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  • United States Celebi And Joy!
  • France Voyage dans le temps
  • Spain Celebi y Joy
  • Mexico Celebi y Joy
  • Brazil Celebi e Joy!
  • Greece Το Σέλεμπι και η Τζόι
  • United Kingdom Celebi and Joy


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Richie and Sparky walk down a large city. A truck starts to move and the smoke blows into Richie's face and so Richie tries to find a place to rest. Richie sees an old man working on a shrine with a Celebi figure on it. Richie asks the man for directions to getting to the Pokémon Center. The man tells him that it's not far away and that they are tearing the place down.

At the Pokémon Center, an old Nurse Joy is blocking the path to the workers who plan on tearing the Pokémon Center down. The workers tell Nurse Joy to step aside but she doesn't. A younger looking Nurse Joy comes running out and asks the workers what's going on. A man tells them that they were given orders to tear the Pokémon Center down today. They order the two Nurse Joys to move out of the way but they refuse to. The construction worker's Pokémon which are Scyther, Machoke, Pinsir, and Rhydon are about to move the Nurse Joys to the side when Sparky uses a Thunderbolt to stop them. Richie wants to know what's going on and the other Pokémon attack Richie. Richie sends out Rose and it uses Double Team. Scyther, Machoke, Pinsir, and Rhydon each go for a Taillow. Each Taillow disappears and the 4 Pokémon collide into each other. Then Richie sends out Zippo. Zippo uses Flamethrower and Sparky uses Thunderbolt on the Pokémon and they all faint. Scared by Richie, the construction workers run away. The two Nurse Joys thank Richie for his help. Richie tells them to thank the Pokémon and they have a good laugh. Up above, a Celebi is watching them.

Later on, Nurse Joy tells Richie that tomorrow is her grandma's birthday and the 75th anniversary of the Pokémon Center. The old Nurse Joy takes a picture of a beautiful field full of flowers. She remembers the town years ago and how peaceful it used to be. The old Nurse Joy says that a Celebi used to live in that area and that she saw it. She then tells a sad story on how her friend Nick is gone.

Up in the room, Richie and Sparky start to think about what's going on. Suddenly a bright green light appears and Richie and Spary stare in amazement. Then a Celebi comes from the light and appears in the room. Celebi points to a drawer and tells them to open it. Sparky opens it and Celebi flies to the back of the drawer. It takes out another box and inside it is a wooden figure shaped as a Celebi. Then a flash of bright light appears and Richie and Sparky disappear.

They find themselves in a forest and then they hear a scream. At the edge of a cliff is Joy hanging there screaming for help. Beside her is a Ponyta. Right before she falls, Richie grabs onto Joy and pulls her up. Richie and Joy walk through the forest and Joy tells him of what she was doing. They go the Celebi shrine and there's a boy there fixing it. The boy's name is Nick who just finished repairing the doors. One of the doors falls off and Nick tries to put it back on again. Inside the shrine is a little figure shaped as a Celebi. Richie encounters a flashback of a man who was with fixing the shrine. Richie then realizes that this boy is the same boy in the picture. On their way to the Pokémon Center, Joy assumes that Nick is a traveler because his clothes look weird.

When they arrive at the Pokémon Center, Richie sees it still being built. Nick says that his dad works for the company that's building the Pokémon Center. Nick offers for Richie to stay with him for a while and he accepts. In the house, his dad is carving a piece of wood while asking Richie some questions. They have a short conversation for a while. Richie asks them why they aren't going to the party tomorrow and Nick tells him that they don't have the time. He then denies that he has a crush on Joy and starts to devour his food real fast.

That night, Nick is making a Celebi figure. Richie is watching him and comments on how good it is. Nick tells him that he wants to give it to Joy for her birthday tomorrow. Nick does admit that he has a tiny crush on Joy but he thinks that she won't like him back.

Suddenly, the boys here a pounding on the door. Nick's dad answers it and a man tells them that Joy is missing. It's raining hard outside and the men are calling out for Joy. Richie and Sparky watch out the window. Nick then realizes that he knows where Joy is and so him and Richie go out to look for her. On their way to the shrine, they see Joy laying on the ground. Richie and Nick help lift her into a hole in a tree.

Richie decides to get his dad for help. When he runs outside, lightning flashes and stops Nick in his tracks. Then another streak of lightning comes falling down and hits the tree. The tree comes crashing down and has caught on fire. Nick takes his blanket to try to put out the fire because the fire is near the Celebi Shrine. Richie tells Nick to come back but Nick refuses to do so. Suddenly, another powerful streak of lightning comes crashing down. Richie and Joy run out to save Nick, however a strong green light protects them. Celebi comes floating down around them and then it flies away. Joy says thanks to Celebi and she makes a promise to run the Pokémon Center.

The next day, the Pokémon Center is decorated with ornaments and everyone is setting up for the party. Richie is setting down the plates at all the tables when Joy comes to them and thanks them for their help. Joy asks them if they know where Nick is and Richie says that he doesn't know. Then Richie goes back to the desk and opens up the drawer and takes the Celebi figure with him. Richie rides on Ponyta to find Nick and his dad. Some rocks fall and Richie tells Ponyta to speed up. Nick and his dad are riding on a wagon with their Tauros. Nick has a low face and his dad offers to go back to the Pokémon Center but Nick says no. Richie then calls out for Nick's name and they come to a hault. Richie gives Nick the Celebi figure and he tells him to give it to her in person. Nick says that he's worried that Joy won't like him at all but Richie tells him that she will like it. Nick agrees and they decide to go back to the party. Lots of rocks fall behind Richie and Richie wonders if they will make it or not.

At the Pokémon Center, everyone is having a good time. Joy says thank you to everyone and suddenly Nick approaches Joy. Nick tells Joy his feelings and presents her with the Celebi figure. Joy happily takes the figure and tells Nick that she likes Nick too and so everyone claps for them. Celebi then appears and it's time for Richie to go back to his own time. A bright light flashes and Richie is transported back. He first sees a group of people standing around the Pokémon Center. Richie sees a person with a hammer and automatically thinks that they are tearing the place down. A man comes up to Richie and tells him that they are restoring the building. Nurse Joy tells Richie that the man is Nick and Richie realizes that it's the same Nick from the past. Nick tells Richie what they are planning to do with the Pokémon Center and everyone else agrees that the Pokémon Center will stay up.

A green light appears from the sky and Celebi flies down towards them. Sparkles fill the sky and they know that Celebi is blessing the Pokémon Center. It then flies away and the sky turns to normal again. The narrator gives a summary of what happened and the episode ends.


Character Thumbnail
  • United States Nurse Joy
  • Japan ジョーイ
  • Japan Joy
  • Japan Joy
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ritchie
  • Japan ヒロシ
  • Japan Hiroshi
  • Japan Hiroshi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ritchie's Pikachu (Sparky)
  • Japan ヒロシのピカチュウ (レオン)
  • Japan Hiroshi no Pikachu (Leon)
  • Japan Hiroshi's Pikachu (Leon)
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ritchie's Charmeleon (Zippo)
  • Japan ヒロシのリザード (ジッポ)
  • Japan Hiroshi no Lizardo (Zippo)
  • Japan Hiroshi's Lizardo (Zippo)
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ritchie's Taillow (Rose)
  • Japan ヒロシのスバメ (ローズ)
  • Japan Hiroshi no Subame (Rose)
  • Japan Hiroshi's Subame (Rose)
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Pokémon Center Construction Workers
  • Japan 工事関係者
  • Japan Kōji Kankeisha
  • Japan Construction Workers
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Nick
  • Japan ニック
  • Japan Nick
  • Japan Nick
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Nick's Father
  • Japan ニックの父
  • Japan Nick no chichi
  • Japan Nick's Father

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Machoke
  • Japan ゴーリキー
  • Japan Goriky
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Machamp
  • Japan カイリキー
  • Japan Kairiky
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Ponyta
  • Japan ポニータ
  • Japan Ponyta
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Rhydon
  • Japan サイドン
  • Japan Sidon
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Scyther
  • Japan ストライク
  • Japan Strike
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Pinsir
  • Japan カイロス
  • Japan Kailios
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Tauros
  • Japan ケンタロス
  • Japan Kentauros
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Celebi
  • Japan セレビィ
  • Japan Celebi
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