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Endless Fighters
Title Endless Fighters
Song Endless Fighters
Song Artist AAA


Endless Fighters is the first ending theme for Pokémon Smash that plays during the ending credits and it is sung by the group AAA. AAA includes: Takahiro Nishijima, Naoya Urata, Mitsuhiro Hidaka, Shinjiro Atae, Shuta Sueyoshi, Misako Uno and Chiaki Itō. AAA was on set during Pokémon Smash! #13 to perform the song and to promote the special PARADISE / Endless Fighters (Cover D) "Pokémon Smash!" (PARADISE / Endless Fighters (ジャケットD) 「ポケモンスマッシュ!」) CD which has a different cover compared to the other versions of the CD. It features Zoroark and Mijumaru on the Pokémon Smash set instead of AAA. Generally the music video from the 13th episode was played in a small box in the corner.