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Professor Belmondo's Magneton
English Professor Belmondo's Magneton
Japanese ベルモンド教授のレアコイル
Japanese (Romanized) Professor Belmondo no Rarecoil
Professor Belmondo's Magneton is used by Black Citroid for criminal activities as well as Pokémon Battles. It destroyed a lot of merchandise stored in a warehouse for the newest electric appliances.

Later, it battled against Clembot and Clemont's Heliolisk at the Miare Art Gallery. Black Citroid battle style was programmed to push its Pokémon hard to the point that the only thing that mattered was winning. Professor Belmondo's Magneton lost the battle as according to Clemont, prioritizing partner Pokémon is what makes an excellent robot for Pokémon battles, not caring about them and pushing them past their limits.
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
Tackle Normal XY 66 Managed to hit Elezard.
Thunder Shock Electric XY 66 The move was dodged by Elezard.
Flash Cannon Steel XY 66 Its 5th confirmed move.
Discharge Electric XY 66 Destroyed a lot of merchandise stored in a warehouse for the newest electric appliances.
Electro Ball Electric XY 66 The attack was repelled with Elezard's Dragon Tail.
Episodes (1)

Confronting the Darkness!ミアレシティ走査線!シトロイド対ブラック・シトロイド!!Criminal Investigation in Miare City! Citroid VS Black Citroid!!

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