  •   A Claim to Flame!
Main Image
  •   よせんリーグ!マグマラシほのおのバトル!!
  •   Preliminary League! Magmarashi's Flame Battle!!
  •   Love, Pokémon Style
Main Image
  •   メガニウムVSフシギダネ!くさタイプのいじ!
  •   Meganium VS Fushigidane! The Willpower of Grass-types!
  •   Tie One On!
Main Image
  •   けっしょうトーナメント! フルバトル6VS6!!
  •   Decisive Tournament! Full Battle 6 VS 6!!
  •   The Ties That Bind
Main Image
  •   ライバルたいけつ!カメックスVSリザードン!!
  •   Rival Confrontation! Kamex VS Lizardon!!
  •   Can't Beat the Heat
Main Image
  •   バシャーモふたたび!ハヅキとのたたかい!!
  •   Burshamo Once Again! The Fight against Hazuki!!
  •   Play with Fire!
Main Image
  •   フルバトルのはてに!それぞれのみち!!
  •   At the End of the Full Battle! Respective Roads!!
  •   Johto Photo Finish
Main Image
  •   サヨナラ…そして、たびだち!
  •   A Farewell... then a Departure!
  •   Gotta Catch Ya Later!
Main Image
  •   ピカチュウとのわかれ・・・!
  •   Parting with Pikachu...!
  •   Hoenn Alone!
Main Image
  •   新たなる大地!新たなる冒険!!
  •   A New Land! A New Adventure!!
  •   Get the Show on the Road
Main Image
  •   古代ポケモンと謎の軍団!
  •   Ancient Pokémon and the Mysterious Army!
  •   A Ruin with a View
Main Image
  •   トウカジムVSヤルキモノ
  •   Touka Gym! VS Yarukimono
  •   There's No Place like Hoenn
Main Image
  •   スバメがいっぱい 危険がいっぱい!トウカの森でゲットだぜ!!
  •   Lots of Subame, Lots of Peril! I Got One in the Touka Forest!!
  •   You Can Never Taillow
Main Image
  •   ジグザグマと短パン小僧!ハルカはじめてのバトル!!
  •   Ziguzaguma and the Kid in Short Pants! Haruka Battles for the First Time!!
  •   In the Knicker of Time
Main Image
  •   ロケット団!みだれひっかきでサヨウナラ!!
  •   Rocket Gang! Goodbye by Fury Swipes!!
  •   A Poached Ego
Main Image
  •   キモリの森!巨大樹を守れ!!
  •   The Forest of Kimori! Protect the Giant Tree!!
  •   Tree's a Crowd
Main Image
  •   ハブネークVSキモリ!必殺のはたく攻撃!!
  •   Habunake VS Kimori! The Pound Attack Finishing Move!!
  •   A Tail with a Twist
Main Image
  •   怪奇!キノココ屋敷の謎!?
  •   Strange Suspense! The Mystery of Kinococo Mansion!?
  •   Taming of the Shroomish
Main Image
  •   史上最強のペリッパー現る!!
  •   The Strongest Pelipper in History Shows Up!!
  •   You Said a Mouthful
Main Image
  •   グラエナとポチエナ!進化の神秘!!
  •   Graena and Pochiena! The Mystery of Evolution!!
  •   A Bite to Remember
Main Image
  •   ハスボーとフラワーショップの三姉妹!
  •   Hassboh and the Three Sisters from the Flower Shop!!
  •   The Lotad Lowdown
Main Image
  •   ポケモンコンテスト!アゲハントの華麗なバトル!!
  •   Pokemon Contest! Agehunt's Magnificent Battle!!
  •   All Things Bright and Beautifly
Main Image
  •   ダブルバトルとダブルでケムッソ!?
  •   Double Battle and Double Kemusso!?
  •   All in a Day's Wurmple
Main Image
  •   勉強します!ポケモントレーナーズスクール!!
  •   Please Study! The Pokémon Trainers' School!!
  •   Gonna Rule the School
Main Image
  •   カナズミジム!ノズパスの秘密兵器!!
  •   Kanazumi Gym! Nosepass' Secret Weapon!!
  •   The Winner by a Nosepass
Main Image
  •   デボンコーポレーション!アクア団の影!!
  •   Devon Corporation! Shadows of the Aqua Gang!!
  •   Stairway to Devon
Main Image
  •   ハギ老人とキャモメのピーコちゃん!
  •   Old Man Hagi and Peeko-chan the Camome!
  •   On a Wingull and a Prayer
Main Image
  •   脱出!サメハダーの島!!
  •   A Great Escape! The Samehader Island!!
  •   Sharpedo Attack!
Main Image
  •   ムロジム!波乗りジムリーダー・トウキ登場!
  •   Muro Gym! Enter Touki, the Surfing Gym Leader!
  •   Brave the Wave!
Main Image
  •   ケムッソVSケムッソ!どっちがどっち!?
  •   Kemusso VS Kemusso! Which is Which!?
  •   Which Wurmple's Which?
Main Image
  •   ダイゴ、ココドラ、ボスゴドラ!
  •   Daigo, Cokodora and Bossgodora
  •   A Hole Lotta Trouble
Main Image
  •   海辺の暴れ者、ヘイガニ登場!
  •   Enter Heigani, Roughneck of the Beach!
  •   Gone Corphishin'
Main Image
  •   走れサトシ!キバニアの川を越え!
  •   Run, Satoshi! Cross the Kibanha River!
  •   A Corphish Out of Water!
Main Image
  •   秘密の池!ミズゴロウがいっぱい!?
  •   A Secret Pond! Lots of Mizugorou!?
  •   A Mudkip Mission!
Main Image
  •   コノハナ族の襲撃!!
  •   The Assault of the Konohana Tribe!
  •   Turning Over a New Nuzleaf!
Main Image
  •   マグマ団VSアクア団!ひみつきちの戦い!
  •   The Magma Gang VS the Aqua Gang! The Battle of the Secret Base!
  •   A Three Team Scheme
Main Image
  •   アゲハントとドクケイル!進化の果てに!
  •   Agehunt and Dokucale! After the Evolution!
  •   Seeing Is Believing
Main Image
  •   ヤミラミでドッキリ!
  •   Startled by Yamirami!
  •   Ready, Willing and Sableye!
Main Image
  •   バトルガールとアサナン!嵐の中で!
  •   The Battle Girl and Asanan! Within the Storm!
  •   A Meditite Fight!
Main Image
  •   ムロジム再戦!波乗りバトルフィールド!
  •   Muro Gym Rematch! A Surfing Battlefield!
  •   Just One of the Geysers!
Main Image
  •   すてられ船!しのびよる影!!
  •   The Abandoned Ship! A Creeping Shadow!!
  •   Abandon Ship!
Main Image
  •   ハルカにライバル!特訓ポケモンコンテスト!!
  •   A Rival for Haruka! Pokémon Contest Training!!
  •   Now That's Flower Power!
Main Image
  •   はじめてのポケモンで大パニック!!
  •   The Great Starter Pokémon Panic!!
  •   Having a Wailord of a Time!
Main Image
  •   ハルカ!ポケモンコンテスト初挑戦!!
  •   Haruka! Her First Try at a Pokémon Contest!!
  •   Win, Lose, or Drew!
Main Image
  •   海の博物館を守れ!マグマ団の襲撃!!
  •   Protect the Oceanic Museum! Attack of the Magma Gang!!
  •   The Spheal of Approval!
Main Image
  •   美女と野獣!?ダーテングとジョーイさん!
  •   Beauty and the Beast!? Dirteng and Joy!
  •   Jump for Joy!
Main Image
  •   プラスルとマイナン!山の灯台!!
  •   Plusle and Minun! The Lighthouse in the Mountains!!
  •   A Different Kind of Misty!
Main Image
  •   歌う!ポケモンからくり屋敷!!
  •   Sing! The Pokémon Trick House!!
  •   A Poké-BLOCK Party!
Main Image
  •   キンセツジム!テッセンの電撃バトル!!
  •   Kinsetsu Gym! Tessen's Electric Shock Battle!!
  •   What's With Wattson?
Main Image
  •   キモリの新技!!スイカ畑のタネマシンガン!
  •   Kimori's New Move! The Bullet Seed of the Watermelon Field!!
  •   What You Seed is What You Get
Main Image
  •   バルビートとイルミーゼ!愛のダンス!
  •   Barubeat and Illumise! The Dance of Love!
  •   Love at First Flight
Main Image
  •   飛べ、タツベイ!明日にむかって!!
  •   Fly, Tatsubay! Reach for Tomorrow!!
  •   Let Bagons Be Bagons
Main Image
  •   カスミ登場!トゲピーとまぼろしの王国!!
  •   Enter Kasumi! Togepi and the Mythical Kingdom!!
  •   The Princess and the Togepi
Main Image
  •   蜃気楼の彼方に!トゲピーの楽園!
  •   Beyond the Mirage! A Togepi Paradise!
  •   A Togepi Mirage
Main Image
  •   かちぬきファミリー!4VS4!!
  •   The Kachinuki Family! 4 VS 4!!
  •   Candid Camerupt
Main Image
  •   エネコとアロマテラピー!
  •   Eneco and Aromatherapy!
  •   I Feel Skitty!
Main Image
  •   ザングースVSハブネーク!ライバル対決!!
  •   Zangoose VS Habunake! Rival Showdown!!
  •   Zig Zag Zangoose
Main Image
  •   マサトとマサト!アメタマを守れ!
  •   Masato and Masato! Protect Ametama!
  •   Maxxed Out!
Main Image
  •   ポケモンコンテスト・ハジツゲ大会!!
  •   The Hajitsuge Tournament Pokémon Contest!!
  •   Pros and Con Artists
Main Image
  •   VSチャーレム!コンテストバトル!!
  •   VS Charem! Contest Battle!!
  •   Come What May!
Main Image
  •   プラスルとマイナン!応援の道!?
  •   Plusle and Minun! The Field of Cheering!?
  •   Cheer Pressure
Main Image
  •   エネコとねこのて!ドンメルの牧場!
  •   Eneco and Assist! The Donmel Ranch!
  •   Game Winning Assist
Main Image
  •   マグマ団VSアクア団、再び!えんとつ山の戦い!!
  •   The Magma Gang VS the Aqua Gang Again! The Battle of Mt. Chimney!!
  •   Fight for the Meteorite
Main Image
  •   新人ジムリーダー・アスナ!穴だらけのバトルフィールド!?
  •   The New Gym Leader Asuna! A Battlefield Full of Holes!?
  •   Poetry Commotion!
Main Image
  •   ヒートバッジ!燃えるバトルでゲットだぜ!!
  •   The Heat Badge! Getting One in a Battle of Burning Passion!!
  •   Going, Going, Yawn
Main Image
  •   パッチールがいっぱい!幸せさがして山の彼方に!?
  •   Lots of Patcheel! Searching for Happiness Over the Mountain!?
  •   Going for a Spinda
Main Image
  •   ハガネの谷を突破せよ!コータスVSハガネール!!
  •   Break Through Steel Valley! Cotoise VS Haganeil!!
  •   All Torkoal, No Play
Main Image
  •   キンセツジムふたたび!VSライボルト!!
  •   Kinsetsu Gym Once Again! VS Livolt!!
  •   Manectric Charge
Main Image
  •   エネコとエネコロロ!伝説のコーディネーター登場!!
  •   Eneco and Enekororo! Enter the Legendary Coordinator!!
  •   Delcatty Got Your Tongue
Main Image
  •   仮面のコーディネーター・ファントム登場!!
  •   Enter the Masked Coordinator Phantom!!
  •   Disaster of Disguise
Main Image
  •   シダケタウン!ポケモンコンテスト!!
  •   Shidake Town! Pokémon Contest!!
  •   Disguise Da Limit
Main Image
  •   ソルロックとハスブレロ!聖なる森の伝説!
  •   Solrock and Hasubrero! The Legend of the Holy Forest!!
  •   Take the Lombre Home
Main Image
  •   チルットの空!ハルカの心!!
  •   Tyltto's Sky! The Heart of Haruka!!
  •   True Blue Swablu
Main Image
  •   ゴクリン撃退大作戦!!
  •   The Great Anti-Gokulin Operation!
  •   Gulpin It Down
Main Image
  •   一触即発!バクオングVSジュプトル!!
  •   An Explosive Situation! Bakuong VS Juptile!!
  •   Exploud and Clear
Main Image
  •   踊るバトルだ!ルンパッパ!!
  •   It's a Dance Battle! Runpappa!!
  •   Go Go Ludicolo
Main Image
  •   パパはアイドル!?いつわりのジムリーダー!!
  •   Papa is an Idol!? The Fake Gym Leader!!
  •   A Double Dilemma
Main Image
  •   トウカジムの危機!家庭の危機!!
  •   A Touka Gym Crisis! A Family Crisis!!
  •   Love, Petalburg Style!
Main Image
  •   トウカジム戦!五つ目のバッジ!!
  •   Touka Gym Match! The Fifth Badge!!
  •   Balance of Power
Main Image
  •   オーキド博士とオダマキ博士!秘密基地の戦い!!
  •   Professor Okido and Professor Odamaki! The Battle of the Secret Base!!
  •   Six Pack Attack
Main Image
  •   タッグバトル!サトシVSハルカ!?
  •   Tag Battle! Satoshi VS Haruka!?
  •   The Bicker the Better
Main Image
  •   禁断の森の王者!フシギバナ!!
  •   The King of the Forbidden Forest! Fushigibana!!
  •   Grass Hysteria!
Main Image
  •   フシギダネとフシギダネ!モンスターボールを取り返せ!!
  •   Fushigidane and Fushigidane! Recover the Monster Balls!!
  •   Hokey Poké Balls
Main Image
  •   対決!巨大ナマズンと釣り名人!!
  •   Showdown! The Giant Namazun and the Fishing Master!!
  •   Whiscash and Ash
Main Image
  •   ヤジロンと霧の中の遺跡!
  •   Yajiron and the Ruins in the Mist!
  •   Me, Myself and Time
Main Image
  •   強敵!?ママさんコーディネーター登場!
  •   A Formidable Enemy!? Enter the Coordinator Mama!
  •   A Fan with a Plan
Main Image
  •   ポケモンコンテスト!ルイボス大会!!
  •   Pokémon Contest! The Rooibos Tournament!!
  •   Cruisin' For a Losin'
Main Image
  •   バネブーのさがしもの!?
  •   Baneboo's Lost Object!?
  •   Pearls Are a Spoink's Best Friend
Main Image
  •   初挑戦!空中競技・ポケリンガ!!
  •   First Try! Pokéringer, the Competition in the Sky!!
  •   That's Just Swellow
Main Image
  •   カゲボウズの館!
  •   Kagebouzu's Mansion!
  •   Take This House and Shuppet
Main Image
  •   森の格闘王!?ワカシャモVSキノガッサ!
  •   The Fighting King of the Forest!? Wakashamo VS Kinogassa!
  •   A Shroomish Skirmish
Main Image
  •   お天気研究所のポワルン!
  •   The Weather Institute's Powalen!
  •   Unfair Weather Friends
Main Image
  •   ヒワマキシティのフェザーカーニバル!!
  •   The Feather Carnival in Hiwamaki City!!
  •   Who's Flying Now?
Main Image
  •   ヒワマキジム!大空の戦い!!
  •   Hiwamaki Gym! A Battle in the Skies!!
  •   Sky High Gym Battle!
Main Image
  •   映画はバクーダに乗って!!
  •   The Movie Rides on Bakuda!!
  •   Lights, Camerupt, Action!
Main Image
  •   神秘!宇宙から来たポケモン!?
  •   A Grand Mystery! A Pokémon from Space!?
  •   Crazy as a Lunatone
Main Image
  •   バナナナマケロ園のカビゴン!!
  •   The Kabigon of the Banana-Namakero Garden!!
  •   The Garden of Eatin'
Main Image
  •   ピカチュウ、ロケット団に入る!?
  •   Pikachu Joins the Rocket Gang!?
  •   A Scare to Remember
Main Image
  •   ミナモシティ到着!ポロックとつばめがえし!
  •   Arrival in Minamo City! Polocks and Aerial Ace!
  •   PokéBlock, Stock, and Berry
Main Image
  •   ポケモンコンテスト!ミナモ大会!!
  •   Pokémon Contest! The Minamo Tournament!!
  •   Lessons in Lilycove
Main Image
  •   あの三匹登場!審判学校の島!
  •   Those Three Appear! The Referee School Island!
  •   Judgment Day!
Main Image
  •   パールルとバネブー!しんじゅをさがせ!
  •   Pearlulu and Baneboo! Search for the Pearl!
  •   Clamperl of Wisdom
Main Image
  •   ジーランスと深海の秘宝!
  •   Glanth and the Deep Sea Treasure!
  •   The Relicanth Really Can
Main Image
  •   ハンテールとサクラビス!進化の謎!
  •   Huntail and Sakurabyss! The Evolution Riddle!
  •   The Evolutionary War
Main Image
  •   筋肉バトル!?ダブルバトル!!
  •   Muscle Battle!? Double Battle!!
  •   Training Wrecks
Main Image
  •   グラードンVSカイオーガ!(前編)
  •   Groudon VS Kyogre! (Part 1)
  •   Gaining Groudon
Main Image
  •   グラードンVSカイオーガ!(後編)
  •   Groudon VS Kyogre! (Part 2)
  •   The Scuffle of Legends
Main Image
  •   フウとラン!宇宙センターの戦い!
  •   Fuu and Ran! The Battle of the Space Center!
  •   It's Still Rocket Roll to Me
Main Image
  •   トクサネジム!ソルロックとルナトーン!
  •   Tokusane Gym! Solrock and Lunatone!
  •   Solid as a Solrock
Main Image
  •   海の男!四天王ゲンジ登場!!
  •   The Man of the Sea! Enter Elite Four Genji!!
  •   Vanity Affair
Main Image
  •   ドクター・モロボシの島!化石ポケモン現る!!
  •   The Island of Doctor Moroboshi! Fossil Pokémon Appear!!
  •   Where's Armaldo?
Main Image
  •   イザベ島ポケモンコンテスト!ライバルに気をつけろ!!
  •   The Izabe Island Pokémon Contest! Beware of the Rival!!
  •   A Cacturne for the Worse
Main Image
  •   巨大ネンドールを封印せよ!!
  •   Seal the Giant Nendoll!!
  •   Claydol Big and Tall
Main Image
  •   恋するクチート!ハスブレロの花道!!
  •   Kucheat in Love! Hasubrero's Path of Glory!!
  •   Once in a Mawile
Main Image
  •   ナックラーとビブラーバ!幻の湖!
  •   Nuckrar and Vibrava! The Mythical Lake!
  •   Beg, Burrow, and Steal
Main Image
  •   アブソル!忍び寄るわざわいの影
  •   Absol! The Shadow of Looming Disaster
  •   Absol-ute Disaster
Main Image
  •   ユキワラシをつかまえろ!
  •   Catch Yukiwarashi!
  •   Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snorunt!
Main Image
  •   ラルトスを救え!急げマサト!
  •   Rescue Ralts! Hurry, Masato!
  •   Do I Hear a Ralts?
Main Image
  •   ルネジム!水のアーティスト・アダン!(前編)
  •   Rune Gym! Water Artist Adan! (Part 1)
  •   The Great Eight Fate
Main Image
  •   ルネジム!水のアーティスト・アダン!(後編)
  •   Rune Gym! Water Artist Adan! (Part 2)
  •   Eight Ain't Enough
Main Image
  •   マッスグマ!友情のカタチ!?
  •   Massuguma! The Shape of Friendship!?
  •   Showdown at Linoone
Main Image
  •   まぼろし島のソーナノ!
  •   The Sohnano of Mirage Island!
  •   Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut?
Main Image
  •   ころがれ!恋するドンファン!
  •   Rollout! Donfan in Love!
  •   Date Expectations
Main Image
  •   混戦、混乱!ポケモンコンテスト・キナギ大会!(前編)
  •   A Wild Battle and a Wild Mess! The Kinagi Tournament Pokémon Contest! (Part 1)
  •   Mean With Envy
Main Image
  •   混戦、混乱!ポケモンコンテスト・キナギ大会!(後編)
  •   A Wild Battle and a Wild Mess! The Kinagi Tournament Pokémon Contest! (Part 2)
  •   Pacifidlog Jam
Main Image
  •   ハルカデリシャスで、ゴンベGETかも!!
  •   I'm Getting Gonbe with Haruka Delicious, no?
  •   Berry, Berry Interesting
Main Image
  •   ライバル登場!マサムネとダンバル!!
  •   Enter the Rival! Masamune and Dumbel!!
  •   Less Is Morrison
Main Image
  •   怪盗バンナイとリボンカップ!!
  •   The Phantom Thief Bannai and the Ribbon Cup!!
  •   The Ribbon Cup Caper
Main Image
  •   開幕!グランドフェスティバル①!!
  •   Begin! The Grand Festival (1)!!
  •   Hi Ho Silver Wind
Main Image
  •   熱闘!グランドフェスティバル②!!
  •   Fierce Fighting! The Grand Festival (2)!!
  •   Deceit and Assist
Main Image
  •   決戦!グランドフェスティバル③!!
  •   Decisive Battle! The Grand Festival (3)!!
  •   Rhapsody in Drew
Main Image
  •   サバイバルでいこう!
  •   Let's Survive!
  •   Island Time
Main Image
  •   サイユウシティ到着!長靴をはいたニャース!?
  •   Arrival in Saiyu City! Nyarth in Boots!?
  •   Like a Meowth to Flame
Main Image
  •   予備選スタート!マサムネ登場!!
  •   The Preliminaries Start! Enter Masamune!!
  •   Saved by the Beldum
Main Image
  •   開幕!サイユウ大会!!
  •   Begin! The Saiyu Tournament!!
  •   From Brags to Riches
Main Image
  •   決勝トーナメントへ!熱き戦いの日々!
  •   To the Tournament Finals! Feverish Battles Every Day!
  •   Shocks and Bonds
Main Image
  •   そして…負けられない戦いは続く!!
  •   And then... We Continue the Battles We Cannot Lose!!
  •   A Judgment Brawl
Main Image
  •   ライバル対決!VSマサムネ!
  •   Rival Showdown! VS Masamune!
  •   Choose It or Lose It
Main Image
  •   最後の激闘!優勝への道!!
  •   The Final Fight! The Road to Victory!!
  •   At the End of the Fray
Main Image
  •   エニシダとバトルフロンティア!
  •   Enishida and the Battle Frontier!
  •   The Scheme Team
Main Image
  •   オーキド研究所!全員集合!!
  •   The Okido Laboratories! Everyone Gathers!!
  •   The Right Place and the Right Mime
Main Image
  •   おつきみやま!ピィとピッピとピクシーと!
  •   Moon-Viewing Mountain! With Py, Pippi, and Pixy!
  •   A Real Cleffa-Hanger
Main Image
  •   初陣!バトルファクトリー!(前編)
  •   The First Battle! The Battle Factory! (Part 1)
  •   Numero Uno Articuno
Main Image
  •   初陣!バトルファクトリー!(後編)
  •   The First Battle! The Battle Factory! (Part 2)
  •   The Symbol Life
Main Image
  •   イワークの王国!!
  •   The Iwark Kingdom!!
  •   Hooked on Onix
Main Image
  •   プリンの歌、パパの歌!
  •   Purin's Song, Papa's Song!
  •   Rough, Tough Jigglypuff
Main Image
  •   ライバル対決!ウインディをゲットかも!
  •   Rival Showdown! I'm Getting Windie, no?
  •   On Cloud Arcanine
Main Image
  •   コダックの憂鬱!
  •   The Melancholy of Koduck!
  •   Sitting Psyduck
Main Image
  •   ニューラとバリヤード!どっちのレストラン!?
  •   Nyula and Barrierd! Whose Restaurant!?
  •   Hail to the Chef
Main Image
  •   進化!その神秘と奇跡!!
  •   Evolution! That Mystery and Miracle!!
  •   Caterpie's Big Dilemma
Main Image
  •   ポケモンコンテスト・ヤマブキ大会!!(前編)
  •   The Yamabuki Tournament Pokémon Contest!! (Part 1)
  •   The Saffron Con
Main Image
  •   ポケモンコンテスト・ヤマブキ大会!!(後編)
  •   The Yamabuki Tournament Pokémon Contest!! (Part 2)
  •   A Hurdle for Squirtle
Main Image
  •   エスパーVSゴースト!真夜中の決闘!?
  •   Psychic VS Ghost! A Midnight Duel!?
  •   Fear Factor Phony!
Main Image
  •   マネネ登場!休息の館!
  •   Enter Manene! The Mansion of Relief!
  •   Sweet Baby James
Main Image
  •   ミズゴロウとモココ!恋の特効薬!?
  •   Mizugorou and Mokoko! A Wonder Drug for Love!?
  •   A Chip Off the Old Brock
Main Image
  •   バトルアリーナ!格闘対決!!
  •   The Battle Arena! Fighting Showdown!!
  •   Wheel of Frontier
Main Image
  •   そだて屋さんとポケモンのタマゴ!
  •   The Day Care Workers and the Pokémon Eggs!
  •   May's Egg-cellent Adventure
Main Image
  •   ライバルはサラリーマン!?
  •   My Rival is an Office Worker?!
  •   Weekend Warrior
Main Image
  •   ハクリューの湖!
  •   The Hakuryu Lake!
  •   On Olden Pond
Main Image
  •   バトルドーム!炎と水のフュージョン!!
  •   The Battle Dome! A Fusion of Fire and Water!!
  •   Tactics Theatrics
Main Image
  •   ドッキリ!ビックリ!エレキッド!!
  •   The Shockingly Amazing Elekid!!
  •   Reversing the Charges
Main Image
  •   ポケモンレンジャー登場!セレビィ救出作戦!!
  •   Enter the Pokémon Ranger! Operation: Rescue Celebi!!
  •   The Green Guardian
Main Image
  •   ウソハチと忍者スクール!!
  •   Usohachi and the Ninja School!!
  •   From Cradle to Save
Main Image
  •   時を超えるハルカ!!
  •   Haruka Travels Through Time!!
  •   Time-Warp Heals All Wounds
Main Image
  •   熱闘バトルチューブ!VSチューブクイーン・アザミ!!
  •   Fierce Fighting At The Battle Tube! VS Tube Queen Azami!!
  •   Queen of the Serpentine
Main Image
  •   優勝は誰の手に!?ポケモンオリエンテーリング!!
  •   Who Has The Championship In Hand!? Pokemon Orienteering
  •   Off the Unbeaten Path
Main Image
  •   ゴンベのデビュー戦!ハーリーと真剣勝負!!
  •   Gonbe's Debut Battle! Harley and Bout with Real Swords!!
  •   Harley Rides Again
Main Image
  •   ジュプトルVSトロピウス!草原の決闘!!
  •   Juptile VS Tropius! Grassland Duel!!
  •   Odd Pokémon Out
Main Image
  •   ポケモンコンテスト!ユズリハ大会!!
  •   Pokemon Contest! Yuzuriha Tournament!!
  •   Spontaneous Combusken
Main Image
  •   ジュカイン!復活の夜明け!!
  •   Jukain! Dawn of Revival!!
  •   Cutting the Ties That Bind
Main Image
  •   激闘!バトルパレスでジャングルバトル!!
  •   Fierce Fighting! Jungle Battle at the Battle Palace!!
  •   Ka Boom With A View
Main Image
  •   ウソハチキングとマネネクイーン!?
  •   Usohachi King and Manene Queen!?
  •   King and Queen For a Day
Main Image
  •   摩天楼の赤いイナズマ!
  •   The Red Lighting of the Skyscraper!
  •   Curbing the Crimson Tide
Main Image
  •   大一番!ハルカVSタケシ!!
  •   Decisive Match! Haruka VS Takeshi!!
  •   What I Did For Love
Main Image
  •   ムチュールとルージュラ三姉妹!!
  •   Muchul and the Three Rougela Sisters!!
  •   Three Jynx and a Baby
Main Image
  •   タワータイクーン、リラ登場!
  •   Tower Tycoon, Lila Enters!
  •   Talking a Good Game
Main Image
  •   バトルタワー!以心伝心バトル!!
  •   Battle Tower! Telepathy Battle!!
  •   Second Time's the Charm
Main Image
  •   ポケモンレンジャー!デオキシス・クライシス!!
  •   Pokemon Ranger! Deoxys Crisis!! Part 1
  •   Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys' Crisis (Part 1)
Main Image
  •   ポケモンレンジャー!デオキシス・クライシス!!
  •   Pokemon Ranger! Deoxys Crisis!! Part 2
  •   Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys' Crisis (Part 2)
Main Image
  •   ウソッキー!黄金伝説!?
  •   Usokkie! Gold Legend!?
  •   All That Glitters Is Not Golden
Main Image
  •   ハーリー&ロケット団 悪役同盟結成!?
  •   Harley and Team Rocket: The Formation of a Villain Alliance!?
  •   New Plot, Odd Lot!
Main Image
  •   ハルカVSムサシ!最後のコンテスト!!
  •   Haruka VS Musashi! The Last Contest!!
  •   Going for Choke
Main Image
  •   ロケット団解散!?それぞれの道!
  •   The Rocket Gang Disbands!? Respective Roads!
  •   The Ole' Berate and Switch
Main Image
  •   タケシ&サトシ!タッグバトルでニビジムを守れ!!
  •   Takeshi & Satoshi! Defend Nibi Gym in a Tag Battle!!
  •   Grating Spaces
Main Image
  •   バトルピラミッド!VSレジロック!!
  •   Battle Pyramid! VS Regirock!!
  •   Battling the Enemy Within
Main Image
  •   驚異! 巨大ケッキングの山!!
  •   Marvel! Mountain of the Giant Kekking!!
  •   Slaking Kong
Main Image
  •   開幕!ポケモンコンテスト・グランドフェスティバル!!
  •   Begin! Pokémon Contest - Grand Festival!!
  •   May, We Harley Drew'd Ya
Main Image
  •   ハルカVSハーリー!ダブルバトルでステージ・オン!!
  •   Haruka VS Harley! Stage On with a Double Battle!!
  •   Thinning the Hoard
Main Image
  •   ハルカVSシュウ!最後の戦い!!
  •   Haruka VS Shuu! The Final Battle!!
  •   Channeling the Battle Zone
Main Image
  •   エイパムと王様!
  •   Eipam and the King!
  •   Aipom and Circumstance
Main Image
  •   ペラップとポケモン漫才!
  •   Perap and the Pokémon Comedian!
  •   Strategy Tomorrow – Comedy Tonight
Main Image
  •   襲撃!はぐれマニューラ!!
  •   Attack! The Stray Manyula!!
  •   Duels of the Jungle
Main Image
  •   バトルピラミド再び! VSレジスチル!!
  •   Battle Pyramid Again! VS Registeel!!
  •   Overjoyed
Main Image
  •   ハルカVSシュウ!ライバルよ永遠に
  •   Haruka vs Shuu! Rivals Forever
  •   The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing
Main Image
  •   ポケモンセンターはおおいそがし!
  •   The Pokemon Center is Very Busy!
  •   Pinch Healing
Main Image
  •   最初のポケモン!最後の戦い!!
  •   The First Pokemon! The Last Battle!!
  •   Gathering the Gang of Four
Main Image
  •   決戦!VSレジアイス!!
  •   Decisive Battle! VS Regice!!
  •   Pace - The Final Frontier
Main Image
  •   サトシVSハルカ!ラストバトル!!
  •   Satoshi VS Haruka! Last Battle!!
  •   Once More with Reeling
Main Image
  •   旅の終わり、そして旅のはじまり!
  •   The End of a Journey, The Start of a Journey!
  •   Home Is Where the Start Is!
Main Image
  •   旅立ち!フタバタウンからマサゴタウンへ!
  •   Setting Off! From Futaba Town to Masago Town!
  •   Following a Maiden's Voyage
Main Image
  •   ピカチュウをさがせ!202番道路!
  •   Find Pikachu! Route 202!
  •   Two Degrees of Separation
Main Image
  •   ライバルバトル!三対三!!
  •   Rival Battle! Three vs. Three!!
  •   When Pokémon Worlds Collide
Main Image
  •   ポッチャマ対スボミー!ヒカリ初バトル!!
  •   Pochama VS Subomie! Hikari's First Battle!!
  •   Dawn of a New Era
Main Image
  •   ナエトル、ゲットだぜ!
  •   I got a Naetle!
  •   Gettin' Twiggy With It
Main Image
  •   迷いの森!シンジふたたび!!
  •   Forest of Hesitation! Shinji Again!
  •   Different Strokes for Different Blokes
Main Image
  •   ポッチャマがんばる!!
  •   Pochama Tries its Best!!
  •   Like It or Lup It
Main Image
  •   なぞのジムのグレッグル!
  •   Gureggru of the Mysterious Gym!
  •   Gymbaliar
Main Image
  •   ミミロルとあそぼう!?
  •   Let's Play with Mimirol!?
  •   Setting the World on its Buneary
Main Image
  •   ポケッチ入手困難!?
  •   Pokétch Unavailable?!
  •   Not On My Watch Ya Don't
Main Image
  •    ヒカリ!コンテストデビュー!!
  •   Hikari! Contest Debut!!
  •   Mounting a Coordinator Assault
Main Image
  •   コンテストバトル!ライバル対決!!
  •   Contest Battle! Rival Confrontation!!
  •   Arrival of a Rival
Main Image
  •   ムックルがんばる!
  •   Mukkuru Stands Firm!
  •   A Staravia Is Born
Main Image
  •   タケシにおまかせ!
  •   Leave It to Takeshi!
  •   Leave It to Brocko!
Main Image
  •   クロガネジム!ヒョウタVSシンジ!!
  •   Kurogane Gym! Hyōta vs Shinji!!
  •   Shapes of Things to Come
Main Image
  •   ズガイドスVSピカチュウ
  •   Zugaidos vs. Pikachu
  •   A Gruff Act to Follow
Main Image
  •   古代ポケモン大進撃!
  •   Big Charge of Ancient Pokémon!
  •   Wild in the Streets
Main Image
  •   クロガネジムふたたび!決戦ラムパルド!!
  •   Return to Kurogane Gym! Decisive Match with Rampard!!
  •   O'er the Rampardos We Watched
Main Image
  •   パチリスゲットで・・・・・・大丈夫!?
  •   Getting Pachirisu...... is fine!?
  •   Twice Smitten, Once Shy
Main Image
  •   ポケモンハンターJ!
  •   Pokémon Hunter J!
  •   Mutiny in the Bounty
Main Image
  •   最強のコイキングと最も美しいヒンバス!
  •   The Strongest Koiking and the Most Beautiful Hinbass!
  •   Ya See We Want an Evolution
Main Image
  •   パチリスVSエイパム!コンテストバトル!!
  •   Pachirisu VS Eipam! Contest Battle!!
  •   Borrowing on Bad Faith
Main Image
  •   爆走ハガネール!ビッパの村を守れ!!
  •   Roaring Haganeil! Protect the Bippa Village!!
  •   Faced with Steelix Determination
Main Image
  •   対決!サトシ対ピカチュウ!?
  •   Showdown! Satoshi VS Pikachu!?
  •   Cooking Up a Sweet Story
Main Image
  •   怪傑ロズレイドと花伝説!
  •   Roserade the Mystery Man and the Flower Legend!
  •   Oh Do You Know the Poffin Plan
Main Image
  •   ポケモンコンテスト!ソノオ大会!!
  •   Pokémon Contest! Sonou Tournament!!
  •   Getting the Pre-Contest Titters
Main Image
  •   決戦!ポッチャマVSポッタイシ!!
  •   Deciding Match! Pochama VS Pottaishi!!
  •   Settling a Not-So-Old Score
Main Image
  •   フワンテと北風の使い!
  •   Fuwante and the Carrier of the North Wind!
  •   Drifloon on the Wind
Main Image
  •   サトシとヒカリ!タッグバトルで大丈夫!?
  •   Satoshi and Hikari! A Tag Battle Will be Fine!?
  •   The Champ Twins
Main Image
  •   ハクタイの森!ミノムッチ進化作戦!!
  •   Hakutai Forest! Minomucchi Evolution Tactics!!
  •   Some Enchanted Sweetening
Main Image
  •   ナエトル対ナエトル!スピード対決!!
  •   Naetle VS Naetle! Speed Showdown!!
  •   The Grass-type Is Always Greener
Main Image
  •   琥珀の城のビークイン
  •   Biikuin of the Amber Castle
  •   An Angry Combeenation
Main Image
  •   スキです!ポケモンなりきり大会!!
  •   I like it! Pokémon Roleplay Tournament!!
  •   All Dressed Up With Somewhere to Go
Main Image
  •   ブイゼル!最強への道!!
  •   Buizel! The Road to Strength!!
  •   Buizel Your Way Out of This
Main Image
  •   四天王ゴヨウとドータクン!
  •   Elite Four Goyō and Dootakun!
  •   An Elite Meet and Greet
Main Image
  •   シンオウ時空伝説!
  •   The Shin'ō Space-Time Legend!
  •   A Secret Sphere of Influence
Main Image
  •   ハクタイジム!VSナタネ!!
  •   Hakutai Gym! VS Natane!
  •   The Grass Menagerie
Main Image
  •   爆誕!サイクリングロード!!
  •   Explosive Birth! Cycling Road!!
  •   One Big Happiny Family
Main Image
  •   ピカチュウのおるすばん!
  •   Pikachu in Charge!
  •   Steamboat Willies
Main Image
  •   チャンピオン・シロナ登場!!
  •   Champion Shirona Appears!!
  •   Top-Down Training
Main Image
  •   ヒカリとノゾミとダブルパフォーマンス!!
  •   Hikari, Nozomi and a Double Performance!!
  •   A Stand-Up Sit-Down
Main Image
  •   ラクライ訓練センター!
  •   Rakurai Practice Center!
  •   The Electrike Company
Main Image
  •   ムウマージ!悪夢からの脱出!!
  •   Mumage! Escape from a Nightmare!!
  •   Malice in Wonderland
Main Image
  •   迷子のヒポポタスを助けろ!
  •   Save the Stray Child Hipopotas!
  •   Mass Hip-Po-Sis
Main Image
  •   ハンターJ再び!タテトプスを守れ!!
  •   Hunter J Returns! Protect Tatetops!!
  •   Ill-Will Hunting
Main Image
  •   迷路でシャッフル!みんなでハッスル!!
  •   Maze Shuffle! Everyone Hustle!!
  •   A Maze-ing Race
Main Image
  •   ミルとケーシィと水の底!
  •   Miru and Keeshi and the Water's Bottom
  •   Sandshrew's Locker
Main Image
  •   ポケモンコンテスト!ヨスガ大会!!
  •   Pokemon Contest! Yosuga Tournament!!
  •   Dawn’s Early Night!
Main Image
  •   全員参加!タッグバトル!!
  •   All Members Participate! Tag Battle!!
  •   Tag! We're It
Main Image
  •   ヒコザルVSザングース!運命のバトル!!
  •   Hikozaru VS Zangoose! Battle of Fate!!
  •   Glory Blaze
Main Image
  •   タッグバトル!ファイナル!!
  •   Tag Battle! The Finals!!
  •   Smells Like Team Spirit
Main Image
  •   ヒコザルの涙!
  •   Hikozaru's Tears!
  •   Tears for Fears
Main Image
  •   ナタネとサボネア!さよならは誰ため!
  •   Natane and Sabonea! Who is the Farewell for!
  •   Once There Were Greenfields
Main Image
  •   エイパムとブイゼル!それぞれの道!!
  •   Eipam and Buizel! Respective Roads!!
  •   Throwing the Track Switch
Main Image
  •   ミカルゲの要石!
  •   Mikaruge's Keystone
  •   The Keystone Pops
Main Image
  •   ビーダルは知っていた!
  •   Beadull Knows!
  •   Bibarel Gnaws Best
Main Image
  •   ダイノーズ!熱き魂!!
  •   Dainose! Burning Spirit!!
  •   Nosing 'Round the Mountain
Main Image
  •   レントラーの瞳!
  •   Rentorer's Eyes!
  •   Luxray Vision
Main Image
  •   ズイの遺跡のアンノーン!
  •   Unknown of the Zui Ruins!
  •   Journey to the Unown
Main Image
  •   ポケモンコンテスト!ズイ大会!!
  •   Pokémon Contest! Zui Tournament!!
  •   Team Shocker
Main Image
  •   メイドカフェのミルタンク!
  •   The Maid Cafe Miltank!
  •   Tanks for the Memories
Main Image
  •   ウリムートリオと湯けむりバトル!!
  •   The Urimoo Trio and the Steamy Battle!!
  •   Hot Springing a Leak
Main Image
  •   グライオンとグライガー!風の迷路をぬけて!
  •   Gliscor and Gligar! Getting Through the Maze of Wind!
  •   Riding the Winds of Change
Main Image
  •   パチリスはカバルドンの口の中!?
  •   Pachirisu is in Kabarudon's Mouth!?
  •   Sleight of Sand
Main Image
  •   ルカリオ!怒りのはどうだん!!
  •   Lucario! Wave Bomb of Anger!!
  •   Lost Leader Strategy
Main Image
  •   ヒカリはじめてのジムバトル!!
  •   Hikari's First Gym Battle!!
  •   Crossing the Battle Line
Main Image
  •   トバリジム!ルカリオVSブイゼル!!
  •   Tobari Gym! Lucario VS Buoysel!!
  •   A Triple Fighting Chance
Main Image
  •   ステキファッション!その名はギンガ団!!
  •   Lovely Fashion! The Name is the Galaxy Gang!!
  •   Enter Galactic
Main Image
  •   シャンとしてリーシャン!
  •   Pull Yourself Together, Lisyan!
  •   The Bells Are Singing
Main Image
  •   ポケモンレンジャー!波導のリオル!! (前編)
  •   Pokémon Ranger! The Wave-Guiding Riolu!! (Part 1)
  •   Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! Part 1
Main Image
  •   ポケモンレンジャー!波導のリオル!! (後編)
  •   Pokémon Ranger! The Wave-Guiding Riolu!! (Part 2)
  •   Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! Part 2
Main Image
  •   さよならドクケイル!
  •   Farewell Dokucale!
  •   Crossing Paths
Main Image
  •   ピカチュウ!ライチュウ!進化への道!!
  •   Pikachu! Raichu! The Way to Evolution!!
  •   Pika and Goliath
Main Image
  •   コンテストマスター・ミクリ登場!!
  •   Contest Master Mikuri Appears!!
  •   Our Cup Runneth Over
Main Image
  •   レストラン七つ星!タッグバトルでフルコース!!
  •   Restaurant Seven Stars! Tag Battle for a Full Course!!
  •   A Full Course Tag Battle
Main Image
  •   みんなライバル!ミクリカップ!!
  •   Everyone's a Rival! Mikuri Cup!!
  •   Staging a Heroes' Welcome
Main Image
  •   激闘!!それぞれのバトル!!
  •   Fierce Fighting! Respective Battles!!
  •   Pruning a Passel of Pals
Main Image
  •   決戦!ヒカリVSハルカ!!
  •   Decisive Match! Hikari VS Haruka!!
  •   Strategy With a Smile
Main Image
  •   ヤンヤンマ!ゲット作戦!!
  •   Yanyanma! Operation: Get It!!
  •   The Thief That Keeps On Thieving
Main Image
  •   灼熱のヒコザル!
  •   Scorching Hikozaru!
  •   Chim-Charred
Main Image
  •   ノモセ大湿原のグレッグル祭り!?
  •   Gureggru Festival of the Nomose Great Marsh!?
  •   Cream of the Croagunk Crop!
Main Image
  •   ノモセジム!VSマキシマム仮面!!
  •   Nomose Gym! VS Maximum Mask!!
  •   A Crasher Course in Power!
Main Image
  •   ウラヤマさんちの大食いウリムー!
  •   The Gluttonous Urimoo at Urayama's House!
  •   Hungry for the Good Life!
Main Image
  •   グライガー!友情の翼!!
  •   Gliger! Wings of Friendship!!
  •   Fighting Fear With Fear
Main Image
  •   ヨスガコレクション!ポケモンスタイリストへの道!!
  •   Yosuga Collection! The Road to Becoming a Pokémon Stylist!!
  •   Arriving in Style
Main Image
  •   コダックの通せんぼ!
  •   The Koduck Roadblock!
  •   The Psyduck Stops Here!
Main Image
  •   ポケモンサマースクール開講!!
  •   Pokémon Summer School Course!!
  •   Camping It Up!
Main Image
  •   研究発表「湖の伝説」
  •   Research Presentation 'Legend of the Lake'!
  •   Up Close and Personable
Main Image
  •   放課後はゴーストタイム
  •   It's Ghost Time After School
  •   Ghoul Daze
Main Image
  •   最後の大勝負!ポケモントライアスロン!!
  •   The Final Contest! Pokémon Triathalon!!
  •   One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team!
Main Image
  •   原点回帰だロケット団!?
  •   Back to Basics for the Rocket Gang!?
  •   A Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine!
Main Image
  •   踊るジムリーダー!メリッサ登場!!
  •   Dancing Gym Leader! Melissa Appears!
  •   Playing the Leveling Field
Main Image
  •   パチリスお熱です!2人でお留守番!?
  •   Pachirisu's Fever! Care-taking by 2 People!?
  •   Doc Brock
Main Image
  •   ポケモンコンテスト!カンナギ大会!!
  •   Pokémon Contest! Kannagi Tournament
  •   Battling the Generation Gap
Main Image
  •   ギンガ団襲撃!! (前編)
  •   The Galaxy Gang's Charge!! (Part One)
  •   Losing Its Lustrous!
Main Image
  •   ギンガ団襲撃!! (後編)
  •   The Galaxy Gang's Charge!! (Part Two)
  •   A Double Team Turnover
Main Image
  •   浮かぶ未確認怪物!?
  •   Unidentified Floating Monster!?
  •   If the Scarf Fits, Wear It
Main Image
  •   四天王リョウ!出会いと別れの森!
  •   Elite Four Ryō! Forest of Meeting and Separation!
  •   A Trainer and Child Reunion
Main Image
  •   ナエトル、ハヤシガメ…そしてドダイトス!
  •   Naetle, Hayashigame... and Dodaitose!
  •   Aiding the Enemy
Main Image
  •   ライバルトレーナー・ジュン登場!
  •   Rival Trainer Jun Appears!
  •   Barry's Busting Out All Over
Main Image
  •   ヨスガジム戦!VSメリッサ!!
  •   Yosuga Gym Match! VS Melissa!!
  •   Shield With a Twist
Main Image
  •   混戦混乱ミオシティ!
  •   Chaotic Melee in Mio City!
  •   Jumping Rocket Ship
Main Image
  •   ゲンとルカリオ!
  •   Gen and Lucario!
  •   Steeling Peace of Mind
Main Image
  •   鋼鉄島の遺跡!
  •   The Ruins of Steel Island!
  •   Saving the World from Ruins!
Main Image
  •   クレセリアVSダークライ!
  •   Crecelia VS Darkrai!
  •   Sleepless in Pre-Battle
Main Image
  •   羊羹とロトム!
  •   Yokan and Rotom!
  •   Get Your Rotom Running
Main Image
  •   ポケモンと仲良くなる方法!?
  •   How to make friends with Pokémon!?
  •   A Breed Stampede
Main Image
  •   ラムパルドVSトリデプス!!
  •   Rampard VS Trideps!!
  •   Ancient Family Matters
Main Image
  •   ミオジム戦!はがねのバトル!!
  •   Mio Gym Match! Steel Battle!!
  •   Dealing With Defensive Types
Main Image
  •   迷子のホエルコ!
  •   The Stray Hoeruko!
  •   Leading a Stray
Main Image
  •   ピカチュウ・ポッチャマ漂流記!
  •   Pikachu-Pochama Drifting Chronicle!
  •   Cheers on Castaways Isle!
Main Image
  •   いたずらフィオネ!
  •   Mischief Phione!
  •   Hold the Phione!
Main Image
  •   ポケモンコンテスト! アケビ大会!!
  •   Pokémon Contest! Akebi Tournament!!
  •   Another One Gabites the Dust!
Main Image
  •   ワイルドジュンサーと相棒ペラップ!
  •   Wild Junsa and her Partner Perap!
  •   Stealing the Conversation!
Main Image
  •   吹雪の中のユキメノコ
  •   Yukimenoko in the Middle of a Blizzard
  •   The Drifting Snorunt!
Main Image
  •   ロケット団解散!?
  •   Rocket Gang Disbands!?
  •   Noodles! Roamin' Off!
Main Image
  •   ポケリンガ ! 天空大決戦!!
  •   PokéRinger! Decisive Sky Battle!!
  •   Pursuing a Lofty Goal!
Main Image
  •   激突!マンムーVSボスゴドラ!
  •   Clash! Manmoo VS Bossgodora!
  •   Trials and Adulations!
Main Image
  •   さびしがりやのユキカブリ!
  •   The Lonely Yukikaburi!
  •   The Lonely Snover!
Main Image
  •   進化!その時ポッチャマは!?
  •   Evolution! But Then Pochama...?!
  •   Stopped in the Name of Love!
Main Image
  •   ポケモンコンテスト・タツナミ大会!!
  •   Pokémon Contest - Tatsunami Tournament!!
  •   Old Rivals, New Tricks!
Main Image
  •   ポケモンピンポン大会!エテボースがんばる!!
  •   Pokémon Ping Pong Tournament! Eteboth Gives Its All!!
  •   To Thine Own Pokémon Be True!
Main Image
  •   チェリンボ!けなげなバトル!?
  •   Cherinbo! A Brave Battle!?
  •   Battling a Cute Drama!
Main Image
  •   トレーナースクールのスズナ先生!
  •   Teacher Suzuna of the Trainers' School!
  •   Classroom Training!
Main Image
  •   キッサキジム! 氷のバトル!!
  •   Kissaki Gym! Ice Battle!!
  •   Sliding Into Seventh
Main Image
  •   バトルピラミッド!シンジvsジンダイ!!
  •   Battle Pyramid! Shinji VS Jindai!!
  •   A Pyramiding Rage!
Main Image
  •   復活のレジギガス!J再び!!
  •   The Revived Regigigas! J Returns!!
  •   Pillars of Friendship!
Main Image
  •   デンリュウ列車!ハンサム登場!!
  •   The Denryu Train! Handsome Appears!!
  •   Frozen on the Tracks!
Main Image
  •   フルバトル!シンジVSサトシ!!-前編-
  •   Full Battle! Shinji VS Satoshi!! -Part 1-
  •   Pedal to the Mettle!
Main Image
  •   フルバトル!シンジVSサトシ!!-後編-
  •   Full Battle! Shinji VS Satoshi!! -Part 2-
  •   Evolving Strategies!
Main Image
  •   ユクシーの影!
  •   Yuxie's Shadow!
  •   Uncrushing Defeat!
Main Image
  •   森の王者!モジャンボ!!
  •   The Forest King! Mojumbo!!
  •   Promoting Healthy Tangrowth!
Main Image
  •   全員参戦!ポケモンハッスル!
  •   Everyone Joins the Battle! Pokémon Hustle!
  •   Beating the Bustle and Hustle!
Main Image
  •   テンガン山の遺跡!ギンガ団の陰謀!!
  •   The Ruins at Mt. Tengan! The Galaxy Gang Conspiracy!!
  •   Gateway to Ruin!
Main Image
  •   マリル・ポッチャマ・エレキッド!
  •   Maril - Pochama - Elekid!
  •   Three Sides to Every Story!
Main Image
  •   ヒカリVSママ!親子対決!!
  •   Hikari VS Mama! Showdown Between Parent and Child!!
  •   Strategy Begins at Home!
Main Image
  •   オーキド博士を救出せよ! ニョロトノVSグレッグル!!
  •   Rescue Professor Okido! Nyorotono VS Gureggru!!
  •   A Faux Oak Finish!
Main Image
  •   ネイティ, ネイティオ。。。不思議な森!
  •   Naty, Natio... Mysterious Forest!
  •   Historical Mystery Tour!
Main Image
  •   タワータイクーン! その男, クロツグ!!
  •   Tower Tycoon! That Man, Kurotsugu!!
  •   Challenging a Towering Figure!
Main Image
  •   史上最悪のトゲピー!
  •   The Most Horrible Togepi of All Time!
  •   Where No Togepi Has Gone Before!
Main Image
  •   ジョウトフェスタ! チコリータとワニノコ登場!!
  •   Jouto Festa! Chicorita and Waninoko Appear!!
  •   An Egg Scramble!
Main Image
  •   ダンジョン攻略!? 谷間の発電所!
  •   Dungeon Escape!? The Valley Power Plant!
  •   Gone with the Windworks!
Main Image
  •   フカマル…ゲットだぜ!
  •   I got... Fukamaru!
  •   A Rivalry to Gible On!
Main Image
  •   ポケモンコンテスト! スイレン大会!!
  •   Pokémon Contest! Suiren Tournament!!
  •   Dressed for Jess Success!
Main Image
  •   サトシとヒカリ!タッグバトル!!
  •   Satoshi and Hikari! Tag Battle!!
  •   Bagged Then Tagged!
Main Image
  •   ムウマとヤミカラスとやみのいし!
  •   Muma and Yamikarasu and the Dark Stone!
  •   Try For the Family Stone!
Main Image
  •   燃えよカビゴン!ポケスロンの王者!!
  •   Get Fired Up, Kabigon! The King of Pokéthlon!!
  •   A Marathon Rivalry!
Main Image
  •   ピカチュウポッチャマくっつかないで!!
  •   Pikachu, Pochama, Keep Apart!!
  •   Sticking with Who You Know!
Main Image
  •   赤い鎖!ギンガ団始動!!
  •   The Red Chain! Activated by Galaxy Gang!!
  •   Unlocking the Red Chain of Events!
Main Image
  •   アグノム・ユクシー・エムリット!
  •   Agnome-Yuxie-Emrit!
  •   The Needs of the Three!
Main Image
  •   ディアルガとパルキア! 最後の戦い!!
  •   Dialga and Palkia! The Final Battle!!
  •   The Battle Finale of Legend!
Main Image
  •   危険がいっぱい!コジロウの宝箱!!
  •   Full of Danger! Kojiro's Treasure Chest!!
  •   The Treasure Is All Mine!
Main Image
  •   エアバトルマスター登場!グライオンVSハッサム!!
  •   The Air Battle Master Appears! Glion VS Hassam!!
  •   Mastering Current Events!
Main Image
  •   ダブルバトル!マンムーとヒノアラシ!!
  •   Double Battle! Manmoo and Hinoarashi!!
  •   Double-Time Battle Training!
Main Image
  •   フカマルとりゅうせいぐん!!
  •   Fukamaru and Draco Meteor!!
  •   A Meteoric Rise to Excellence!
Main Image
  •   フカマル! ゲットだぜ!!
  •   Fukamaru! Get it!!
  •   Gotta Get a Gible!
Main Image
  •   爆走!ジバコイルVSメタグロス!!
  •   Roaring Around! Jibacoil VS Metagross!!
  •   Regaining the Home Advantage!
Main Image
  •   唸れ れいとうパンチ!ブイゼルVSバリヤード!!
  •   Roar, Ice Punch! Buoysel VS Barrierd!!
  •   Short and to the Punch!
Main Image
  •   開幕!ポケモンコンテスト・アサツキ大会!!
  •   Opening! Pokémon Contest・Asatsuki Tournament!!
  •   Yes in Dee Dee, It’s Dawn!
Main Image
  •   ダブルバトル!VSプラスル・マイナン!!
  •   Double Battle! VS Plusle・Minun!!
  •   Playing the Performance Encore!
Main Image
  •   爆進化!ゴウカザル!!
  •   Blast Evolution! Goukazaru!!
  •   Fighting Ire With Fire!
Main Image
  •   ポッチャマはぐれる!
  •   Pochama Runs Away!
  •   Piplup, Up and Away!
Main Image
  •   四天王オーバとジムリーダー・デンジ!
  •   Elite Four Oba and Gym Leader Denji!
  •   Flint Sparks the Fire!
Main Image
  •   発進!ナギサタワー!!
  •   Takeoff! Nagisa Tower!!
  •   The Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore!
Main Image
  •   海辺のポケモンスクール!
  •   The Pokémon School at the Beach!
  •   Teaching the Student Teacher!
Main Image
  •   飛べシェイミ!空の彼方へ!!
  •   Fly Shaymin! Beyond the Sky!!
  •   Keeping in Top Forme!
Main Image
  •   ポケモンレンジャー! ヒードラン救出作戦!!
  •   Pokémon Ranger! Heatran Rescue Mission!!
  •   Pokémon Ranger: Heatran Rescue!
Main Image
  •   四天王キクノ!カバルドンVSドダイトス!!
  •   Elite Four Kikuno! Kabarudon VS Dodaitose!!
  •   An Elite Coverup!
Main Image
  •   トゲキッス舞う!王女さまのポケモンコンテスト!!
  •   Togekiss Dances! The Princess' Pokémon Contest!!
  •   Dawn of a Royal Day!
Main Image
  •   トゲキッス! 華麗なるバトル!!
  •   Togekiss! A Battle of Splendor!!
  •   With the Easiest of Grace!
Main Image
  •   メタモン・へんしんバトル!本物はドッチ~ニョ!?
  •   Metamon Transform Battle! Which One~ is it that's Real!?
  •   Dealing with a Fierce Double Ditto Drama!
Main Image
  •   グランドフェスティバル開幕! 炎と氷のアート!!
  •   The Grand Festival Begins! The Art of Flame and Ice!!
  •   Last Call—First Round!
Main Image
  •   マンムー、バチリス!決めろ氷のシャンデリア!!
  •   Manmoo, Pachirisu! Finish it with Ice Chandelier!!
  •   Opposites Interact!
Main Image
  •   セミファイナル!決勝へ進むのは!?
  •   Semi-Finals! Who will Advance to the Finals!?
  •   Coming Full-Festival Circle!
Main Image
  •   決着ライバル対決!ヒカリVSノゾミ!!
  •   Concluding Rival Battle! Hikari VS Nozomi!!
  •   A Grand Fight for Winning!
Main Image
  •   さよならロケット団!ニャースの恋!?
  •   Farewell, Rocket Gang! Nyarth's Love!?
  •   For the Love of Meowth!
Main Image
  •   電撃バトル!最後のバッジ!!
  •   Electric Shock Battle! The Final Badge!!
  •   The Eighth Wonder of the Sinnoh World!
Main Image
  •   サトシvsケンゴ!それぞれの船出!
  •   Satoshi VS Kengo! Setting Sail for Respective Destinations!!
  •   Four Roads Diverged in a Pokémon Port!
Main Image
  •   トレジャーハンター・バクとヤジロン!
  •   Treasure Hunter Baku and Yajiron!
  •   Bucking the Treasure Trend!
Main Image
  •   熱戦前夜!サトシのポケモン大集合!!
  •   The Night before the Fierce Fight! The Great Assembly of Satoshi's Pokémon!!
  •   An Old Family Blend!
Main Image
  •   開幕! シンオウリーグ・スズラン大会!!
  •   Begin! The Sinnoh League Suzuran Tournament!!
  •   League Unleashed!
Main Image
  •   シンオウリーグ三回戦!シンジ対ジュン!!
  •   The Third Fighting Round of the Sinnoh League! Shinji VS Jun!!
  •   Casting a Paul on Barry!
Main Image
  •   恐怖のトリックルーム!サトシ対コウヘイ!!
  •   The Trick Room of Terror! Satoshi VS Kohei!!
  •   Working on a Right Move!
Main Image
  •   ライバル決戦!サトシ対シンジ!!
  •   Decisive Rival Match! Satoshi vs Shinji!!
  •   Familiarity Breeds Strategy!
Main Image
  •   激闘フルバトル!サトシ対シンジ!!
  •   Fierce Full Battle! Satoshi VS Shinji!!
  •   A Real Rival Rouser!
Main Image
  •   決着ライバルバトル!サトシ対シンジ!!
  •   Rival Battle Conclusion! Satoshi VS Shinji!!
  •   Battling a Thaw in Relations!
Main Image
  •   シンオウリーグ準決勝!ダークライ登場!!
  •   Sinnoh League Semifinal! Darkrai Appears!!
  •   The Semi-Final Frontier!
Main Image
  •   ポケモンドクター・タケシ!
  •   Pokémon Doctor Takeshi!
  •   The Brockster Is In!
Main Image
  •   思い出はパール!友情はダイヤモンド!!
  •   Memories are Pearls! Friendships are Diamonds!!
  •   Memories Are Made of Bliss
Main Image
  •   ミジュマル!メグロコ!危機一髪!!
  •   Mijumaru! Meguroco! Close Call!!
  •   A Sandile Gusher of Change!
Main Image
  •   イッシュ地方へ!ゼクロムの影!!
  •   To the Isshu Region! The Shadow of Zekrom!!
  •   In the Shadow of Zekrom!
Main Image
  •   アイリスとキバゴ!
  •   Iris and Kibago!
  •   Enter Iris and Axew!
Main Image
  •   バトルクラブ!謎のポケモン現る!!
  •   Battle Club! A Mysterious Pokémon Appears!!
  •   The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice!
Main Image
  •   サンヨウジム! VSバオップ、ヒヤップ、ヤナップ!!
  •   Sanyo Gym! VS Baoppu, Hiyappu and Yanappu!!
  •   Triple Leaders, Team Threats!
Main Image
  •   夢の跡地!ムンナとムシャーナ!!
  •   The Dream Site! Munna and Musharna!!
  •   Dreams by the Yard Full!
Main Image
  •   ツタージャ・ ゲットでメロメロ!?
  •   Tsutarja - Attraction via Getting!?
  •   Snivy Plays Hard to Catch!
Main Image
  •   ダルマッカとヒヒダルマ!時計塔の秘密!!
  •   Darumakka and Hihidaruma! The Secret of the Clock Tower!!
  •   Saving Darmanitan from the Bell!
Main Image
  •   ペンドラー暴走!キバゴを救え!!
  •   Pendror's Rampage! Rescue Kibago!!
  •   The Bloom Is on Axew!
Main Image
  •   ライバルバトル!強敵プルリル!
  •   Rival Battle! The Formidable Pururill!
  •   A Rival Battle for Club Champ!
Main Image
  •   イシズマイ!自分の家をとりもどせ!!
  •   Ishizumai! Take Back your Home!!
  •   A Home for Dwebble!
Main Image
  •   ヤブクロン戦隊と秘密基地!?
  •   The Yabukuron Squadron and the Secret Base!?
  •   Here Comes the Trubbish Squad!
Main Image
  •   チラーミィはきれいずき!?
  •   Chillarmy is Tidy!?
  •   Minccino—Neat and Tidy!
Main Image
  •   シッポウシティー!博物館で大冒険!!
  •   Shippo City! The Great Museum Adventure!!
  •   A Night in the Nacrene City Museum!
Main Image
  •   シッポウジム戦!VSジムリーダー・アロエ!!
  •   Shippo Gym Match! VS Gym Leader Aloe!!
  •   The Battle According to Lenora!
Main Image
  •   再戦シッポウジム!新技炸裂!!
  •   Rematch at Shippo Gym! New Move Explosion!!
  •   Rematch at the Nacrene Gym!
Main Image
  •   タマゴからかえったあばれん坊!
  •   The Roughneck Who Came From An Egg!
  •   Scraggy—Hatched to Be Wild!
Main Image
  •   ヤグルマの森!クルミルとアーティ!!
  •   Yaguruma Forest! Kurumiru and Arti!!
  •   Sewaddle and Burgh in Pinwheel Forest!
Main Image
  •   ヒウンシティ! フシデパニック!!
  •   Hiun City! Fushide Panic!!
  •   A Venipede Stampede!
Main Image
  •   ヒウンジム戦! 純情ハートの虫ポケモンバトル!!
  •   Hiun Gym Match! Purehearted Bug Pokémon Battle!!
  •   Battling for the Love of Bug-Types!
Main Image
  •   ソムリエ対決! イシズマイVSフタチマル!!
  •   Sommelier Showdown! Ishizumai VS Futachimaru!!
  •   A Connoisseur's Revenge!
Main Image
  •   ピカチュウvsメグロコvsコアルヒー!!
  •   Pikachu VS Meguroco VS Koaruhie!!
  •   Dancing with the Ducklett Trio!
Main Image
  •   スカイアローブリッジとゴチルゼル!
  •   The Skyarrow Bridge and Gothiruselle!
  •   The Lost World of Gothitelle!
Main Image
  •   釣りソムリエ・デント登場!
  •   Enter Fishing Sommelier Dent!
  •   A Fishing Connoisseur in a Fishy Competition!
Main Image
  •   かわいい顔に要注意!エモンガでシビレビレ!!
  •   Beware of the Cute Face! Paralyzed by Emonga!!
  •   Emolga the Irresistible!
Main Image
  •   エモンガVSツタージャ!ボルトチェンジで大混乱!!
  •   Emonga VS Tsutarja! The Great Volt Switch Mayhem!!
  •   Emolga and the New Volt Switch!
Main Image
  •   ヒトモシ屋敷のこわ~いお話!
  •   The Scaaary Stories of Hitomoshi Mansion!
  •   Scare at the Litwick Mansion!
Main Image
  •   ドラゴンマスターへの道!キバゴVSクリムガン!!
  •   The Road to Dragon Master! Kibago VS Crimgan!!
  •   The Dragon Master's Path!
Main Image
  •   消えたホタチ!ミジュマル最大の危機!!
  •   The Lost Scallsword! Mijumaru's Worst Crisis!!
  •   Oshawott's Lost Scalchop!
Main Image
  •   恋するモンメンは風に乗って!
  •   The Lovestruck Monmen Rides the Wind!
  •   Cottonee in Love!
Main Image
  •   リグレーと未確認飛行物体!
  •   Ligray and the Unidentified Flying Object!
  •   A UFO for Elgyem!
Main Image
  •   ライバルバトル!バニプッチ、ドッコラー参戦!!
  •   Rival Battle! Vanipeti and Dokkorer Participate!!
  •   Ash and Trip's Third Battle!
Main Image
  •   ガマガル、マッギョ!水辺の戦い!!
  •   Gamagaru and Muggyo! Battle at the Waterfront!!
  •   Facing Fear with Eyes Wide Open!
Main Image
  •   ドラゴンバスター登場!アイリスとドリュウズ!!
  •   Enter the Dragon Buster! Iris and Doryuzu!!
  •   Iris and Excadrill against the Dragon Buster!
Main Image
  •   ダンゴロ!ラスターカノン発射せよ!!
  •   Dangoro! Fire the Flash Cannon!!
  •   Gotta Catch a Roggenrola!