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Titles and Airdates


  • United States Get the Show on the Road
  • Japan 新たなる大地!新たなる冒険!!
  • Japan Aratanaru daichi! Aratanaru bōken!!
  • Japan A New Land! A New Adventure!!
  • Germany Pikachu in Not
  • France Une nouvelle rencontre
  • Spain Todos en camino
  • Sweden Starta om på nytt!
  • Italy Una nuova compagna di viaggio
  • Mexico Hay que empezar el camino
  • Finland Matkalle näytöstyyliin
  • Taiwan 新的大地! 新的冒險!!
  • Poland Długa droga przed nami!
  • Netherlands Eindelijk Op Weg
  • Brazil Tudo Começa na Estrada!
  • Israel המסע יוצא לדרך
  • Norway Få fart på sakene
  • Denmark Pikachu kommer i stødet
  • Portugal A Aventura Começa!
  • Russia И снова приключения!


Staff List
Anime Studio Logo
OLM Team Ota

Japan Screenplay 武上純希 (Junki Takegami)
Japan Storyboard 湯山邦彦 (Kunihiko Yuyama)
Japan Episode Director 鈴木敏明 (Toshiaki Suzuki)
Japan Animation Director 志村泉 (Izumi Shimura)

OP/ED List

Because There is Sky There
포켓몬스터 AG
Pocket Monsters AG
행복한 여행
A Happy Journey
Pokémon Roll Call
Episode Director
Animation Director
May, a 10 year old girl, rides her bike up a hill to Littleroot Town. She introduces herself and says that she is going to see Professor Birch where she gets her first Pokémon. However, May is more interested in traveling to new places. A Duskull comes nearby and scares May. Scared, she trips on her bike and lands in a tree. The Duskull then floats away. May admits that she is not too fond of Pokémon. Beyond the lake is Littleroot Town.

Ash and Pikachu are on a boat to Littleroot Town. Ash has Pikachu wrapped in a blanket. He stares hopelessly at the sick Pokémon. Ash quietly tells Pikachu to take it easy. He promises Pikachu that he will take it straight to the Pokémon Center as soon as they arrive. Team Rocket is also on the same boat as Ash. Jessie says that Littleroot Town is a town where colors will never change. She seems to enjoy the place already very much. James asks Jessie if she has been in Littleroot Town before. In a calm voice Jessie speaks to James and Meowth in a weird way. James and Meowth both sigh.

When Ash arrives at Littleroot Town, he asks a man for the location of the nearest Pokémon Center. The man tells Ash that Littleroot Town doesn't have one. Ash stares at Pikachu and then gets an idea. He gives Professor Birch a call. Professor Birch's assistant answers the phone. He tells Ash that Professor Birch is out conducting an experiment. He tells Ash to stay on while he tells Professor Birch. Ash hangs up the phone and sits on a bench. He tells Pikachu that everything will be fine. Suddenly a car pulls up. A man asks for Ash. He is Professor Birch. Professor Birch takes a look at Pikachu and tells Ash to come with him to his lab. While driving, Professor Birch sees that Pikachu has symptoms of a discharge. That means that Pikachu is unable to release its electricity in a normal way. He asks Ash if Pikachu was with any high voltage. Ash tells Professor Birch that Pikachu was exposed to an electric magnet. He takes a road to through the forest to the lab.

At the lab, Professor Birch's assistant has everything prepared. They place Pikachu on a table. A device is then hooked up onto Pikachu. Professor Birch tells Ash that this will get rid of Pikachu's trapped electricity. Unfortunately, there is too much of electricity in Pikachu's body. The machine ends up in an explosion. Confused, Pikachu runs out of the lab and into the forest. Professor Birch asks Ash if he has any Pokémon with him. Because Ash doesn't have any other Pokémon, he gathers up the starter Pokémon. Professor Birch's assistant reminds Professor Birch that those Pokémon were for May. Professor Birch tells his assistant to just have her wait when she arrives. Team Rocket is behind a bush. Jessie sighs knowing that now they have to chase after Ash. Professor Birch finally catches up to Ash. He tells Ash that Pikachu might explode if the trapped electricity takes over Pikachu. They decide to split up to search for Pikachu.

May arrives at the front doors of the lab. Professor Birch's assistant tells her to wait since Professor Birch went out for an emergency. May doesn't want to wait, so she decides to look for Professor Birch. Ash desperately tries to find Pikachu. He stops for a moment and then starts searching again. Professor Birch trips and falls. He bumps right into a Poochyena. Professor Birch apologizes, but the Poochyena doesn't seem to be happy with him. More Poochyena surrounds Professor Birch. They begin to chase him up a tree. May comes and sees Professor Birch stuck in a tree. He tells her to open up the bag and get a Pokéball. May throws the Pokéball and out comes Mudkip. She tells it to use Water Gun. Mudkip squirts water at May's face. The branch splits and Professor Birch falls. He tells Mudkip to use Water Gun at the Poochyena. Mudkip uses Water Gun which scares the Poochyena off.

Pikachu walks slowly through the forest. Ash comes up to Pikachu. The only thing Pikachu sees is a shadow. Scared of the shadow, Pikachu releases a powerful Thundershock at Ash. Professor Birch and May head towards Ash. Ash gets up and walks towards Pikachu. Pikachu's electricity prevents Ash from getting any closer to Pikachu. Professor Birch tells Ash to get away from Pikachu. Ash tells him that he has to help. Pikachu runs away and falls off a cliff. Ash runs right off the cliff to get Pikachu.

He dives down, grabs ahold on a branch, and catches Pikachu. Hanging on a branch, Ash promises Pikachu that he will help it. A rope is dropped down to Ash. Ash grabs hold on the rope, and Professor Birch and May begin to pull him up. Pikachu tries to squirm out of Ash's hands. It sinks its teeth into Ash's arm. Seeing that Ash isn't afraid, Pikachu trusts Ash. Together they are pulled up back on the ground.

Everyone catches their breath for a few seconds. Pikachu licks Ash's arm hoping that it will heal. Ash tells Pikachu that he is okay. Suddenly, Team Rocket comes out with a robot. They then say their motto. Ash tells Professor Birch that Team Rocket are bad guys. Meowth explains to Ash and co. that their robot absorbs all of Pikachu's electricity. A mechanical arm is extended out, and it grabs onto Pikachu. The meter begins to rise as Pikachu's electricity is being absorbed. Ash and Professor Birch are amazed at the amount of electricity that Pikachu had trapped inside. The trapped electricity finally is gone. Lightning bolts fly in and out of the robot. One of the bolts fries May's bike. The robot explodes, and Team Rocket blasts off again. Pikachu then falls to the ground.

Everyone is goes back to the lab. They hook Pikachu up to the machine. Professor Birch's assistant reports that all of Pikachu's levels are back to normal. Professor Birch realizes that Team Rocket's robot took away all of Pikachu's trapped electricity. May peeks behind the room. She knocks into a vase, but catches it just in time. Hearing the noise, everyone turns around and sees May. May introduces herself to Ash, and Ash does the same. Professor Birch says that Pikachu should be fine the next day. Then Professor Birch asks May if she is ready to choose her first Pokémon. Ash is surprised that May is going to be a trainer.

Professor Birch sends out Treecko first. May thinks Treecko looks very scary. Ash thinks Treecko is really cool. Next up is Mudkip. May doesn't like Mudkip because of her experience with it before. Finally, Torchic comes out. May thinks Torchic looks okay. She decides to choose Torchic as her first Pokémon. Professor Birch also gives May some Pokéballs and a Pokédex.

May stares at her burnt bike. Angry, she decides to take it out on Ash. She opens to door slightly. She sees Ash sleeping next to Pikachu. Pikachu wakes up and decides to nap next to Ash. Ash then wakes up and hugs Pikachu. May is glad that everything is okay. She softly shuts the door. May then sends out Torchic. Seconds later Ash walks outside. Pikachu jumps down from Ash's shoulder to play with Torchic. Later, Professor Birch tells Ash and May that they have to go to a Pokémon Center to register for the Hoenn League. May says that the nearest Pokémon Center is in Odale Town. Since her bike is destroyed, she offers to travel with Ash to Odale Town. Professor Birch thinks that that is a good idea. Together Ash and May head to Odale Town.

English Official Summary

Team Rocket's failed attempt to catch Pikachu has left the little yellow Pokémon dangerously ill. Littleroot Town has no Pokémon Center so Ash turns to Professor Birch for help. Professor Birch thinks that Pikachu can be cured—but first they'll have to catch it. Delirious with fever, Pikachu has run off into the forest. Meanwhile, a girl named May is also going to see Professor Birch in order to receive her first Pokémon. She arrives just in time to save the professor from a pack of mad Poochyena. Before he can explain why he's running around in woods, Professor Birch runs off in search of the missing Pikachu. Time is running out and Pikachu is in danger of exploding. In a twisted turn of events, Team Rocket's latest Pikachu-catching contraption ends up saving the day.

French Official Summary

En essayant désespérément de sauver Pikachu, dont le corps génère un taux dangereux d’électricité, Sacha débarque à toute allure du ferry, au moment où il arrive à Bourg-en-Vol, dans la région de Hoenn. Lorsque Sacha apprend qu’il n’y a pas de Centre Pokémon dans la petite ville, il se précipite pour conduire Pikachu au laboratoire du Professeur Seko, dans l’espoir que le professeur pourra le soigner. Heureusement, le professeur est capable de modifier certains de ses appareils pour donner à Pikachu les soins nécessaires. Mais à peine le traitement a-t-il commencé, que Pikachu, qui ne se contrôle plus, s’enfuit dans les bois voisins. Tandis que Sacha et le professeur le poursuivent, une jeune dresseuse pressée, Flora, arrive au laboratoire du professeur dans l’espoir de choisir son premier Pokémon afin de commencer son voyage de Dresseuse.

German Official Summary

Nach Team Rockets fehlgeschlagenem Versuch, Pikachu zu kidnappen, ist das kleine gelbe Pokémon ernsthaft krank. In Wurzelheim gibt es kein Pokémon-Center, weswegen Ash dort Professor Birk um Hilfe bittet.

Italian Official Summary

Il tentativo fallito del Team Rocket di rapire Pikachu ha lasciato il piccolo Pokémon giallo gravemente ammalato. Albanova non ospita alcun Centro Pokémon, pertanto Ash si rivolge al Prof. Birch in cerca di aiuto.

Portuguese Official Summary

Pikachu sofre de uma grave sobrecarga elétrica! Será que Ash e o Professor Birch encontrarão uma solução antes de ser tarde demais?

Spanish Latin America Official Summary

¡Pikachu sufre de una seria sobrecarga eléctrica! ¿Podrán Ash y el Profesor Birch encontrar una solución antes de que sea demasiado tarde?

Spanish Official Summary

Desesperado por ayudar a Pikachu, cuyo cuerpo está acumulando peligrosos niveles de electricidad, Ash sale corriendo del ferry en cuanto llega a la pequeña aldea de Villa Raíz, de Hoenn. Al darse cuenta de que no tiene Centro Pokémon, lleva a Pikachu al Laboratorio del Profesor Abedul con la esperanza de que este lo cure. Por suerte, el Profesor Abedul logra modificar parte de su equipo para darle a Pikachu el tratamiento que necesita, pero al poco tiempo, y aún febril, ¡Pikachu sale disparado al cercano bosque! Mientras Ash y el Profesor Abedul lo persiguen, una rápida y joven Entrenadora, Aura, llega al Laboratorio del Profesor Abedul con el fin de seleccionar a su primer Pokémon y empezar su trayectoria como Entrenadora Pokémon.

English Great Britian Official Summary

Team Rocket's failed attempt to catch Pikachu has left the little yellow Pokémon dangerously ill. Littleroot Town has no Pokémon Center so Ash turns to Professor Birch for help. Professor Birch thinks that Pikachu can be cured—but first they'll have to catch it. Delirious with fever, Pikachu has run off into the forest. Meanwhile, a girl named May is also going to see Professor Birch in order to receive her first Pokémon. She arrives just in time to save the professor from a pack of mad Poochyena. Before he can explain why he's running around in woods, Professor Birch runs off in search of the missing Pikachu. Time is running out and Pikachu is in danger of exploding. In a twisted turn of events, Team Rocket's latest Pikachu-catching contraption ends up saving the day.

Russian Official Summary

Девочка Мэй направляется на велосипеде к профессору Бёрчу за своим первым покемоном. Но, честно говоря, Мэй не особо любит покемонов - ей просто хочется увидеть мир. Ей приходится ждать, пока профессор Бёрч занимается Пикачу Эша, пострадавшим от  мощного электрозаряда. В лихорадке, Пикачу убегает в лес, а Эш и профессор Бёрч торопятся его найти, пока не стало слишком поздно. И в самый неподходящий момент злодеи из Команды Р хватают Пикачу, но их машина, поглощающая электричество, это как раз то, что доктор прописал. К сожалению, во время битвы велосипед Мэй сгорает. Команда Р снова оказывается в пролёте, а Эш вновь продолжает своё путешествие по региону Хоенн к компании с тренером-новичком Мэй и её новым другом Торчиком.

Dutch Official Summary

Pikachu heeft last van een ernstige elektrische overbelasting! Kunnen Ash en Professor Birch een oplossing vinden, voordat het te laat is?

Danish Official Summary

Pikachu får en elektrisk kortslutning! Kan Ash og professor Birch finde en løsning, før det er for sent?

Swedish Official Summary

Pikachu lider av allvarlig elektrisk överspänning! Kommer Ash och professor Birch att hitta en lösning innan det är för sent?


Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash Ketchum
  • Japan サトシ
  • Japan Satoshi
  • Japan Satoshi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Pikachu
  • Japan サトシのピカチュウ
  • Japan Satoshi no Pikachu
  • Japan Satoshi's Pikachu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Meowth
  • Japan ニャース
  • Japan Nyarth
  • Japan Nyarth
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Jessie
  • Japan ムサシ
  • Japan Musashi
  • Japan Musashi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States James
  • Japan コジロウ
  • Japan Kojirō
  • Japan Kojiro
Character Thumbnail
  • United States May
  • Japan ハルカ
  • Japan Haruka
  • Japan Haruka
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Jessie's Wobbuffet
  • Japan ムサシのソーナンス
  • Japan Musashi no Sonansu
  • Japan Musashi's Sonansu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Professor Birch
  • Japan オダマキ博士
  • Japan Odamaki-hakase
  • Japan Professor Odamaki
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Joshua
  • Japan ジョシュウ
  • Japan Joshū
  • Japan Joshu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States May's Torchic
  • Japan ハルカのアチャモ
  • Japan Haruka no Achamo
  • Japan Haruka's Achamo

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Treecko
  • Japan キモリ
  • Japan Kimori
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Torchic
  • Japan アチャモ
  • Japan Achamo
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Mudkip
  • Japan ミズゴロウ
  • Japan Mizugorou
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Poochyena
  • Japan ポチエナ
  • Japan Pochiena
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Beautifly
  • Japan アゲハント
  • Japan Agehunt
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Duskull
  • Japan ヨマワル
  • Japan Yomawaru


On November 26th, 2020, the official Japanese Twitter account announced that this episode was available to watch on the official Japanese YouTube channel. The video was region locked to Japan only. A special artwork showcasing the episode was created to promote its release on YouTube.

It was part of the Anipoke Selection (アニポケセレクション), a limited-time promotion to release select episodes from the older anime series on the official Japanese YouTube channel! A playlist was available to watch these episodes.


Starting on Tuesday, June 13th, 2023, selected episodes from the Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation anime were available on the official Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel but were region locked. Check out the adventures with Haruka and Masato, new friends from the Houen region!

Script Error

A sneak preview version of the English dub aired on Kids WB on March 15, 2003 as part of the Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire release celebration. May's introductory speech was slightly different from the DVD version.

Kids WB Sneak Peek: But just between you and I, what I'm more interested in is traveling and seeing new places.
DVD Version: But just between you and me, what I'm more interested in is traveling and seeing new places. There it is, Littleroot Town, up ahead!

Script Error

When May hits the tree with her head, she states she should have worn a helmet. Haruka in the Japanese version is more concerned about what scared her.

May: I guess I should have worn a helmet.
Haruka: W-What was that...

Script Error

In the Japanese version, Satoshi tells Professor Odamaki that Pikachu had been exposed to an electromagnet. In the English dub, Ash just says that Pikachu was attached to a magnet and Birch assumes it was an electromagnet.

Ash: Yeah, that's it! Pikachu was strapped to a magnet.
Birch: An electromagnet, probably.
Satoshi: It did... Some bad guys used an electromagnet on it.
Odamaki: That could be the cause.


Script Error

Meowth wonders why Pikachu is running away from Ash in the English dub but Nyarth in the Japanese version realizes Pikachu is sick.

Meowth: Wonder what's with Pikachu?
Nyarth: Pikachu is ill.

Script Error

Professor Odamaki already seems to be acquainted with Haruka in the Japanese version as he tells Joshuu that she is a friend just as he's jumping out the window. Though, in the English dub, when Professor Birch is stuck in the tree, May shows up and he asks who she is. In the Japanese version, he recognizes her.

Odamaki (@ 7m:33s JPN): She's a friend. If she comes around, tell her to wait for me, please!

Birch: Terrific! You must be May.
Odamaki: Oh, it's Haruka-chan! It's a good thing you're here.

Script Error

Contradicting himself, Birch tells May that he hasn't seen her since she was little. Odamaki in the Japanese version also states that Haruka looks like her mother.

Birch: You've really grown up a lot since I last saw you, May.
Odamaki: I haven't seen her in a while, but you've become a beauty just like your mother.

Script Error

Nyarth specifically names the mecha the 'Electro Battery-kun Mark II' but in the English dub Meowth just called it a "machine".

Mewoth: Now dig this. I've come up with a machine that'll beat that pesky Pikachu at its own nasty game!
Nyarth: I've completed the strongest mecha ever, boasting Perfect Super Hyper specs, the Electro Battery-kun Mark II!

Script Error

The English version states Team Rocket is burning but the Japanese version states that Rocket Gang is paralyzed from Pikachu's Thunderbolt.

Jessie: Do you smell something burning?
Team Rocket: I think we're smelling us!

Musashi: All right, everyone! In unison...
Rockets: We're paralyzed!

Script Error

What attracts Ash to Treecko is different between the English and Japanese versions.

Ash: I think it's a really cool Pokémon!
Satoshi: Its eyes are cute!

Script Error

Haruka states that she didn't intend on becoming a Pokémon Trainer in the Japanese version but in the English dub she states that she'd rather go on a trip around the world instead of training Pokémon but then backtracks when the Professor questions her.

English Dub:
May: I'd give up Pokémon any day of the week just for a trip around the world.
Birch: What was that, May?
May: Hmm? I said... I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Japanese Version:
Haruka: They say that, but I really didn't intend to become a trainer...
Odamaki: Did you say something?
Haruka: No, no... Let's go do our best, eh?

Who's that Pokémon Pokémon Advanced

Lanturn - This Pokémon blinds its prety with bursts of light!

Eyecatch Groudon and Kyogre Eyecatch

Groudon Commercial Intro Eyecatch with Pikachu, Satoshi and Haruka.

Kyogre Commercial Return Eyecatch with Pikachu, Satoshi and Haruka.

Okido Segment Pokémon Lecture

Pokémon Lecture & Senryu
Pokémon Entei (エンテイ)
Japanese だいふんか ほのおにうかぶ エンテイよ
Romaji Daifunka honoo ni ukabu Entei yo
Translated Big eruption, Floating on flame is Entei

Episode Music Regions
Music Player

Japanese Music:

Time Track Notes
Japan 00:00 アドバンス・アドベンチャー ~Advance Adventure~
Japanese (Romanized): Advance Adventure
Japanese (TL): Advance Adventure
Opening Theme for Japanese Version
Japan 01:28 2002-2005(AG)-M01B ヒワマキシティ
Japanese (Romanized): Hiwamaki City
Japanese (TL): Hiwamaki City
Haruka self-introduces herself while she's on a bike, on the way to Mishiro Town.
Japan 02:01 2002-2005(AG)-M30(NO.3)
Japanese (Romanized): (NO.3)
Japanese (TL): (NO.3)
An Yomawaru freaks out Haruka, which makes her bike speed off, lose control of it and crash into a tree.
Japan 02:18 2002-2005(AG)-M01 ヒワマキシティ
Japanese (Romanized): Hiwamaki City
Japanese (TL): Hiwamaki City
Haruka goes on the bike up the hill, until she reaches a cliff overlooking Mishiro Town.
Japan 02:42 2002-2005(AG)-M42 進化おめでとう
Japanese (Romanized): Shinka omedetō
Japanese (TL): Congratulations for the Evolution
Advanced Generation Title Card
Japan 03:25 2002-2005(AG)-M33 ロケット団隠密のテーマ(ホウエン・バージョン)
Japanese (Romanized): Rocket-dan onmitsu no thema (Houen Version)
Japanese (TL): Rocket Gang Spying Theme (Houen Version)
Kojiro and Nyarth can't understand what Musashi is saying.
Japan 04:16 2002-2005(AG)-M05 Satoshi talks over a videophone to Joshu (Odamaki's assistant), trying to bring the professor and help Pikachu.
Japan 05:54 2002-2005(AG)-M17 Pikachu enters a delirium state, forcing Odamaki to take a shortcut in order to bring him quickly into the lab (the music begins 2 seconds through).
Japan 07:14 2002-2005(AG)-M24 戦闘!超古代ポケモン
Japanese (Romanized): Sentō! Chō-kodai Pokémon
Japanese (TL): Battle! Ancient Pokémon
Still delirious, Pikachu runs off from the lab, making Satoshi and Odamaki search for him (the music begins 7 seconds through).
Japan 09:22 2002-2005(AG)-M30(NO.3)
Japanese (Romanized): (NO.3)
Japanese (TL): (NO.3)
The three Pochiena chase after Odamaki, making him take refuge in a tree.
Japan 11:29 2002-2005(AG)-M22 戦闘!レジロック・レジアイス・レジスチル
Japanese (Romanized): Sentō! Regirock - Regice - Registeel
Japanese (TL): Battle! Regirock - Regice - Registeel
Satoshi tries to approach Pikachu, but to no avail. Soon the latter runs off into the edge of a cliff, making Satoshi dive after him...
Japan 12:36 2002-2005(AG)-M06 Satoshi climbs up the rope with Pikachu.
Japan 13:56 2002-2005(AG)-M32 ロケット団参上!のテーマ(ホウエン・バージョン)
Japanese (Romanized): Rocket-dan sanjō! no thema (Houen Version)
Japanese (TL): Rocket Gang Arrival Theme (Houen Version)
Rocket Gang Motto
Japan 14:57 2002-2005(AG)-M21 戦闘!アクア・マグマ団
Japanese (Romanized): Sentō! Aqua - Magma-dan
Japanese (TL): Battle! Aqua/Magma Gang
Rocket Gang takes Pikachu and absorbs its energy.
Japan 17:26 2002-2005(AG)-M44 Eyecatch Break
Japan 17:33 2002-2005(AG)-M43 Eyecatch Return
Japan 17:48 2002-2005(AG)-M28 Odamaki sends out the Houen Starter Pokémon for Haruka and Satoshi to choose.
Japan 19:21 2002-2005(AG)-M41 ~アドバンス・アドベンチャー~ (BONUS-TRACK) Haruka sees Satoshi sleeping alongside his Pikachu.
Japan 21:13 2002-2005(AG)-M39 タイトル ~メインテーマ~
Japanese (Romanized): Title ~Main thema~
Japanese (TL): Title ~Main Theme~
Satoshi and Haruka tell goodbye to Odamaki with his assistant, and depart together to Kotoki Town.
Japan 21:44 そこに空があるから
Japanese (Romanized): Soko ni Sora ga Aru kara
Japanese (TL): Because the Sky is There
Ending Theme for Japanese Version
Japan 23:05 アドバンス・アドベンチャー ~Advance Adventure~(オリジナルカラオケ)
Japanese (Romanized): Advance Adventure (Original Karaoke)
Japanese (TL): Advance Adventure (Original Karaoke)
Advanced Generation Episode 2 preview
Japan 23:36 1997-1998-M33A Professor Okido's Pokémon Lectures Professor Okido's Pokémon Lecture
Japan 23:40 1997-1998-M18B トキワへの道‐マサラより
Japanese (Romanized): Tokiwa e no michi - Masara yori
Japanese (TL): The Road to Tokiwa - From Masara
Okido explains the characteristics of Entei.
Japan 24:24 Okido's Senryū Theme Okido recites a Senryū.

Dub Music:

Time Track Notes
United States 01:12 I Want To Be A Hero English opening
United States 01:57 1997-1998-M52 Title Card title card
United States 13:12 2002-2005(AG)-M32 ロケット団参上!のテーマ(ホウエン・バージョン)
Japanese (Romanized): Rocket-dan sanjō! no thema (Houen Version)
Japanese (TL): Rocket Gang Arrival Theme (Houen Version)
Team rocket motto.
United States 20:42 I Want To Be A Hero English ending

Music Statistics:

Number of Assigned Tracks to the Japanese Original: 24
Number of Assigned Tracks to the English Dub: 4
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New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: Get the Show on the Road/Arata-naru daichi! Arata-naru bōken!!/新たなる大地!新たなる冒険!!. Please comment below! Thanks, your friendly PM.Net AnimeBot
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Surprisingly this episode had more edits than I thought it would. Some of them are easy to spot when watching but the Professor Birch one where he didn't know who May was is interesting.

Link to Edits: http://www.pocketmonsters.net/episodes/277#Edits
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Aiming to become a Pokémon Master, Satoshi and his Pikachu have set off for the Houen Region, a place they've never seen before.

However, Pikachu is acting weird. In order to get it treated for its fever-induced delirium, Satoshi contacts a famous Pokémon Professor from the Houen region, Odamaki. According to the professor, large amounts of electricity have accumulated in Pikachu's body due to the recent attack by the Rocket Gang and it's likely to explode if not treated. He immediately starts a procedure to absorb the electricity in Pikachu's body, but the machine ends up exploding due to the extreme amounts of electricity!

Having completely lost its mind, Pikachu runs outside and escapes. Satoshi and Professor Odamaki chase after it, but......

Meanwhile, a girl from the Houen region named Haruka is riding her bike towards Professor Odamaki's so she can receive a Pokémon and set off on a journey as a Pokémon Trainer. She's a cheerful and active girl who can't seem to sit still for a moment, so when she learns that the professor isn't currently at the lab, she immediately sets off to track him down......

Is the runaway Pikachu still safe!? How will Satoshi cope with this emergency that happened so soon after he arrived on foreign shores!?

Voice Cast:
Rica Matsumoto: Satoshi
Ikue Ohtani: Pikachu
KAORI: Haruka
Megumi Hayashibara: Musashi
Shinichiro Miki: Kojiro
Inuko Inuyama: Nyarth
Fumihiko Tachiki: Professor Odamaki
Akira Ishida: Joshuu
Chinami Nishimura: Achamo
Yuji Ueda: Sonansu
Makoto Tsumura: Pochiena
Unsho Ishizuka: Narration
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