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  • United States Internationals
  • Japan Internationals
  • Germany Internationalmeisterschaften
  • France Championnats Internationaux
  • Spain Campeonatos Internacionales
  • Italy Campionati Internazionali
  • Netherlands Internationale kampioenschappen
  • South Korea 인터내셔널 대회


Staff List
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Episode Actors Regions


United States Kathy Pilon Voice Director

United States Nyara Afshar Ava
United States A.J. Beckles Joshua
United States Abby Espiritu Celestine
United States Mick Lauer Ava's Father
United States Mick Lauer Announcer
United States Nazia Chaudhry Ava's Mother
United States Kevin Andrew Rivera Team Falinks Member (Brown Hair)
United States Caleb Yen Edgar Troy Uncredited
United States Everly Hobert Little Girl Uncredited

Recording Studio
Bang Zoom! Studios
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Casting Director
After a major upset at Regionals, Ava continues her journey on the path of the Pokémon Championship Series at International Championships.


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  • United States Ava
  • Japan エイバ
  • Japan Ava
  • Japan Ava
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  • United States Joshua
  • Japan ジョシュア
  • Japan Joshua
  • Japan Joshua
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  • United States Celestine
  • Japan セレスティン
  • Japan Celestine
  • Japan Celestine
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  • United States Ava's Father
  • Japan エイバの父
  • Japan Ava no Chichi
  • Japan Ava's Father
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  • United States Ava's Mother
  • Japan エイバのお母さん
  • Japan Ava no Okāsan
  • Japan Ava's Mother
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  • United States Edgar Troy
  • Japan トロイ
  • Japan Troy
  • Japan Troy

Production Art

Storyboard Artist Megan Lawton posted some storyboards from the second half of this episode to their account on Twitter on August 23rd, 2023.

Pokemon Path to the Peak episode 3 is here! Ava goes to Internationals and things take a turn for the worse
I had so much fun boarding the second half of this episode >:)

Production Art

A Korean animator that worked on this episode, posted an Animation Workspace video to their account on Twitter on September 1st, 2023. The video showed off the battle poses for Machop and Roselia.

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Number of Assigned Tracks to the Japanese Original: 0
Number of Assigned Tracks to the English Dub: 0
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