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  • Japan ポケモン珍プレー 「ハプニング」/ランキング「働くポケモン」/ロケット団メカ・スペシャル/リクエスト「タケシのおねえさん特集」他
  • Japan Pokémon chin play 'happening' / Ranking 'hataraku Pokémon' / Rocket-dan mecha special / Request 'Takeshi no oneesan tokushū' hoka
  • Japan Strange Pokémon Plays 'Happenings' / Ranking 'Working Pokémon' / The Rocket Gang's Mecha Special / Request 'Takeshi's Special Report on Girls', etc.


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This week, the Weekly Pokémon Broadcasting Station shows another variety show. The theme of this episode's installment of Strange and Good Pokémon Plays' is "Extreme Panic". What kinds of panicky scenes will we look at? We'll show scenes of people panicking while chased by Pokémon, huge uncoordinated, panicky battles, people panicking after eating spicy food, and Togepi's tricks bringing Pikachu to a panic. Satoshi panics when the rope bridge he's walking on collapses and falls into the river, and panics even more when he ends up chased by a hungry Kabigon while dressed as an apple.

In "Rankings of Anything and Everything Pokémon", we look at Pokémon that take jobs. There's a Pokémon that runs its own food stand, Pokémon that work as nurses, and even Pokémon that made a career as pop singers. The overall winner is Kenji's Strike, which did a fantastic job in is role as herd leader, even coming to help its herd when they needed it despite having been stripped of power and exiled.

The Rocket Gang again crashes the studio, this time hosting a special corner where they present a variety of the different mechas they've developed and produced in order to chase after Satoshi and his friends. Once again they present a ranked list; the 4th place goes to the Sodemonainsu mecha ver. 1, though yet again their pirate station blew up before they could present the top three.

In "Pokémon de English", we learn the phrase "Oh my goodness!!", the English equivalent of あっ いけない!!

Finally, in the Request Corner, we are asked which girl Takeshi likes the best. There are many good candidates, like Midori, Yuki, Professor Uchikido. He likes Junsa so much he can instantly tell them all apart, which he once highlighted. Then there's the kimono sisters, Sumomo, Tamao, Koume and Satsuki... there's just too many to pick between, he can't make up his mind.


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  • United States Misty
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  • United States Brock
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  • Japan Takeshi
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  • Japan コジロウ
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