Alain's Unfezant

Known As:
  • Flag Alain's Unfezant
  • Flag アランのケンホロウ
  • Flag Alan no Kenhallow
Alain's Unfezant was revealed in the final round of the Kalos League where it was matched up against Ash's Talonflame. The battle took place almost entirely in the sky and they were both evenly matched up. The match didn't actually take too long and they only exchanged a few attacks until they collided together in a combination of Brave Bird and Sky Attack to knock each other out.
Known Moveset
Move Type First Ep Notes
Sky Attack Type XYZ 37 Second attack it tried to use.
Steel Wing Type XYZ 37 Countered by Talonflame's Steel Wing.
Air Slash Type XYZ 37 Talonflame almost avoided all the attacks.