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  • Japan ぼくたちピチューブラザーズ・風船騒動の巻
  • Japan Boku-tachi Pichu Brothers - fūsen sōdō no hen
  • Japan We Pichu Brothers - The Balloon Strife Chapter


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Japan 三石琴乃 (Kotono Mitsuishi) Marilli
Japan 鱈子磯野 (Tarako Isono) Narration
Japan 冬馬由美 (Yumi Touma) (Pichu (Older brother)

Recording Studio
Aoi Studio
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Recording Studio
TAJ Productions
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Character Thumbnail
  • United States Pichu (Younger brother)
  • Japan ピチュー(弟)
  • Japan Pichu (otōto)
  • Japan Pichu (Younger brother)
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Pichu (Older brother)
  • Japan ピチュー(兄)
  • Japan Pichu (ani)
  • Japan (Pichu (Older brother)
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Big Town Houndour
  • Japan ミレニアムタウンのデルビル
  • Japan Millennium Town no Delvil
  • Japan Millennium Town Delvil
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Episode Music Regions
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Japanese Music:

Time Track Notes
Japan 00:10 Winter Vacation - City Landscape A shot of a city is shown.
Japan 00:27 ピチュピカ♪スウィング
Japanese (Romanized): Pichu Pika swing
Japanese (TL): Pichu Pika Swing
Opening Theme for Japanese Version
Japan 02:08 Movie 3 Short - Pokémon Come Out Shots of the city's inside are shown.
Japan 02:43 Movie 3 Short - Pichu Makes a Funny Face The Pichu run off through the city and up a lamp post.
Japan 03:34 Winter Vacation - Muchul The focus switches to a Muchul.
Japan 04:49 Movie 3 Short - The Pichu Bros. Upah is thrown into a pipe, where it slides happily.
Japan 05:32 Winter Vacation - The Pichu Argue The Pichu argue.
Japan 06:40 Winter Vacation - Skating Across the Street A fainted Pichu Little skates across the street.
Japan 07:03 Movie 3 Short - ともだち記念日 (インストルメンタルショート)
Japanese (Romanized): Tomodachi kinenbi (Instrumental Short)
Japanese (TL): Friendship Commemoration Day (Instrumental Short)
The view switches to a Marilli, who sees Upah and a Pichu (the latter still unconscious) skating by.
Japan 07:25 Movie 3 Short - Laplace Ferry A truck from behind threatens to run over Upah and Pichu.
Japan 07:46 Movie 3 Short - Safe And Sound Pichu Little remembers being pulled into the ground by Pichu Big.
Japan 08:08 Movie 3 Short - Pikachu Realizes the Time The (formerly) offending Pichu starts missing the other one.
Japan 08:27 Winter Vacation - Pichu Spots Balloons Pichu Little spots balloons and invites Upah to steal them.
Japan 09:30 Winter Vacation - Pichu Starts Flying Pichu Little starts flying away with the balloons.
Japan 10:51 Movie 3 Short - Pichu Makes a Funny Face Himeguma decides to eat the Acorns (the music begins 15 seconds through).
Japan 11:15 Winter Vacation - Pichu Cries for Help Still hanging onto the balloons, Pichu Little cries for help.
Japan 11:49 Winter Vacation - Pichu Eyecatch Pichu Eyecatch
Japan 12:33 Movie 3 Short - Pikachu Jumps on the Hanecco Pichu Little accidentally almost spills paint on Pichu Big, Buby, and Muchul.
Japan 12:56 Movie 3 Short - Kabigon Trampoline Delvil gets angry at the Pokémon and chases them.
Japan 13:40 Winter Vacation - Ordile to the Rescue An Ordile rescues the drowning Pokémon.
Japan 13:51 Movie 3 Short - Parting From the Pichu Bros. Ordile takes the Pokémon some more and then throws them back into the land.
Japan 15:54 Movie 3 Short - Fixing the Base Upah holds Pichu at the top of its fountain-like Water Gun.
Japan 16:25 Winter Vacation - The Pichu Argue The Pichu argue again.
Japan 17:33 Winter Vacation - Marill Gets Angry Marill gets angry at the Pokémon.
Japan 18:10 Winter Vacation - Skating Across the Street A chaos begins between the Pokémon.
Japan 19:39 Winter Vacation - City Landscape The Pokémon notice that a roller-coaster made of ice has been built as a result of the fight.
Japan 20:01 ひみつ基地のテーマ
Japanese (Romanized): Himitsu kichi no thema
Japanese (TL): The Secret Base Theme
The Pokémon take the roller-coaster ride.
Japan 21:03 ぼくらピチュピチュブラザーズ!
Japanese (Romanized): Bokura Pichu Pichu Brothers!
Japanese (TL): We Pichu Pichu Brothers!
Ending Theme for Japanese Version

Music Statistics:

Number of Assigned Tracks to the Japanese Original: 28
Number of Assigned Tracks to the English Dub: 0
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The Pichu Brothers are always full of energy. One day while they're playing with all their friends at their secret base, an accident leads to a sibling quarrel breaking out. It eventually turns into a huge commotion the entire Millennium Town gets dragged into.

Voice Cast:
Yumi Toma: Older Pichu Brother
Satomi Korogi: Younger Pichu Brother
Megumi Hayashibara: Muchul
Yuji Ueda: Buby
Mayumi Shintani: Upah
Yuri Shiratori: Himeguma
Naoki Tatsuta: Delvil
Kotono Mitsuishi: Marilli
Koichi Sakaguchi: Yamikarasu
Katsuyuki Konishi: Ordile
TARAKO: Narration