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  • United States Worlds
  • Japan Worlds
  • Germany Weltmeisterschaften
  • France Championnats du Monde
  • Spain Campeonato Mundial
  • Italy Campionati Mondiali
  • Netherlands Werelkkampioenschappen


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Emotionally defeated, Ava fights to rediscover her drive to compete with the support of her family and friends.


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  • United States Ava
  • Japan エイバ
  • Japan Ava
  • Japan Ava
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  • United States Joshua
  • Japan ジョシュア
  • Japan Joshua
  • Japan Joshua
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  • United States Celestine
  • Japan セレスティン
  • Japan Celestine
  • Japan Celestine
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  • United States Ava's Father
  • Japan エイバの父
  • Japan Ava no Chichi
  • Japan Ava's Father
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  • United States Ava's Mother
  • Japan エイバのお母さん
  • Japan Ava no Okāsan
  • Japan Ava's Mother
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  • United States Edgar Troy
  • Japan トロイ
  • Japan Troy
  • Japan Troy

Production Art

Storyboard Artist Caroline Director posted a storyboard video of Ava’s Mom’s backstory to their account on Twitter on August 31st, 2023.

Rough boards of Ava’s Mom’s backstory from Pokemon: Path To Peak ep 4! Pika pikaaa
Love how they added pikachu extending his paw for “good game” in the final


Production Art

Storyboard Artist Kiana Khansmith posted storyboards videos of the finals battle to their account on Twitter on August 30th, 2023.

Pokemon battle animation i did when I was 12 vs my boards for Pokemon Path to the Peak 14 years later

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