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Best Wishes!
心のファンファーレ (バージョン1)
Kokoro no Fanfare (Variant 1)
Best Wishes!
함께 걸어가는 길
Walking Together Along a Road
Pokémon Roll Call
Open your Hand
Satoshi and his friends continue their journey to Nacrene City. Having taken a break during their journey, Iris and Cilan are about to begin a battle. Iris and Cilan stare at each other, in an attempt to anticipate each other’s actions. Ash complains to Iris, suggesting that she could have actually chosen to battle him instead. Iris responds that when it comes to battling, Ash and Pikachu always get too serious. Ash states that what a battle should be. Iris whines that she couldn’t bear it if Axew were hit by Volt Tackle. Ash responds that they should have a battle without using Volt Tackle. Iris shouts at Ash, demanding for him to be quiet and watch. Iris has chosen her inexperienced Axew, while Cilan selects his prized Pansage for battle. Cilan commands Pansage to proceed as they had previously discussed. Ash questions Cilan about what he is referring to when he stated they Pansage should stick to what they previously planned. Iris shouts for Ash to watch their battle and he will discover the meaning behind Cilan’s statement. Axew wobbles towards Pansage, readying itself to deliver Scratch. Cilan commands for Pansage to use Bullet Seed gently. Pansage steps forward and begins launching a single seed at Axew every few seconds; which pales in comparison to the full power of Bullet Seed. Pansage’s weakened attack manages to successfully strike Axew. Iris rushes over to Axew’s aid, asking him if he is hurt. Axew covers his eyes, whining to Iris about the pain. Cilan suggests that even the weakened attack might have been too much power. Iris cheers Axew on, stating they should practice and strive to do their best. Ash questions Iris about her reference to “practicing”. Cilan responds that Ash is correct and that they are practicing to allow Axew to become used to battles. Cilan states that they had promised Iris to use every move softly and with only 20% effort. Ash complains that it is hardly a battle, with putting only 20% effort in. Iris responds that letting Axew get used to battles little by little is another raising method. Ash states that battles are more fun if you clash with all you’ve got. Iris scolds Ash, shouting that his suggestion is what makes him a child. Iris suggests that Cilan and Pansage are true gentlemen, who have adjusted to her battling style. Ash states that this is the first time he has actually seen Iris and Axew battle. Cilan states they he should just let Iris and Axew develop in the method that they choose.

Axew raises his claws, rushing towards Pansage to attempt another Scratch attack. Pansage successfully avoids the attack by using both his arms to hold Axew at arm’s length. Axew begins to wave his arms, attempting to strike Pansage. Iris complains that Cilan should fight properly. Cilan responds that it’s a method that he often used in Gym matches. Cilan explains that first you block the opponent’s movements, which is followed by an attack from a short distance. Pansage continues to thwart Axew’s attack, and begins gathering energy from the sun, in preparation for Solar Beam. Ash questions Iris if Axew possesses any other attacks than Scratch. Iris begins to respond to Ash’s question, however stops midsentence, stating that Axew does know other attacks. Ash inquires why Iris doesn’t utilize Axew’s other attacks. Iris complains that Ash really can’t seem to shut up during battles. After a few moments, Pansage completes the preparation for Solar Beam, and begins forming the energy into a sphere. Pansage flexes his arm, launching the solar energy which collides with Axew and forces him backwards. Ash sighs, stating he has never seen such a weak Solar Beam before (Referencing to a Pansage’s attack which is only at 20% energy). Axew begins rolling backwards from the attack, and smashes into Iris. Axew shakes his head, attempting to recover from the attack. Ash shouts out, questioning why Iris doesn’t use any other attacks as using the moves that Axew possesses is part of practicing. Iris responds that she already knows. Ash suggests that Iris can’t become stronger unless she thinks of it as a real battle. Iris jumps up, shouting that if Ash continues to insist, she will show him Axew’s ability. Ash demands for Iris to show him the amazing ability that Axew possesses. Axew begins gathering dragon energy in its body, in preparation to launch Dragon Rage. After a few moments, Axew opens his mouth to launch the attack; however the energy counteracts with Axew and forces the energy to create an explosion with Axew at its epicenter. Iris apologizes, stating that the attack has failed again. Ash sighs at Iris mentioning that it has failed “again”; indicating they have failed multiple times in the past.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket has initiated communications with Giovanni inside of an abandoned building. James informs Giovanni that they have arrived. Giovanni announces that their next mission will take place in the Desert Resort. Giovanni explains that somewhere in the desert, a meteorite called Meteonite is buried and that their mission is to locate and secure the material. Giovanni states that in primitive times, the Meteonite entered the atmosphere of the planet, and burst into fragments which were spread over the world. Giovanni suggests that amongst the fragments, the biggest one is said to be buried in the Unova region. Giovanni explains that even a small fragment of a Meteonite creates powerful energy and the result of the data analysis from the Dream Site revealed that there was a similar flow of energy surrounding Desert Resort. Giovanni suggests if they obtain the Meteonite, the energy situation in the world will completely change and the Meteonite will become the trump card in Team Rocket’s global strategy. Giovanni states that for the execution of the mission, he has provided an additional agent to assist with the extraction of the ore. James suggests that Giovanni’s actions are reflecting how big their mission really is. Giovanni commands for Jessie, James, and Meowth to head to the meeting point immediately.

Iris ponders about Axew’s failed attack and how it continuously fails. Ash and Dent suggest that Axew’s attack is more like Dragon “Sneeze”, rather than “Rage”. Ash states that Iris should begin to start ordering Axew to use “Dragon Sneeze” from now on. Iris shouts at the two, complaining that she is seriously troubled by the event. Cilan and Ash apologize, stating that it was only intended as a joke. Ash questions Iris if Axew possesses any other moves. Iris responds that Axew only has Scratch and Dragon Rage. Iris explains that usually, Dragon Rage is a ball of energy which is launched at the opponent to deal damage; however with Axew, the attack is very different. Iris states that for some reason, the energy from Axew’s attack always explodes and that is why she thought that she would travel carefully at first to allow Axew to experience lots of different situations. Meanwhile, Axew and Pikachu slide down a nearby branch, and climb atop an apple tree to retrieve a snack. Iris complains that the road to Haxorous is difficult. Axew reaches down and snatches two apples; using his fangs to hold the apples as he climbs down the tree. Axew greets Iris, presenting the two freshly picked apples to Iris, in an attempt to cheer her up from her depression. Cilan compliments Axew on using his fangs skillfully. Iris bites into the apple, complimenting Axew and stating that the apple tastes delicious. Axew dashes away from Iris to return and gather additional food. Cilan acknowledges that Axew loves to be praised and that he went to gather more apples. Ash states that he thought Axew’s power earlier was awesome and that Axew will definitely manage to use Dragon Rage of it keeps practicing. Cilan suggests that just by the bodily sensation of Axew’s explosion, Axew possesses a tremendous amount of potential. Iris thanks Cilan for his compliments. Ash jumps with vigor, suggesting that she should battle him. Cilan states that she should give it a try, because Axew seems motivated as well. Cilan implies that it would be good to experience something similar to a real match by battling Ash. Iris responds that she doesn’t want to battle ash, because she refuses to lose. Ash states that if that is her argument to battling, she can never have Pokémon battles. Ash inquires where Iris managed to obtain Axew. Iris responds that Axew was given to her. Cilan questions who had given Axew to her. Iris explains that Axew was given to her by the Dragon Master, Old Matriarch, of her hometown. Iris states that her hometown is a leisurely place where Dragon Pokémon are raised on the pastures.

Flashback: Matriarch suggests that it is time for Iris to undergo a grand trial. Matriarch presents a small basket, which contains a newborn Axew. Matriarch explains that raising Axew into a fine Haxorus is linked to her growth and how it grows will be up to her. Matriarch states that Iris must understand Axew’s feelings and raise it to become strong. Matriarch explains that become an adult means knowing about Pokémon, raising them and linking her heart with them.

Iris states that quite a bit of time has passed since they set off, so she had to do something to make Axew stronger; which is why she had thought to let it become used to battles and had asked Cilan for help. Ash questions if Matriarch is her grandmother. Iris responds that Matriarch is the chief of the village. Iris looks down for Axew, however the Pokémon is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Axew attempts to grasp a group of apples, balancing itself atop a thin tree branch. Pikachu attempts to warn Axew about the weak branch, however Axew ignores Pikachu’s warnings and continues to inch further towards the end of the tree branch to grasp the apples. Axew leans forward and grasps the apples, however the branch flexes, forcing Axew to lose its balance and crash to the ground. Axew’s fall is broken by a Scolipede, which Axew manages to become lodged between its antennae. Scolipede begins rampaging, attempting to remove Axew from atop its head. Pikachu flips forward, encasing his tail in iron and strikes down, however Scolipede’s tough skin reflects the attack, knocking Pikachu backwards. Scolipede raises its body, launching Pikachu into a nearby tree. Scolipede begins rushing towards Pikachu in a mad rage. Pikachu begins to wave his arms in an attempt to halt the oncoming Scolipede. Scolipede continues to rampage, easily smashing through the tree nearby Pikachu. Pikachu begins dashing down a forest path, in an attempt to escape the pursuing Scolipede. Axew begins gathering Dragon energy within its body, which soon reacts creating a gigantic explosion with itself and Scolipede.

Our heroes notice the dark plume of smoke rising into the air, creating from Axew’s failed attack. Ash shouts that it was generated from Axew’s “Dragon Sneeze”. Iris shouts that the attack is called “Dragon Rage”, and dashes forward in search of Axew. A few moments later, Pikachu leaps forward and grasps onto Ash’s body in a state of fear. Ash questions Pikachu where Axew had disappeared to. Pikachu hops down and begins acting out the scene with Scolipede and Axew, imitating both Scolipede and Axew’s movements. Ash shouts at Pikachu that he doesn’t understand what he is attempting to say. Axew’s cries break the conversation, drawing our heroes’ attention towards the wild Scolipede. Iris questions how a Scolipede could have gotten within the forest. Ash removes his Zukan, retrieving the entry on Scolipede: “Scolipede, the Mega Centipede Pokémon. It corners its opponents with swift movements and attacks them with the horns on its head. With its aggressive personality, it shows no mercy until delivering the finishing blow.” Scolipede begins storming towards the group, forcing Ash, Iris, and Cilan to begin dashing away in the opposite direction. Scolipede excretes a purple residue, which collides with a nearby boulder, forcing it to begin to melt away. Cilan shouts that Scolipede had used Toxic. Scolipede launches another barrage of Toxic towards Iris, however Ash successfully pulls Iris away from the attack, which collides with a nearby tree. Ash and Cilan call upon Snivy and Pansage to aid in the defeat of Scolipede. Pansage launches a barrage of Bullet Seeds at Pansage’s feet while Snivy uses its vines to grasp onto Scolipede. Scolipede uses its massive power to propel Snivy through the air and backwards into Ash’s arms. Cilan states that Scolipede’s power is too massive for Snivy. Ash recalls Snivy into her Monster Ball. Iris dashes in front of the oncoming Scolipede, shouting that she will save Axew. Iris expands a Monster Ball, however hesitates for a moment, unable to release her Pokémon. Ash questions Iris what is wrong with her. Iris launches the Monster Ball skyward, releasing an Excadrill. Excadrill slams to the ground in an unresponsive state. Ash and Cilan stare at the Pokémon, pondering why it isn’t moving. Ash opens his Zukan and queries Excadrill’s entry: “Excadrill, the Underworld Pokémon. The evolved form of Drilbur. It makes a labyrinth-like burrow 100 meters below the surface. Having evolved to steel, its drills have the destructive power to pierce through any iron plate.” Ash ponders what is wrong with Excadrill, stating that it looks different from the Zukan’s image. Cilan suggests that Excadrill is in its drill state, in which it uses when digging through the ground. Excadrill continues to be unresponsive, curled up in its drill state. Cilan ponders why Excadrill is in its drill state while above ground. Iris rushes over and pleads for Excadrill to lend her his power, however it continues to be unresponsive. Iris commands for Ash and Cilan to stop the Scolipede, which will allow her to recover Axew. Cilan questions if she is sure about her decision. Iris states that this is part of the trial that Matriarch had talked about during their departure.

Pansage raises his arms, basking in the sun’s brilliant rays in preparation to launch Solar Beam. Ash launches a Monster Ball, calling upon Tepig. Tepig spurts a burst of embers at Scolipede which is followed by Pikachu’s Thunderbolt. The two attacks collide with Scolipede, forcing it to come to a halt. Pansage follows-up with Solar Beam, which successful strikes Scolipede. Iris climbs atop a tree and uses a vine to descend down; grasping Axew by his leg and recovering him from Scolipede’s grasp. Ash and Cilan congratulate their Pokémon for their efforts and recall Tepig and Pansage into their Monster Ball. After a few moments, Scolipede recovers from the attack and begins stomping the ground in a fit of rage. Scolipede continues to stomp the ground, striking Excadrill and thrusting him backwards into a nearby boulder. Excadrill begins to rotate, tunneling through the boulder. Excadrill explodes through the ground, striking Scolipede in retaliation. Ash suggests that Iris should give Excadrill orders in battle. Iris responds that it would be no use, because it wouldn’t listen. Excadrill responds with Toxic however Excadrill utilizes its steel armor to reflect the attack. Cilan explains that Excadrill is partly a Steel type so poison won’t work on it. Excadrill propels forward and begins rotating in Drill state while midair, striking Scolipede. Cilan states that he is able to sense a delicate taste in Excadrill’s strength. Scolipede rushes forward to counterattack however Excadrill utilizes his steel pointed forehead to thrust Scolipede through the sky.

Excadrill screams out in rage, excited it had defeated Scolipede. Iris thanks Excadrill for his assistance, however it simply ignores her and returns to its unresponsive Drill State. Iris sighs and recalls Excadrill into his Monster Ball. Iris explains that Excadrill continuously ignores her orders, however someday they will be able to fight together. Iris apologizes to Axew for the poor battling experience with Cilan. Cilan states that both battling and cooking are things that take time to develop, and it might be better if she doesn’t rush her training and to keep in mind that she should move at her own pace. Ash suggests that they should have a battle now that she has realized her strategy. Iris responds that she just had stated that she will keep in mind to move at her own pace and suggests that Pikachu and Ash should battle each other. Ash shouts that it sounds interesting, and the two dash over to an open field. Iris questions if Ash was actually serious. Ash commands for Pikachu to launch Thunderbolt. Pikachu obliges, striking Ash with a devastating Thunderbolt. Pikachu continues with Volt Tackle, with propels Ash into a nearby tree. Iris questions if it is really necessary for the two to go that far in their battle.
Iris has the mission to evolve and raise Axew. How will they mature from now on? Iris’ and Axew’s journey continues on.

English Official Summary

What’s going on? Iris and Cilan are having a battle! Of course, Ash wants to get in on the action, but Iris isn’t interested. Because Axew doesn’t have much battle experience, she’s asked Cilan to help her train it by getting Pansage to use very restrained attacks. The battle ends in explosive fashion when Axew’s powerful Dragon Rage attack gets a little out of control. Iris explains that she’s committed to training Axew because it was given to her by an Elder of her hometown, who advised her that the journey to raise Axew into a Haxorus would help Iris learn and grow as well. Meanwhile, Axew and Pikachu wander off into the woods in search of a snack—and run right into an angry Scolipede! Ash and Cilan spring into action to try to drive it off, and to save Axew, Iris brings out her second Pokémon: a powerful, haughty Excadrill. Although Iris can’t get Excadrill to obey her, it quickly sends Scolipede scurrying, and Axew is safely returned. After some wise advice from Cilan, Iris decides to continue to train with Axew at her own relaxed pace. Ash is still in the mood for a battle—so when Iris advises him to battle Pikachu, that’s just what he does! We leave our heroes as Ash and Pikachu square off against each other…and Iris wonders just how far her friend from Pallet Town will go for a battle!

French Official Summary

Nous retrouvons nos Héros juste à temps pour un spectacle inattendu : un Combat opposant Rachid, Feuillajou, Iris et Coupenotte ! Bien sûr, Sacha aimerait participer mais Iris ne l'y autorise pas. Au contraire, elle demande à Rachid d'aider Coupenotte à apprendre l'art du Combat en attaquant avec la plus grande douceur. Malgré ça, Coupenotte a encore peur de se battre, et Iris en vient à expliquer comment Coupenotte lui a été donné par une Vieille dame pleine de sagesse, dans sa ville natale. Elle a demandé à Iris d'élever Coupenotte en touchant son coeur. Se souvenant également du moment où la Vieille dame a affirmé que la connaissance du coeur d'un Pokémon est aussi la clé de sa propre maturité, Iris décide qu'il est grand temps de faire quelque chose au sujet de l'entraînement de Coupenotte! Mais entre-temps, Coupenotte a rencontré un Brutapode furieux. Sacha et Rachid volent à son secours lorsque soudain, Iris produit un autre de ses Pokémon : un puissant mais cependant dédaigneux Minotaupe ! Hélas, Iris ne semble pas capable de faire obéir ce Pokémon... Heureusement, Minotaupe neutralise rapidement Brutapode, et Coupenotte est sauvé. Influencée par les sages conseils de Rachid, Iris décide de continuer tranquillement à entraîner Coupenotte à son propre rythme. Cependant, Sacha veut toujours participer à un Combat, et lorsqu’Iris lui conseille de combattre Pikachu, il acquiesce avec enthousiasme ! Quand nous quittons nos Héros, Iris, incrédule, regarde Sacha encaisser l'une après l'autre les attaques de Pikachu... Et Iris se demande jusqu'où notre jeune Héros de Bourg Palette est capable d'aller...

German Official Summary

Wir treffen unser Helden gerade rechtzeitig, um Zeugen eines besonderen Kampfes zu werden, zwischen Benny und Vegimak auf der einen und Lilia und Milza auf der anderen Seite. Natürlich möchte Ash gerne mit von der Partie sein, doch Lilia lehnt das ab. Es stellt sich heraus, dass sie Benny gebeten hat, Milza das Kämpfen beizubringen, indem er seine Attacken nur ganz, ganz sanft anwendet. Milza kämpft noch sehr zaghaft und Lilia erzählt, dass sie Milza von der Ältesten in ihrem Heimatdorf bekommen hat. Sie soll es zu einem starken Pokémon erziehen indem sie eins mit ihm wird und sein Herz erkennt. Das Herz eines Pokémon zu gewinnen, so die Älteste, ist der Schlüssel zum eigenen Erwachsenwerden. Und nun hat Lilia beschlossen, etwas dafür zu tun. Als Milza einem ziemlich verärgerten Cerapendra begegnet, springen Benny und Ash ihm sofort zur Seite, um zu helfen. Doch da holt Lilia ein anderes Pokémon heraus, ein mächtiges, stolzes Stalobor. Doch wie es aussieht, gehorcht Stalobor keinem einzigen Befehl von Lilia. Dennoch macht es mit Cerapendra kurzen Prozess und Milza ist gerettet. Entsprechend dem Rat von Benny, will Lilia ihr Training mit Milza in ihrem eigenen Tempo fortsetzen. Doch Ash will immer noch mit ihr kämpfen. Lilia gibt ihm den Rat, doch gegen Pikachu zu kämpfen, wenn er unbedingt kämpfen will und staunt nicht schlecht, als dieser das tatsächlich tut. Wir verlassen unsere Helden, während Ash eine Attacke nach der anderen von Pikachu einstecken muss und Lilia sich fragt, wie weit dieser kleine Held wohl bereit ist, zu gehen.

Italian Official Summary

Raggiungiamo i nostri eroi giusto in tempo per assistere a qualcosa di sensazionale: una lotta tra Spighetto, Pansage, Iris e Axew. Ovviamente Ash vuole entrare in azione, ma Iris non ne vuole sapere. Iris ha infatti chiesto a Spighetto di aiutarla ad allenare Axew, usando le mosse con grande gentilezza. Axew è però timoroso durante la lotta e Iris racconta che Axew le è stato donato dalla vecchia saggia della sua città natale, con la richiesta che lo allevasse tenendo conto dei suoi sentimenti. Ricordandosi anche che l’anziana signora le aveva detto che conoscere il cuore di un Pokémon è la chiave della propria crescita, Iris decide che è il momento di agire allenandosi con Axew. Ma quando Axew incontra uno Scolipede arrabbiato, Ash e Spighetto entrano in azione per aiutarlo e all’improvviso Iris mette in campo un altro dei suoi Pokémon, un potente, ma sprezzante Excadrill! Nonostante Iris non riesca a farsi obbedire da Excadrill, Excadrill batte velocemente Scolipede e Axew è salvo. Grazie ad alcuni saggi consigli di Spighetto, Iris decide che continuerà ad allenare Axew rispettando i suoi ritmi. Tuttavia, Ash vuole ancora lottare, perciò quando Iris gli dice di lottare con Pikachu, non se lo fa ripetere. Lasciamo i nostri eroi con Iris che guarda incredula osserva Ash mentre riceve da Pikachu un attacco dopo l’altro, e si chiede fin dove arriverà il nostro giovane eroe di Biancavilla.

Portuguese Official Summary

Nos juntamos a nossos heróis bem a tempo de testemunhar um sinal incomum, uma batalha entre Cilan, Pansage, Iris e Axew! É claro, Ash quer entrar em ação, mas Iris não quer. Ao invés disso, parece que ela pediu a Cilan para ajudar Axew a aprender como batalhar sendo muito gentil ao usar qualquer ataque. Mesmo assim, Axew esta apreensivo em batalhar e Iris vai explicar que axew foi dado a ela pela sábia anciã de sua cidade, com o pedido de que Iris criasse Axew enquanto o coração dele estivesse em sua mente. Relembrando o tempo em que a anciã também a aconselhou que conhecer o coração de um Pokémon é a chave para o próprio crescimento, Iris havia decidido que agora chegara a hora de fazer alguma coisa sobre isso treinando com Axew! Mas quando Axew encontra um Scolipede zangado, Ash e Cilan entram em ação para ajudar, quando de repente Iris traz outro de seus Pokémon, um poderoso e ainda arrogante Excadrill! Apesar de parecer que Iris não consegue fazer Excadrill obedecer nenhum de seus comandos, Excadrill faz um trabalho rápido com Scolipede e Axew retorna seguro. Juntamente com alguns sábios conselhos de Cilan, Iris decide que ela continuará treinando com Axew no ritmo relaxado deles. Entretanto, Ash ainda quer ter uma batalha, então, é aí que Iris o adverte sobre batalhar com Pikachu, e é o que ele faz! Nós deixamos nossos heróis com Iris olhando incrédula para Ash enquanto ele recebe um ataque de Pikachu depois de outro, enquanto Iris se pergunta até onde nosso jovem herói da Cidade de Pallet irá...

Finnish Official Summary

Liitymme sankareidemme matkaan juuri ajoissa todistamaan epätavallista näkyä – ottelua Cilanin Pansagen ja Iriksen Axew’n välillä! Ash tahtoo tietenkin mukaan toimintaan, mutta siihen Iris ei suostu. Hän on nimittäin pyytänyt Cilania olemaan hyvin hellävarainen hyökkäyksissään, jotta Axew oppisi ottelemaan. Axew arastelee silti yhä ottelemista ja Iris selittää saaneensa Axew’n kotikylänsä viisaalta kylänvanhimmalta. Kylänvanhin pyysi Irista kasvattamaan Axew’n – ottaen sen sydämen huomioon. Irikselle muistuu mieleen, miten Vanhin neuvoi myös, että Pokémonin sydämen tunteminen on myös avain omaan henkilökohtaiseen kasvuun ja Iris päättääkin, että nyt on korkea aika tehdä jotain Axew’n harjoittelun suhteen! Mutta kun Axew kohtaa vihaisen Scolipeden, Ash ja Cilan säntäävät apuun ja Iris kutsuu yllättäen esiin toisen Pokémoninsa – vahvan, mutta tylyn Excadrillin! Vaikka Iris ei tunnu saavan Excadrilliä tottelemaan komentojaan, Excadrill hoitelee silti nopeasti Scolipeden, ja Axew pelastuu. Saatuaan viisaita neuvoja Cilanilta Iris päättää jatkaa Axew’n kouluttamista omaan rauhalliseen tahtiin. Ash haluaa kuitenkin edelleen otella, ja kun Iris käskee häntä ottelemaan sen sijaan Pikachunsa kanssa, niin sen hän sitten tekeekin! Jätämme Iriksen ihmettelemään, miten pitkälle tämä nuori sankari Pallet Townista on valmis menemään, kun hän ottaa Pikachulta vastaan iskun toisensa jälkeen!

Spanish Latin America Official Summary

Nos unimos a nuestros héroes, justo a tiempo para presenciar un espectáculo inusual, ¡una batalla entre Cilan, Pansage, Iris y Axew! Por supuesto, Ash desea entrar en acción, pero Iris no lo permite. En cambio, parece que Iris le pidió a Cilan ayudar a Axew a aprender a pelear siendo muy sutil al utilizar cualquier movimiento. Sin embargo, Axew es aprensivo respecto a la lucha, e Iris explica que Axew le fue dado por la sabia anciana en su ciudad natal, con el encargo de criarlo sin olvidarse de su corazón. Recordó el momento en que la anciana también le recomendó que conocer el corazón de un Pokémon es la clave de su propio crecimiento, ¡Iris decide que es el momento de hacer algo al respecto y decide aprovechar el entrenamiento de Axew! Pero cuando Axew se encuentra con un Scolipede enojado, Ash y Cilan entran en acción para ayudar, cuando de pronto Iris lanza otro de sus Pokémon, Excadrill, ¡que es fuerte pero arrogante! Aunque parece que Iris no puede hacer que Excadrill obedezca sus órdenes, Excadrill se encarga de Scolipede, y Axew regresa a salvo. Gracias a algunos sabios consejos de Cilan, Iris decide seguir entrenando con Axew a su propio ritmo. Sin embargo, Ash aún quiere tener una batalla, así que cuando Iris le aconseja que se enfrente a Pikachu, eso es lo que hace. Dejamos a nuestros héroes con Iris mirando incrédula a Ash mientras recibe una larga serie de movimientos de Pikachu, mientras que Iris se pregunta hasta dónde llegará nuestro joven héroe de Pueblo Paleta…

Spanish Official Summary

Nos unimos a nuestros héroes justo a tiempo para presenciar una visión insólita: un combate entre Millo, Pansage, Iris y Axew. Por supuesto, Ash quiere participar en la acción, pero Iris no se lo permite. En cambio, le ha pedido a Millo que enseñe a Axew a combatir, pero que sea muy suave al usar cualquier ataque. Aun así, Axew está inquieto por el combate. Iris explica que Axew le fue entregado por la sabia Anciana de su aldea, con la petición de que lo criara. Al recordar el momento en que la Anciana la dijo que conocer el corazón de un Pokémon es la clave de todo crecimiento, Iris decide que este es el momento de hacer algo al respecto entrenando a Axew. Pero cuando Axew se encuentra con un Scolipede furioso, Ash y Millo entran en acción para ayudar. Iris saca a otro de sus Pokémon, un poderoso y arrogante Excadrill. Aunque Iris no consigue que Excadrill obedezca ninguna de sus órdenes, Excadrill termina rápidamente con Scolipede, y Axew regresa sano y salvo. Tras unos prudentes consejos de Millo, Iris decide que continuará entrenando con Axew a su propio ritmo. Sin embargo, Ash aún quiere librar un combate. Cuando Iris le aconseja que libre un combate contra Pikachu, no pierde la ocasión de hacerlo. Iris observa cómo Ash y Pikachu se ponen en guardia, y se pregunta hasta dónde es capaz de llegar el joven héroe de Pueblo Paleta.

English Great Britain Official Summary

What’s going on? Iris and Cilan are having a battle! Of course, Ash wants to get in on the action, but Iris isn’t interested. Because Axew doesn’t have much battle experience, she’s asked Cilan to help her train it by getting Pansage to use very restrained attacks. The battle ends in explosive fashion when Axew’s powerful Dragon Rage attack gets a little out of control. Iris explains that she’s committed to training Axew because it was given to her by an Elder of her hometown, who advised her that the journey to raise Axew into a Haxorus would help Iris learn and grow as well. Meanwhile, Axew and Pikachu wander off into the woods in search of a snack—and run right into an angry Scolipede! Ash and Cilan spring into action to try to drive it off, and to save Axew, Iris brings out her second Pokémon: a powerful, haughty Excadrill. Although Iris can’t get Excadrill to obey her, it quickly sends Scolipede scurrying, and Axew is safely returned. After some wise advice from Cilan, Iris decides to continue to train with Axew at her own relaxed pace. Ash is still in the mood for a battle—so when Iris advises him to battle Pikachu, that’s just what he does! We leave our heroes as Ash and Pikachu square off against each other…and Iris wonders just how far her friend from Pallet Town will go for a battle!

Russian Official Summary

Мы возвращаемся к нашим героям в разгар необычной битвы. Сайлан и Пансейдж сражаются с Ирис и Эксъю! Эш тоже хочет поучаствовать, но Ирис ему не дает. Оказывается, оно попросила Сайлана обучить Эксъю навыкам боя. Но только очень мягкого боя. Ирис рассказывает, что Эксъю был вручен ей старейшиной ее деревни. Та дала задачу Ирис – воспитать Эксъю, позаботившись о его чуткой душе.  Кроме того, старейшина сказала, что лишь познав душу покемона, можно разобраться в своей душе. И теперь Ирис решила заняться этим вплотную. Но, когда Эксъю сталкивается со злобным Сколипидом, Эш и Сайлан бросаются на выручку. Тут-то Ирис вызывает второго своего покемона, могучего, но непослушного Экскадрила. И, хотя он не случается команд Ирис, он всё же спасает Эксъю. Сайлан советует Ирис продолжать тренировки с Эксъю в расслабленной атмосфере. Ирис соглашается. Эш же рвется в бой. Ирис советует ему устроить битву с Пикачу, и он слушается ее. Мы расстаемся с нашими героями, когда Ирис наблюдает за тем, как Эш переносит одну атаку Пикачу за другой. Как далеко на этот раз зайдет герой и Паллет-тауна?

Dutch Official Summary

We treffen onze helden net op tijd om een ongewone gebeurtenis mee te maken; een Gevecht tussen Cilan, Pansage, Iris en Axew! Natuurlijk wil Ash ook meedoen, maar Iris wil het niet hebben. In plaats daarvan blijkt ze Cilan te hebben gevraagd om te helpen Axew te leren vechten door extra voorzichtig te zijn bij het gebruik van elke zet. Toch is Axew bang  om te vechten en Iris legt uit dat Axew aan haar was gegeven door de wijze Oudste in haar geboorteplaats, met het verzoek aan Iris om Axew op te voeden en daarbij naar zijn hart te luisteren. De Oudste heeft ook uitgelegd dat het kennen van het hart van een Pokémon de sleutel is tot haar eigen ontwikkeling. Iris heeft besloten dat dit het moment is om daar iets aan te doen door te trainen met Axew. Maar als Axew een boze Scolipede tegenkomt, springen Ash en Cilan te hulp en haalt Iris plotseling een andere Pokémon van haar tevoorschijn, een krachtige maar hooghartige Excadrill! Hoewel het Iris niet lukt om Excadrill ook maar een van haar bevelen uit te laten voeren, maakt Excadrill korte metten met Scolipede en keert Axew veilig terug. Na wijze adviezen van Cilan, besluit Iris dat ze door zal gaan het met trainen van Axew in hun eigen rustige tempo. Ash wil echter nog steeds een Gevecht houden, dus als Iris hem aanraadt om maar met Pikachu te gaan vechten, is dat precies wat hij doet! We verlaten onze helden, als Iris vol ongeloof naar Ash staart terwijl die de ene na de andere aanval van Pikachu over zich heen krijgt, en Iris zich afvraagt hoe ver onze jonge held uit Pallet Town eigenlijk wil gaan…

Norwegian Official Summary

Vi møter våre helter akkurat i tide til å bevitne et uvanlig syn – en kamp som tar plass mellom Cilan, Pansage, Iris og Axew! Så klart vil gjerne Ash også bli med, men det vil ikke Iris ha noe av. I stedet virker det som om hun har spurt Cilan om å hjelpe Axew med å lære hvordan man kjemper ved å være veldig forsiktig når man angriper. Axew er fortsatt forsiktig når det gjelder å kjempe, og Iris fortsetter med å forklare at hun fikk Axew av en vise dame i hjembyen, med beskjed om å oppdra Axew – med hjertet hans i tankene. Iris blir minnet på tiden hvor den vise også sa at å kjenne en Pokémon sitt hjerte er nøkkelen til hennes egen vekst, og bestemmer seg for at tiden er inne for å gjøre noe med det ved å trene med Axew! Men når Axew møter en sint Scolipede, må Ash og Cilan hjelpe til når Iris plutselig kaller ut en av sine andre Pokémon – en kraftfull men hovmodig Excadrill! Selv om Iris ikke helt får Excadrill til å adlyde hennes kommandoer, tar Excadrill seg av Scolipede, og Axew kommer trygt tilbake. Etter noen gode råd fra Cilan, bestemmer Iris seg for å fortsette å trene med Axew i deres egne, avslappende tempo. Men Ash vil fortsatt kjempe mot dem, så når Iris råder ham til å kjempe mot Pikachu, og det er akkurat det han gjør! Vi forlater våre helter i det Iris stirer i vantro på Ash i det han tar det ene angrepet etter det andre av Pikachu, mens Iris lurer på hvor langt vår unge helt fra Pallet Town vil gå...

Swedish Official Summary

Vi ansluter till våra hjältar precis i tid för att bevittna en ovanlig syn – en strid mellan Cilan, Pansage, Iris och Axew! Naturligtvis vill Ash med i striden, men det vägrar Iris acceptera. Istället verkar det som om hon har bett Cilan hjälpa Axew att strida genom att vara mycket försiktig när han använder några attacker. Ändå är Axew ovillig att strida och Iris berättar att hon fått Axew från en vis kvinna i hennes hemstad, med en begäran att Iris uppfostrar Axew och håller dess hjärta i åtanke. Påmind om tiden då den vise också gav rådet att vägen att känna en Pokémons hjärta leder till hennes egen utveckling och nu har Iris beslutat att nu är tiden att göra något åt det genom att träna med Axew! Men när Axew möter en ilsken Scolipede, kastar sig Ash och Cilan in för att hjälpa till. Då tar Iris plötsligt fram en till av sina Pokémon – en kraftfull, men ovillig Excadrill! Även om Iris inte verkar kunna få Excadrill att lyda några av sina kommandon, så gör Excadrill snabbt slut på Scolipede och Axew returneras säkert. Tillsammans med några goda råd från Cilan beslutar Iris att hon ska fortsätta att träna med Axew i sin egen lugna takt. Men trots det vill Ash fortfarande strida, så när Iris rekommenderar honom att gå och strida mot Pikachu, gör han det! Vi lämnar våra hjältar med Iris stirrandes med stort tvivel på Ash, som tar emot den ena attacken efter den andra från Pikachu och Iris undrar precis hur långt vår unge hjälte från Pallet Town är villig att gå...

Danish Official Summary

Vi slutter os til vores helte netop som et usædvanligt sceneri udspiller sig: en kamp mellem Cilan, Pansage, Iris og Axew! Ash har naturligvis også lyst til at deltage, men det vil Iris ikke vide af. Det viser sig nemlig, at hun har bedt Cilan om at hjælpe Axew med at få lært, hvordan man kan kæmpe ved at bruge sine træk meget nænsomt. Axew er dog stadig meget ængstelig ved at skulle kæmpe, og Iris forklarer de andre, at hun i sin hjemby har fået Axew forærende af en gammel vis kvinde med pålæg om at opfostre den, men under hensyn til dens sindelag. Ved mindet om dengang den vise kvinde belærte hende om, at det at forstå en Pokémons hjerte også er nøglen til ens egen vækst, har Iris besluttet, at tiden nu er inde til at få gjort noget ved sagen og træne med Axew! Men da Axew støder på en rasende Scolipede, træder Ash og Cilan til for at hjælpe, da Iris pludselig kalder en anden af sine Pokémon frem – en kraftfuld, men hovmodig Excadrill! Skønt Iris ikke rigtig formår at få Excadrill til at adlyde nogen af sine ordrer, gør Excadrill kort proces med Scolipede, og Axew kan uskadt vende tilbage. Klogt rådgivet af Cilan beslutter Iris, at hun vil fortsætte træningen af Axew i deres eget rolige tempo. Ash vil imidlertidig stadig gerne i kamp, så da Iris opfordrer ham til at gå ud og kæmpe med Pikachu, er det præcis, hvad han gør! Til slut må Iris se vantro til mens Ash udsætter sig for det ene angreb fra Pikachu efter det andet, mens Iris spekulerer over, hvor langt vores unge helt fra Pallet Town egentlig er parat til at gå...


Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash Ketchum
  • Japan サトシ
  • Japan Satoshi
  • Japan Satoshi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Pikachu
  • Japan ピカチュウ
  • Japan Pikachu
  • Japan Pikachu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Giovanni
  • Japan サカキ
  • Japan Sakaki
  • Japan Sakaki
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Meowth
  • Japan ニャース
  • Japan Nyarth
  • Japan Nyarth
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Jessie
  • Japan ムサシ
  • Japan Musashi
  • Japan Musashi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States James
  • Japan コジロウ
  • Japan Kojirō
  • Japan Kojiro
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Iris
  • Japan アイリス
  • Japan Iris
  • Japan Iris
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Iris' Axew
  • Japan アイリスのキバゴ
  • Japan Iris no Kibago
  • Japan Iris' Kibago
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Tepig
  • Japan サトシのポカブ
  • Japan Satoshi no Pokabu
  • Japan Satoshi's Pokabu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Cilan
  • Japan デント
  • Japan Dent
  • Japan Dent
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Cilan's Pansage
  • Japan デントのヤナップ
  • Japan Dent no Yanappu
  • Japan Dent's Yanappu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Snivy
  • Japan サトシのツタージャ
  • Japan Satoshi no Tsutarja
  • Japan Satoshi's Tsutarja
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Iris' Excadrill
  • Japan アイリスのドリュウズ
  • Japan Iris no Doryuzu
  • Japan Iris' Doryuzu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Elder
  • Japan オババサマ
  • Japan Obaba-sama
  • Japan Old Matriarch

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Pidove
  • Japan マメパト
  • Japan Mamepato
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Scolipede
  • Japan ペンドラー
  • Japan Pendror
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Axew
  • Japan キバゴ
  • Japan Kibago
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Fraxure
  • Japan オノンド
  • Japan Onondo
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Haxorus
  • Japan オノノクス
  • Japan Ononokus


The script cover did not have a tentative title and was the same as the broadcast version: Pendror's Rampage! Rescue Kibago!! (ペンドラー暴走!キバゴを救え!!)

Paint Edit

We now know Kojiro's password! I guess the IT guys at Rocket Gang headquarters didn't teach their field units to use good passwords. Anime Language transcriptions:

Anime Language Decrypted
[bwtext]LOGIN ID[/bwtext]: [bwtext]ROCKET DAN[/bwtext] LOGIN ID: ROCKET DAN
[bwtext]PASSWORD[/bwtext]: [bwtext]KOJIRO[/bwtext] PASSWORD: KOJIRO
[bwtext]OPTION[/bwtext] OPTION
[bwtext]LOGIN[/bwtext] LOGIN
[bwtext]CANCEL[/bwtext] CANCEL


Paint Edit

The CGI'd screen indicates that its 'meteor night'. Anime Language transcriptions:

Anime Language Decrypted


Paint Edit

The Zukan entry animation is the same one from BW001. Anime Language transcriptions:

Anime Language Decrypted
[bwtext]TSUTAZYA[/bwtext] TSUTAZYA


Culture Reference

The English dub uses metric measurements just like the Japanese original for the dex entry. Generally the English dub changes measurements to the Imperial system.

The English dub could have used the game translation instead as its a more accurate translation overall. The anime dex in the English dub adds stuff about steel claws and then skips the "evolved" part.

English BW Game Dex: More than 300 feet below the surface, they build mazelike nests. Its drill has evolved into steel strong enough to bore through iron plates.
English Ash's Dex: Excadrill can dig mazelike underground tunnels over 100 meters long, and is powerful enough to cut through thick iron plates using its steel claws.
Satoshi's Zukan: It makes a labyrinth-like burrow 100 meters below the surface. Having evolved to steel, its drills have the destructive power to pierce through any iron plate.
(ポケモン図鑑): 地下100mに迷路のような巣穴を作る。鋼に進化したドリルはどんな鉄板をも つらぬく強い破壊力をもっている。

Script Error

Iris in the Japanese original is more concerned about her friend and Pokémon in trouble but Iris in the English dub is more concerned about her duty.

Iris (English Dub): It's my duty.
Iris (Japanese): Kibago is my partner. I'll protect it!
(アイリス): キバゴは私のパートナー 私が守るの!

Paint Edit

The Zukan entry animation is the same one from BW001. Anime Language transcriptions:

Anime Language Decrypted
[bwtext]TSUTAZYA[/bwtext] TSUTAZYA


Who's that Pokémon Black and White


Eyecatch Zekrom and Reshiram Updated Eyecatch

Zekrom Commercial Intro Eyecatch with Satoshi, Pikachu, Iris and Dent.

Reshiram Commercial Return Eyecatch with Satoshi, Pikachu, Iris and Dent.

Okido Segment Pokémon Live Caster

Pokémon Live Caster & Senryu
Theme Gym Matches and Gym Leaders (ジム戦とジムリーダー)
Japanese さあジムせん かちとれバッジを ポケモンと
Romaji saa jimu sen kachitore bajji wo pokemon to
Translated Now, a Gym Match; win the badge with your Pokémon

Japanese Music:

Time Track Notes
Japan 00:01 BW M01B ベストウイッシュTV BGM-M01 B
Japanese (Trans): Best Wishes TV BGM-M01 B
Satoshi observes the battle between Dent and Iris that is about to begin.
Japan 00:57 ベストウイッシュ!
Japanese (Romanized): Best Wishes!
Japanese (Trans): Best Wishes!
Opening Theme for Japanese Version
Japan 02:25 BW M07 なみのり
Japanese (Trans): Surf
Best Wishes Title Card
Japan 02:34 BW M34B 戦闘!野生ポケモン
Japanese (Trans): Battle! Wild Pokémon
Iris and Dent begin their "battle".
Japan 02:58 BW M14C New Pokémon C Iris goes to check Kibago after it was hit.
Japan 04:15 BW M38B Trying Out Iris and Dent resume their training.
Japan 05:48 BW M21 Battle! Trainer Iris restarts the training by ordering Kibago to use Dragon Rage.
Japan 06:39 BW M05 Rocket Gang's Plan Rocket Gang communicates with Sakaki in an abandoned building.
Japan 08:42 BW M30 A Story Iris talks about her Kibago.
Japan 10:47 ベストウイッシュTV BGM-M03 (ボーナストラック)
Japanese (Romanized): Best Wishes TV BGM-M03 (Bonus Track)
Japanese (Trans): Best Wishes TV BGM-M03 (Bonus Track)
Eyecatch Break
Japan 10:53 BW M06A World of Pokémon Sponsor Message
Japan 11:03 BW M14C New Pokémon C Eyecatch Return
Japan 11:13 守り人シーナ
Japanese (Romanized): Mamorito Sheena
Japanese (Trans): Sheena the Protector
Movie 12 BGM - Iris explains how she got her Kibago.
Japan 12:44 ギザみみピチューにつづけ!
Japanese (Romanized): Giza mimi Pichū ni tsuzuke
Japanese (Trans): Jagged-eared Pichu Carries On
Movie 12 BGM - Kibago is on a weak branch of a tree, trying to get an apple.
Japan 13:07 超克せよ!時空のさだめを!
Japanese (Romanized): Chōkoku se yo! Jikū no sadame wo!
Japanese (Trans): Conquer it! The Continuum Laws!
Movie 12 BGM - Kibago lands on Pendra.
Japan 15:01 BW M21 Battle! Trainer Satoshi and Dent use their Pokémon to battle Pendra and free Kibago.
Japan 16:25 アルセウス光臨
Japanese (Romanized): Arceus kourin
Japanese (Trans): Arrival of Arceus
Movie 12 BGM - Satoshi scans Doryuzu with his Zukan.
Japan 17:53 BW M06D World of Pokémon Satoshi, Dent and Iris celebrate Kibago's recapture.
Japan 18:30 BW M18A ユナイテッドタワー
Japanese (Trans): United Tower
Doryuzu fights off Pendra.
Japan 20:07 復活
Japanese (Romanized): Fukkatsu
Japanese (Trans): Revival
Movie 12 BGM - Iris hopes to one day command Doryuzu.
Japan 21:04 BW M26A Trying Out Satoshi "battles" Pikachu...
Japan 21:54 心のファンファーレ
Japanese (Romanized): Kokoro no Fanfare
Japanese (Trans): Fanfare of the Heart
Ending Theme for Japanese Version
Japan 23:15 BW M06C World of Pokémon Professor Okido's Pokémon Live Caster
Japan 24:16 BW M15 4番道路
Japanese (Trans): Route 4
Best Wishes Episode 10 Preview
Japan 24:45 ベストウイッシュ! (オリジナルカラオケ)
Japanese (Romanized): Best Wishes! (Original Karaoke)
Japanese (Trans): Best Wishes! (Original Karaoke)
Sponsor Message

Music Statistics:

Number of Assigned Tracks to the Japanese Original: 25
Number of Assigned Tracks to the English Dub: 0
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New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: アデク登場!VSシューティー!/Adeku tōjō! VS Shootie!. Please comment below! Thanks, your friendly PM.Net AnimeBot
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Now this is a pokemon that can be envied. I'm wondering who will catch it, ash or iris? It doesn't look like dent will try to.
09 Nov 2010 07:01 PM
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at last, i can see iris calling another pokemon!
11 Nov 2010 10:27 AM
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Characters in Episode: Iris, Iris' Kibago, Dent, Dent's Yanappu, Satoshi, Pikachu, Kojiro, Nyarth, Musashi, Sakaki, Obaba-sama, Satoshi's Tsutarja, Satoshi's Pokabu, Iris's Doryuzu

Written Biographies for Characters in Episode:
Obaba (オババサマ) - Obaba gave Iris her Kibago in a small basket

Pokemon in Episode: Ononokus, Mamepato, Kibago, Onondo, Pendra (Debut),

Characters Pokemon Attacks used in Episode:
- Iris's Kibago - Scratch (ひっかく), Dragon Rage (Iris specifically states these are the only two moves it knows at this time)
- Dent's Yanappu - Bullet Seed (タネマシンガン), SolarBeam
- Satoshi's Pikachu - Iron Tail, Thunderbolt, Volt Tackle
- Satoshi's Tsutarja - Vine Whip
- Satoshi's Pokabu - Ember
- Wild Pendra - Toxic

Episode Location: Forest Near Shippo City

Episode Highlights:
- Dent and Iris start their first Pokemon Battle against each other.
- Sakaki reveals that the Pokemon World was hit by a massive meteorite which separated the once large continent into at least 4 distinct continents.
- Rocket Gang are sent to investigate the Meteor but must meet an agent at the Desert Resort
- Kibago is rescued after it got stuck between Pendra's horns.
- Iris's Doryuzu is revealed and deals with Pendra by sending it flying.

Number of Times Team Rocket Blasted off in the episode: 0

Did Team Rocket use a Mecha in the episode?: No

Episode Extras:
- Okido Live Caster - Gym Battle and Gym Leader (ジム戦とジムリーダー)
- Okido Senryu - さあジムせん かちとれバッジを ポケモンと
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Aw, it seems Iris is pretty bad at battling. That's a bit of a shame, so it looks like we have yet another incompetent trainer at the start, even with a disobeying Pokemon.

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I thought this episode was pretty interesting in that it revealed the dynamics of Iris' and Kibago's relationship. Prior to this episode I didn't think that Iris was trying to train Kibago to battle. It was nice that this episode revealed how Iris came to be traveling with Kibago.
The Pendora was larger than I thought. I think that the Pokémon in Isshu are just larger in general. Munna and Musharna were pretty big, and Hihidaruma was as well.
I think Doryuzu will definitely play a large role to come. It was pretty cool since it refused to listen. It is mysterious how Iris has such a strong Pokémon. It really contrasts with her Kibago.
The episode really ended on a funny note.
18 Apr 2011 07:39 PM
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Overall the translation was pretty spot on except for the dex entry translation which ends up being quite a weird edit. They should have referred to the game translation though they might not have had access to it or had been completed when they were dubbing this episode.

Link to edits: http://www.pocketmonsters.net/episodes/1192#Edits