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  • United States The Visionary
  • Japan ザ・ビジョナリー
  • Japan Za bijonarī
  • Japan The Visionary
  • Germany Der Visionär
  • France Le visionnaire
  • Spain El visionario
  • Italy Il visionario
  • Taiwan 理想
  • Netherlands De visionair
  • Brazil O visionário
  • South Korea 비저너리


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When chasing your dream, do you give up when everyone tells you it’s wrong? Should you listen? Or do you continue to follow your vision, even if it puts all of Kalos at risk? For Lysandre, that’s never been a question…


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  • United States Serena
  • Japan セレナ
  • Japan Serena
  • Japan Serena
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Professor Sycamore
  • Japan プラターヌ博士
  • Japan Platane-hakase
  • Japan Professor Platane
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  • United States Lysandre
  • Japan フラダリ
  • Japan Fleur-de-lis
  • Japan Fleur-de-lis
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  • United States Diantha
  • Japan カルネ
  • Japan Carne
  • Japan Carne
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Shauna
  • Japan サナ
  • Japan Sana
  • Japan Sana
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  • United States Malva
  • Japan パキラ
  • Japan Pachira
  • Japan Pachira
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  • United States Lysandre's Gyarados
  • Japan フラダリのギャラドス
  • Japan Fleur-de-lis no Gyarados
  • Japan Fleur-de-lis's Gyarados
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  • United States Team Flare Grunts
  • Japan フレア団員
  • Japan Flare-danin
  • Japan Flare Gang Grunts
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  • United States Calem
  • Japan カルム
  • Japan Calem
  • Japan Calem
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  • United States Calem's Xerneas
  • Japan カルムのゼルネアス
  • Japan Calem no Xerneas

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Pikachu
  • Japan ピカチュウ
  • Japan Pikachu
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Chespin
  • Japan ハリマロン
  • Japan Harimaron
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Fennekin
  • Japan フォッコ
  • Japan Fokko
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Froakie
  • Japan ケロマツ
  • Japan Keromatsu
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Skiddo
  • Japan メェークル
  • Japan Meecle
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Dedenne
  • Japan デデンネ
  • Japan Dedenne
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