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May 11 2014 Pokémon Get TV 31
Episode 31 of Pokémon Get TV, Fighting Pokémon! The Big Battle! / In this 8th Installment of 'Get Them! The Pokémon Hide-and-seek Game', Kasuga Wears a Mega Ring and Mega Evolves!? / An Astonishing New Record in Trozei!? aired yesterday.

The episode started with the usual preview clips, which announced that today's episode will have an onslaught of startling events; A grand presentation of footage from the next game in the Pocket Monsters series, an amazing new record in Pokémon Battle Trozei, and the mega evolution of Kasuga, making this 60 exciting minutes of the most shocking episode of Pokémon Get TV yet!

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Taka then introduced the show, and asked if the other hosts were fired up, which they were. He then started on his usual line of telling Shoko-tan she looks cute today, but Shoko-tan interrupted him by saying she has some super super super big news for them all. Taka thinks the news is that Toshi got a not-very-noticable makeover at a beauty parlor and tries pointing out here he looks different, but Toshi tells him that's not it, and asks Shoko-tan to go on, wanting to know himself too. Shoko-tan says she won't tell yet, and that'll have to wait until the second half of the show.

Taka says they have to introduce today's guests, and Toshi calls them in. They are model and actress Rei Okamoto and Q-taro Suzuki and Hiroaki Matsuda from the comedy duo Hiking Walking. Toshi asks them what their favorite Pokémon are, and Okamoto says she thinks Eievui is really cute, and that she's working hard to catch one, Taka saying that's a popular choice for women. Q-taro says his favorite is Rougela, since it looks just like him, and he does a wiggling dance to demonstrate further, much to Taka and Toshi's displeasure.


Robin's Poké-Cooking

We then cut to this week's installment of Robin's Poké-Cooking. Today, Robin will be making a monster ball onigiri that combines Japanese and Western styles, utilizing tarako, shiso and western-style cream cheese.

Tarako Cheese Ball (たらこチーズボール)
thumbnail Ingredients:
Shiso, 1 leaf (しそ 1枚)
Cream cheese, 1 tablespoon (クリームチーズ 大さじ1)
Tarako, 1 tablespoon (たらこ 大さじ1)
Rice, 160g (ご飯 160g)
Toasted seaweed (細く切ったのり 適量)
Cheese (丸く切ったリンゴ 適量)

1) Cut the shiso into small pieces

2) Mix the shiso into the cream cheese
②〈Secret Point〉 クリームチーズにしそを入れると、爽やかな香りがついて相性抜群!

3) Spread the tarako on a stretched plastic wrapper

4) Put appropriate amounts of rice on top of the tarako

5) Put the shiso and cream cheese mix on top of the rice, then put more rice on top

6) Fold the wrapper around the ingredients, then mold them into a ball shape

7) Wrap a strip of seaweed around the ball at the border between the rice and the tarako

8) Place a tiny round slice of cheese somewhere on the seaweed strip as decoration

The red tarako will make the onigiri resemble a monster ball, while the inside will have a delicious mix of cream cheese and shiso. This monster ball will definitely get your childrens' hearts, mothers! Make sure to include one in their school lunch tomorrow!

Next up is the PokéTV Animation segment, where today's episode is Pocket Monsters Episode 29, Fighting Pokémon! The Big Battle!.

PokéTV Challenge

After the rerun ended, the show went straight to the PokéTV Challenge segment. Today's challenge is Keep that Combo Going! Pokémon Battle Trozei. The rules for the challenge are explained to newcomers: 5 members selected from the hosts and the guest will play one round in the downloadable Nintendo 3DS game Pokémon Battle Trozei each, trying to get as high a max combo against an opponent Pokémon as possible. Each player's max combo will then be added together, and the combined total will determine which presents will be given out.


Toshi introduced today's presents, saying that to commemmorate the launch of the Pokémon Center's "Nyasper WANTED!!!" product line, they will all be products from that line, which feature the Pokémon Nyasper or Nyaonix.
A total combo of 0-29 will result in no presents.
A total combo of 30-49 will get a lucky winner a "Lunch Time Set", consisting of a ceramic tray, a microfiber towel and a soup cup.
A total combo of 50-69 will also get another lucky winner a "Travel Set", consisting of a commuter pass cass, a Hard Cover for 3DS LL Nyasper, a Dr. Grip mechanical pencil, a square bag and a 2-way tote bag.
A total combo of 70-199 will also get another lucky winner a set of both the male and female variant of the Big Size Nyaonix plushies.

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Taka asks where that prize is, and Toshi tells him they of course also have the usual super prize of a trip around the world if the total combo gets above 200. Taka says he'll make sure they get that far this time.

Shoko-tan is first up, and manages to get a combo of 21 against the first Pokémon of the round, Brigaron, but unfortunately gets a Game Over against the final Pokémon Gekkouga, resulting in a total combo of 0. Okamoto is next, and gets a total combo of 17. Robin is next, and gets Match All after Match All as the others cheer him on, ending up with a combo of 56, getting the total combo all the way up to 73, and securing all three standard prizes in one go. Only the Round-the-World trip remains!

Q-taro is next as the announcer says they need an additional total of 127. Unfortunately, he screws up a Metamon placement after almost clearing the screen once against Gekkouga, leaving a single Harimaron left, canceling the combo at a mere 12, greatly frustrating him. Taka, who has been extremely eager to play during the entire challenge, is finally picked to be the final player, and promises to get the combo of 115+ required for the final prize. He plays well, and pulls off some very impressive manouevers, but eventually makes a sightly too slow move and ends up at 71, pushing the total combo to 156. While very impressive, and a new record so far, it unfortunately wasn't enough for the ultimate prize.

Get them! The Pokémon Hide-and-seek Game

Yukito introduces the next segment, a new installment of Get them! The Pokémon Hide-and-seek Game. Taka says he thought that segment had ended since Kasuga lost last time, but Yukito explains that while it's true Kasuga experienced his first loss last time, he has now undergone a Mega Evolution and is back stronger than ever! Taka wonders if Kasuga mega evolving means he's turned into Wakabayashi, which Yukito denies. It's still Kasuga.

The segment starts with Kasuga saying that while he unfortunately lost last time, he'll be doing things a little bit differently from here on. The camera pans out as Kasuga reveals his clothes are smaller than before, before showing off his new Mega Ring, explaining that it will turn him into the Reborn Kasuga, the narrator wondering if he's going to mega evolve.

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Kasuga walks up to today's house, where today's challenger is waiting for him: 8 year old Kodai Fukuda from Saitama, who is a big fan of Pocket Monsters Y, and loves battling and trading with his friends. The rules for the challenge are explained; Kodai will hide three plushies, Yayakoma, Yancham and Dedenne, around the house, and for every 20 minutes that pass without Kasuga finding them, he wins one of three prizes. The Yayakoma plushie is hidden in the storage room, where it is placed in a plastic bag stuffed into the oil tank for the heater, which is then moved into a closet. the Yancham plushie is hidden in the same room, being stuffed into a blue plastic bag and placed far back on a shelf full of bags and the like. Finally, the Dedenne plushie is hidden in the Western Style room, being placed in a Boston bag he then stuffs far into a closet.

The challenge then starts. Kasuga first goes to the childrens' room, where he throughly goes through every possible hiding place he can think of. He finds his first hidden monster ball on a storage shelf, and opens it to check the content as the narrator explains that various monster balls containing "lucky" or "unlucky" items have been spread throughout the house for the game. Kasuga opens it, and Kodai asks if it's the fan-favorite Comet Punch card that requires Kasuga to do three quick comedy skits for the challenger. But no, this time it's a Mega Stone. Kodai asks what that means, and the narrator explains that starting today, some of the monster balls will contain Mega Stones. In the video games, these mega evolve Pokémon, and in this game, they "mega evolve" Kasuga for the duration of a single room when put in the Mega Ring. Kasuga decides to save it for a later room.


Next, with 54 minutes left on the clock, he heads to the storage room, where Kodai hid both the Yayakoma and Yancham plushies. He feels suspicious about the room, and starts searching through places that look like they might be hiding something, eventually coming across the Yancham plushie hidden on the shelf, having only spent 11 minutes searching so far.

Kasuga next heads to the living room on the second floor, where he searches every nook and cranny, eventually discovering a second monster ball. This ball contains the Dive Card. In Pocket Monsters X/Y, Dive is a move where the user dives under water for one turn, then attacks on the second, while in this game, it forces Kasuga to take a bath in the challenger's house for 5 minutes. Kasuga heads to the tub and gets in, enjoying the hot water and even getting his back washed by Kodai. After the 5 minutes are up, he gets back up, but before he get to do anything, the staff informs him he's currently spent 20 minutes searching, and Kodai has won his first prize: 20 packs of 4 Pocket Monsters XY sausages, which also come with a free sticker per pack.

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Kasuga's next destination is the kitchen, where he discovers another monster ball inside the microwave oven. This one contains the Worry Seed Card. In Pocket Monsters X/Y, Worry Seed is a move that gives the opponent the Ability "Insomnia", while in this game, it forces Kasuga to listen to the challenger's mother talk about her current worries. Kasuga isn't very pleased with getting another card that just wastes time. Kodai's mother Aiko Fukuda is brought in, and talks to Kasuga about how she's had to read up on money-saving recipes due to the recent tax increase, and Kasuga gives her some tips, including how you can use part of the broth from store-bought beef bowl packs with plain rice to create makeshift seasoned rice that tastes good enough to eat all by itself. In the end, he spends about two minutes of his precious time talking about saving money on food.


Next, Kasuga heads to the 3rd floor, and the Western style room where the Dedenne plushie is hidden, where Kodai grabs the opportunity to sneak in a kancho attack. Kasuga starts looking through the closet where the Dedenne plushie is hidden, and finds it without too much trouble, leaving only the Yayakoma plushie to find, with an entire 30 minutes left on the clock.

With 21 minutes left on the clock, Kasuga heads back to the suspicious storeroom, thinking there may be more hidden there. Before he gets to search much, however, the staff informs him a total of 40 minutes have passed, meaning Kodai has won his second prize: A Pokémon Mega Ring Special Set, which comes with a Mega Burshamo figure and a special Pokémon tretta. The narrator then reveals the prize Kodai will get if Kasuga spends all 60 minutes without finding the plushies: A Monster Collection Mega Evolution Pack, with contains the Mega Lucario, Mega Mewtwo and Mega Burshamo moncolle figure sets.

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However, Kasuga is certain there's something about this room, and decides it's time to use the Mega Stone he found earlier. He places the Mega Stone in his Mega Ring and does a transformation pose as some effects play over the footage. Kasuga then reappears with a child on his arm, and explains that when he mega evolves, he gains the Ability Parental Bond, which Kodai points out is Mega Garura's Ability. This means that the child, "Mini-Kasuga", will search together with him through the room they're in. With 17 minute left on the clock, Kasuga starts looking through the closet Kodai hid the Yayakoma plushie in, handing various bags to Mini-Kasuga for him to search through. This speeds up their search considerably, and Mini-Kasuga eventualy finds the Yayakoma plushie in the oil tank with an entire 13 minutes left on the clock; a stunning victory. But will he be able to keep winning?


Special Announcement

Finally, it's time for the news Shoko-tan mentioned at the beginning of the episode! Shoko-tan asks once again if they're all excited to hear what it is, then finally reveals what she was holding out on: All new Pocket Monsters games will be released worldwide November 2014! Toshi is shocked, since we got X and Y last year, but Shoko-tan ensures him it's true, and is just about to reveal what they are as we cut to commercials.

As we return from the break, Shoko-tan reveals the games' titles as Pocket Monsters Omega Ruby and Pocket Monsters Alpha Sapphire, then tells them they'll also be showing off the games' packaging, and reveal them on the screen behind them. She says that the Pokémon on the covers resemble Groudon and Kyogre, but they appear to look a bit different. This isn't all, though: She has borrowed a beta version of the game, explaining that it was made specifically for the PokéTV show, and that she'll be showing off a bit of game footage for them. She turns on the game, and we see a video of Groudon rising up from the sea as the camera rotates around it as an island appears to explode in the distance.

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Shoko-tan says there's more, but first we cut to Yukito standing outside a 7-Eleven, having been sent there by Taka to get the Darkrai they're giving out via the special preorder movie tickets. He shows off the pre-order tickets you can buy there, and the special Darkrai Present Guide you get with the purchase, which explains how to receive Darkrai in your game: Connect your gam to the Internet, which can ven be done at a 7-Spot in a 7-Eleven right after purchasing your ticket, then use the Mystery Gift option on the game's title menu and enter the unique code listed on the ticket. Finally, talk to the woman in blue at a Pokémon Center, and she will give you the Darkrai. With this Darkrai, Yukito can easily beat Robin!

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Finally we cut back to Shoko-tan, who shows a bit more footage from the game. We see Kyogre rise up from the sea as the camera rotates around it, before it seemingly summons a storm. The footage ends there, and Toshi complains about not getting to see more, while Shoko-tan asks everyone what they thought, and they all agree it was really cool. Shoko-tan explains that since the game is still in development, they can't show more right now, this is all that was on their special beta cart. Taka says that even though it wasn't much, it was really exciting and intense. Shoko-tan then asks everyone to look at the box art again. She shows pictures of the legendary Pokémon Groudon and Kyogre, then asks if they don't think the Pokémon on the box art looks like them. They agree the Pokémon on the boxes look a bit different, and Shoko-tan asks if they don't think what we see on the box art might be their Mega Evolutions.

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She then ends the episode by saying they'll bring more information on these new games when it becomes available, and that everyone should look forward to that. Matsuda says he can't wait until November, and Taka tells everyone to tune back in next week as well.
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