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  • Japan ポケモン珍プレー「効いた~!」 / ランキング「友だちになりたいポケモン」 / R団アルバイト / リクエスト「サトシとピカチュウの友情物語」他
  • Japan Pokémon chin play 'kiita~!' / Ranking 'tomodachi ni naritai Pokémon' / Rocket-dan arbeit / Request 'Satoshi to Pikachu no yūjō monogatari' hoka
  • Japan Strange Pokémon Plays 'It Worked!' / Ranking 'Pokémon We Would Like To Make Friends With' / The Rocket Gang's Part Time Jobs / Request 'The Story of Satoshi and Pikachu's Friendship', etc.


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This week, the Weekly Pokémon Broadcasting Station shows another variety show. The theme of this episode's installment of Strange and Good Pokémon Plays' is "It worked". We will take a look at scenes with Pokémon skillfully choosing moves, scenes with Pokémon overcoming emotional issues and succeeding against all odds, and scenes with Pokémon pulling off super effective moves. Satoshi is suffering from a stomach ache, but is given some herbal medicine from a strange old man... and it works! Rafflesia's Stun Spore and Kusaihana's foul smell are powerful attacks that even work against humans! Kasumi presents a wake-up method that definitely works! Madatsubomi's fighting tactics definitely worked against Pikachu, and Beroringa's attacks worked amazingly too! While this massage sounds painful, it apparently worked quite well - Had Genzo and his Goriky gone there, their skills may have worked better, too!

In "Rankings of Anything and Everything Pokémon", we look at which Pokémon we'd most want to befriend. Which Pokémon is the best listener? Which Pokémon holds the best parties? Barri-chan and its housekeeping skills rate quite low, but on the third place we have Metapyon, which comes in a handy portable size and can be anything you wish it to. Second place goes to Celebi, which can make you more familiar with your family. And finally, Kaneyo's Bulu takes the first place - its biting of Nyrth's tail shows it can be great for deleafing vegetables.

The Rocket Gang again crashes the studio. Over the years, they have taken many part-time jobs in order to pay off their debts and finance new mechas. This time, they give us a quick look at some of the many jobs they have had.

In "Pokémon de English", we learn the phrase "I'm sorry. Are you OK?", the English equivalent of ごめんごめん大丈夫?, using scenes from episode 150
In addition, Takeshi gives us an extra lecture on how to flirt in English: "How beautiful you are!" (あなたはなんて美しいんだ?) "You are perfect!" (あなたはカンペキな人だ!) and "You are a sweet angel!" (あなたはボクの天使だ!)

Finally, the request corner answers the often asked question "How did Satoshi and Pikachu become friends?", as we get to see scenes from the very first episode of Pocket Monsters, showing Satoshi and Pikachu's first meeting and how they subsequently warmed up to each other throughout the episode. Further, we see Pikachu's famous refusal to evolve after the battle with Matis, and how they are such great friends Pikachu can recognize Satoshi no matter how well he is disguised. Satoshi leaving Pikachu behind once, thinking it would be happier that way, but it demonstrated once and for all how it is the happiest while at his side.


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