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A new poster has been released for Chapter 2 of the popular anime Pocket Monsters (airs on the TV Tokyo Network every Friday at 6:55pm, officially abbreviated "Anipoke"), "Terapagos' Shine".


The new poster depicts the members of the Rising Volt Tacklers, including protagonists Liko and Roy, standing together on the airship Brave Asagi. In the background we see the Black Rayquaza, as well as silhouettes representing a certain group of characters. In addition, Liko as depicted as holding a shining Terapagos, representing the new subtitle "Terapagos' Shine"

The story of Liko, Roy and their companions will continue to develop as they set off on a new adventure with Terapagos "To Places Far Far Away".


The ending theme "RVR: Rising Volt Tacklers Rap" is also getting an update as we enter Chapter 2.

"RVR: Rising Volt Tacklers Rap" is a song where the members of the Rising Volt Tacklers, the team the anime's protagonists Liko and Roy belong to, learn about Pokémon by rapping about them. This song, which viewers are familiar with from Chapter 1: Liko And Roy Set Off, has changed with episode 26 that aired today, with the melody remaining the same but the lyrics and line distributions changing.

The lyrics in this new RVR will change depending on which character is singing, as every week will see the different members of the Rising Volt Tacklers perform a personalized rap that relates to their Partner Pokémon. Just like the previous version, the lyrics are handled by the tremendously popular rapper Fuma no KTR, as well as Ryogo Matsumaru, Kaiyu Fujimoto and the Pokémon Rap Yattemi-tai from the riddle creator team RIDDLER Inc.


A comment from Ryogo Matsumaru:
When I was writing the lyrics for the first version of this song, I wanted to make a song that the listeners would love for years to come and want to hum to themselves no matter how old they were, so it made me really happy that I got to make another version of it too!

Just like the previous lyrics, these new ones are really fun and will make you want to try rapping along just by hearing them. While the first version was airing on TV the "Pokémon to Doko Iku?" show received a lot of videos of Pokénds singing the song, so I'd be delighted to see lots of Pokénds sing this new one too. I'm looking forward to it already!

The anime has finally started a new chapter too! Liko's pendant, the mystery of the Black Rayquaza, the Six Hero Pokémon... there are so many intriguing mysteries in this show that I can't help but go "Nice, it's Pokémon anime day today!" every Friday!

More than anything, seeing Liko and Roy, two characters that had so much to learn at first, gradually grow and mature thanks to their Pokémon really tugs at my heart and encourages me! "Kore kara donna Pokémon ni aeru no ka na, boken ga tanoshimi"!!


A comment from Minori Suzuki, the voice of Liko:
It's been half a year since the new series started, and I feel like I'm in the middle of a rich adventure both as Liko and as myself. Liko used to keep her thoughts and emotions to herself, but her encounter with Nyahoja led to her gradually starting to become able to express them with words.

In this second chapter, she sets off on a new adventure alongside Roy, Hogator and all the Rising Volt Tacklers in order to grant Terapagos' wishes. I want you to continue to follow the show and see what new Pokémon they'll encounter; I believe we'll be able to showcase even more of the fascinating world of Pocket Monsters, so I hope you'll look forward to it.


A comment from Yuka Terasaki, the voice of Roy:
I think the reason Roy set off on his adventure was specifically because of his fateful encounter with Hogator, an encounter that felt like getting struck by lightning. Please look forward to the battles in Chapter 2 as well, where you'll get to see how this duo that act more like siblings than like Trainer and Partner Pokémon will grow from here!

There are still lots of aspects of the show that are shrouded in mystery, like the legend of the Ancient Adventurer Lucius, as well as the whereabouts of the Black Rayquaza, one of the Six Hero Pokémon. There are tons of amazing twists and turns waiting for you, so I hope you'll watch the show and feel like you're on an adventure with Liko and Roy yourself.



作詞は前回に引き続き、若者から絶大な支持を得るラッパー・Fuma no KTRさんと、謎解きクリエイター集団RIDDLERの松丸亮吾さん、藤本海右さん、ポケモンラップやってみ隊が担当します。


そしてアニメもついに新章に突入しました! リコのペンダント、黒いレックウザの謎、六英雄のポケモン…








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