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Officer Jenny's Gastly
English Officer Jenny's Gastly
Japanese ジュンサーのゴース
Japanese (Romanized) Junsa no Ghos
Like most Ghost Pokémon, Officer Jenny's Gastly likes appearing out of no where and tries to be the center of attention even when Officer Jenny is discussing official police business. Officer Jenny always has to fight with its playful nature so she can do her job. Gastly wasn't affected like the other Pokémon by Team Rocket's Hypnotic waves because Ghost Pokémon are strong against psychic type attacks. Gastly found both Jessie and James lying in the street unconscious after Butch and Cassidy kicked them out of their base. Gastly played an important role in defeating Team Rocket by stopping the combined attack of all the controlled Pokémon from hitting Ash and the others. It then broke down the front gate to allow the captured Pokémon to escape the base.
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