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A big city is shown where a lot of events are held. The Pichu Brothers are running through the piles of junk. They hop on the rows of tires. At the top, they come across a seesaw. One of the Pichus jumps on the seesaw. It tells its brother to come play. The other Pichu jumps on as well. One of the Pichu accidently rolls on the other side. Then they decide to call out for their friends. All the Pokémon in the city recognize the call of the Pichu Brothers. A Smoochum is brushing her hair in front of the mirror. She hear the cry and runs towards the source. Magby wakes up and hears the cry too. A Wooper who is swimming in a pool of water hears the cry. Teddiursa is sitting on a tree with a few nuts. It starts to happily eat the nuts. It hears the cry too, and nearly chokes on the nuts. All the Pokémon run over to the Pichu Brothers. Smoochum, Magby, and Wooper all sit on the seesaw with the Pichu Brothers. Teddiursa comes running down, and jumps on one side of the seesaw. Wooper is hurled into the air and lands on a slide. It happily slides down the pipe. The rest of the Pokémon decides to give it a try too. One of the Pichus gets in the front. The other Pichu scolds its brother for cutting the line. Then the Pichu Brothers gets angry at each other. Magby tries to stop the fight, but Pichu just pushes Magby off the slide.

Wooper and Teddiursa walks up to see if Magby is okay. Magby gets up and gets red all over the face. Before Magby can explode, Wooper sprays water in Magby's face. The two Pichu are still pretty mad at each other. Sparks start to form from their cheeks. Smoochum backs away from the two Pokémon. The Pichu Brothers shocks themselves and the other Pokémon as well. The Pichus faint. One of them rolls down the slide. It flies out of the slide and onto a skateboard. Wooper sees this, and moves on a skate. Both Pichu and Wooper rolls down the hill. The cars barely miss the Pokémon.

Meanwhile, an Azumarill is in the flower garden picking up flowers. It notices Pichu and Wooper slide by onto a street. A truck approaches them. Azumarill decides to help. It uses Water Gun to move Pichu and Wooper to the sidewalk. Pichu regains consciouness and looks around. It remembers fighting with its brother. Pichu is still a bit mad. Wooper stares at Pichu with a confused expression.

Back in the alley, the other Pichu wakes up. Pichu is sad that its brother is missing because they are a team. Meanwhile, Pichu and Wooper are walking back towards the alley. They come across a balloon stand, and Pichu walks towards it. Wooper walks over to Pichu. They hide behind a garbage can. The sneak towards the balloon stand a bit more. Pichu and Wooper gaze at the balloons. Pichu walks up to the balloon man, and sees that he is sleeping. It decides to go for a balloon. Pichu unties the stack of balloons. The balloons begin to float away with Pichu hanging on the string. Wooper just stares at Pichu floating away.

Pichu, Smoochum, Magby, and Teddiursa continues to search for Pichu and Wooper. Azumarill sees Pichu, Smoochum, Magby, and Teddiursa too. Pichu and the gang spots the skateboard and skate that Pichu and Wooper were using. Azumarill walks to Pichu and points to the direction where Pichu and Wooper went. Teddiursa sees a nut and eats it. Then Teddiursa sees a bunch of other nuts, and begins to eat them one by one. A Murkrow flies along the skies.

Pichu is still floating away. It holds tightly on the string of balloons and cries out for help. Pichu spots its brother and calls out for him, but his brother doesn't see him. Wooper walks on the sidewalk. Pichu, Smoochum, and Magby continue to look for Pichu. Smoochum looks up and spots Pichu and the balloons. A gust of wind blows Pichu closer to them. Pichu knocks into cans of paint. The Pokémon runs as fast as they can from the paint. They knock into a Houndour, and the paint spills on Houndour. Now Pichu is floating away from them. The Pokémon has to do something quick in order to save Pichu. Houndour approaches from behind. It starts to chase the Pokémon around the city. The Pokémon run as fast as they can, but Houndour doesn't give up. They come to a river. Houndour accidently knocks the Pokémon and itself into the river. A Feraligatr appears from a sewer pipe, and jumps in to save the Pokémon. All the Pokémon are happy that Feraligatr came. Feraligatr swings the Pokémon across the town. Pichu, Smoochum, and Magby land on one side, while Houndour is swung onto a canopy, and then it falls on the ground. Before Houndour can escape, a Snorlax lands on Houndour. Smoochum takes out her mirror and brushes up her hair a bit.

Wooper is still swimming in the pool and minding its own buisness. Pichu is crying for help, and he is losing his grip on the balloons. A Murkrow flies up to Pichu. It starts to pop the balloons. Pichu is losing its grip, and the Murkrow continues to pop the balloons. Now Pichu is slowing falling down because of the lesser amount of balloons. Meanwhile, Teddiursa has gathered enough nuts, and now it wants to hide them. Teddiursa comes across a Magikarp statue, and it hides the nuts there. Then Teddiursa hears Pichu's cry. The sun blinds Teddiursa so it can't see Pichu that well. Teddiursa sees the Murkrow popping the balloons, and begins to panic. It begins to walk in circles wondering of what it should do. Wooper is walking around, and Teddiursa picks him up and brings him to Pichu.

The Murkrow has popped the balloons so much that only one remains. Murkrow pops the last balloon, and Pichu falls towards the ground. Wooper uses Water Gun to ensure that Pichu is safe. Pichu is standing on the water. Sadly, Wooper has ran out of water, and Pichu falls right into Teddiursa and Wooper. They all have a good laugh.

Pichu, Wooper, and Teddiursa arrives back into the alley. The big brother walks towards his little brother and they both begin to fight again. Sparks form between the two Pichus. The other Pokémon look a bit worried from this. Magby runs off to get Azumarill. It finds Azumarill, and hopes that she will stop the Pichus from fighting. Azumarill tells the Pichu Brothers to stop fighting, but all she gets is a shock from the Pichus. Then the Pichu Brothers collapse. Azumarill turns around with a furious expression. Smoochum, Magby, and Teddiursa are scared of Azumarill. They run to the back of the alley. The Pichu Brothers wake up, and they come face to face with an angry Azumarill. Azumarill shoots out Water Guns at the Pokémon.

Smoochum looks in the mirror, and she sees that her hair is ruined. This gets Smoochum very mad. She fires out a bunch of Icy Wind attacks at Azumarill. Azumarill is busy trying to weaken the Pichu Brothers with Water Gun. Everytime Azumarill uses Water Gun, Smoochum freezes it up with an Icy Wind. A block of ice falls on Magby's head, creating a big bump on it. Magby is mad, and he starts to shoot Flamethrowers out in different directions. Now everytime Azumarill uses Water Gun and Smoochum freezes it, Magby carves the ice into a slide with a Flamethrower. Azumarill, Smoochum, and Magby are out of breath. The beautiful slide made out of ice is created.

The Pokémon get in line to use the slide. Of course, the younger brother goes in the front, and the older brother gets mad by this. The older brother yells at his younger brother, and they decide to have a good time. The Pokémon all slides down the icy slide. Everyone is having lots of fun.


Character Thumbnail
  • United States Pichu (Younger brother)
  • Japan ピチュー(弟)
  • Japan Pichu (otōto)
  • Japan Pichu (Younger brother)

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Azumarill
  • Japan マリルリ
  • Japan Marilli
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Wooper
  • Japan ウパー
  • Japan Upah
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Teddiursa
  • Japan ヒメグマ
  • Japan Himeguma
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Smeargle
  • Japan ドーブル
  • Japan Doble
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Smoochum
  • Japan ムチュール
  • Japan Muchul
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Magby
  • Japan ブビィ
  • Japan Buby
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Azurill
  • Japan ルリリ
  • Japan Ruriri
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Kecleon
  • Japan カクレオン
  • Japan Kakureon
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