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  • Japan デリバードのプレゼント
  • Japan Delibird no present
  • Japan Delibird's Presents


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Japan 石森達幸 (Takko Ishimori) Santa Claus

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Aoi Studio
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It's the day before Christmas in a snowy town, and a Delibird flies above it. Pikachu and his friends are bowling with snowballs. It's Pikachu's turn right now. Pikachu rolls the snowball down, and all of the bottles fall. The other Pokémon clap for Pikachu's strike. Chikorita and Bulbasaur set the bottles back up again. It's Cyndaquil's turn. Cyndaquil rolls the snowball, but it rolls the other way. They laugh at Cyndaquil. Totodile has a snowball in its mouth. Totodile trips and falls down. It shoots out a Water Gun at the snowball. Delibird is carrying a sack of presents in its mouth. The snowball hits Delibird and it falls.

Pikachu and Wobbuffet are walking up a staircase. Meowth says that you don't ever want to get a Skarmory mad. Meowth looks up and sees the Skamory sitting on the railing sleeping. Meowth tells Wobbuffet to not wake of the Skarmory no matter what. Delibird falls right into Meowth and Wobbuffet. The snow from Totodile's snowball falls straight down onto the Skarmory. Skarmory wakes up in with an angry mood. Meowth quickly shouts out that it did not throw the snow on the Skarmory. Skarmory didn't seem to listen. It blows them all away with a Whirlwind attack. Meowth and Wobbuffet are blown into one direction, while Delibird is blown into another. Delibird somersaults in the air a few times. While it does, all of the presents fall out of its bag, and scatters across the town.

Noctowl flies up and catches Delibird with its feet. Delibird is really heavy and Noctowl can't hold much longer anymore. Then Noctowl falls but Chikorita and Bulbasaur's Vine Whip saves it. Pikachu and friends run towards the Delibird. Pikachu shakes Delbird to see if it's okay. Chikorita is about to use Vine Whip, but Pikachu stops her from doing it. Totodile is about to use Water Gun, but Pikachu stops Totodile as well. Cyndaquil tickles Delibird which quickly wakes up. Delibird opens its eyes and sees the face of Psyduck. Delibird doesn't like Psyduck and backs off. Togepi and Pikachu shake Delibird's hand. Delibird likes this and smiles.

Delibird can't seem to find its presents and looks around a bit. Pikachu and friends tells Delibird that they will help it find the missing presents. Delibird agrees and they go search for the missing presents. They walk on a bridge and look down for the presents. Pikachu spots one on a moving boat. Totodile dives into the water to get the present. It swims after the boat. When Totodile is close enough, it jumps onto the boat and retrieves the first present. The boat is going to a different direction, so it jumps into the water. Chikorita grabs ahold of Totodile by using Vine Whip, and pulls Totodile back to the ground. Totodile gives the present to Delibird. Delibird puts the present back into its bag.

The Pokémon continues to search for the rest of the presents. Noctowl flies down and asks Bulbasaur if its seen any presents. Bulbasaur tells Noctowl that it hasn't. Psyduck walks around and sees a squad of Gloom lined up. Psyduck follows the Gloom in the line. Bulbasaur walks up to the Gloom, and asks them if they've seen any present laying around. The Gloom makes a pose and Psyduck just stares at them. Bulbasaur smiles.

Noctowl continues its search for the missing presents. Noctowl uses Foresight to see through the trees. It spots one of the presents hidden in a tree. Noctowl tells this to the other Pokémon. Geodude hits the tree as hard as it can. A bunch of snow and the present lands on Psyduck. Bulbasaur takes the present and gives it to Delibird.

The Pokémon now searches an alley for the next present. Pikachu looks in a trash can, but it's not there. Pikachu looks around and sees Cyndaquil sleeping. Pikachu wakes Cyndaquil causing it to fall. Pikachu and Cyndaquil looks up and sees the third present on a clothesline. An Aipom runs up and grabs the present. Pikachu asks the Aipom if they can have the present back, but the Aipom just sticks it tongue out at Pikachu. Totodile throws a snowball at Aipom but misses. Aipom then teases them because they can't hit it. Chikorita throws a snowball at Aipom, but Aipom catches it. Then Aipom throws it back and hits Chikorita. Aipom just laughs. Totodile throws another snowball, and hits Aipom. Aipom falls backwards, but Pikachu runs out to save it. Aipom runs off scared. Delibird gladly takes the third present and puts it in its bag. Aipom looks down while Pikachu and friends are running off.

It's getting dark now, and Bulbasaur gives Delibird the last two presents. Delibird looks around. There's still one present missing! Delibird tells this to Pikachu. Pikachu and friends searches for the last present. Noctowl uses Foresight again. It sees the last present hidden in a tree. Noctowl screeches down at the other Pokémon. Then it goes in the tree to grab the last present. After several tries, Noctowl finally grabs the present. Noctowl pulls on it, but loses its grip causing the present to tumble down the tree. The present flies right past Pikachu and friends. Pikachu and friends hurries along to get the present. Chikorita and Bulbasaur try a Vine Whip, but that makes the present go even further. Totodile is the fastest of them all, and it grabs the present. Pikachu and the others comes to a complete stop, but they knock into Totodile causing it to lose the present. However, Aipom has grabbed the present, and gives it to Pikachu. Pikachu gives the present to Delibird.

Pikachu and friends sees a bright light. They turn around to see a tree with lights on it. Santa comes down and thanks Pikachu and friends for finding the missing presents. Delibirds hops on Santa's sleigh, and the Stantler takes off into the starry night. Delibird waves down to its new friends.
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Episode Music Regions
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Japanese Music:

Time Track Notes
Japan 00:08 ホワイトダンス
Japanese (Romanized): White Dance
Japanese (TL): White Dance
Opening Theme for Japanese Version (the music begins 6 seconds through)
Japan 01:47 Winter Vacation - Delibird's Presents Title Card Delibird's Presents Title Card
Japan 02:01 1997-1998-M10 ピカチュウ登場
Japanese (Romanized): Pikachu Tōjō
Japanese (TL): Pikachu Enters
Delibird arrives into the town. Meanwhile, the Pokémon are bowling with snowballs.
Japan 03:14 Movie 1 Short - Yadon Eyecatch Nyarth and Sonansu come across an Airmd.
Japan 03:37 1997-1998-M67 Wreakin' Havoc Airmd comes out angry from the snow and uses Wing Attack on Nyarth, Sonansu and Delibird.
Japan 04:27 Movie 1 Short - Grass Pokémon Eyecatch Pikachu prevents Chicorita and Waninoko from touching Delibird and Hinoarashi tickles it to wake it up.
Japan 04:49 1999-2001-M12 Today's Johto Pokemon Curiosity Delibird starts looking for the presents he was carrying.
Japan 04:59 カラフルふゆやすみ
Japanese (Romanized): Colorful Fuyuyasumi
Japanese (TL): A Colorful Winter Vacation
The Pokémon promise Delibird to help find the presents, splitting into two groups to do so.
Japan 07:46 1999-2001-M13 Mysterious Person Pikachu and Hinoarashi spot another present on some wires far above them.
Japan 07:54 Movie 1 Short - Togepi Cries An Eipam appears and snatches the present, refusing to throw it back down.
Japan 08:55 1999-2001-M12 Today's Johto Pokemon Curiosity Delibird indicates that there is still one present left to find.
Japan 09:05 1997-1998-M05 祈り
Japanese (Romanized): Inori
Japanese (TL): Prayer
As night sets, the Pokémon search the last present in a tree. Yorunozuku soon finds it on the upper half of the tree.
Japan 09:31 Movie 1 Short - Togepi Cries (Fast Version) The Pokémon see the present falling down the tree and try to catch it.
Japan 10:01 Movie 1 Short - Pokémon Park Chimes The Eipam from before caught the falling present.
Japan 10:18 1999-2001-M07 26ばんどうろ
Japanese (Romanized): 26-ban dōro
Japanese (TL): Route 26
As the clock strucks midnight, the Christmas tree behind the Pokémon lights up. Delibird then departs with Santa to do their deliveries.

Dub Music:

Time Track Notes
United States 02:31 1997-1998-M67 Wreakin' Havoc The Skarmory lets loose.
United States 09:07 1999-2001-M07 26ばんどうろ
Japanese (Romanized): 26-ban dōro
Japanese (TL): Route 26
The clock is about to strike midnight and Santa applauds the pokemon.

Music Statistics:

Number of Assigned Tracks to the Japanese Original: 15
Number of Assigned Tracks to the English Dub: 2
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A snowball thrown by Pikachu and the others while they were playing ends up hitting a Delibird flying by, causing its precious presents to fall from the sky. The group starts searching for the presents in order to help the troubled Delibird.