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Jimmy's Pikachu (Spike)
English Jimmy's Pikachu (Spike)
Japanese ジミーのピカチュウ
Japanese (Romanized) Jimmy no Pikachu
Jimmy's Pikachu (Spike) is easily spotted with its mohawk hair style for which Jimmy nicknamed his Pikachu, Spike. It battled against Pikachu with Serena commanding it but that battle was cut short with Team Rocket interfering and attempting to capture both Pikachu's. Ash had agreed to battle, but that battle was not shown in the episode.
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
Thunder Punch Electric XYZ 22 Missed hitting Ash's Pikachu as it was able to dodge.
Thunderbolt Electric XYZ 22 Attacked Team Rocket with a shockingly powerful attack.
Dig Ground XYZ 22 Went underground to avoid Ash's Pikachu's attacks.
Quick Attack Normal XYZ 22 Ash's Pikachu used Quick Attack so Jimmy decided to counter with the same move.
Episodes (1)

Battling At Full Volume!セレナ、サトシになる!最強ピカチュウ対決!!Serena Becomes Satoshi! The Ultimate Pikachu Showdown!!

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