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Titles and Airdates
  • United States 2011-03-26 Saving Darmanitan from the Bell!
  • Japan 2010-11-04 ダルマッカとヒヒダルマ!時計塔の秘密!!
  • Japan 2010-11-04 Darumakka to Hihidaruma! Tokeitō no himitsu!!
  • Japan 2010-11-04 Darumakka and Hihidaruma! The Secret of the Clock Tower!!
  • Germany 2011-05-29 Rettung auf den letzten Glockenschlag!
  • France 2011-06-12 Darumacho, le sauveur sauvé !
  • Spain 2011-08-09 ¡Darmanitan, salvador de la campana!
  • Sweden 2011-10-09 Darmanitan räddas från klockan!
  • Italy 2011-06-08 Il salvataggio di Darmanitan!
  • Mexico 2012-05-05 ¡Salvando a Darmanitan de la campana!
  • Finland Darmanitanille kellot soivat!
  • Taiwan 2011-03-11 火紅不倒翁與達摩狒狒!計時塔的秘密!
  • Poland 2012-01-11 Na ratunek Darmanitanowi!
  • Netherlands Darmanitan redt de klok, wie redt hem?
  • Brazil Salvando Darmanitam do Sino!
  • Norway 2011-10-09 Redder Darmanitan fra klokken!
  • Denmark 2012-03-11 Darmanitan reddes fra klokken!
  • South Korea 2011-05-24 달막화와 불비달마! 시계탑의 비밀!!
  • Portugal 2012-06-17 Darmanitan e o Sino da Aldeia!
  • Russia Спасение Дарманитана и колокола!
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Best Wishes!
心のファンファーレ (バージョン1)
Kokoro no Fanfare (Variant 1)
Best Wishes!
함께 걸어가는 길
Walking Together Along a Road
Pokémon Roll Call
Open your Hand
Continuing their journey to Nacrene city where the next Gym is located, the group of Ash, Iris and Cilan have prepared for lunch time. Ash sits at the prepared table, complaining to Cilan and Iris about not being finished with the food. Iris heeds his call, presenting a plate adorned with a colorful array of dumplings. Iris explains that since it will be a full moon, she made her moon-viewing dumplings using berries. Cilan sarcastically questions Iris if her dish is really “cooking”. Iris responds that the dish only needs to be tasty, biting into one of her dumplings. Ash reaches to grasp one of Iris’ dumplings, however Cilan grasps the plate and holds it away from Ash’s reach; stating that he should wait because the vegetable paella he made using fresh vegetables and olive oil will be completed shortly. Cilan continues that he has also prepared something for Pikachu and Axew as well. Cilan explains that he has prepared special Pokémon food with Oran Berry flavor while presenting the dish to Pikachu and Axew. Cilan returns to the cooktop and suggests that the pallela is almost completed. After a few moments, a Darumaka reveals itself; causing Iris to shriek out. Ash removes his Zukan to obtain the entry on the wild Pokémon: “Drumaka, the Dharma Doll Pokémon. Even if pushed or pulled, a sleeping Darumaka will never tumble over. Iris steps over and begins pulling and tugging at Darumaka’s ears, complimenting Darumaka for being cute. Iris continues to pull on Darukama’s ears, which forces it to release a small stream of fire energy which scorches Iris’ face. Cilan explains that due to it having an indomitable spirit that never gives up, Darumaka is said to be an auspicious Pokémon.

While our heroes are turned away and focused on the wild Darumaka, another Darumaka appears from nearby foliage and snatches Pikachu’s share of Pokémon Food. Axew manages to notice the food has been removed, and begins bickering with Pikachu, concluding that Pikachu has taken the food. Pikachu attempts to explain to Ash that his Pokémon Food is gone and Axew was the culprit who had actually taken it. Iris sides with Axew, inferring that Axew didn’t take it and couldn’t have Pikachu had eaten the food. Pikachu waves his arms, suggesting to Iris that she is incorrect. Ash directs his attention to the wild Darumaka which had appeared before them, questioning if it had seen anything. Darumaka reverts to a sleep state, unresponsive to Ash’s questions. Ash walks over to Darumaka, pondering if it had actually fallen asleep. Cilan states that with its mild savor and a touch of unpredictability, it’s a Pokémon with a good flavor. Ash recalls his Zukan’s entry, announcing that in its rest state, Darumaka won’t tumble over, whether if it’s pushed or pulled. Iris shouts that she will test the theory, and uses her finger to push the Darumaka. The Darumaka begins to wobble back and forth, able to successfully maintain its balance. While the sleeping Darumaka continues to keep everyone’s attention diverted from the food, the other Darumaka reveals itself again and snatches Axew’s share of Pokémon Food. Pikachu manages to catch a glimpse of the fleeing Pokémon; however Axew turns around a few moments later; missing the second Darumaka and realizing his share of food is gone as well. Axew begins to argue with Pikachu, demanding that he had taken his share as well. Pikachu attempts to explain the situation, pointing to the foliage in which the 2nd Darumaka had dispersed. Axew ignores Pikachu’s plea, and jumps atop Pikachu. The two Pokémon continue to fight, drawing Iris and Ash’s attention away from the 1st Darumaka. Ash and Iris rush over and pull the bickering Pokémon away from each other. Cilan questions what could have happened between Pikachu and Axew. Iris shouts that Axew’s share of food is gone as well; siding with Axew that Pikachu had taken it. Pikachu attempts to explain the situation, pointing towards the 1st Darumaka who is still in a recovery state. Cilan questions Pikachu’s claim, stating that Darumaka had been sleeping the entire time. Ash shouts for Darumaka to wake up, however it remains motionless. Ash strides over and presses the Darumaka; however it simply wobbles back and forth while in its recovery state. After a few moments, the 2nd Darumaka reveals itself with the stolen food; confronting our heroes. The 2nd Darumaka rushes away, drawing our heroes away from the 1st Darumaka. The sleeping Darumaka recovers from its state and propels itself into the air, launching Flamethrower in the path of our heroes. The two Darumaka rush off however Ash responds, releasing a Monster Ball calling upon Oshawott. Oshawott launches a strong Water Gun at the fleeing Pokémon, however both Darumaka propel themselves off a nearby brick wall, avoiding the attack and launches a double Flamethrower which envelops Oshawott’s entire body knocking him unconscious. The two Darumaka use the opportunity and dash over the wall, escaping into the distance. Iris examines Oshawott, suggesting that Oshawott took a lot of damage. Ash states they will have to hurry and take Oshawott to a Pokémon Center. Cilan responds that there is one nearby, directing his attention towards a nearby town.

Our heroes successfully reach the Pokémon Center, with Ash delivering Oshawott to the resident Joy and Audino. Ash questions Joy if Oshawott will recover from the attacks. Joy consoles Ash, stating it will be better soon. Audino pushes a small bed containing Oshawott into the interior of the Pokémon Center.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket enjoys a colorful lunch at a nearby café. Jessie finishes her cappuccino, calling for the waiter. Jessie asks for a cappuccino which is fast as a rocket. The waiter, which is a liaison for Team Rocket, identifies Jessie by the keywords in her statement. The young man presents a cappuccino to Jessie, which has an image of their next objective hidden in the froth. After examining the message, Jessie stirs her cappuccino, mixing the froth into the cappuccino.

Afterwards, the renowned Pokémon recovery audio is played in the Pokémon Center, confirming that Oshawott’s recovery is complete. Joy presents Oshawott to Ash, stating that he has recovered. Ash thanks Joy for her efforts, and recalls Oshawott into his Monster Ball. Iris shouts that the Darumaka really drive her mad. Joy questions Iris if they had met the Darumaka. Iris confirms they had met the Darumaka, inquiring if Joy is knowledgeable about the Darumaka. Joy explains that a Darmanitan and two Darumaka reside in town. Joy elaborates on the story, suggesting that at first they lived together peacefully with the people of the town, however at some point, the Darumaka began stealing food in town. Joy states that Darmanitan and the Darumaka used to always be together; however only the Darumaka are doing the stealing. Cilan explains that their food was stolen as well. Ash states that when he attempted to stop the Darumaka is when his Oshawott had been injured. Iris suggests that they must be extremely hungry to be driven to those extents. Joy explains that they aren’t the kind to steal food because of hunger. Ash questions what could have happened that forced the Darumaka to begin stealing food. Iris walks over to a window, noticing a gigantic clock tower which basks in the town’s radiance, questioning what the structure is used for. Joy explains that it has existed since “olden” times; however since the building has decayed and neither the clock nor bell work any longer, it has been decided that the structure will be torn down. Cilan questions Joy if they will actually destroy the clock tower. Joy responds that she is correct. The growling of Ash’s stomach interrupts the conversation; however Ash apologizes stating that he is hungry. Cilan explains that they couldn’t eat lunch because of the Darumaka’s riot. Iris suggests that they should stay at the Pokémon Center and have supper there.

Night has fallen on the town, and Joy has prepared a dish of croquettes and Pokémon Food. Axew and Pikachu devour the Pokémon Food as Ash and Iris begin to consume the croquettes. Cilan suggests that he didn’t expect Iris and Ash to be so alike with their habits, suggesting that they are two of a kind. Ash and Iris shout at Cilan, furious at the thought of being similar to each other. A few moments later, Joy interrupts the group, annoying that since it will be a full moon, she has prepared moon-viewing dumplings for everyone. Ash steps up shouting that he will distribute the food to everyone at the Pokémon Center. Our heroes step into the pantry to retrieve the food, however are greeted by the two previous Darumaka, who have stolen the moon-viewing dumplings prepared by Joy. The two Darumaka manage to escape out of an open window. Ash launches a Monster Ball, revealing Pidove. Pidove soars to the skies, and begins pursuing the fleeing Darumaka. Ash escapes out of the open window, shouting that he will discover why the Darumaka steal food. The two Darumaka continue their escape, dashing through an alleyway. Our heroes follow the Darumaka closely behind, however after reaching the end of the alley, the two Darumaka split taking separate paths. Ash, Iris, and Pidove follow one Darumaka while Cilan dashes in an opposite direction in pursuit of the second Darumaka. The two Darumaka escape successfully escape through an intricate maze of alleys within the town, managing to evade our heroes. Ash and Iris return to Cilan questioning if he was able to track his Darumaka; however he apologizes explaining he lost sight of his Darumaka as well. Ash ponders where the two Pokémon could have disappeared to. Pidove lands on a nearby lamppost, pointing down a nearby alleyway which leads to the clock tower. Our heroes stare down the alleyway, managing to catch a glimpse of the two Darumaka who flee into the clock tower.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket gathers at a remote location in town, in preparation for the arrival of a liaison. James states that headquarters has become quite careful with their actions. Jessie suggests that it just shows how big their current operation is. Meowth states that it is the reason why brilliant people like Jessie, James, and himself were chosen for the task. A woman begins walking down a nearby path and stops beside Jessie, complaining that it’s cold (a keyword used to identify Jessie). Jessie responds that during cold nights, she likes to drink a warm cappuccino. After hearing Jessie’s response, the liaison drops a small case stating that it is a new item. James questions what their next objective is. The woman states they should head to Nacrene City and await new orders. Meowth suggests that Team Rocket is breaking forth into a new future. Jessie and James state that the grand plan has advanced by another step.

Our heroes successfully reach the clock tower, catching a glimpse of the two Darumaka who ascend into the bowls of the tower. Ash dashes into the tower, shouting for the Darumaka to wait. The two Darumaka turn around and hastily continue the ascension into the tower, surprised that Ash had managed to successfully track them. Ash, Iris, and Cilan successfully reach the top of the staircase and walk through an open room with scattered gears and miscellaneous machinery. Ash stares at another set of stairs, pondering if the Darumaka could have gone farther up; however, the Darumaka are perched between a corner in the room. The two Darumaka take advantage of his state, and launch Flamethrower at Ash. Ash successfully dodges the attack and shouts at the Darumaka, demanding to know why they have been stealing food. Darumaka’s Flamethrower attack manages to successfully ignite the stairwell behind Ash. Cilan calls for Ash’s attention, directing him towards the billowing flames behind him. Ash calls upon Oshawott, who launches a majestic Water Gun which dispels the growing flames. After extinguishing the fire, the stairwell falls apart, damaged by the Darumaka’s flamethrower. The two Darumaka explode into the air and launch Flamethrower towards Ash. Pikachu retaliates, directing Thunderbolt towards the oncoming attack. The two attacks collide, and soon disperse afterwards. Oshawott follows-up with Water Gun, which strikes the Darumaka, smashing them into the clock tower wall. After Oshawott’s successful attack, the two Darumaka revert to a meditation state and begin wobbling back and forth in an effort to recover energy. Our heroes begin walking towards the two Darumaka, unaware the Darumaka are actually preparing to launch a surprise attack. After a few moments, the Darumaka spring into the air and launch themselves to the opposite side of the room. Ash explains to the two Darumaka that he doesn’t want to battle them. Iris and Cilan state they aren’t their enemies and only want to know why they steal food. The two Darumaka step over and point towards the ceiling, revealing a small opening where the previous staircase had stood. Ash suggests that the Darumaka want to go further into the clock tower. The two Darumaka nod, confirming his suggestion. Ash states that he will take both of the Pokémon further into the clock tower.

Afterwards, Cilan balances Ash on his shoulders with allows Ash to jump into the opening. Ash releases Snivy from her Monster Ball, and commands for her to use Vine Whip to repel Pikachu into the opening. Snivy reveals her two slender vines, which she uses to grasp Pikachu and pull him into the opening. After successfully lifting Pikachu, Snivy uses her vines to lift the two Darumaka into the opening. After ascending through the opening, Iris suggests that has gotten hotter as they’ve climbed further into the tower. Our heroes walk up a small staircase, and are greeted by a Darmantian in Zen Mode. Ash powers on his Zukan, revealing Darmantian’s entry: “Darmantian, the Flaming Pokémon. The evolved form of Darumaka. When it becomes weaker, it switches from Active Mode to Meditative Mode. Ash concludes that the Darmantian in Zen Mode is the same Darmantian which was previously with the Darumaka. Cilan states that when Darmantian is in its Active Mode, its physical attacks become stronger; however while in Meditative Mode, its Psychic type moves become stronger. Iris complains about the heat, suggesting that the Darmantian was radiating heat while in Zen Mode. The two Darumaka present the stolen food to Darmantian, which utilizes its Psychic ability to move the food into its mouth. Ash states that the Darumaka were actually stealing food in order to feed Darmantian. Cilan states that since Darmantian has continued to use psychic, the heat from its flame pouch has begun to leak out. Iris suggests that it is strange that while Darmantian’s health has recovered, it hasn’t changed back into Active Mode. Cilan responds that with the amount of food it has eaten, it should have already recovered. The two Darumaka interrupt the conversation, presenting a metallic item to Ash. Cilan suggests that it is a hook that is used to hold something. Ash and Cilan look upward, realizing that Darmantian has been levitating the clock tower’s bell with Psychic. Cilan concludes that Darmantian has been levitating the bell with Psychic, to prevent the heavy bell from falling down, which would collapse the floor and put the entire clock tower at danger. Cilan suggests that once the hook broke which previously held the bell; Darmantian attempted to hold the bell in its Active State, however was unable to endure the weight of the bell, and was forced to revert to Meditative Mode in order to utilize its strong Psychic type moves to levitate the bell. Cilan explains that in an attempt to prevent Darmantian from losing its power, the Darumaka kept bringing it food. Darmantian’s intensive heat continues to increase, which is generated from its flame pouch. Cilan states that unless they do something, Darmantian’s heat will burn down the entire floor. Ash shouts that he will repair the hook and free Darmantian. Ash and Cilan release a Monster Ball, calling upon Pansage and Tepig. Pansage thrusts the hook into the air as Tepig launches Ember in an attempt to heat the hook; however Tepig’s low level fire attack is lacking in force. The two Darumaka step forward, suggesting they will assist as well. Pansage launches the hook into the air once more, in which Tepig launches another stream of embers at the hook. The two Darumaka contribute by launching Flamethrower, which successfully heats the hook, allowing it to be repaired. Pansage launches Bullet Seed, which retaliates with the hook and returns it to its original form. Ash calls upon Oshawott who launches Water Gun to cool the hook in its reformed state. Pikachu dashes over to examine the hook, grasping it to confirm it is cool enough to replace back into its original position. Ash ponders how they will reach the top of the ceiling to reattach the hook. After a few moments, Darmantian utilizes its Psychic to levitate Ash and Pikachu towards the top of the bell. Ash reattaches the hook to its holder and struggles to grasp for the bell. Darmantian dispels his flames and returns to Active Mode. Darmantian thrusts the bell into the air, and soon propels himself towards the top of the clock tower, and grasps the bell; attaching it back to the hook. Darmantian and Darumaka rush over and thank Ash for his efforts to assist Darmantian.

Morning has broken and our heroes continue their journey towards Nacrene City. Ash shouts out that they should set off with spirit. Joy rushes up to the ground as they begin their departure, announcing that the demolition of the clock tower had been stopped. Joy explains that the clock tower will be repaired and returned to a habitable state for Darmantian and Darumaka. In the distance, Darmantian and Darumaka wave, wishing our heroes a safe departure.

With the help of the Darumaka, Ash and his friends have saved Darmantian. Their journey to Nacrene City, where the next Gym is located, continues.

English Official Summary

Ash and friends discover a pair of Darumaka sneaking off with their lunch! Ash learns that these two Darumaka have always gotten along with the people of the nearby town, at least until they recently started stealing food. He decides to go after them to find out what’s going on. Our heroes follow the two Darumaka to an old clock tower, which is slated to be torn down soon. They climb the tower and discover an exhausted Darmanitan, who’s using its psychic powers to keep the clock tower’s gigantic bell from falling and destroying the entire building. The two Darumaka have been stealing food to help Darmanitan keep its strength up, but the big Pokémon is running out of energy. With everyone pitching in, the bent hook that once held the bell is quickly repaired, and Darmanitan lifts the heavy bell back into place, securing it safely. After learning how Darmanitan and its Darumaka friends saved the clock tower, the townspeople decide to restore and maintain the old building and allow the three Pokémon to live there! Happily, our heroes bid them a fond farewell, and again set their sights on Nacrene City and Ash’s next Gym battle.

French Official Summary

Tandis qu'ils prennent leur pause déjeuner sur la route de Maillard et du prochain Combat d'Arène de Sacha, la nourriture de nos héros commence à disparaître mystérieusement. Ils réalisent très vite, après avoir rencontré deux Darumarond, que ces Darumarond sont bel et bien les voleurs de nourriture ! Il s'agit d'un comportement véritablement inhabituel pour des Darumarond, et Sacha décide de découvrir la raison de ces vols de nourriture. Sacha donne la chasse aux deux Darumarond et les suit à l'intérieur de la tour de l'horloge – un vieux bâtiment qui doit être démoli bientôt. Nos héros y entrent et expliquent aux Darumarond qu’ils sont leurs amis et veulent les aider. Ils découvrent bientôt un Darumacho à l'étage supérieur, utilisant Psyko pour soutenir ce qui s'avère être une gigantesque et lourde cloche, qui avait commencé à tomber. Nos héros comprennent que les Darumarond volaient de la nourriture pour la ramener au Darumacho afin de maintenir ses forces. Le Feuillajou de Rachid arrive à réparer le crochet qui servait à tenir la cloche, mais qui s'était tordu. Darumacho arrive ensuite à suspendre à nouveau la cloche au crochet, évitant ainsi un désastre certain. Ayant appris comment les Darumarond et Darumacho ont sauvé la tour de l'horloge, les habitants de la ville décident de restaurer et de sauvegarder le vieux bâtiment, et de permettre aux trois Pokémon d’y vivre ! Nos héros leur font de joyeux adieux, et se remettent en route vers Maillard et le prochain Combat d'Arène de Sacha.

German Official Summary

Auf ihrem Weg nach Septerna City zu Ashs nächstem Arenakampf legen unsere Helden eine Mittagspause ein, bei der ihr Essen auf mysteriöse Weise verschwindet. Später entdecken sie, dass zwei Flampion die Essensdiebe sind. Aber schnell wird ihnen klar, dass dies ein sehr ungewöhnliches Verhalten für Flampion ist. Ash will herausfinden, was der Grund für diese Essensdiebstähle ist, die sich in der ganzen Stadt ereignen. Er folgt den Flampion in den alten Turm der Stadt, der bald abgerissen werden soll. Unsere Helden können die Flampion davon überzeugen, dass sie ihre Freunde sind und ihnen helfen wollen. Kurz darauf entdecken sie oben im Turm ein Flampivian, das mit Hilfe von Psychokinese die gigantische, schwere Turmglocke in der Schwebe hält, die im Begriff war, herunterzufallen und damit eventuell den ganzen Turm zum Einsturz gebracht hätte. Unsere Freunde erfahren, dass die Flampion nur deshalb Essen gestohlen haben, um Flampivian damit zu versorgen, damit es bei Kräften bleibt. Bennys Vegimak repariert den großen Haken, der sich verbogen hatte. Und Flampivian hängt die Glocke wieder an ihre alte Stelle. Das drohende Unglück konnte abgewendet werden. Nachdem die Bewohner der Stadt erfahren haben, auf welche Art und Weise Flampivian und die Flampion den alten Turm gerettet haben, beschließen sie, dieses alte Bauwerk zu restaurieren und zu erhalten. Und sie erlauben den drei Pokémon, dort zu leben! Glücklich verabschieden sich unsere Helden von ihnen und setzen ihre Reise nach Septerna City zu Ashs nächstem Arenakampf fort.

Italian Official Summary

Nel corso di un pranzo che i nostri eroi si sono concessi durante il viaggio verso Zefiropoli e la prossima lotta in Palestra di Ash, il cibo comincia misteriosamente a sparire. Più tardi, quando i tre si trovano davanti una coppia di Darumaka, capiscono che sono loro i ladri di cibo! Sapendo che questo è un comportamento molto strano per i Darumaka, Ash decide di scoprirne la ragione e li segue. Così, Ash arriva alla torre dell'orologio, così antica che presto verrà abbattuta. Una volta entrati, i nostri eroi convincono i Darumaka che le loro intenzioni sono buone e che vogliono aiutarli. In questo modo, scoprono un Darmanitan al piano superiore, che sta usando Psichico per sostenere una gigantesca e pesantissima campana che, probabilmente, aveva iniziato a cadere. Dopo aver capito che i Darumaka rubavano il cibo per tenere in forze Darmanitan, il Pansage di Spighetto riesce a riparare il gancio che sosteneva la campana e che si era piegato. Darmanitan, a quel punto, riesce a sollevare la campana evitando un sicuro disastro. Saputo che i Darumaka e Darmanitan hanno salvato la torre dell'orologio, i cittadini decidono di riparare e restaurare il vecchio edificio e di permettere ai tre Pokémon di vivere al suo interno! I nostri eroi, felici, li salutano e ripartono per Zefiropoli e la prossima lotta in Palestra di Ash.

Portuguese Official Summary

Preparando o almoço a caminho da Cidade de Nacrene e a próxima Batalha de Ginásio de Ash, a comida de nossos heróis começa a desaparecer misteriosamente. Mais tarde eles percebem quando confrontados por 2 Darumaka, que os Darumaka, na verdade, eram os ladrões da comida! Porém, também percebem que esse não é o comportamento normal dos Darumaka, e Ash decide que ele tem que descobrir a razão para eles serem os ladrões da comida. Na caçada atrás deles, Ash segue os 2 Darumaka até a torre do relógio, que em breve será demolida. Lá dentro, nossos heróis convencem os Darumaka de que eles são amigos e querem ajudá-los. Logo eles descobrem um Darmanitan lá em cima, usando o Psíquico para segurar o sino gigante da torre do relógio, o qual aparenta estar caindo. Sabendo que os Darumaka estavam roubando comida e levando para Darmanitan para manter a força dele, o Pansage de Cilan consegue consertar o gancho que estava segurando o sino, mas o sino era pesado. Darmanitan então consegue erguer o sino até o gancho, evitando assim um desastre certo. Depois de saberem como Darumaka e Darmanitan haviam salvado a torre do relógio, os moradores da cidade decidem restaurar e manter a antiga construção, e permitem que os 3 Pokémon vivam lá! Com alegria, nossos heróis se despedem e mais uma vez voltam-se para a Cidade de Nacrene e a próxima Batalha de Ginásio de Ash.

Finnish Official Summary

Pitäessään lounastaukoa matkallaan Nacrene Cityyn Ashin seuraavaan saliotteluun sankareidemme ruoka alkaa mystisesti kadota. Myöhemmin heille selviää, että asialla olivat kaksi Darumakaa! He myös ymmärtävät, että tämä on niiltä hyvin omituista käytöstä ja Ash päättääkin selvittää syyn ruokavarkauksien takana. Ash juoksee kahden Darumakan perässä kellotorniin, joka on vanha ja määrätty pian purettavaksi. Päästyään sisälle sankarimme vakuuttavat Darumakat siitä, että ovat ystäviä ja haluavat auttaa. Niinpä he pian löytävätkin ylimmästä kerroksesta Darmanitanin, joka kannattelee Psychicilla putoamaisillaan olevaa painavaa kelloa. On ilmeistä, että Darumakat olivat varastaneet ruokaa ja tuoneet sen Darmanitanille pitääkseen sen voimissaan. Cilanin Pansage onnistuu korjaamaan vääntyneen koukun, jonka varassa kello oli ennen roikkunut. Niinpä Darmanitan pystyy nostamaan kellon siihen takaisin ja pahoilta tuhoilta vältytään. Kuultuaan miten Darumakat ja Darmanitan olivat pelastaneet kellotornin kaupunkilaiset päättävät kunnostaa vanhan rakennuksen ja antaa kolmelle Pokémonille luvan asua siellä! Sankarimme toivottavat niille iloisina näkemiin ja lähtevät jälleen kerran Nacrene Cityä päin Ashin seuraavaan saliotteluun.

Spanish Latin America Official Summary

Al tomar un descanso para almorzar en su camino a Ciudad Nacrene y a la siguiente Batalla de Gimnasio de Ash, la comida de nuestros héroes comienza a desaparecer misteriosamente. Más tarde se dan cuenta, cuando se enfrentan a dos Darumaka, de que estos son en realidad ladrones de comida. Sin embargo, también se dan cuenta de que es un comportamiento inusual para los Darumaka. Ash decide averiguar el motivo del robo de alimentos. Ash sigue a los Darumaka a la vieja torre del reloj que pronto será derribada. Al entrar, nuestros héroes convencen a los Darumaka de que son sus amigos y que quieren ayudarlos. Pronto descubren a un Darmanitan en el piso siguiente utilizando Fuerza Psíquica para soportar el peso de una campana gigantesca de la torre del reloj, que parece haber comenzado a caer. Al enterarse de que los Darumaka habían estado robando comida y llevándosela a Darmanitan para mantener su fuerza, el Pansage de Cilan logra reparar el gancho dañado que sostenía la campana. Darmanitan logra levantar la campana para colocarla al gancho y evitar así un desastre seguro. Después de enterarse que los Darumaka y el Darmanitan habían salvado la torre del reloj, ¡la gente del pueblo decide restaurar y mantener el edificio antiguo, y permitir a los tres Pokémon vivir allí! Felizmente, nuestros héroes se despiden con afecto y nuevamente tienen la vista puesta en Ciudad Nacrene y a la siguiente Batalla de Gimnasio de Ash.

Spanish Official Summary

Mientras paran para almorzar en su camino hacia Ciudad Esmalte para el siguiente combate de Gimnasio de Ash, la comida de nuestros héroes empieza a desaparecer de un modo misterioso. Más tarde se dan cuenta, cuando se enfrentan a dos Darumaka, que estos eran los ladrones de comida. Sin embargo, al comprender que este es un comportamiento muy insólito en los Darumaka, Ash decide que tiene que descubrir la razón de estos robos. Ash persigue a los dos Darumaka hasta la torre del reloj, un viejo edificio que pronto será derribado. Ya en el interior, nuestros héroes comunican a los Darumaka que son amigos suyos y que quieren ayudarlos. Pronto descubren a un Darmanitan en el piso superior. Este está usando sus poderes psíquicos para sujetar la gigantesca y pesada campana de la torre del reloj, que había empezado a caerse. Al enterarse que los Darukama han estado robando comida y se la han traído al Darmanitan para que no pierda las fuerzas, el Pansage de Millo consigue enderezar el gancho que sujetaba la campana. Darmanitan es entonces capaz de levantar la campana colgándola del gancho, evitando por lo tanto un desastre seguro. Después de saber que los Darumaka y el Darmanitan han salvado la torre del reloj, la gente de la ciudad decide restaurar y mantener el viejo edificio, y permitir a los tres Pokémon vivir allí. Muy contentos, nuestros héroes se despiden cariñosamente de ellos y se dirigen hacia Ciudad Esmalte para el siguiente combate de Gimnasio de Ash.

English Great Britain Official Summary

Ash and friends discover a pair of Darumaka sneaking off with their lunch! Ash learns that these two Darumaka have always gotten along with the people of the nearby town, at least until they recently started stealing food. He decides to go after them to find out what’s going on. Our heroes follow the two Darumaka to an old clock tower, which is slated to be torn down soon. They climb the tower and discover an exhausted Darmanitan, who’s using its psychic powers to keep the clock tower’s gigantic bell from falling and destroying the entire building. The two Darumaka have been stealing food to help Darmanitan keep its strength up, but the big Pokémon is running out of energy. With everyone pitching in, the bent hook that once held the bell is quickly repaired, and Darmanitan lifts the heavy bell back into place, securing it safely. After learning how Darmanitan and its Darumaka friends saved the clock tower, the townspeople decide to restore and maintain the old building and allow the three Pokémon to live there! Happily, our heroes bid them a fond farewell, and again set their sights on Nacrene City and Ash’s next Gym battle.

Russian Official Summary

Наши герои решают перекусить по пути в Накрин Сити, месту проведения второй битвы Эша в регионе Юнова. Но тут их пища начинает странным образом исчезать. Вскоре оказывается, что это дело рук двух Дарумак. Наши герои решают узнать, в чем причина такого странного поведения покемонов. Наши герои следуют за Дарумаками в старую часовую башню, которой угрожает снос. Они убеждают покемонов, что хотят им помочь и поднимаются наверх. Оказывается, что наверху находится Дарманитан, который использует свои психические силы, чтобы удерживать от падения гигантский колокол. Дарумаки все это время носили еду ему. Сайлан решает согнуть крюк, на котором висит колокол, чтобы не дать ему упасть и избежать катастрофы. Когда жители города узнают, что Дарманитан и Дарумака сделали для них, они решают восстановить старую башню и позволить покемонам в ней жить! А наши герои прощаются с ними и продолжают путь!

Dutch Official Summary

Tijdens een lunchpauze onderweg naar Nacrene city en het volgende Gym Gevecht van Ash, verdwijnt plotseling het eten van onze helden op geheimzinnige wijze. Later komen ze erachter dat twee Darumaka de etensdieven blijken te zijn. Ze realiseren zich echter ook dat dit vreemd gedrag is voor Darumaka en Ash besluit dat hij erachter wil komen wat de rede is voor het stelen van het eten. Ash gaat achter de twee Darumaka aan naar de klokkentoren, die oud is en binnenkort afgebroken zal worden. Als onze helden naar binnen gaan, overtuigen ze de Darumaka ervan dat ze vrienden zijn en willen helpen. Zo ontdekken ze al snel Darmanitan op de volgende verdieping, die Psychisch gebruikt om een gigantisch zware klok op te tillen die dreigt te vallen. Het blijkt dat de Darumaka voedsel hebben gestolen om aan Darmanitan te geven om zijn kracht te kunnen behouden. Het lukt de Pansage van Cilan om de haak te repareren waar de klok aan vastgezeten heeft, maar die verbogen was. Darmanitan kan dan de klok optillen en aan de haak bevestigen, waardoor hij een ramp weet te voorkomen. Als de inwoners van de stad horen hoe de Darumaka en Darmanitan de klokkentoren hebben gered, besluiten ze om het oude gebouw te restaureren en te onderhouden en geven de drie Pokémon toestemming om daar te wonen! Blij nemen onze helden afscheid en trekken weer verder naar Nacrene City en het volgende Gym Gevecht van Ash.

Norwegian Official Summary

Mens de tar en lunsjpause på vei til Nacrene City og Ash sin neste Gym-kamp, begynner våre helters mat på mystisk vis å forsvinne. De oppdager senere, når de blir konfrontert med to Darumaka, at de to faktisk er mattyvene! Men de skjønner også at dette er svært uvanlig oppførsel for Darumaka, og Ash bestemmer seg for at han må finne ut hvorfor de stjeler mat. Ash tar opp jakten, og følger de to til klokketårnet – som er gammelt og snart skal rives. Vel inne overbeviser våre helter begge Darumaka om at de er venner og vil hjelpe dem. De oppdager snart et Darmanitan i neste etasje, som bruker Psychic til å holde oppe det som viser seg å være den gigantiske, tunge klokka i klokketårnet, som virker som om den har begynt å falle ned. Når de skjønner at de to Darumaka stjal mat og tok den med tilbake til Darmanitan for at den skulle holde seg sterk, klarere Cilans Pansage å reparere den bøyde kroken som har holdt oppe klokken, men som hadde bøyd seg. Darmanitan klarer da å løfte klokken opp på kroken, og unngår katastrofen. Etter å ha blitt fortalt at de to Daramuka og Darmanitan har reddet klokketårnet, bestemmer landsbyboerne seg for å restaurere og vedlikeholde det gamle bygget, og å la de tre Pokémon bo der! Fornøyde sier våre helter farvel, og setter igjen kursen mot Nacrene City og Ash sin neste Gym-kamp.

Swedish Official Summary

Under en lunchpaus på väg till Nacrene City och Ashs nästa Gym-strid, börjar våra hjältars mat att mystiskt försvinna. De inser senare, när de konfronteras med två Darumaka att det i själva verket var de två Darumaka som var mattjuvarna! Men eftersom de också inser att detta är väldigt ovanligt beteende för Darumaka, beslutar sig Ash för att ta reda på orsaken till matstölderna. I en jakt följer Ash de två Darumaka till en klocktornsbyggnad – gammal och strax redo att rivas. När de går in övertygar våra hjältar de två Darumaka att de är vänner och att de vill hjälpa dem. De upptäcker snart en Darmanitan på nästa våning och den använder Psychic för att hålla uppe vad som visar sig vara den gigantiska och tunga klockan i tornet, som verkar ha börjat falla. Nu förstår de att de två Darumaka hade stulit mat och tagit den med till Darmanitan för att bibehålla dess energi och Cilans Pansage klarar att reparera den böjda krok som skulle hålla uppe klockan. Sen kan Darmanitan lyfta upp klockan på kroken och på så sätt undvika katastrof. När folket i stan förstår hur Darumaka och Darmanitan har räddat klocktornet, beslutar de sig för att renovera och ta hand om den gamla byggnaden så att de tre Pokémon kan leva där. Gladd bjuder våra hjältar dem ett ömt farväl och styr åter sin kosa mot Nacrene City och Ash nästa Gym-strid.

Danish Official Summary

I en frokostpause på vores heltes vandring mod Nacrene City og Ash’ næste Sal-kamp, begynder deres mad at forsvinde på mystisk vis. Da de senere støder på to Darumaka, indser de, at det var disse to, der stjal deres mad! De bliver dog også klar over, at det er en højst usædvanlig opførsel for Darumaka, og Ash beslutter at finde ud af, hvad der ligger til grund for madtyverierne. Ash følger efter de to Darumaka til klokketårnet, som er gammelt og snart skal rives ned. Heltene går derind og overbeviser de to Pokémon om, at de er venligtsindede og gerne vil hjælpe dem. Straks efter opdager de en Darmanitan på næste etage, som bruger Psychic til at understøtte hvad der viser sig at være tårnets enorme, tunge klokke, som åbenbart har været ved at falde ned. Det viser sig, at de to Darumaka har stjålet mad for at bringe det til Darmanitan, så den kunne holde ud. Det lykkes Cilans Pansage at reparere krogen, som før har holdt klokken oppe, men nu er blevet bøjet. Derefter kan Darmanitan løfte klokken op på plads og forhindre en sand katastrofe. Da byens borgere forstår, at de to Darumaka og Darmanitan således har reddet klokketårnet, beslutter de at renovere og vedligeholde den gamle bygning og lade de tre Pokémon bo der! Vores helte tager en hjertelig afsked med dem og vender igen blikket mod Nacrene City og Ash’ næste Sal-kamp.


Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash Ketchum
  • Japan サトシ
  • Japan Satoshi
  • Japan Satoshi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Pikachu
  • Japan ピカチュウ
  • Japan Pikachu
  • Japan Pikachu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Meowth
  • Japan ニャース
  • Japan Nyarth
  • Japan Nyarth
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Jessie
  • Japan ムサシ
  • Japan Musashi
  • Japan Musashi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States James
  • Japan コジロウ
  • Japan Kojirō
  • Japan Kojiro
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Iris
  • Japan アイリス
  • Japan Iris
  • Japan Iris
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Iris' Axew
  • Japan アイリスのキバゴ
  • Japan Iris no Kibago
  • Japan Iris' Kibago
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Pidove
  • Japan サトシのマメパト
  • Japan Satoshi no Mamepato
  • Japan Satoshi's Mamepato
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Oshawott
  • Japan サトシのミジュマル
  • Japan Satoshi no Mijumaru
  • Japan Satoshi's Mijumaru
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Tepig
  • Japan サトシのポカブ
  • Japan Satoshi no Pokabu
  • Japan Satoshi's Pokabu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Cilan
  • Japan デント
  • Japan Dent
  • Japan Dent
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Cilan's Pansage
  • Japan デントのヤナップ
  • Japan Dent no Yanappu
  • Japan Dent's Yanappu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Nurse Joy (Unova)
  • Japan ジョーイ (イッシュ地方)
  • Japan Joy (Isshu-chihō)
  • Japan Joy (Isshu Region)
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Nurse Joy's Audino
  • Japan ジョーイのタブンネ
  • Japan Joy no Tabunne
  • Japan Joy's Tabunne
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Snivy
  • Japan サトシのツタージャ
  • Japan Satoshi no Tsutarja
  • Japan Satoshi's Tsutarja

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Darumaka
  • Japan ダルマッカ
  • Japan Darumakka
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Darmanitan
  • Japan ヒヒダルマ
  • Japan Hihidaruma

Script Error

The Japanese original Narrator specifically states each of the main characters names whereas the English dub narrator just calls them a group. The English dub narrator also adds that they are by the banks of a river which is obvious from the on-screen animation and was not stated by the Japanese narrator.

English Dub Narrator: As our heroes continue on to the Nacrene City Gym, they've found a moment for a little lunch break, along the banks of a lovely river.
Japanese Narrator: Continuing their journey to Shippo City where the next Gym is located, the group of Satoshi, Iris and Dent have prepared for lunch time.
(ナレーター): 次のジムがあるシッポウシティへ向けて旅を続ける サトシ アイリス デントの一行はランチタイムを迎えていた

Script Error

The English dub removed a lot of the tasting descriptive words that Dent used in the Japanese original.

Cilan: A Pokémon with a mild personality, yet with an element of surprise as well.
Dent: With its mild savor and a touch of unpredictability, it's a Pokémon with a good flavor. (デント): まろやかな風味にちょっとした意外性もあっていい味わいのポケモンだ。

Who's that Pokémon Black and White


Eyecatch Zekrom and Reshiram Updated Eyecatch

Zekrom Commercial Intro Eyecatch with Satoshi, Pikachu, Iris and Dent.

Reshiram Commercial Return Eyecatch with Satoshi, Pikachu, Iris and Dent.

Okido Segment Pokémon Live Caster

Pokémon Live Caster & Senryu
Theme Pokémon Center (ポケモンセンター)
Japanese ジョーイさん ポケモンセンター やすみなし
Romaji Jooi-san Pokemon Sentaa yasumi nashi
Translated Joy-san does not rest at the Pokémon Center.

Japanese Music:

Time Track Notes
Japan 00:09 BW M04B ベストウイッシュTV BGM-M04
Japanese (Trans): Best Wishes TV BGM-M04
Iris brings back a bunch of fruits.
Japan 00:53 ベストウイッシュ!
Japanese (Romanized): Best Wishes!
Japanese (Trans): Best Wishes!
Opening Theme for Japanese Version
Japan 02:21 BW M07 なみのり
Japanese (Trans): Surf
Best Wishes Title Card
Japan 02:39 BW M14C New Pokémon C Satoshi scans a Darumakka.
Japan 03:52 BW M24 It's Strange More food disappears because of the Darumakka.
Japan 04:42 BW M34A 戦闘!野生ポケモン
Japanese (Trans): Battle! Wild Pokémon
The group runs after and tries to battle the thieves.
Japan 05:29 BW M09 Rocket Gang's Work The group heads to the Pokémon Center to heal Mijumaru.
Japan 06:22 BW M05 Rocket Gang's Plan Musashi asks a waiter to give her a capuccino.
Japan 07:04 BW M30 A Story Nurse Joy tells the story behind the city's Darumakka.
Japan 09:01 BW M23A 戦闘!ジムリーダー
Japanese (Trans): Battle! Gym Leader
The Darumakka start escaping with more food.
Japan 10:21 BW M09 Rocket Gang's Work The group notices the Darumakka entering the clock tower.
Japan 10:32 BW M16 Battle Eyecatch Break
Japan 10:38 BW M06A World of Pokémon Sponsor Message
Japan 10:48 BW M27B Something Bad Eyecatch Return
Japan 10:55 BW M05 Rocket Gang's Plan Rocket Gang waits for orders on a bridge.
Japan 12:24 BW M36 Battle The Darumakka attack Satoshi from behind.
Japan 13:57 BW M01B ベストウイッシュTV BGM-M01 B
Japanese (Trans): Best Wishes TV BGM-M01 B
Satoshi climbs upwards and uses his Pokémon to help Iris and Dent do it as well.
Japan 15:01 BW M37 ワンダーブリッジ
Japanese (Trans): Wonder Bridge
The group discovers a Hihidaruma in the room.
Japan 16:29 BW M17 Battle! Shootie Dent tries to understand Hihidaruma's situation.
Japan 19:00 BW M37 ワンダーブリッジ
Japanese (Trans): Wonder Bridge
Hihidaruma uses Psychic on Satoshi, Pikachu and the hook.
Japan 20:53 BW M18B ユナイテッドタワー
Japanese (Trans): United Tower
Nurse Joy tells the group that the clock tower will instead be repaired, after which they say goodbye.
Japan 21:54 心のファンファーレ
Japanese (Romanized): Kokoro no Fanfare
Japanese (Trans): Fanfare of the Heart
Ending Theme for Japanese Version
Japan 23:15 BW M06C World of Pokémon Professor Okido's Pokémon Live Caster
Japan 24:16 BW M15 4番道路
Japanese (Trans): Route 4
Best Wishes Episode 9 Preview
Japan 24:45 ベストウイッシュ! (オリジナルカラオケ)
Japanese (Romanized): Best Wishes! (Original Karaoke)
Japanese (Trans): Best Wishes! (Original Karaoke)
Sponsor Message

Music Statistics:

Number of Assigned Tracks to the Japanese Original: 25
Number of Assigned Tracks to the English Dub: 0
06 Oct 2010 06:12 PM
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New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: ダルマッカとヒヒダルマ!時計塔の秘密!!/Darumakka to Hihidaruma! Tokeitō no himitsu!!. Please comment below! Thanks, your friendly PM.Net AnimeBot
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As Satoshi and his friends are having lunch by a riverside on their way towards their next destination, Pikachu and Kibago's Pokémon Food suddenly disappears without a trace. As they search around for the culprit, they discover the Daruma Pokémon Darumakka. The group chase after it, but it manages to get away.
28 Oct 2010 08:52 AM
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nice, cant wait for this episode
05 Nov 2010 05:02 PM
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This was a really interesting episode. It was so cool how Hihidaruma was using Psychokinesis to keep the bell floating. Those Darumakka were really cute! And it looks so cool when they go to "sleep." It is funny how in the last two episodes Ash and company have had their food stolen by wild Pokémon. It really didn't look like Darumakka could run that fast, and Hihidaruma was much larger than I thought.
This was the most interesting Best Wishes episode so far, I think.
05 Nov 2010 05:56 PM
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I thought the animation in this episode was really good. Even the backgrounds looked a notch up than normal. The whole bell tower really looked good almost on par with the movie animation from movie 10 when they are going up the Alamos tower stairs (a similar scene in this BW008 episode).
27 Mar 2011 07:16 PM
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The English dub episode was quite accurate compared to the original. Only a few minor changes here and there. They managed to keep all the food references exactly the same which is truly amazing for the series. I was really impressed they kept the following line:

Dent: After all, the vegetable paella I made using fresh vegetables and olive oil will be done shortly.
Cilan: My vegetable paella, made with fresh vegetables and olive oil, will be ready in no time.

Link to Edits: http://www.pocketmonsters.net/episodes/1191#Edits
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Danish airdate; today
title: Darmanitan Reddes fra Klokken!