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Halsey's Watchog

Character Names
  • English / United States: Halsey's Watchog
  • Japanese / Japan: ヒロトのミルホッグ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Hiroto no Miruhog
  • Japanese (Trans) / Japan: Hiroto's Miruhog
Voice Actors
Halsey's Watchog is a member of the Pokémon Gulf Coast Relief Corps which operates out of Pokéwood. It is the main supervisor for the team and it main job is to make sure civilians don't enter the danger zone. If it neglects that and a civilian enters the danger zone during an emergency, the team won't be able to focus on the rescue operation any more.

During a training exercise, Halsey's Watchog used its precognitive abilities to realize that part of the building was about to fall on its other team members. It quickly pushed them all to safety before the piece hit the ground. They were all grateful to be saved but Halsey's Watchog wanted to help participate in the rescues instead of just supervising. Halsey decided to put it through some training exercises to see if it could cope. It did quite well until it came to trying to put out fires where it was unable to effectively do so. Halsey counseled with Miruhog and the two of them realized that a supervisor is a very important position.
Known Moveset
Cut Type
First Seen: BWS2N 7
Showed it could cut through metal
Sand Attack Type
First Seen: BWS2N 7
Couldn't put out the fire with the sand for some reason...
Strength Type
First Seen: BWS2N 7
Showed it could lift barbells