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  • Flag Jimmy
  • Flag ジミー
  • Flag Jimmy
  • Flag Jimmy
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Jimmy is a Guitarist and a Pokémon Trainer. He is known as the Wandering Guitarist but people also call him Jimmy the Pikachu Trainer. He travels around searching for strong Pikachu's to battle him. He can clearly be identified by the make-up he wears that makes him look like a Pikachu as well as the loud noise from his guitar.

He heard about Ash Ketchum having a strong Pikachu and Jimmy was searching for him when he encountered Team Rocket. He overheard Meowth talking about a strong Pikachu. After searching for awhile, he found Pikachu and wanted to battle but Ash Ketchum had caught a cold so Serena pretended to be Ash Ketchum and battled him until Team Rocket showed up and tried to get both Pikachu's. Ash Ketchum came out of the tent to see what was going on and realized what Team Rocket was up to. After fending off Team Rocket, Jimmy realized that Serena had tricked him but was impressed with her abilities as a trainer.

Ash Ketchum and Jimmy decided to battle against each other for real this time but it wasn't shown in the episode as they stopped to eat before the battle took place.
Owned Pokémon
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  • United States Jimmy's Pikachu (Spike)
  • Japan ジミーのピカチュウ
  • Japan Jimmy no Pikachu
  • Japan Jimmy's Pikachu