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  • United States The Dragon Master's Path!
  • Japan ドラゴンマスターへの道!キバゴVSクリムガン!!
  • Japan Dragon master e no michi! Kibago VS Crimgan!!
  • Japan The Road to Dragon Master! Kibago VS Crimgan!!
  • Germany Aller Anfang ist schwer!
  • France La voie du Maître Dragon !
  • Spain ¡El sendero del Maestro Dragón!
  • Italy Il cammino del Maestro Drago!
  • Mexico ¡El camino del maestro Dragón!
  • Finland Lohikäärmemestarin tie!
  • Taiwan 通往龍之大師之道!牙牙對赤面龍!!
  • Poland Droga Smoczej Mistrzyni!
  • Netherlands De weg van de Drakenmeester!
  • Brazil O Caminho de Uma Mestra de Dragões!
  • Norway Dragemesterens sti
  • Denmark Vejen til at blive Dragemester!
  • South Korea 드래곤마스터의 길! 터검니 VS 크리만!!
  • Portugal A Senda da Mestre Dragão!
  • Russia Путь мастера драконов!


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Japan Screenplay 藤田伸三 (Shinzō Fujita)
Japan Storyboard 尼野浩正 (Hiromasa Amano)
Japan Episode Director 浅田裕二 (Yūji Asada)
Japan Animation Director 岩根雅明 (Masaaki Iwane)

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Best Wishes!
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Let's Memorize the Pokémon of the Unova Region~!
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Ash and his friends continue their journey to Nimbasa City to get his fourth badge. In preparation for the upcoming challenge, Ash and Iris begin training with a Pokémon Battle. Ash demands for Iris to attack from anywhere. Axew stumbles forward towards Ash’s Scraggy, in preparation to strike him with Scratch. With Axew’s weak movements, Scraggy dodges the attack with little effort. Scraggy responds with Headbutt, striking Axew for a direct hit. Axew begins to whine, holding his forehead in pain. Iris shouts for Axew to retaliate with Dragon Rage. Axew recovers, and begins gathering a massive amount of energy inside of his body. After a few moments, Axew opens his mouth to launch the attack, however is unable to release the energy, forcing the energy to build pressure inside of Axew. With Axew unable to release the energy, it begins to react and soon explodes, creating a giant plume of debris around Axew. Cilan states that Axew’s “Dragon Sneeze” has a truly powerful and bitter taste (making a joke in reference to Axew’s failed Dragon Rage attack). Iris shouts out, stating that it the attack isn’t “Sneeze”, however is Dragon Rage. Ash suggests that Axew is doing his best, however is just unable to launch the attack. Iris states that it cannot be helped because it takes a long time to raise Dragon types. Iris reaches down to grasp Axew, suggesting that the training is enough for the day. Iris thanks Axew for his hard work, concluding that he will be able to use the attack someday. Ash extends his arm, recalling Scraggy into his Monster Ball.

After a few moments, a group of nearby bushes begins to rustle. As Iris, Ash, and Cilan turn to examine the source of the disturbance, a massive Flamethrower erupts through the foliage. A massive Druddigon reveals himself, rampaging in anger. Ash queries his Zukan for Druddigon’s data: “Druddigon, the Cave Pokémon. It warms its body by absorbing sunlight with its wings. The skin on its face is harder than a rock.” Iris states that Druddigon is a Dragon type, which is powerful, cool, and the greatest. Druddigon begins to extend his claws, in an attempt to gather energy in preparation to launch Focus Blast. Pikachu begins generating electric energy, which is diverted to his tail to create Electro Ball. The two Pokémon launch their devasting attacks, which collide and dissipate afterwards. Ash shouts out for Pikachu to give the battle his all. A young female interrupts the battle and rushes up to Druddigon, stating she had been looking everywhere for him. Druddigon ignores the girl, pushing her to the side and racing off into the forest in a fit of rage, followed by the young female. As Druddigon manages to escape into the foliage, Iris manages to notice a material which is wrapped around Druddigon’s leg. Iris races after the Druddigon and soon arrives to a massive network of caves. Iris and Cilan manage to arrive at Iris’s location a few moments afterwards. The young woman shouts out, questioning where her Druddigon has disappeared to. Iris commands for Axew to call for Druddigon. Axew obliges, hopping down from Iris and begins climbing the cave structure. Axew successfully reaches the top of the cave structure, and enters the topmost cave; however after a few moments, Axew rushes out in a state of fear. Druddigon reveals himself, roaring out in rage. Axew dashes down and returns to the safety of Iris’s hair. Druddigon slams to the ground, confronting our heroes in a state of rage. Cilan warns Iris that Druddigon is agitated and dangerous. Iris ignores the warning, and reaches down, removing the rope around Druddigon’s leg. Iris suggests that the rope got tangled around Druddigon’s leg and it rampaged because of the pain. The young trainer ponders when Druddigon could have gotten tangled up in the rope and concludes that it must have been while she was picking Berryb Berries. After a few moments, the trainer apologizes and introduces herself as Amy. Iris, Ash, and Cilan introduce themselves to the young trainer. Amy compliments Iris, stating that it is impressive she was able to determine where Druddigon had been hiding. Iris responds that Druddigon are unable to move when their body temperature falls, and her Druddigon had to be located on the topmost cave where sunlight was streaming inside. Ash suggests that Iris has a lot of knowledge about Druddigon. Iris responds that she had previously grown up in a Dragon Village which contributed towards her knowledge of Dragon types.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket examines the group from a distance. James states that it is a shame that they had failed to capture Druddigon (confirming that Team Rocket was the source of the rope), however the strength it used to tear through their special wire was truly amazing. Jessie suggests that it was the right decision to continue observing Druddigon after their failed attempt, because after all, it led them to Ash. Meowth examines Axew and Pikachu’s data on a monitor, shouting that they will successfully capture Axew, which is another Dragon type in addition to capturing their favorite Pikachu. Ash continues to question Iris about her hometown, stating that it was a leisurely place where many Dragon type Pokémon lived. Iris confirms his suggestion, responding that everyone got along very well with Pokémon and the coolest of all the citizens were the Dragon Masters. Ash questions Iris about the role of a Dragon Master. Cilan states that he has previously heard of them and that they have the ability to attune their hearts to Dragon types and raise their power to the maximum. Iris shouts that it is her dream to become a Dragon Master. Amy concludes that it is the reason why Iris is knowledgeable about Dragon types. Amy questions Iris if she would teach her about Druddigon, as she has only just debuted as a Trainer. Iris questions Amy If she is a beginner. Ash responds that he is correct, and her father had traded Druddigon to her; but since it is the first time that she is raising a Dragon type, she thought they would start traveling once he got used to her a little more. Iris shouts that she will do anything to assist her with Druddigon. Iris suggests that Amy should have a battle in order to adapt to Druddigon. Amy questions Iris about her suggestion of a battle. Iris inquires if Amy has ever had a battle. Amy responds that she has never had a battle, not even with Druddigon. Cilan states it is the ideal way for her to understand Druddigon.

Ash and Amy prepare for battle in a nearby opening, selecting Tepig and Druddigon as their respective Pokémon. Tepig dashes forward and strikes Druddigon with Tackle, thrusting him backwards. Iris assists Amy with her technique, stating that she needs to work towards stopping Tepig’s movements. Druddigon retaliates with Focus Blast; however Tepig manages to successfully dodge the attack. Tepig begins stomping, generating fire energy around its body in preparation for Flame Charge. Iris continues to aid Amy, informing her that Druddigon can endure Tepig’s attack. Druddigon crosses his arms and manages to successfully block Tepig’s attack. Tepig is thrusted backwards by Druddigon and slams into the ground. Druddigon gathers energy into his claws, and begins thrusting forward, launching Dragon Claw towards Tepig. Tepig responds, launching Ember which causes Druddigon to flinch. Amy shouts out for Druddigon to force through and continue using Dragon Claw. Druddigon utilizes his Dragon Claw attack to successfully block Tepig’s ember, striking forward and hitting Tepig for a direct hit. Tepig is thrusted backwards and is knocked unconscious, unable to battle. The victory is awarded to Druddigon. Amy thanks Iris for her advice during the battle. Iris states that it is quite difficult to be in sync with a Dragon type; and that it is important that they trust each other. Ash recalls Tepig into his Monster Ball. Cilan questions Amy about Druddigon’s attacks, inquiring if he can perform Flamethrower, Focus Blast, and Dragon Claw. Iris questions if there are any other attacks that Druddigon can perform. Amy responds that Druddigon only has those three attacks that Cilan had mentioned. Iris and Ash suggest that if Druddigon were to learn another move, Amy’s options in battle would become broader. After a few moments, James’s Yamask successfully launches Shadow Ball, which collides with Druddigon. Cilan questions why a Yamask would use Shadow Ball without warning (unaware that Yamask is actually owned by James). Yamask launches another Shadow Battle attack; however Druddigon successfully dodges the attack, which collides with a nearby mountain. Druddigon begins gathering fire energy in his mouth, in preparation for Flamethrower. Jessie’s Woobat interrupts, launching Gust, with dispels Druddigon’s flamethrower and thrusts Pikachu and Axew away from their trainers. Team Rocket successfully launches their “special” wire, which manages to ensnare Druddigon, Pikachu, and Axew.

The three Pokémon struggle, however are unable to break the wire. Druddigon launches Dragon Claw, which successfully breaks the grasp on Pikachu. The mecha continues to repel Axew and Druddigon, suspending them into the air. A massive door opens and Axew and Druddigon are thrusted inside of a compartment within Team Rocket’s mecha. Team Rocket reveals themselves to the group, entering into their renowned motto. Amy questions who Team Rocket is. Ash responds that they are a group who suddenly appear and forcibly steal others’ Pokémon. James states that Ash is incorrect suggesting that they appear “suddenly”. James continues that they had carefully planned their strategy on how to obtain Druddigon. Meowth states that they expanded their strategy to capture Axew as well. Jessie contributes that they hadn’t predicted Pikachu’s escape; however Giovanni will be overjoyed with the capture of Druddigon and Axew. Iris shouts out, yelling that she will not hand over Axew so easily. Iris dashes towards a nearby hill and begins climbing upwards, thrusting herself towards the airborne mecha. Iris launches herself into the air, however is unable to grasp the mecha, and falls back towards the ground. James and Jessie state that they will raise Axew and evolve it; allowing them to take complete control of the Unova region. Woobat launches an intensive Gust, which is followed up by Yamask’s Shadow Ball; allowing Team Rocket to escape during the chaos. James suggests that they should land at a nearby table mountain which is nearby. Meowth states that once they have landed, they will inform Giovanni of their results. A loud thud is heard, interrupting the conversation. Druddigon begins to rampage, using its Dragon Claw in an attempt to break through the mecha’s interior wall. Jessie questions James if the mecha will be fine from the attacks. James suggests that her question is foolish, because the mecha is perfect. On the ground, our heroes keep sight of the mecha and follow on foot. Amy shouts that Druddigon is precious to her. Iris ponders that Axew is also precious to her, forcing her to recall her past moments in the Dragon Village.

Flashback: On Iris’s departure from the Dragon Village, she is lectured by a Dragon Master, Matriarch, who states that together with her Axew, she will meet many Trainers and Pokémon. The Dragon Master states that the meetings will become food for her growth. Matriarch suggests that there are various happenings which are awaiting Iris ahead; which include happiness, sadness, and pain. Matriarch states that once Iris and Axew overcome their events, the road to becoming a Dragon Master will open. Iris responds that she understands, and she will do her best.

After recalling her past events, Iris increases her running speed in thought of overcoming Team Rocket while aiming to become a Dragon Master. Team Rocket continues to approach their destination, as Druddigon continuously strikes the mecha’s interior wall; but soon fatigues from its efforts. Axew recalls its prior failed attempts with Dragon Rage which created an explosion. Axew utilizes the situation to his advantage, and begins gathering energy inside of his body in preparation to launch Dragon Rage. Similar to before, Axew fails to release the energy, which forces it to build pressure and eventually counteracts, exploding within the mecha. Akew’s failed attempt manages to successfully damage the mecha, which forces Team Rocket to crash into a nearby mountainous region. Meowth states that he had thought that Axew wasn’t able to use Dragon Rage. James suggests that Axew is perfect for their Pokémon forces. Druddigon continues to rage, using its Dragon Claw attack to force the mecha doors open. Ash begins to head towards the crash site, however Iris shouts for him to stop. Iris climbs a nearby tree and begins focusing her energy in an attempt to locate Axew and Druddigon. As Druddigon and Axew attempt to make their escape, Yamask and Woobat manage to successfully intercept the two dragons, forcing them to take another path. Amy shouts out to Iris, questioning what she is doing. Iris points, suggesting that she has located Axew and Druddigon. Cilan shouts for Iris to stop, stating that there is a nearby shortcut to the crash site. Ash states that Iris sensed Axew and Iris, and he trusts her instinct. Druddigon and Axew continue their escape, however Druddigon reaches the end of a ledge, and the two dragons slide down the cliff’s side; slamming to the ground.

Team Rocket successfully intercepts the two runaway Pokémon, shouting that they cannot escape from Team Rocket. Druddigon responds with Focus Blast, however Team Rocket dodges the attack with minor effort. Jessie states that she likes Druddigon’s tough, impudent, and strong side more and more. Yamask responds with Shadow Ball; however Druddigon shields the attack by crossing its arms, dispelling the attack. Woobat contributes with Gust, with thrusts Axew from Druddigon’s side. Meowth suggests that the two Pokémon should have the grace to join Team Rocket and become their vanguard for the takeover of the Unova region. Iris interrupts the conversation, shouting that she will not let it happen. Yamask gathers Shadow Energy forming a sphere in preparation to launch Shadow Ball; however Pikachu retaliates with Thunderbolt which strikes Yamask and Woobat for a direct hit. Axew and Druddigon utilize the opportunity to safely return to their trainers. Yamask launches Night Shade, which envelopes Druddigon and Amy in ghost energy. After a few moments, the attack thrusts Druddigon and Amy into the ground. Druddigon successfully returns to its feet, and begins gathering energy within its body. Amy and Team Rocket stare in a confused state, unaware of the strange attack. Iris shouts that Druddigon has learned Draco Meteor. Iris states that a Pokémon will charge their entire body with power and then release it towards the sky. Druddigon continues to gather energy within its body, and soon thrusts the energy into the air, which explodes, launching a group of artificial “meteors” towards the ground. The energy scatters and begins slamming into the terrain. Yamask attempts to escape, however is struck by the energy, knocking it unconscious. James suggests that it is amazing it has learned Draco Meteor. Jessie responds that they will definitely get it. Woobat begins flapping its wings, and generates a strong Gust. Pikachu retaliates, launching Electro Ball which collides with Woobat for a direct hit. Axew begins gathering energy within his body, in preparation for Dragon Rage. After a few moments, Axew opens his mouth and is able to successfully release the energy. Axew’s energy takes the form of a Dragon, which strikes forwarding colliding with Team Rocket. The debris from Axew’s attack settles, and Team Rocket is nowhere to be found. Looking upward, Team Rocket takes to the sky, jetting forward with their jet packs. Jessie suggests that while their strategy failed, they will achieve their ambitions for sure. Meowth states that for Giovanni’s sake, they will take complete control over the Unova region. Iris begins hugging Axew, excited that Axew has finally mastered Dragon Rage. Cilan suggests that after a long ripening process, Axew has produced a powerful and soulful taste which was an excellent Dragon Rage. Ash responds that Druddigon’s Draco Meteor was amazing as well. Amy announces that she has finally decided to begin a journey together with Druddigon. Iris shouts that she also has to do her best in order to become a Dragon Master. Ash states that someday he will become a Pokémon Master for sure.

Amy’s Druddigon has learned Dragon Meteor, while Iris’ Axew has finally mastered Dragon Rage. Iris’, as well as Ash’s and Dent’s, journey continues.

English Official Summary

Ash and his friends are surprised to come across a very angry Druddigon. Its Trainer, Emmy, soon comes looking for her missing Dragon-type Pokémon. Druddigon looks dangerous, but Iris isn’t afraid—she reminds everyone that she grew up in a village where people and Dragon-type Pokémon live together as friends. Emmy confesses to Iris that she’s a brand-new Trainer, and asks if Iris can teach her more about Dragon types. Iris suggests that Emmy and Druddigon have a battle, and of course, Ash volunteers to be their opponent! Meanwhile, Team Rocket has a plan to catch Druddigon, Axew, and—as always—Pikachu. Jessie and James interrupt Ash and Emmy’s battle with an attack of their own, and manage to snag the three Pokémon with heavy ropes—but a well-timed Dragon Claw from Druddigon sets Pikachu free. Team Rocket’s ship takes off with Druddigon and Axew. Working together, the two Dragon types manage to break out of their cage and escape! Team Rocket’s Woobat and Yamask are hot on their trail, but Iris is also tracking the two, using her natural instincts. They all catch up at the same time, and the battle to rescue the stolen Pokémon is on! In the midst of the scuffle, Druddigon learns Draco Meteor, and Axew finally figures out how to control its powerful Dragon Rage attack. Accepting temporary defeat, Team Rocket makes a hasty exit, and Emmy decides she’s ready to go on her journey with Druddigon! Our heroes bid a fond farewell to Emmy and Druddigon, as Ash and Iris renew their determination to become a Pokémon Master and a Dragon Master!

French Official Summary

Lors d’un petit entraînement sur la route de l’Arène de Méanville, nos Héros ont la surprise de rencontrer un Drakkarmin très en colère. Ils rencontrent ensuite sa Dresseuse, Eva, à la recherche de son Pokémon de Type Dragon. Même s’il semble menaçant, Iris ne craint pas Drakkarmin et rappelle à tous qu’elle vient d’un village où les humains et les Pokémon de Type Dragon vivent en harmonie. Après avoir avoué son rêve : devenir un jour Maître Dragon, Iris accède à la demande d’Eva. Dresseuse débutante, celle-ci désire en savoir plus sur les Type Dragon. Iris suggère à Eva de combattre avec son Drakkarmin et Sacha lui propose de l’affronter. Pendant ce temps, la Team Rocket tente de capturer Drakkarmin et Coupenotte, sans oublier Pikachu, bien entendu. Avec l’aide de Chovsourir et Tutafeh, ils arrivent ainsi à s’emparer de trois des quatre Pokémon de nos Héros, mais Pikachu s’enfuit. Jurant de récupérer leurs Pokémon, nos Héros et Eva se lancent dans la bataille, lorsque soudain, Drakkarmin arrive à utiliser Draco Météor, tandis que Coupenotte parvient enfin à lancer un superbe Draco-Rage. Reconnaissant leur défaite momentanée, la Team Rocket s’enfuit, et Eva décide qu’elle est à présent prête à partir en voyage avec Drakkarmin ! Nos Héros leur font de chaleureux adieux, tandis que Sacha et Iris jurent de réaliser leur rêve et de devenir respectivement Maître Pokémon et Maître Dragon !

German Official Summary

Während eines kleinen Trainings auf ihrem Weg nach Rayono City treffen unsere Helden auf ein Shardrago, das sehr aufgebracht zu sein scheint. Sie treffen auch gleich auf Eva, die junge Trainerin, die schon nach ihrem Drachen-Pokémon sucht. Obwohl es sehr bedrohlich wirkt, hat Lilia offensichtlich keinerlei Angst vor Shardrago und erinnert somit die anderen daran, dass sie in einem Dorf aufgewachsen ist, in dem die Menschen sehr gut mit Pokémon vom Typ Drachen umgehen können. Nachdem sie erzählt hat, dass sie eine Drachen-Meisterin werden möchte, bittet Eva sie, ihr einiges über Drachen-Pokémon beizubringen, da sie selbst erst seit kurzem Trainerin sei. Lilia entscheidet, dass Eva und Shardrago kämpfen sollen und Ash bietet sich als Gegner an. Inzwischen hat Team Rocket Shardrago, Milza und wie immer natürlich auch Pikachu ins Auge gefasst, um sie zu stehlen. Mithilfe ihres Fleknoil und Makabaja scheint es, als könnten sie alle drei Pokémon unserer Helden fangen, doch Pikachu gelingt die Flucht. Fest entschlossen, sich ihre Pokémon zurückzuholen, kämpfen unsere Helden mit großer Wut im Bauch, als Shardrago unterdessen urplötzlich Draco Meteor einsetzen kann und Milza endlich seine Drachenwut beherrscht. Geschlagen für den Moment zieht Team Rocket ab und Eva entscheidet, dass sie zusammen mit Shardrago bereit sei, auf eine Reise zu gehen. Unsere Helden wünschen Eva und ihrem Shardrago alles Gute und schwören ihrerseits, hart zu arbeiten, um ihren Traum wahr werden zu lassen, Drachen-Meisterin beziehungsweise Pokémon-Meister zu werden.

Italian Official Summary

Allenandosi un po’ lungo la strada per la Palestra di Sciroccopoli, i nostri eroi si sorprendono nell’imbattersi in quello che sembra essere un Druddigon furioso. Incontrano presto il suo Allenatore, Emmy, che cercava il suo Pokémon tipo Drago. Sebbene minaccioso, Iris non è affatto impaurita da Druddigon e ricorda a tutti di essere cresciuta in una città in cui le persone e i Pokémon tipo Drago vanno molto d’accordo. Dichiarando di voler diventare Maestro Drago, Iris viene avvicinata da Emmy che le chiede di insegnarle qualcosa di più sui i tipi Drago, dato che Emmy è un’Allenatrice principiante. Iris consiglia a Emmy di lottare con Druddigon e Ash si offre di farle da sfidante. Nel frattempo il Team Rocket ha messo gli occhi su Druddigon e Axew. Per non parlare, come sempre, di Pikachu. Usando il loro Woobat e il loro Yamask, sembra che i tre Pokémon dei nostri eroi vengano catturati, ma Pikachu riesce a scappare. Promettendo di riprendersi i loro Pokémon, i nostri eroi ed Emmy lottano vendicandosi e improvvisamente Druddigon riesce a usare Dragobolide, mentre Axew finalmente impara a usare Ira di Drago. Capendo di essere sconfitti per il momento, il Team Rocket esce di scena ed Emmy decide di essere pronta per partire in viaggio con il suo Druddigon. I nostri eroi dicono addio ad Emmy e Druddigon, mentre Ash e Iris entrambi ripetono la loro promessa di diventare, rispettivamente, Maestro Pokémon e Maestro Drago.

Portuguese Official Summary

Fazendo um pequeno treino a caminho do Ginásio da Cidade de Nimbasa, nossos heróis são surpreendidos quando se deparam com o que parece ser um Druddigon muito zangado. Em seguida eles conhecem a treinadora dele, Emmy, que está procurando por seu Pokémon Tipo-Dragão. Aparentemente ameaçador, Iris não tem nem um pouco de medo de Druddigon e lembra que foi criada em uma cidade onde as pessoas e os Pokémon Tipo-Dragão convivem muito bem.Alegando querer se tornar uma Mestra de Dragões, Iris é abordada por Emmy que pede para ensinar os movimentos do Tipo-Dragão, já que Emmy é uma treinadora novata. Iris sugere que Emmy batalhe com Druddiggon e Ash se oferece para batalhar com ela.Enquanto isso, a Equipe Rocket tem seus olhos voltados para Druddigon e Axew sem mencionar, como sempre, Pikachu.Usando seu Woobat e Yamask, parece que os 3 Pokémon de nossos heróis foram capturados, mas Pikachu se livra.Jurando ter seus Pokémon de volta, nossos heróis e Emmy, de repente, batalham com um Druddigon vingativo que é capaz de usar o Meteoro do Dragão,Enquanto Axew  finalmente aprende a usar o Fúria do Dragão. Sabendo que estão derrotados no momento, a Equipe Rocket sai de cena e Emmy decide que já está pronta para seguir em sua jornada com Druddigon! Nossos heróis se despedem carinhosamente de Emmy e Druddigon, enquanto Ash e Iris juram realizar o sonho de se tornarem, respectivamente, um Mestre Pokémon e uma Mestra de Dragões!

Finnish Official Summary

Harjoitellessaan matkalla Nimbasa Cityyn, sankarimme kohtaavat yllättäen erittäin vihaisen Druddigonin. Pian he tapaavat sen kouluttajan, Emmyn, joka etsii lohikäärmetyypin pokémoniaan. Vaikka Druddigon näyttää pelottavalta, Iris ei pelkää, vaan muistuttaa muita että hän kasvoi kaupungissa, jossa ihmiset ja lohikäärmetyypin pokémonit tulevat hyvin toimeen. Iriksen kerrottua, että hän haluaa tulla lohikäärmemestariksi, Emmyllä on hänelle kysymyksiä lohikäärmetyypeistä, sillä hän on aivan uusi kouluttaja. Iris ehdottaa Emmylle ottelua Druddigonin vastaan ja Ash tarjoutuukin ottelemaan hänen kanssaan. Sillä välin rakettiryhmä on suunnitellut Druddigonin, Axew'n ja tietenkin Pikachun sieppaamista. Käyttäen Woobattia ja Yamaskia, he näyttävätkin sieppaavan kaikki kolme pokémonia, mutta Pikachu pääsee pakoon. Sankarimme vannovat saavansa pokémoninsa takaisin ja iskevät Emmyn kanssa takaisin. Yhtäkkiä Druddigon tekeekin Draco Meterorin ja Axew oppii vihdoin tekemään Dragon Ragen. Nähdessään tappion koittavan, rakettiryhmä häipyy. Emmy puolestaan päättää olevansa valmis matkalle Druddigonin kanssa. Sankarimme jättävät haikeat jäähyväiset Emmylle ja Druddigonille ja Ash ja Iris vahvistavat unelmansa tulla Pokémonmestariksi sekä Lohikäärmemestariksi!

Spanish Latin America Official Summary

Mientras nuestros héroes entrenan un poco en su camino a Ciudad Nimbasa, se sorprenden al cruzarse con lo que parece un Druddigon muy enojado. Pronto conocen a su entrenadora, Emmy, quien ha estado buscando a su Pokémon tipo Dragón. Aunque tiene un aspecto amenazador, parece que Iris no le teme a Druddigon, esto les recuerda a todos que ella fue criada en un pueblo donde la gente y los Pokémon tipo Dragón conviven juntos. Con la intención de convertirse en Maestra Dragón, Emmy se acerca a Iris para que le enseñe más sobre los Pokémon tipo Dragón, ya que Emmy es una entrenadora novata. Iris sugiere una batalla con Druddigon, y Ash se ofrece para pelear contra ella. Mientras tanto, el Equipo Rocket esperaba atrapar a Druddigon y Axew y, sin mencionar, como siempre, a Pikachu. Usando su Woobat y Yamask, parece que los 3 Pokémon de nuestros héroes son capturados, pero Pikachu escapa. Jurando recuperar a sus Pokémon, nuestros héroes y Emmy vuelven a la batalla, cuando de pronto Druddigon aprende el Draco Meteoro, mientras Axew aprende Furia de Dragón. Dándose cuenta de que han sido vencidos por ahora, el Equipo Rocket huye, ¡y Emmy decide que está lista para continuar su viaje con Druddigon! Nuestros héroes despiden con cariño a Emmy y Druddigon, mientras que Ash e Iris juran alcanzar su sueño de convertirse en Maestros Pokémon y Maestra Dragón, respectivamente.

Spanish Official Summary

Haciendo un poco de entrenamiento en su camino hacia el Gimnasio de Ciudad Mayólica, nuestros héroes se sorprenden al encontrarse con lo que parece ser un Druddigon muy enfadado. Pronto conocen a su Entrenadora, Emmy, que ha estado buscando a su Pokémon de tipo Dragón. Parece amenazador, pero Iris no le tiene ni pizca de miedo a Druddigon y les recuerda a todos que fue criada en una aldea donde las personas y los Pokémon de tipo Dragón se llevan estupendamente. Al confesar Iris que quiere convertirse en una Maestra Dragón, Emmy le pide que le enseñe más cosas sobre los Pokémon de tipo Dragón, ya que ella es una Entrenadora novata. Iris le sugiere a Emmy que combata con Druddigon, y Ash se ofrece a combatir contra ella. Mientras tanto, el Team Rocket tiene la intención de atrapar a Druddigon, a Axew y, como siempre, a Pikachu. Usando a Woobat y Yamask, capturan a los tres Pokémon de nuestros héroes, pero Pikachu se escapa. Proponiéndose recuperar a sus Pokémon, nuestros héroes y Emmy combaten con furia. En medio del combate, Druddigon es capaz de usar Cometa Draco, mientras que Axew por fin aprende a usar Furia Dragón. Sabiendo que les están derrotando, el Team Rocket se marcha, y Emmy decide que está preparada para empezar su viaje con Druddigon. Nuestros héroes se despiden cariñosamente de Emmy y Druddigon, y Ash e Iris prometen alcanzar sus sueños de convertirse respectivamente en un Maestro Pokémon y una Maestra Dragón.

English Great Britain Official Summary

Ash and his friends are surprised to come across a very angry Druddigon. Its Trainer, Emmy, soon comes looking for her missing Dragon-type Pokémon. Druddigon looks dangerous, but Iris isn’t afraid—she reminds everyone that she grew up in a village where people and Dragon-type Pokémon live together as friends. Emmy confesses to Iris that she’s a brand-new Trainer, and asks if Iris can teach her more about Dragon types. Iris suggests that Emmy and Druddigon have a battle, and of course, Ash volunteers to be their opponent! Meanwhile, Team Rocket has a plan to catch Druddigon, Axew, and—as always—Pikachu. Jessie and James interrupt Ash and Emmy’s battle with an attack of their own, and manage to snag the three Pokémon with heavy ropes—but a well-timed Dragon Claw from Druddigon sets Pikachu free. Team Rocket’s ship takes off with Druddigon and Axew. Working together, the two Dragon types manage to break out of their cage and escape! Team Rocket’s Woobat and Yamask are hot on their trail, but Iris is also tracking the two, using her natural instincts. They all catch up at the same time, and the battle to rescue the stolen Pokémon is on! In the midst of the scuffle, Druddigon learns Draco Meteor, and Axew finally figures out how to control its powerful Dragon Rage attack. Accepting temporary defeat, Team Rocket makes a hasty exit, and Emmy decides she’s ready to go on her journey with Druddigon! Our heroes bid a fond farewell to Emmy and Druddigon, as Ash and Iris renew their determination to become a Pokémon Master and a Dragon Master!

Russian Official Summary

По пути в Нимбаса-Сити наши герои встречают очень недовольного Драдигона. Вскоре они встречают и Эмми, тренера этого покемона. Драдигон на вид очень грозен, но Ирис его не боится, ведь она родилась и выросла в деревне Драконов и однажды хочет стать мастером драконов. Узнав об этом, Эмми просит Ирис рассказать ей побольше о драконах, ведь она еще начинающий тренер. Ирис предлагает ей устроить битву, и Эш берется ей помочь и сразиться против нее. Тем временем, Команда Р решает похитить Драдигона, Эксъю и, конечно, Пикачу. При помощи Вубэта и Ямаска им даже удается это сделать, но Пикачу удается сбежать. Наши герои начинают сражение с негодяями. И тут Драдигон внезапно использует метеор дракона, а Эксъю, наконец, выполняет ярость дракона. Команда Р снова спасается бегством. А Эмми отправляется в путешествие со своим другом, Драдигоном. Эш и Ирис же в очередной раз клянутся, что однажды станут соответственно мастером покемонов и мастером драконов.

Dutch Official Summary

Onze helden trainen een beetje onderweg naar de Nimbasa City Gym, en komen bij verrassing een Druddigon tegen die nogal kwaad lijkt te zijn. Al snel ontmoeten ze zijn Trainer, Emmy, die naar haar Draaksoort Pokémon op zoek was. Hoewel Druddigon dreigend overkomt, is Iris absoluut niet bang en ze herinnert iedereen aan het feit dat zij is opgegroeid in een dorp waar mensen en Draaksoort Pokémon goed met elkaar op kunnen schieten. Als ze duidelijk maakt dat ze een Drakenmeester wil worden, vraagt Emmy haar om haar meer te leren over Draaksoorten, aangezien Emmy een kersverse Trainer is. Iris stelt haar voor om met Druddigon te vechten en Ash biedt aan om tegen hem te vechten. Ondertussen heeft Team Rocket het oog laten vallen op het vangen van Druddigon en Axew, en niet te vergeten, Pikachu. Met hulp van Woobat en Yamask lijkt het erop dat de drie Pokémon van onze helden zijn gevangen, maar Pikachu ontsnapt. Onze helden zweren dat ze hun Pokémon terug zullen krijgen en samen met Emmy vechten ze verwoed terug. Plotseling kan Druddigon Drace Meteoor gebruiken, en Axew heeft eindelijk geleerd hoe hij Drakenfurie moet gebruiken. Team Rocket beseft dat het voor nu verloren heeft en verdwijnt en Emmy besluit dat ze klaar is om op reis te gaan met Druddigon! Onze helden nemen afscheid van Emmy en Druddigon, en Ash en Iris beloven dat ze hun droom waar zullen maken om respectievelijk Pokémon Meester en Drakenmeester te worden!

Norwegian Official Summary

Når de trener litt på vei mot Nimbasa City gymmen, blir heltene våre overrasket av det som viser seg å være en veldig hissig Druddigon. De møter snart dens trener, Emmy, som har vært på leting etter sin Drage-type Pokémon. Selv om den virker truende er ikke Iris det smule redd for Druddigon, og minnet de andre på at hun vokste opp i en by hvor mennesker og Drage-type Pokémon går veldig godt overens. Når hun tilkjennegir at hun ønsker å bli en Dragemester, blir Iris spurt av Enmy om hun kan lære henne om Drage-typer, siden Emmy er en helt fersk trener. Iris foreslår at Emmy kjemper med Druddigon og Ash tilbyr seg å ta en kamp mot henne. Imens har Team Rocket satt seg som mål å fange Druddigon og Axew, for ikke å glemme, som alltid, Pikachu. De bruker Woobat og Yamask, og det virker som om alle tre av våre heleters Pokémon har blitt fanget, men Pikachu slipper unna. De sverger på å få sine Pokémon tilbake, og heltene våre og Emmy slår tilbake ettertrykkelig, og plutselig lærer Druddigon seg å bruke Drago Meteor, mens Axew endelig klarer å mestre bruken av Dragon Rage. De erkjenner sitt foreløpige nederlag, og Team Rocket drar av sted, og Emmy bestemmer seg for at hun er klar for å dra ut på en reise – med Druddigon! Heltene våre tar farvel med Emmy og Druddigon, og Ash og Iris lover begge å nå sine drømmer om å henholdsvis bli en Pokémon-mester og En Dragemester!

Swedish Official Summary

När de pressar n lite träning på vägen till Nimbasa City-gymmet, blir våra hjältar överraskade att finna vad som verkar vara en mycket ilsken Druddigon. De möter snart dess tränare, Emmy, som letar efter sin Drak-typs Pokémon. Förmodat retsamt är Iris inte ett dugg rädd för Druddigon och påminner dem alla att hon växte upp i en stad där Drak-typs Pokémon och människor kommer väldigt bra överens. När hon uppgett att hennes dröm är att bli Drak-mästare, närmasr sig Emmy Iris för att få lära sig mer om Drak-typer, eftersom Emmy är helt ny som tränare. Iris föreslår att Emmy strider med Druddigon och Ash erbjuder sig att strida mot henne. Under tiden har Team Rocket haft siktet inställt på att fånga Druddigon, för att inte nämna, som alltid, Pikachu. De använder sina Woobat och Yamask och det verkar som om alla våra tre hjältars Pokémon tagits till fånga, men Pikachu kommer undan. Svärande på att få sina Pokémon tillbaka, strider våra hjältar och Emmy med hämnd i blick och plötsligt kan Druddigon använda Draco Meteor, medan Axew äntligen lär sig hantera Dragon Rage. Med insikten att de är slagna för stunden, drar sig Team Rocket tillbaka och Emmy beslutar att det är dags för henne att bege sig på resa – med Druddigon! Våra hjältar bjuder ett ömsint farväl till Emmy och Druddigon, medan Ash och Iris båda svär att uppnå sina drömmar att bli Pokémon-mästare och Drak-mästare!

Danish Official Summary

Under en træningskamp på vej mod Nimbasa City-Salen, støder vores helte på hvad der synes at være en meget vred Druddigon. De møder dens træner, Emmy, der har ledt efter hendes Drage-type Pokémon. Selvom den er skræmmende, er Iris slet ikke bange for Druddigon og minder alle om, at hun er vokset op i en by, hvor mennesker og Dragon-type Pokémon lever i harmoni med hinanden. Hun vil som bekendt gerne være en Dragemester, og Iris lærer nu Emmy en masse om Drage-typer, da Emmy er en helt ny træner. Iris foreslår, at Emmy tager en kamp, og Ash tilbyder at kæmpe mod hende. I mellemtiden har Team Rocket haft deres øjne rettet mod Druddigon og Axew, for ikke at nævne, som altid, Pikachu. Ved hjælp af deres Woobat og Yamask ser det ud til, at alle vores tre heltes Pokémon er blevet fanget, men Pikachu undslipper. De sværger at de nok skal få deres Pokémon tilbage, og pludselig lærer Druddigon at bruge Draco Meteor, mens Axew endelig lærer at bruge Dragon Rage. Team Rocket erkender at de er blevet besejret og stikker af. Emmy beslutter at hun er klar til at tage på sin rejse med Druddigon! Vores helte byder hende farvel, og både Ash og Iris sværger, at de nok skal nå deres drømme om at blive henholdsvis en Pokémon Mester og en Dragemester!


Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash Ketchum
  • Japan サトシ
  • Japan Satoshi
  • Japan Satoshi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Pikachu
  • Japan サトシのピカチュウ
  • Japan Satoshi no Pikachu
  • Japan Satoshi's Pikachu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Meowth
  • Japan ニャース
  • Japan Nyarth
  • Japan Nyarth
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Jessie
  • Japan ムサシ
  • Japan Musashi
  • Japan Musashi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States James
  • Japan コジロウ
  • Japan Kojirō
  • Japan Kojiro
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Iris
  • Japan アイリス
  • Japan Iris
  • Japan Iris
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Iris' Axew
  • Japan アイリスのキバゴ
  • Japan Iris no Kibago
  • Japan Iris' Kibago
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Jessie's Woobat
  • Japan ムサシのコロモリ
  • Japan Musashi no Koromori
  • Japan Musashi's Koromori
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Tepig
  • Japan サトシのポカブ
  • Japan Satoshi no Pokabu
  • Japan Satoshi's Pokabu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Cilan
  • Japan デント
  • Japan Dent
  • Japan Dent
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Elder
  • Japan オババサマ
  • Japan Obaba-sama
  • Japan Old Matriarch
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Scraggy
  • Japan サトシのズルッグ
  • Japan Satoshi no Zuruggu
  • Japan Satoshi's Zuruggu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States James' Yamask
  • Japan コジロウのデスマス
  • Japan Kojirō no Deathmas
  • Japan Kojiro's Deathmas
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Emmy
  • Japan エミー
  • Japan Amy
  • Japan Amy
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Emmy's Druddigon
  • Japan エミーのクリムガン
  • Japan Amy no Crimgan
  • Japan Amy's Crimgan
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Unova Pokédex
  • Japan サトシのイッシュのポケモン図鑑
  • Japan Satoshi no Isshu no Pokémon Zukan
  • Japan Satoshi's Isshu Pokémon Zukan
No notes available for this episode.

Who's that Pokémon Black and White


Eyecatch Zekrom and Reshiram Updated Eyecatch

Zekrom Commercial Intro Eyecatch with Satoshi, Pikachu, Iris and Dent.

Reshiram Commercial Return Eyecatch with Satoshi, Pikachu, Iris and Dent.

Special First-Airing Segment Movie Preview

The initial airing of this episode didn't contain a Live Caster segment. Instead of that a special preview of the upcoming movie, Victini and the Light Hero - Reshiram / Victini and the Dark Hero - Zekrom was aired. The preview presented information about the movie's director and voice actors. It also announced that the theme song for the movie would be Sky (宙-そら-, Sora) by Every Little Thing.

Okido Segment Pokémon Live Caster

This Okido segment did not air in the initial airing of the episode but only in subsequent repeats on channels like Kids Station and on the DVDs.

Pokémon Live Caster & Senryu
Pokémon Gothiruselle (ゴチルゼル)
Japanese ゴチルゼル ごはんよちして ゴチになる
Romaji Gochiruzeru gohan yochishite gochi ni naru
Translated Gothiruselle predicts its lunch will be a feast

Episode Music Regions
Music Player

Japanese Music:

Time Track Notes
Japan 00:00 BW M26A Trying It Out Satoshi's Zuruggu and Iris' Kibago train.
Japan 01:31 ベストウイッシュ!
Japanese (Romanized): Best Wishes!
Japanese (TL): Best Wishes!
Opening Theme for Japanese Version
Japan 02:59 BW M47A タイトル
Japanese (TL): Title
Best Wishes Title Card
Japan 03:08 BW M64 エンディング~それぞれの未来へ
Japanese (TL): Ending~To Each Future
A Crimgan is in front of the group.
Japan 04:02 BW M41 Thinking of a Way Out Crimgan's trainer runs after the fleeing Pokémon.
Japan 04:56 BW M55A An Obstacle Kibago runs away from Crimgan.
Japan 06:23 BW M05 Rocket Gang's Plan Rocket Gang sets its eyes on Crimgan.
Japan 07:07 BW M69 サザナミタウン (秋~春)
Japanese (TL): Sazanami Town (Fall to Spring)
Iris expresses her goal to become a Dragon Master.
Japan 08:35 BW M23A 戦闘!ジムリーダー
Japanese (TL): Battle! Gym Leader
Satoshi battles with his Pokabu against Amy's Crimgan.
Japan 10:57 BW M10 Rocket Gang's Operation Deathmas suddenly attacks Crimgan.
Japan 11:48 BW M57 Eyecatch Return Eyecatch Break
Japan 11:54 BW M06A World of Pokémon Sponsor Message
Japan 12:04 BW M50 Eyecatch Intro Eyecatch Return
Japan 12:10 BW M27B Something Bad Pikachu, Kibago and Crimgan are taken away with a rope.
Japan 13:21 BW M05 Rocket Gang's Plan The Rocket Gang trio as it's getting away.
Japan 15:04 守り人シーナ
Japanese (Romanized): Mamorito Sheena
Japanese (TL): Sheena the Protector
Movie 12 BGM - Iris remembers the lessons given by her village's Elder (the music begins 15 seconds through).
Japan 16:04 時空を超えて
Japanese (Romanized): Jikū wo koe te
Japanese (TL): Beyond the Continuum
Movie 12 BGM - Kibago uses Dragon Rage and provokes Rocket Gang's ship's fall.
Japan 17:42 BW M45 It's An Ambush! Rocket Gang's Pokémon battle Crimgan.
Japan 18:22 BW M62A Attack! Kojiro commands Deathmas to use Shadow Ball.
Japan 19:11 BW M61E ベストウイッシュTV BGM-M01
Japanese (TL): Best Wishes TV BGM-M01 A Turn of Fortune
Crimgan learns Draco meteor.
Japan 20:53 BW M18B ユナイテッドタワー
Japanese (TL): United Tower
Iris congratulates Kibago for learning Dragon Rage.
Japan 21:54 ポケモン言えるかな?BW
Japanese (Romanized): Pokémon Ieru Ka Na? BW
Japanese (TL): Can You Say the Pokémon? BW
Ending Theme for Japanese Version
Japan 23:15 BW M06C World of Pokémon Professor Okido's Pokémon Live Caster
Japan 24:17 BW M47A タイトル
Japanese (TL): Title
Best Wishes Episode 31 Preview
Japan 24:45 ベストウイッシュ! (オリジナルカラオケ)
Japanese (Romanized): Best Wishes! (Original Karaoke)
Japanese (TL): Best Wishes! (Original Karaoke)
Sponsor Message

Dub Music:

Time Track Notes
United States 00:00 BW M26A Trying It Out Scraggy and Axew train.
United States 01:31 Black & White English opening
United States 02:02 BW M47A タイトル
Japanese (TL): Title
Title card
United States 02:11 BW M64 エンディング~それぞれの未来へ
Japanese (TL): Ending~To Each Future
A Druddigon appears
United States 03:06 BW M41 Thinking of a Way Out The group run after Druddigon and its trainer.
United States 03:58 BW M55A An Obstacle Axew is scared of Druddigon.
United States 05:26 BW M05 Rocket Gang's Plan Team rocket are spying on the group wanting to get Druddigon, axew and pikachu.
United States 07:38 BW M23A 戦闘!ジムリーダー
Japanese (TL): Battle! Gym Leader
Tepig Vs Druddigon
United States 09:59 BW M10 Rocket Gang's Operation A yamask appears and attacks Druddigon.
United States 11:04 BW M27B Something Bad Pikachu, Axew and Druddigon are taken away by ropes, leading in to the team rocket motto.
United States 12:15 BW M05 Rocket Gang's Plan James says team rocket aren't bad guys.
United States 16:36 BW M45 It's An Ambush! Team rocket dodge the focus blast.
United States 17:16 BW M62A Attack! Yamask uses shadow ball.
United States 18:05 BW M61E ベストウイッシュTV BGM-M01
Japanese (TL): Best Wishes TV BGM-M01 A Turn of Fortune
Druddigon uses Draco meteor on Team rocket.
United States 19:48 BW M18B ユナイテッドタワー
Japanese (TL): United Tower
Iris is happy that Axew has learnt Dragon rage properly.
United States 20:50 Black & White English ending

Music Statistics:

Number of Assigned Tracks to the Japanese Original: 25
Number of Assigned Tracks to the English Dub: 16
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A good episode with some nice character development (some background story for Iris and Kibago, and the latter finally managing to use Dragon Sne... I mean Dragon Rage). At least, the writers aren't repeating the same mistakes they've done in the previous seasons, where some characters didn't really get any proper chara. development.

Too bad Takeshi's not travelling with Satoshi anymore... No doubt he would have been charmed by Amy (yeah, I know he falls for pretty much every single female character he encounters, but still).

And hurrah for the Rocket Gang, though I wish they'd go back to some 'serious business' for a bit. I mean, they could do with some character development too.