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English Cassidy
Japanese ヤマト
Japanese (Romanized) Yamato
French Cassidy
Butch is a member of Team Rocket and is a rival of Jessie. Her partner is Butch and together they strive to achieve their goal to improve Team Rocket.

Mandarin Island

Butch and Cassidy attached Drowzee to a device that would amplify Drowzee's hypnotic waves and broadcasts it through a parabolic antenna on the roof of their base. Officer Jenny and James found their base after Meowth was controlled by the effects of their device. Butch revealed that Giovanni himself came down to the police station and bailed Butch and Cassidy out of jail but he and Cassidy end up arrested by Officer Jenny once again after their Mandarin Island base was destroyed.
Pokemon (6)
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The Raticate owned by Cassidy which sometimes makes an appearance at the end of Cassidy's and Butch's motto.
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Butch and Cassidy attached Drowzee to a device that would amplify Drowzee's hypnotic waves and broadcasts it through a parabolic antenna on the roof of their base.Drowzee would then use the attack to round up Pokémon by telling them to come to Butch and Cassidy's base on Mandarin Island.Drowzee could also command the controlled Pokémon to attack, regardless if it was their owner that they were attacking. [View More]
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Cassidy's Granbull battled Ash and Hippowdon.
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Cassidy's Houndour was seen during the Scam Tournament that Team Rocket devised.
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Cassidy's Sableye was sent out to defend against Ritchie and Tracey as they attempted to kidnap Professor Oak.
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Cassidy's Tentacruel was sent out to try to capture Moltres.
Episodes (17)

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Training Daze
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The Search For The Legend

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